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Amazons (611)
Amazons like Xena and Red Sonja are arse kickin' women wielding medieval weaponry! Since the dawn of time men have dreamed of women warriors - vicious, powerful, scantily armored women - tough, strong and beautiful! In this list I've defined an 'amazon' as a woman in armor or wielding some sort of hand weapon whether it's a knife, mace or a sword. Simply being dominant is Femdom, being big is Musclegirls, nonlethal combat is Catfighting and gun slingers can be found under Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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A Cat Fighting Fan Club For UsYah: General catfighting group including a knife fighting session under Argentine.
A Female Sword FighterVID: YouTube - Video game montage of girls with swords!
A Pirate's Life for MeVID: A swordfight finale between a girl and a guy pirate.
A sexy girl taking a sword of revengeVID: YouTube - Gorgeous "Final Fantasy" style animation where two girls go at each other with swords!
Aaron Minier on Deviantart.comDeviantart: Very good, comic-quality 2D ink art of a variety of topics. Includes a lot of girls with guns, some superheroines and amazons.
Absolute SuperheroesAVS: Huge repository of erotic superheroine art including amazons, girls with guns, Vampirella and some bondage.
Adam Warren Manga SocietyYah: Adam Warren's anime, butt kicking female illustrations including 'Dirty Pair', 'Battle Chasers' and 'Gen 13'.
Adam Warren on DeviantartDeviantart: High quality 2D art of fantasy women including girls with guns, amazons, latex, ninjettes etc. Really nice stuff!
Adventure-Art on DeviantArtDeviantArt: 2D art of a girl in various adventure situations including duels.
African AdventurePay: Gladiator girls, mixed wrestling and amazons featuring the beautiful, Africa. Girls fight with real swords!
AgateJP: Good 2D anime art including demon girls, amazons, nudity, witches and schoolgirls.
Agent EvePay: Comic book style super-secret agent stuff - either illustrated or acted out by Eve Ellis and Stacy Burke.
Aishado's Gallery
Sexyamazons: A terrific 2D artist whose main focus is beautiful amazon women dying in battle!
Akio on PixivPixiv: Extreme, violent beating and catfighting art including huge breasts, bondage, peeing and nipple squirting.
Alisa ChanFree: Wow! Way sexy convention chick showing off her sci-fi, anime costumes. Look for Alisa dressed up as amazons, video game characters, superheroines, anime chicks, furries - whatever is cute or sexy.
Alpha 7 Productions
PPV: Fine fantasy films designed to quench all your darkest desires.
Amando HuertaDeviantart: Beautiful, top of the line, fantasy airbrush and line art! Girls with guns, latex, superheroines, hybrids, amazons. Girls from storybooks, comics, cartoons, TV, movies, porn and nostalgia.
Amazon Artist's WorkshopYah: An amazon art discussion circle focusing on using poser to create the warrior women.
Amazon Battlegrounds on
SexyAmazons: High quality 3D art of female armies in constant battle.
Amazon ClipartFree: A nice selection of small amazon artwork.
Amazon ConnectionFree: Great online reference and link list for Amazons.
Amazon MandyFre: A lot of good stuff here but my favorite part was seeing Mandy in Cosplay outfits dressed up in latex, with swords, with guns.. well just about any sci-fi, fantasy style costume.
Amazon Soul
Pay: Top flight 3D graphics of beautiful sci-fi women in a future where men are a distant memory. Bondage, femdom, robot chicks, tight-shiny clothes, chicks with blasters!
Amazon TarotYah: Vicious amazons putting men in their place.
Amazon Warrior WomenVID: Some hot, scantily-clad women dancing with bows.
Amazon's World BlogBlog: A Russian blog about amazon girls.
Amazon-WarriorsFree: Photostories (some free, some PPV) of pretty fighting women in bloody combat. Knives, swords and bows!
AmazoneVID: Some teenage girls swordfighting in the woods.
Amazone's CityFree: Poser chicks pounding on men including girls with guns, girls in latex, catfighting and giantesses.
AmazoniaWebarchive: Mike A's place for tough, gun-toting, sword wielding amazons killing each other with savage abandon.
