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Bondage (1469)
Wow what a topic! There are quite literally thousands of Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism, Torture, Humiliation sites so I've never even TRIED to be comprehensive here. I've listed some of the larger commercial sites, interesting sites I happen to blunder across and sites that people email me to include. Note that the following sites have their own categories so I don't list them here: Femdom, Fisting/Insertion and Spanking.

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BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100

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SushiJP: A couple bondage, torture, peeing pics.
Suspended WomenAVS: Cyberage. Women hanging from crosses.
Sweet Bitches In Lesbian Bdsm Porn
Hot sweet bitches in lesbian bdsm sex, extreme bdsm and rough lesbian bondage.
Sweet Ties BondagePay: Beautiful Women Bound and Gagged.
Swing Lifestyle: Free Erotic Bondage StoriesFree: Free erotic bondage stories from the members of "Swing Lifestyle".
Switch LydiaPay: Bondage site for "Switch Lydia" including pet girl, smoking, foot fetish dominatrix
SwitchNetYah: A place for open, direct discussions about kink and life in general! Bondage, spanking, D/S.
Synthean on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Very good 2D art of girls in bondage, ponygirls, insertions, demons, whips, hybrid cow-girls, monster attack, BBWs.
SyujiJP: Japanese site with a variety of drawings and styles including Bondage, Insertions, Monster Sex and Amazons.
Pay: About the most dangerous devil girl ever to hula-hoop her way into your heart. Gothic, punk, burlesque, tattoo and piercing, big breast, teen, bondage, fetish, amateur single girl and bizarre are just a way of life for her. Erotically flexible with e
Taken in HandFree: A reference site dealing with dominance, submission and even 'consensual' rape.
TamaidoJP: Vicious anime! Women hacked-up, skinned, turned into furniture.
Tanj's TalesFree: Stories of a Cheetah-morph experiencing F/F sex, bondage, non-consensual sex, monster sex and violence.
TanoshyHT's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime & furry art with a lot of rope bondage.
Tanya Danielle's Deviant DownloadsPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful busty blonde. Subjects include catfight, superheroines, freeze, robot, belly punching, facesitting, bondage, spanking, doll transform, knock-out.
Tanya Danielle's FantasiesPPV: Images4Sale - Gorgeous, busty Tanya Danielle photos such as nun, cumshot, bondage, superherione, knock-out, feet, footjob, catfight, belly punch, facesit, police, stockings, gun, stockings.
Tanya Danielle: Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Superhot, busty blonde who is quite a good actress. Stories include blades, superheroines, bondage, catfights, a poison dart, belly punching, a smothering, robots and lots of bikinis.
Tape Bound GirlsYah: Girls bound head to foot in tape.
Tat on PixivPixiv: Good anime art of beautiful girls mostly in bondage.
Teenz.toPay: Sweet and innocent school teens hoping to become big time models suddenly find themselves in bondage - all tied up, gagged and made to obey every sick order of the perverted photographer's mind.
Temple FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of amazons, priestesses, sorceresses and temple novices. Lesbianism, mind control, domination and submission.
Tentacle Hentai
Pay: See young, anime hotties in hundreds of multiple tentacle fuck episodes.
Tentacle Rape on TumblrTumblr: The tag 'tentacle rape' on Tumblr.
Tentacles on DanbooruDanbooru: The tentacle tag on Danbooru. 2D anime art of girls getting attacked by tentacles.
Pay: Raven's official website filled with fetish bdsm and horror. Real girls with real guns! Domination, submission, bondage, nipple and tit torture! Gothic horror, blood and kink. Latex, leather, PVC, thigh high boots, gloves and super high heel
The art of Georges PichardFree: Excellent 2D comics of girls enslaved and tormented.
The Best Gag PicsYah: Share images of girls with the best looking gags of all kinds.
The Numba One Spot on Deviantart.comDeviantart: 2D art, game pics and photos of girls in bondage, abducted, carried, HOM'd, upskirts, panties.
The Overstuffed BraFree: The definitive BE story archive. Includes aliens, giantess, hypnosis, sleepy regular/age/gender transformation.
The Pain Files
Pay: Extreme Pain! Real Slaves! Real Tears! Real Pain! Thousands of severe SM pics and videos! Hardcore, hardcore pain!
