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Body Painting
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Body Painting (160)
An offshoot of Transformation; Body Painting can turn a beautiful woman into a tiger, a statue, a robot, a superheroine or a tree. Well done, a woman can make the leap of a zebrawoman from fantasy into reality.

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Fetish Transformation
Pay: Amazing transformation website including women transformed into aliens, mannequins,snakes, kigurumi, magical seperation, hybrid animals, body painted!
Airbrush ShoppeWeb: People transformed through body art into merfolk, lizards and other stuff.
AktfotosWeb: German photography site including some bodypainting.
All Your FetishesFree: BDSM and Fetish books and movies for every kinky fantasy. Includes Femdom, Spanking, Bondage, Foot Fetish, Adult Babies, Crossdressing and Body Art. Google archive for the Usenet newsgroup;
Amellya on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful nude, fetish model with tons of high quality, artistic photos.
Amit Bar Fine ArtWeb: Body Painting, Nudes, Portraits etc.
Anje and Jan LadageWeb: Nude, erotic, fine art photography including wet girls, back light and body painting.
Anke Ramme FirlefanzWeb: German face painting site.
Bald GirlzWeb: Bald or near-bald women posing in swim suits or flattering lingerie, and having a wet and messy fun time with paint or shaving cream.
Barbarian Babes
Pay: Beautiful busty blade-bearing babes!
Barbee Henna ArtistWeb: Henna artist who bodypaints tattoos.
Barely BikiniPay: Girls with bikinis painted on their bodies.
Body Artist ResourceYah: Mostly temporary body art like painting but also tattooing.
Body CanvasWeb: Nude and partialy clothed models painted up to look like aliens, tigers etc.
Body CultWeb: Tattoos, Piercing and Bodypainting.
Body Meets ArtWeb: German eerie body painting site.
Body PaintFlickr: Nice assortment of bodypaint photos.
Body Paint AddictsYahoo: Dedicated to all those who love seeing cute chicks with body paint or computer enhanced costuming.
Body Paint Kingdom 2Yah: Women painted in a variety of creative ways.
Body PaintingFlickr: Bodypainting photos from a variety of sources.
Body Painting and MoreYah: Over 100 adult bodypainting and other pics.
Body Painting BooksWeb: Some books from about body painting.
Body Painting Festival 2007Flickr: Some body painting photos from "Body Painting Festival 2007".
Body Painting TutorialWeb: A nice tutorial in body painting along with some hot pics.
Body Painting WebringWeb: Tons of well sorted bodypainting links.
Body Painting WomenFlickr: Photographs of nude women that have been artistically painted is like a double shot of beauty.
Body Painting.liWeb: German body painting including some alien and tree looking people.
Body Painting.netWeb: German body painting community including galleries, forum and chat.
Bodyart.comWeb: Portal to websites dealing with all sorts of body art.
Bodypaint TvPay: Bodypaint tv, the world's most creative nude website.
BodypaintingFlickr: Beautiful bodypaint uploaded for your appreciation.
BodypaintingYouTube: Group - Videos of bodypainted girls - some hot stuff there!
Bodypainting - KorpermalereiWeb: German site featuring some bizarre group bodypainting.
Bodypainting ArtYah: Bodypainting as art.
Bodypainting FestivalWeb: Huge resource site on the world bodypainting festival which would give out the world bodypainting award!
Bondage DivasYah: Yahoo group for the paysite ''. Includes a lot of bondage as well as some Latex, a little mummification and bodypainting.
Christine's Web GalleryWeb: A nice website dedicated to airbrushing and bodypainting.
City Info PicWeb: Girl painted like the side of a rock and roll van.
Cocoa SoftJP: Japanese site about women wrapped in plastic, covered in paint, buried under mud etc.
Colory GalerieWeb: German picture gallery including a generous amount of bodypainting.
Comic ScannersYah: Superheroines, body painting, bondage, guns, swords, catfighting, knock-outs, girl magicians.
Cotton MuseumJP: Japanese wet & messy site.
Custom VideosCat: We have a highly trained team which produces your custom fetish video. our models are highly crafted and their work is quality guaranteed. beautiful girls making your video fantasies come true! choose a model and send your script today!
