Did you find your website on my link list and it just pissed you off that I'm sending you all this quality traffic? Before you email me with threats and demands - realize that links are not copyrightable and you are in no position to DEMAND the removal of your website. Send me a threatening, angry letter and I'll ignore you. I'll almost always honor polite letters requesting removal but don't expect immediate action - it takes up to a week for me to update the list. Also, PLEASE realize that this is not a PORN link list, it's a dark, bizarre, unusual, strange link list that does not DIS-include porn.

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If you want a link added - please include the URL, title and a 15 word or less description. Also, please include a list of categories that you think pertain to the website. Note that I usually ignore cheap little affilliate promotion sites. If you link back I will bold out your listing. If you link back on your main or introductory page with an easily visible link - than I'll BIG PRINT your listing. Click HERE if you want to promote your site further.

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