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Bondage (1469)
Wow what a topic! There are quite literally thousands of Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism, Torture, Humiliation sites so I've never even TRIED to be comprehensive here. I've listed some of the larger commercial sites, interesting sites I happen to blunder across and sites that people email me to include. Note that the following sites have their own categories so I don't list them here: Femdom, Fisting/Insertion and Spanking.

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-- Top 100s --
BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100

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Futile StrugglesPPV: Clips4Sale - Abduction bondage fantasies including gagging, mummification, hogtied and taping.
G-WorksJP: Anime art of bikinis, huge breasts, lactation, amazons, hybrids, superheroines, spandex, erotic armor and bondage.
Gabrielle's Crush Fantasy WorldPPV: Clips4Sale - Gabrielle is a supergorgeous, slender blonde model whose work includes striptease, abduction, bondage, spanking, femdom, giantess, foot worship, tickled AND found in the tub... DEAD!
Gag Girls.netPPV: Clips4Sale - Website for a bondage site selling gag oriented BDSM videos on Clips4Sale.
Gag StationYah: All girls gagged all the time.
Gagged and BoundYah: Girls tied-up and, most importantly, gagged!
Gagged Utopia's StoriesFree: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive is a 100% free story archive, updated daily, featuring some of the best bondage, bdsm, self bondage, chastity, packaged, and mummification stories.
Gagged WomenPay: Gag fetish, superheroine and chloroform galleries.
Gags and Mouth StuffingYah: A place for mouthstuffing clothgags.
GAIPYah: Glue and itching powder chain stories. Includes women (especially teachers and students) being humiliated with itching powder, glue, catfighting, bondage and spanking.
Galactic Girls Gallery
Galgal55: Bondage model Ashley Renee was kidnapped by the cyborg doctor, bound and probed inside the Sci-Fi alien LAB.
Game PortCat: XXX Video CDRom DVD Straight and Fetish.
GarakutaJP: Anime site dealing with forced sex, bondage and women holding ENORMOUS guns!
GaspervilleFree: Gaspers, B&D, Fem/ Doms, Subs, BBWs.
Geisha Girl Hang on Dark Haven
Update: DarkHaven - A beautiful geisha hangs herself while nude. She stabs herself in the nipples with her hairpins until they fall from her limp fingers.
GerokumaFree: Anime chicks engaged in bondage, forced sex and insertions.
GG-SpaceJP: 3D Graphics of anime-style space heroines in a variety of scenes. Battle-suits, Large breasts, Bondage, Monster/Robot attacks, Insertions, Guns, Lactation.
GGG SexboxPay: Extreme, perverted and sadistic fantasy paysite. Humiliation, pain, poop, pee, bukake etc.
Gipsy Girls AdventuresFree: A messageboard by Escerito Sconfitto. Art and stories mostly of girls getting knocked out and having their clothes stolen - usually so the attacker can wear the clothes and do some espionage.
Girl Fucked By Demon
Tumblr: Girl fucked by demon is place with hottest scenes in which sexy babes get ripped to pieces by all kinds of demons.
Girl handcuffed bondageVID: YouTube - A girl in handcuffs walks into a cell and then complains to the guard.
Girl Tied UpVID: YouTube - A pretty, busty girl is bound up, injected and falls unconscious.
Girls Handcuffed and Tied-UpYouTube: A YouTube group with a focus on bondage videos.
Girls in CuffsPay: A site dedicated to pretty, clothed girls in handcuffs.
Girls in HandcuffsGoogle: A group about girls in handcuffs and all sorts of other restraints ( stocks, fiddles , heavy shackles etc) - also girls arrested by the police or brought to court in chains.
Girls in HandcuffsFlickr: Photos of girls in handcuffs.
Girls in Handcuffs and Shackles and BarefootMySpace: A group about barefoot women locked up in handcuffs or shackles.
Girls Tied and TickledPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful girls tied-up, groped, kissed and tickled!
Girls Tied Up In ShortsYah: Girls tied up while in shorts.
Girls, Guns and RopesMySpace: The MySpace page for the book: "Girls, Guns and Ropes"; 190 beautifully raw black and white photos of sexy Texas girls wielding guns and knives and reveling in rope bondage.
Give Me AttentionTumblr: Severe forced sex, degradation and humiliation pics and gifs.
Gladiatrix InfoYah: Warrior women fighting to the death for the pleasure of the Emperor and the mob! Includes superheroines, muscle girls and catfights.
GLBT BDSM SLFlickr: A place to post all "Second Life" BDSM related pics.
Gloomy ToonJP: Good 2D anime art including bondage, monster sex, upskirts, schoolgirls, amputees, bloody forced sex, enemas, poop, body morph, shemales, conjoinees, amazons.
Gloved and Bound on FacebookFacebook: Page - Fetissh photography including bondage, gloves., latex, vinyl, leather.
Goddess-BoundYah: Bondage pics with a focus on pantyhose.
Good by MeYah: Adult pic group with a focus on bondage. 3 photos required for joining.
Gordbooks.comCat: Gord Books is a place to find your fetish, bondage, and kink videos/publications online.
Gorian SlaverYah: Erotic bondage fantasies - Gor based and others.
Gorillaz ArsenalJP: Real, all-over-the-place anime site including girls in bikinis, lingerie, upskirts, cross-dressing guys, girls in uniform, schoolgirls and some hybrids. Some bondage, shemales, amputees and even threatened cannibalism under 18.
Gotham on Good 2D, color comic of Poison Ivy impregnating a huge breasted Batgirl with her tentacle plant.
Gothic Black VeilYah: Goth, domme group including latex, catwoman, sacrifice fantasy, hypnosis and even spanking!
Gothic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful superheroines trapped, humiliated and ravished. Subjects include bondage, hypnosis, smothering, stripping, foot worship. tickling.
Gothic Sluts
Pay: Insatiable vampire lust! Blood, fangs, knives, gorgeous goth girls with a taste for violence! Full nudes of famous goth chicks - pale, gorgeous babes ready to slake your thirst for punk, necro chicks!
Gothya.comPay: Goth girls in medieval restraints.
Gotta Love Fucked Up Porn TumblrTumblr: Gifs including female ejaculation, blowjobs, bondage, cages, humiliation.
Greatest 18 ClubJP: 2D art of anime girls with big breasts, pierced nipples, preggers, schoolgirl outfits, bondage, peeing, shemales, insertions, lesbians, amputations etc
Greco's GirlsFree: The high quality comic art of Osvaldo A Greco mostly involving latex and bondage!
Gronc on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: 2D line art of beautiful grils in severe bondage including large insertions, severe poses and some vore.

