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Amazons (630)
Amazons like Xena and Red Sonja are arse kickin' women wielding medieval weaponry! Since the dawn of time men have dreamed of women warriors - vicious, powerful, scantily armored women - tough, strong and beautiful! In this list I've defined an 'amazon' as a woman in armor or wielding some sort of hand weapon whether it's a knife, mace or a sword. Simply being dominant is Femdom, being big is Musclegirls, nonlethal combat is Catfighting and gun slingers can be found under Girls With Guns.

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Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Sword FightVID: YouTube - A small class project where a girl and guy duel with swords.
Swordgirls Stabbed on ShockFlixVID: ShockFlix - Two swordgirls are run through with swords. One is stabbed from behind and the other walks into a blade... suicide by samurai or something.
Swords MistressYah: A group focused on swordswomen, especially 18th century pirates and musketeers.
Swordswoman.comFree: Homepage for actress and fight choreographer for a variety of movies including "Charlie's Angels", "Dragon Empires" and "Queen of Swords"! Lots of pics with her wielding a sword.
Swordswomen of the Silver ScreenFree: Messageboard about sword wielding girls in movies.
Sybil Danning - 1Free: Picture galleries of the original gun wielding, amazonian, B-Movie Queen; Sybil Danning.
Sylar86 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of mostly female/female combat. Mostly swords and garrotes. Silencing sentries is a popular topic.
SyujiJP: Japanese site with a variety of drawings and styles including Bondage, Insertions, Monster Sex and Amazons.
TakatanJP: High quality anime art of warrior women - women with guns, women with swords and nazi, gestapo bitches.
TanimesoJP: Terrific, Non-Nude, anime art of girls in robotic suits, amazons, girls with guns etc.
Tarzman on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D art of various topics including superheroines, jungle girls, amazons and girls with guns.
Tasty Flesh ComicOnline Comic: A strip about hot strippers fighting zombies. Some really nice chainsaw and machette action here.
Team Shuffle OnlineJP: Superweird anime art including bbw, shemales, furries and some chicks with swords. These MORONS specifically refuse traffic from my site so I'm passing you through another site. Sorry about the 2nd click.
Templar's ForumFree: Violent, erotic art galleries from a dozen different artists! Subjects include amazon combat, gunfighting battlebabes, noir, spies, female bodybuilders, vore, nazis, cannibalism, torture and death.
The HeirVID: A 3D fantasy film about two female warriors and their fight for the future throne. There can only be one Heir to the throne. A 3D animated fantasy film by Guy Galer and Very Very Small Studios, LLC. (more)
The Insane Dark One on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good 2D art of various subjects. The Mortal Kombat pics with girls being torn to pieces are especially good.
The Pearl GatesFree: Pics and stories mostly of angels (some mermaids). Includes angels kissing, having sex, getting eaten by monsters, swallowing people leaving enormous bellies, unbirthing, holding swords.
The Twenty Hottest Cosplay Girls on HeavyFree: Twenty of the most beautiful girls in cosplay. Superheroines, video game girls and other fantasy beauties.
Thomasinho's GalleryDeviantart: Photorealistic artwork of beautiful women nude and in lingerie. Some latex and bondage.
Thor 16000Deviantart: Really good 2D art of latex-clad girls, huge breasts, girls with guns, amazons, video game girls, superheroines, nazi girls, hybrids and devilgirls.
Thor and the Amazon WomenFree: An in depth, humorous and well illustrated review of the movie "Thor and the Amazon Women".
Throatcut on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: 3D artist with a penchant for heavily armored amazons in violent scenarios.
TJ-Caris on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D art of fantasy girls, huge muscles, bikinis, amazons, girls with huge breasts, video game girls, superheroines,
Toitoi's Art GalleryA comic artist with a penchant for amazons, bellypunching and disemboweling.
Toki TokiJP: Some casual art depicting women with weapons - usually getting tied up and tortured. A lot of attention is paid to pit hair.
Toki's Dark PurpleJP: Some casual art depicting women with weapons - usually getting tied up and tortured. A lot of attention is paid to pit hair.