Amazonia VidclipsYah: Videoclips of anime girls fighting each other including a gun battle
PPV: Amazonmania, powerful amazons taking control. Muscle girls, carrying, mixed wrestling, scissor holds, biceps, trampling, tall girls, flexing, men begging for their lives!
Amazons and Giantesses ArtworkYah: Share your amazon, giantess and hentai art here! Very little content.
Amazons and GladiatorsVid: 2 amazons fight to the death!
Angel HitomiFree: Angel is a beautiful blonde who dresses up in all sorts of anime/game character costumes. You'll see amazons, girls with guns, some latex, schoolgirls, bikinis etc.
Angered IconDeviantart: Good 2D and 3D art featuring enormously endowed women - often wielding guns and swords.
Anime FightVID: A-KO is fighting an evil, busty blonde in this anime catfight.
AnimewaveDeviantart: Large breasted anime girls, superheroines, elastic girls, furries, hybrids, predatory females.
Anne Marie Fox 2, Jerking toYah: The 2nd chat group for those who want to jerk/jill to the gorgeous Miss February 1982 Anne-Marie Fox.
Antunesrj's GalleryDeviantart: High quality 2D art of fantasy girls including girls with guns, superheroines and amazons.
Arena (1973) ReviewFree: Review of the Pam Grier gladiatrix movie, Arena with some nice pics.
Arg Maties, We're PiratesVID: Teenage girls swordfighting in a living room.
Ariel-Uriel15Deviantart: High quality 3D art of girls with enormous breasts and muscles. Giantesses, Hybrids, Superheroines, Amazons etc.
ArikawaJP: Videogame martial artists in martial arts gear and regular girls in bikinis and spandex.
Armando Huerta's StoreCat: A store selling Armando Huerta's fantasy girl airbrush prints. 1st class, high quality art includes superheroines, girls with guns, dominatrixes, latex, Betty Page, magic women etc.
Arrow AgonyFree: Poser adventures involving fierce amazon combat.
Art Dude 41
Sexyamazons: Gorgeous, professional quality 3D art usually involving amazons - a couple superheroines.
Art of Jason and Heather MartinFree: High quality, 2D comic book-style art mostly of fantasy girls like superheroines, amazons, girls with guns etc.
Art of Mitch FoustNice, professional art of superheroines, amazons and muscle girls.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Artdude 41 on Deviantart.comDeviantart: Exceptionally high quality 3D art of beautiful women, amazons, superheroines, nazis in combat, in peril or devoured by monsters.
AruniJP: A variety of good quality anime art including amazons, superheroines, robot girls, LOTS of monster sex and forced sex.
AryikiFree: Aryiki is a fantasy miniature wargame where players command armies of female warriors.
AshisuJP: B&W artwork of amazons and angels.
Assassin in YouFlickr: Mostly beautiful women with guns, also knives and swords.
Atelier EGJP: Very high-quality artwork of female bodybuilders - sometimes with weapons.
Avulsion Net - Home Of The ExtremeAvulsion net has returned! do you dare to explore the further realms of experience? pain is pleasure, give us your soul. 100% free and no limits! use invite code: 4b7416a
AxeboneMySpace: Really, high-quality comic art of busty fantasy girls including amazons, superheroines, vampires.
Ayu, Last Female SamuraiVID: Girl in a ninja outfit messing around with a pushbroom.
Azimuth DesignsFree: A website with a wide variety of media and fetishes - Resin Sculptures, Photographs and Drawings with 1 Amazon Resin Sculpture, a few sleepy pics, a couple girls with guns pics and lots of superheroine and fetish stuff.
B-Brand ComixFree: Italian female adventure comics involving a lot of catfights and bondage.
Babes with Blades.comFree: Photos and professional art of women brandishing swords, axes and even alien weapons.
Babes with Blades.orgFree: A theater troupe featuring women wielding weapons.
Bad Attitude InkDeviantart: High quality 2D art of muscle girls, superheroines, amazons, angels, vampires and big breasts. Excellent art!
Bad Chicks with big SwordsVID: YouTube - Nice duel between two hot chicks ending with one getting stabbed in the stomach.
Bad Girls ArtMySpace: Comic art of beautiful, big breasted, heavily-muscled girls dominating and destroying men.