-- Top 100s --
BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100

Groped Asians
Paysite: Girls in Japanese trains aren't safe. See all the shocking truth about groping and molesting in Japan! Schoolgirl touching. Girls forced to give handjobs. Molesters cumming on subway passengers.
Grouping Chikan
Pay: Beautiful innocent women are groped by men who are overcome by lust for them.
Grouping Chikan
Pay: Beautiful innocent women are groped by men who are overcome by lust for them.
Gruesome Horror MoviesCat: Asian Movies and original productions featuring women ravished and murdered on VCD!
Guantes de GomaYah: Girls getting strangled, bagged, HOMd. Girls wearing shiny clothes, rubber gloves and raincoats.
Guantes de Goma IIYah: Girls with gloves fetish including girls asphyxiating, stabbing, shooting, hand gagging and tying up other men and women.
Gula Visual on DeviantartDeviantart: Really nice 2D anime-style art of fantasy girls including big breasts, bondage, amazons and some awesome costumes!
Gummi Girl's RubberroomYah: Latex, rubber suits, bondage and gasmasks.
Gummi-SklavenYah: German latex, rubber, bondage group.
Guns and Ropes.comMySpace: Promo page for an artistic photobook about naked women tied up or holding guns.
Guy Vasquez: PBasePBase: Very high quality art - mostly of superheroines under "Girls" and "Commissions". Supergirl, Wonder Woman, some bondage, some nudity.
Gwen MediaPay: Gorgeous girl into rubber, latex, fetish, bondage, breath play and more!
Gwendoline MuseumYah: A group focused on Sweet Gwendoline in different versions, from Eric Stanton to Osvaldo A.Greco! See how John Willie's characters are still alive in art, literature and more!.
Gyno Latex Bizarre Enema StorePPV: PrePaidClips - Rubber, rubberslaves, femdom, latex, CBT, peeing, masturbation, insertions, needles, torture, fistings, bondage!
Gyona NamamonaJP: Return of a fairly vicious Japanese anime site. Situations include sex; consensual and other; Pink: hybrids, forced blowjobs, bondage. Blue: cutting, torture, bondage. Soul: Soul Caliber girls chopping each other up, amazons, more bondage/torture.
Gytalf 2000Deviantart: 2D, mostly color art of superheroines getting KO'd by supervillains and supervillainesses. Lots of lift and carry.
Gyutto.comJP: Good 3D anime art with subjects including catfights, carrying, upskirts, insertions, femdom, bdsm
Handcuffed and/or Handbound WomenFlickr: Group - Photos of handcuffed or handbound women.
Hard PornoYah: German yahoo group with some bondage/humiliation in the files folder.
Harmny and OthersYah: Stories and pics of superheroines in peril.
Harmony ConceptsCat: Videos for sale of gorgeous girls in bondage situations; includes bondage, spanking and mummification.
HarukiPay?: Very nice anime pics of BDSM, Forced Sex and just some simple posing.
HarvestersGoogle Group: A fantasy role-playing game about an underground society composed mostly of wealthy sexual sadists engaging in human trafficking, particularly sexual slavery, snuff porn and cannibalism. Players may be Harvesters, lackeys, victims or anti-H
Heavy Fantasy on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Beautiful 3D elves posing, having fun, in bondage, enslaved and molested by monsters.
Hell's ElevatorFree: Membersite featuring BDSM, Torture and Asphyx!
Helpless HeroesPay: Comics, pics and video clips of superheroines both defeated and victorious.
Helpless HeroinesPay: Hot babes in bondage, carried and chloroformed.
Helpless HeroinesPay: Beautiful women are bound & gagged. Who will help them?
Hentai Babes!
Pay: Hentai Comics and Sci-Fi anime with themes like Nuns who love alien beast cock. and I LOVE 48 inch alien stiffies! Women are slavetraded from Space Pirate to Space Pirate or sometimes captured by a space alien to become the unwilling subject of the