The Pain Files
Pay: Extreme BDSM and exclusive BDSM movies. Extreme pain! Real slaves! Real tears! Real pain! Severe torture, needles, clothespins, wax, humiliation, nose torture.
The Raytrix ArtFree: Very nice 2D art including some superheroines and fighting girls.
The Red DoorSessions: The website for a dungeon facility located in Cleveland.
The Upper Floor
Pay: Authentic BDSM Community! Sexual serive. Real BDSM. Hardcore Bondage. Live shows every week!
This Girl's WeblogFree: Stories and pics of life with a sadistic, dominant and creative madman.
Thomasinho's GalleryDeviantart: Photorealistic artwork of beautiful women nude and in lingerie. Some latex and bondage.
Three-D Comics
Pay: 3D porn comics including superheroines, hardcore, bondage, monster sex, huge breasts and even cannibal zombies.
Three-D Evil
Pay: Outrageous monster porn archive, mind-blowing fuck scenes, these horny creatures were created to drill tight pink cavities while their slim bodies succumb to dreamy orgasms!
Tickle TorturePPV: Clips4Sale - Girls restrained and tickled. Lots of bondage, tickling and navel fetish.
Tickle TortureMySpace: A MySpacer into tickle torture with pics on-site.
Tied in the MoviesYah: The very best images of females being bound and gagged in popular entertainment, in Movies or on TV.
Tied OutsideFlickr: Girls tied up in outdoor situations.
Tied Up and FuckedPPV: PrePaidClips - A couple clips of sex with girls in bondage including teasing and dildo penetration.
Tied Up GirlsYouTube: Videos of beautiful girls tied up.
Tied Up, Blindfolded, Gagged VideosYouTube: Homemade videos of people being tied up, blindfolded and/or gagged!
Tied Women.comPay: Gorgeous girls usually knocked out, captured and placed in bondage. Also, superheroines in peril and some hypnosis!
Tierp FadJP: Really nice non-anime art! A two page femdom/Red Riding Hood art set and a nine page, two guy/one girl, forced/bondage scenario.
TNAV BondageCat: PPV and DVDs of girls tied, chained, tormented, humiliated, spanked and whipped. Includes abduction, hypnosis, WAM, clothespins, gags etc.
Toki TokiJP: Some casual art depicting women with weapons - usually getting tied up and tortured. A lot of attention is paid to pit hair.

-- Top 100s --
BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100

Toki's Dark PurpleJP: Some casual art depicting women with weapons - usually getting tied up and tortured. A lot of attention is paid to pit hair.
Tom and Nic's Fetish PlaygroundWeb: Very nice collection of small femdom, rubber/latex and bondage pics.
Tomiko's StorePPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls in bondage, pantyhose, frozen, knocked out, catfighting, nurses, nail painting, balloons, superheroines, chloro'd, tickled, guns.
Top Bondage SitePPV: Clips4Sale - Girls tied up with ropes, gagged, tormented, caged, clamped, clothespinned,
Top Pain
Pay: Masochism website with 100% exclusive and rare masochism photos and movies! What you can find inside: needle play, injections, body corsets with needles and safety pins, a lot of clothespins, mousetraps, weights, wax, ropes, different devices.
Top Slave Yukari
Update: OrgasmX - A beautiful girl ties herself up. She is abducted, oiled and accosted with vibrators. The pretty Yukari is ravished all over. Sample on Check DETAILS.
Torture GalaxyPay: Thousands of pics of women being tortured, humiliated and disciplined. Click on the far right for a preview. Buy your membership at
Tortures and Torments of the Christian MartyrsA page of tortures and executions endured by the early Christians - includes plenty of illustrations.
Tortures RUFree: Violent torture art including fumetti and hanging comics.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Training of "O"
Pay: Just out from the producers of Hogtied, Water Bondage, Ultimate Surrender, Whipped Asses and others! This site is unlike any other that Kink has produced up to this point. GALLERIES!! CLICK DETAILS!
Tranq HerGoogle: Celebrating fetish artwork and stories about rendering damsels unconscious via tranquilzer dart, drugging, and overpowering.
Tranq her, Drop herGoogle: Celebrating fetish artwork and stories about rendering damsels unconscious via tranquilzer dart, drugging, and overpowering. Fantasy only.
Transexual BDSM
Pay: Real transsexual extreme videos! DVD quality scenes with shemale domination, tranny slaves and group BDSM action.