Bad Girls ArtPay: Comic art of beautiful, big breasted, heavily-muscled girls dominating and destroying men.
Bad Girls ArtMySpace: Comic art of beautiful, big breasted, heavily-muscled girls dominating and destroying men.
Bad Girls ArtPay: Comic art of beautiful, big breasted, heavily-muscled girls dominating and destroying men.
Bad Grrls Art
Free: Really hot, pro-quality, fantasy art including girls with guns, amazons, muscle girls, latex, superheroines, giantesses and femdom!
Bakanekonei on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D, comic book quality artwork of fantasy girls including amazons, girls with swords, superheroines, girls with guns, hybrids and video game characters etc.
Bandit's Toshia Art GalleryFree: Bandit's excellent artwork featuring Toshia, a large amazon warrioress who is often captured and tortured.
Bang BraveJP: Anime site specializing in hot (non-nude) chicks wielding enormous swords!
Barbarian BabesPay: Illustrated stories of hot, amazonian combat. Mostly unarmed, f/f and mixed combat.
Barbarian Babes
Pay: Beautiful busty blade-bearing babes!
Barbarian Babes on DeadlyAmazons Beautiful 3D art of amazon women, giantesses, huge breasts and science fiction/fantasy backgrounds! Truly some amazing artwork!
Bare MaidensPay: High quality live fantasy, D&D, WOW, LOTR themed site. Elves, wizards, fighters, magic. Plots are standard archaic fantasy plots including nudity, sex, blowjobs, masturbation and even a catfight.
Basement Comics featuring CavewomanFree: Terrific art focused on that prehistoric pinup, Cavewoman.
Batgirl, Barbara GordonMySpace: A MySpace batgirl with a lot of nice pics onsite. A lot of nice pirate girl pics as well.
Battle of the AmazonsVid: A trailer including a lot of amazon combat.
Be/KeiJP: Enormous breasted anime girls including amazons and superheroines.
Bear ClawDeviantart: Group about girls with guns, swords, explosives etc. Some fatal girl fights.
Bernie's Wounded AmazonsFree: Nice art of amazon girls losing in hand to hand combat.
BiscuitsJP: Anime pics - girls wearing armor, wielding weapons and getting impregnated by tentacles.
Bittenhard's galleryDeviantart: Really nice anime-style, 2D art mostly of furries and hybrids. Includes superheroines, girls with guns and amazons.
Bitty38 on Deviantart.comDeviantArt: 3D art of fantasy, fighting girls usually getting knocked out.
Blackwalker on Hentai-FoundryHenatai-Foundry: Exceptional 2D art of fantasy girls including superheroines, witches, cowgirls, amazons, girls with guns, musclegirls etc
BladeJP: Non-anime artwork of girls in sumo bottoms, amazons, wrestling girls, bondage, hybrids (not many) and a few muscle girls.
Blade Against KunoichiFree: A blog about female ninjas fighting or being executed.
Blade KittenFree: Professional quality, online comic-book about a futuristic, sword-wielding mercenary with cat ears. Some girls with guns art too.
Blind SwordswomanVID: YouTube - A woman kills a man in a sword duel.
Blitzart01 on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful 2D fantasy women art of amazons, big breasts, girls with guns and superheroines.
Blood Rayne EXTREMEFree: Terrific Blood Rayne vampire site - check out the REAL girls under 'Galleries: cosplay'.
Blood Rayne.netFree: Fansite for that gorgeous, sword-wielding, gun-toting, nazi-killing vampiress!
Bodak on DeviantartDeviantart: 3D art of amazons in the past and future by a well-known artist.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
BorbaDeviantart: Extremely high-quality artwork mostly of amazonian women.
Brandy Femme FatalePay: A beautiful, raven-haired femme fatale whose many shoots include furs, latex, leather, vampires, guns, swords and bondage.
Bravado EntertainmentFree: Producers of the Star Wars spoof, Queens of the Sith. Some fully-dressed chicks with swords and guns as well as a well made Star Wars style plot.
Brian RoodFree: Terrific "strong girl" air brush art including girls with guns, superheroines, amazons, vampires.
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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List