Tom Derenick's ArtFree: Eight galleries of gorgeous pencils by Tom Derenick.
TonbidouFree: High quality, G-Rated, fantasy artwork including elves and amazons.
Tor's Pro Art StudioFree: Some very well drawn comicbook/Jim Lee style art. Superheroines, pin-ups, amazons, angels, girls with guns etc.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
TransfuseDeviantart: Gorgeous 2D art of fantasy-style women, often with enormous breasts and/or weapons! Several video game girls.
Triple ThreatJP: Good 2D art of anime girls including latex, schoolgirls, amazons, bikinis.
Trygve Lode's Arts and CraftsFree: A nice, little fantasy site including tips and pics on how to make a chainmail bikini.
Two OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Ultrafem on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D art of popular cartoon characters with enormous breasts, superheroines, bondage, girls with guns, catfights, monster sex, forced sex, gianteses, milking etc.
Ultraviolet GalleryFree: Large gallery of a movie featuring a sword and gun wielding, latex wearing, belly baring vampiress.
Uncle Buck's Amazon BlogFree: Phototales based on vidcaps from
UncleSickey on
DeadlyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of busty fantasy girls, sometimes in combat.
Uniform's Gallery
Sexyamazons: Really good 2D art of uniformed soldier women attacked by bow and spear wielding amazons.
Universal Cosplay United on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful cosplay girls!
Unknown ProductionsFree: Prolific production company responsible for many cult movies including "Amazon Warrior", "Sorority House Vampires", "Club Dead" and "Dead Girls".
UrauraJP: A variety of anime pics with a generous helping of monster sex.
Utility Pole SpiritJP: Click on the little banner and you'll see some galleries on the left. Very nice artwork of busty girls in latex, casual clothes and bikinis. Some amazon, hybrid and vampire content as well.
UzumakidoJP: Girls in latex/spandex outfits, ninjas, superheroines and other chicks with weapons.
Vacheron Crossgun TumblrTumblr: Scenes from Skyrim - maybe other games. Includes sexy, fun and very, very violent.
Valentine Armouries Home PageFree: Professional armorer with all sorts of armor for men and women.
Valkyries, TheFree: Art, photos, T-Shirts of heavily muscled women - usually in action.
Vampire Part 2VID: YouTube - 2 vampiresses are vanquished by a female vampire killer.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Vamptod on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D, fantasy, anime art. Includes some girls with huge breasts, bondage, amazons, superheroines etc.
Verbum Sprite Factum EstFree: Nice set of sprites for games like Mugen or Street Fighter 2.
Vicious Vixens
Pay: All original sadomasochism, bondage, fetish images and videos of female domination. Includes women using guns, knives and plastic wrap on their pathetic male submissivies.
VictrixFree: Terrific site by Nerraw showing amazons and other women completely victorious over pathetic males.
Vikings vs AmazonesVID: A slideshow alternating between random pics of vikings and amazons.
Villain's ParadiseYah: Group for the Villain's Paradise paysite, all about scantily clad superheroines facing pure evil. One character is a busty, sword wielding elf.
Vince3 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D and 3D fantasy art including buff, bulging muscle girls, superheroines, catfights, girls with weapons.
Vorality!! Mortal KombatG, Mileena devours Kitana in a bizarre finishing move!
vp1940's GalleryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of famous fantasy characters in erotic situations including Red Sonja, Eowyn, Harley, Poison Ivy, Aurora, Princess Peach etc. A couple shemales.
Wagnerf on DeviantartDeviantart: Very high quality, 2D color art of fantasy chararcters. Very muscular and/or curvy renditions of superheroines, fantasy girls, amazons, girls with guns, giant girls, hybrids
WairaJP: Very good pencil artwork of anime girls in skimpy, tight clothing. Mostly road-warrior, muscle-girl looking chicks.
WaistJP: Hot anime artwork including bikinis, spandex, amazons, huge breasts, schoolgirls, upskirts, angels, hybrids, blowjobs, titty-screws, bondage and chicks with dicks.
Walpurgis9's Ladies of DarknessFree: Compilation of fantasy artwork including ladies with creatures, ladies with weapons, lady demons, ladies working magic and vampiresses.