Tropic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of superheroines catfighting, femdom, spanking, chloro, bondage, strap ons etc.
Trystalk's GalleryHentai Foundry: Really hot 2D art usually involving popular cartoon or videogame characters. Plenty of bondage. Some shemales, huge breasts, huge butts and huge thighs.
TsepesiJP: The Picasso of Japanese anime gore. Guttings, mutilations, amputations and blood galore!
TumamiJP: Adult Japanese anime blog including some bondage.
Twisted Erotic Incest, Necrophilia And Gore Art & ComicsMonty hack's twisted erotic incest, necrophilia and gore art & comics
Twisted Tables - Cannibal Serial Killer DvdCat: Osk production's newest x rated cannibal/torture dvd now available!
Two OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Two TiedFlickr: Two or more girls tied up.
UK BDSM ContactsFree: Personal ads for BDSM lovers all over the UK. Fetish dating service.
Ultra HeroixCat: Producers of superheroine and vampire movies.
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWeb Archive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Ultra Toons
Pay: Uncensored XXX Hentai! Flash Comics, Rare and Exclusive Bondage Artwork, Alien Intruders, tentacle molesting and MORE!
Ultrafem on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D art of popular cartoon characters with enormous breasts, superheroines, bondage, girls with guns, catfights, monster sex, forced sex, gianteses, milking etc.
Umm.. Bound and Gagged!
Pay: Sexy gals in tight bondage get ruthlessly dominated by their cold-blooded mistresses! Exclusive videos from the world's darkest dungeons! Bondage dreams come true! Tied and gagged women get punished and forced to orgasm by their sexy mistresses
Uncle SickeyErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of lesbians, alien abductions, shemales, bondage and plenty of monster sex.
Pay: High quality, fetish, 3D artwork including subjects like interracial, sci-fi, monster sex and shemales.
Under The Influence
Blog: Female hypnosub's tales of control, obsession & desire. Stories and thoughts about the strange places your imagination can take you when your fantasies involve hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, psychological play, devious doctors etc.
UndercoverwhoreIndependent amateur porn model, actress & producer
Underwater Fetish ClipsPPV: PrePaidClips - Beautiful women underwater often being held underwater or tied up with weights - drowning. Some femdom videos where men are held underwater. Also, scuba, posing, masturbating, sex, blowjobs - of course underwater.
Uniform Stealing BroadsFree: Message board for fans of fem/fem uniform stealing.Vidcaps, artwork, stories. Girls knocked out, tied up or killed for their clothes.
UraJP: Vicious torture, amputation and execution pics including an angel having her wings amputated.
UraJP: Anime art of shemales, pierced nipples, hybrids (especially tails), peeing, bondage, vicious torture, stabbings, amputations, guttings, skinning and butchering.
Use My Wife!Pay: Witness the twisted life of a suburban housewife exploring her rough sex fantasies.
Uzusio on PixivPixiv: Great 2D anime art mostly of girls underwater in underwater, diving suits. Monsters, lesbianism, bondage, insertions!
Valentina 2000Deviantart: A few photos of a pretty, tattooed girl in bondage wearing lingerie or fetish gear.
Vamptod on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D, fantasy, anime art. Includes some girls with huge breasts, bondage, amazons, superheroines etc.
Van's FiCTiONFree: Bondage stories by Van since 2003.
Vanja's GalleryHentai-Foundry: Cartoon and anime characters - some bondage, Kim Possible, monster sex.
VaVa TalkBlog: A blog about superheroines and other fantasy/action girls posing or in trouble.
Victorian DemimondeDeviantart: 3D pics of women served as food as well as some photomanips and 3D of hybrids.
Video MayhemFree: Dealing in rare and imported damsel-in-distress videos. Includes domination, bondage, thrillers, horror and chlororape.
Vigs Vicky on FacebookFacebook: Page - Afficianado of girls strangling men and other women.
Villain's ParadiseYah: Group for the Villain's Paradise paysite, all about scantily clad superheroines facing pure evil. One character is a busty, sword wielding elf.
Violent ComixPay: Well drawn vicious, violent domination and bondage comics by Gary Roberts.
Virgin Bondage 3
VID: Nubile young nymphs aching to be restrained, bound and punished beyond their wildest fantasies... Mistress Devin along with Eric Edwards & Loren Sterling ripen the rumps of these sweet, innocent virgins!
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-- Top 100s --
BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100