Hentai BDSM
Pay: Extreme hentai BDSM leaving no place for pity or sympathy!
Hentai Source!
Pay: Original hardcore artwork, a sleek design, and one of the coolest flash interfaces available on a hentai site comprise Hentai Source's visible aesthetics. An almost endless provision of explicit games, sultry images, blood rushing movies and
Heresie.comFree: French encyclopedia of torment and torture including cannibalism and executions.
Heroine CostumesYah: Pics of heroines, both in and out of costume - plenty of bondage.
Heroine Harassment Anzai Makoto Ryona henG.E-Hentai: 2D color anime comic of a female, student, superheroine who is defeated and ravished by a supervillain who employs powerful tentacles to subdue her.
Heroine UniverseCat: Some samples from PPVs and paysites especially focusing on Tomiko, Hollywood, Fayth and Kobe Lee. Includes tickling, superheroines, wrestling, bondage and especially pantyhose.
Heroine Wrestling
Pay: Videos of Superheroines and Villainesses Battling It Out! Includes some knock-outs.
Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou on B&W 2D anime art of a pretty schoolgirl trying to enter a sorority. She is bound with her hands up showing her navel. The girls take advantage of her situation and punch, knee and kick her bare stomach.
High King on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of superheroines, aliens and regular girls getting screwed, ravished, gang banged, monster molested, giving BJs etc. Lots of large penises, sometimes 4 or more surrounding a single girl.
Highlight Store 1Yah: German group German group about Latex, Rubber, Vinyl and other shiny clothing along with a smattering of bondage.
Hip ComixPay: Erotic comix of heroines in peril! 100% original!
Pay: Women trussed up in extreme, brutal bondage. Dildos, suspension, gags, nipple torture - anything BDSM is here at the highest quality.
Galleries updated daily - check back for new galleries!

Hogtied: Hot Petite Blonde Surrender to Devastating Bondage and Torment Hogtied: Pain Pixie Suffers in Grueling Bondage, is Tormented, and then Made to Cum Hogtied: Stunning Ebony Slut in Brutal Bondage and Tormented Hogtied: Casey Calvet Endures Brutal Bondage and Devastating Punishment Hogtied: Slut Begs for Extreme Bondage and Grueling Torment to Make Her Cum Hogtied: ALT Tattooed Pain Slut Submits in Grueling Bondage Hogtied: Red Headed Rope Slut is Violated and Tormented Hogtied: Brutal Predicament Bondage, Relentless Torment, and Screaming Orgasms! Hogtied: College Girl/Pain Slut Suffers in EXTREME Bondage & Brutal Domination Hogtied: Brutal Hair Suspension, Grueling Bondage, Torment, and Orgasms!!!
Hogtied Heaven
Beautiful girls bound in strict hogties
Hogtied WomenYah: Pics of beautiful women, hogtied.
Hogtied Women 2Yah: More pics of beautiful women, hogtied.
Holding Girl's ArmsYah: Women having their arms held behind their backs - usually during a catfight or wrestling situation.
Hombre BlancoHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime art of girls in bondage. Also, girls getting ravished by monsters and humans.
Horror Sex
Paysite: Combining the worlds of classic horror and erotic sex! Monthly erotic sex with vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, girls with knives etc! Blood Sucking, Vampire sex nuns! Amber Michaels, Sylvia Saint, Jana Cova and many more top pornstars!
Horror Sex Bondage Gallery
Horror Sex Bondage Gallery!
HosedNHelpless PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of girls and superheroines bound, sometimes by evil male abductors. Women are sometimes masked with hose or wearing hose.
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-- Top 100s --
BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100