WancozoneJP: Gorgeous anime art featuring hot chicks with large breasts. Includes monster sex (sometimes underwater), injections, bondage, torture, surgery, insertions, amputations, shemales, forced sex, stitched up hybrids, impaling and an Amazon Flash movie.
Waraji on PixivPixiv: Excellent 3D art of amazon women in combat, uniformed henchwomen and catfights.
Waraji's Gallery
Sexyamazons: The main artist from drops some gorgeous 3D art at Beautiful, busty henchbabes and amazons in combat!
Warajiya on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Excellent 3D artwork usually involving groups of female warriors. Video game themes are common.
Warajiya's BlogJP: A blog featuring Warajiya's excellent 3D art of evil, hot, scantily-clad henchwomen!
WarbabesJP: 3D Pics - usually of latex, bikini, catsuited type girls taking the place of baddies in games. Lots of amazons and girls with guns, stabbing, shooting and getting it back at them.
Warrior MistressFree: Vera Vanguard, the live action figure, poses in a wide variety of fantasy costuming including girls with guns and amazons.
Warrior WomenFree: A brief, illustrated history of female warriors.
Warrior WomenVID: YouTube - A slideshow of some really good amazon artwork.
We Unforgiven JP: A blog about villainous anime girls, often with weapons.
When Amazons AttackYah: Photomanips of fantasy sex & violence.
White Robes vs Black RobesVID: ShockFlix - A group of white robed warriors fight a black armored warrior. A white robed girl is killed.
Wildcat's FightVID: Sword and hand to hand combat between amazons.
Women as Warriors in HistoryFree: An archaeologist's viewpoint of amazons over the centuries.
Women Defeat MenDeviantart: Group - Women defeat men in various forms of combat such as Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Sword Fighting.
Women in ArmorYah: A group for those who want to trade pictures of real women wearing real armor. Chainmail, plate, leather.
Women in CapesYah: Beautiful, mostly naked chicks wearing capes. Mostly vampires, some dominas, a couple superheroines and a lot of latex. Links to overflow groups 2-10 can be found on the main page.
Women in Capes BlogFree: A blog, including multiple, well stocked galleries about women in capes. Includes amazons, vampires, superheroines.
Women in Suits of ArmourFree: Galleries of babes wrapped up in armor.
Women of Action NetworkFree: Women in sports - check out history: samurai, amazons etc for some interesting information and pics.
Women with WeaponsFlickr: Random photos of women with guns and knives.
Wushu Double Hook SwordVID: Here is an old school flick of a chick doing Double Hook Swordds.. Quality is crappy, But its always nice.
X's Amazon Art GalleryFree: X's Poser pics of hot, fighting girls in combat!
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of tall, thick, big-breasted amazons. Armor, lingerie, near-nudity. Adult part includes bondage, nudity, pregnancy, urination, forced sex, monster sex.
XENA Deliver X PART 1VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets the best package of a lifetime..
XENA Deliver X PART 2VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets a toy of a lifetime in the mail. Also watch Part 1.
Xena FAQFree: Website answering any question you may've had about Xena.
Xena OnlineFree: Xena online resource - links to over 1500 websites, mailing lists, chatrooms etc.
Xena Pages - LogomancyFree: Great resource with tons of Xena pics.
Xena store and fanclubFree: Official Xena store and fanclub.
Xena's Web RingFree: Webring to everything Xena.
Xena: Alurker8192Xena: Fanfiction stories involving all sorts of TV/Movie characters like Buffy, Xena and Star Trek!
Xena: Amazons 423VID: YouTube - A music video put together around the powerful amazon warriors of Xena: Warrior Princess.
Xena: ArticlesFree: Transcripts of articles written on Xena: Warrior Princess.
Xena: Callisto's Fun PageFree: All sorts of fanfiction and altered galleries about that insane, midriff baring amazon; Callisto.
Xena: Chryssi's Ephiny PageFree: Webpage dedicated to a Xena amazon character filled with pics and wallpapers!
Xena: Erotic Fiction ArchiveFree: Xena, Warrior Princess erotic fan fiction from all over the internet!
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