Pay per Click Advertising:
You have a number of options in "pay per click" advertising ranging from .01 per click all the way up to .10 a click.

Adding a Graphic:
For just .01 per click you can add a graphic to your site.  Your site will certainly stand out from all the non advertisers.  Check out Linsey's site below and you can see the jump in appeal! A link back on a primary page is required.  All clicks through are counted.

Banner and Thumbnail:
For .02 a click you can expand your advertising to banners and thumbnails.  Banners appear on the top and bottom of each page while thumbnails are the small 100x100 pics on the side.  The banners and thumbs appear on a number of sites - not just this one, and can draw in a lot of business.  Note that all clicks are counted seperately so 100 clicks on your graphic and 100 clicks on your banners and thumbnails will cost you $1 and $2 respectively.

Top of the Column Ad:
If you'd like to get really serious about promoting your site you can choose a promo ad. You will receive a second listing that will sit near the top of every  relevant category and search result for .03, .04, .05, .07 or .10 a click with the higher "per clicks" getting priority over the lower ones. Check out Linsey sitting at the top of the category "Big Breasts":

For .03, .04, .05, .07 or .10 a click you can announce an update on our New Page once every month. This will place a graphic and update information in a very high traffic position for a limited time. There are a limited number of Update slots available with preference given to higher "per click" ads. So if I have an update slot available for Superheroines - I will choose the .05 click over the .04 click.

Additional Rules:
We will have to approve all banners and thumbnails.  You have the option to target the ad of a multi-interest site.  For example:  Your site could be addressing femdom, girls with guns and superheroines yet you only want your ads under femdom.

Your "Per Click" advertising will begin once we receive a minimum $25 deposit.  We currently do not have credit card processing ability so
chances are you will have to send us a check.  Every Sunday your total click cost will be totaled and compared to your deposit.  If you have money left over - your advertising will continue.

To begin "Pay Per Click" - simply contact the webmaster using the form on the left.