CziikiDeviantart: Lots of nude pics and plenty of bodypainting.
Der-BodyPainter.deWeb: German body painting including women as cats and robots.
Die Phantastische MaskeWeb: German site with some bodypainted girls.
Digital FotoWeb: Terrific pics of women painted gold or silver.
Eagle-DesignWeb: Various types of body painting including aliens and robots!
Emma HackWeb: Stylist, body-artist, make-up artist and hairdresser.

Emma-Jane Cammack's Bodypainting PortfolioWeb: Huge gallery of bodypainting including suits, tattoos, clothes, water, latex, animal and sports.
ExposuresWeb: Over 500 images including a good deal of bodypaint photography.
Face Painting by John T WheelerWeb: Arizona face painte3r and sometimes body painter.
Fantastic FacesWeb: Face bodypainting by Marion!
Fantasy Fest FunFlickr: For people who are fantasized with the annual fest in Florida and want to share their pictures and just generally have some fun.
Fem Body ArtYah: Women with body-art. Tatoos, piercings, body-paint, henna.
Fem Body Art ArchiveYah: A yahoo album filled with body art.
Female Body: LoupioteFlickr: Very nice, artistic set of naked women taken during a carnival- many of whom are body painted.
Figure PhotosWeb: Wild bodypainting and photography by Adrienne Mills.
Flesh and ColorWeb: Women painted up as angels, metal statues, chameleons etc.
Francesca Web PageWeb: Oil paintings, pen, pencil and body painting art.
Fredi SchmidWeb: Paysite - galleries of all sorts of body painting.
Gammi's BodypaintingWeb: A single bodypainting pic on an airbrush site.
Gerhard ZerbesWeb: German body painting site.
GlobeleWeb: Pic of a hot chick body painted in a patriotic way.
Goldfinger's Bodypainting HomepageWeb: German Body Painting page with a propensity towards painting women as precious metals.
Gry GarnessWeb: Photographer who incudes some body painting among his work.
Himmels KoerperWeb: Some of Koerper's beautiful body painting art.
HoiHoiSanDeviantart: Photos and really good 2D art of bodypainting, photomanips, elementals, lingerie, anime, hybrids and a couple superchicks.
IGoForItPicasa: Photo albums of bodypainted people (mostly girls).
Indirectimage PhotographyYah: Girls painted silver or gold so they look like statues.
IocoArtWeb: Commercial quality bodypainting including women looking like aliens and statues!
Janesko Body Paint VideoVID: YouTube - Body painting from pinup artist Jennifer Janesko before her 2006 Haut Art Wine Release party in Kansas City.
Jerro on the WebWeb: Very nice photography of some body-painted models.
Jess Angel 2003Deviantart: Gorgeous, blonde nude/bikini model - several pics where she is bodypainted as a statue. A few pics of her in bondage, dead and as a horror femme.
Jodee Lenaine SmithWeb: Great body painting artist with a penchant for camoflaging.
Joyzes' PhotostreamFlickr: Really vibrant, high color bodypainting work by Joyzes.
Jumbobrain PhotographyWeb: Professional photograhy site including a body/face painting area.
KDJ DesignWeb: Workplace and tradeshow displays including bodypainting.
Korea BodypaintingWeb: Gorgeous bodypainting site including women painted as animals and painted-on clothing.
Lignes - Body PaintingWeb: French website featuring all kinds of body painting.
Linda and HeimerWeb: Body painting artists with a gallery from the bizarre to the morbid to the quite beautiful.
Los Famosos BodypaintGoogle: Spanish language group about bodypainting and tattoos.
LycheeWeb: Some pics of a girl painted completely gold.
Macro Lens ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Candy paints a picture on her body, showers, poses naked and in schoolgirl outfits.
Maiki's HouseWeb: Galleries addressing a wide variety of fetishes including Petrification, Body Painting and Underwater fetish.
Malaysia Body Paint ClubYah: For Malaysians to share, discuss and communicate about bodypainting and human skin as canvas.
Martin ArmandWeb: Theatrical make-up artist includes his work creating a couple female corpses. Lots of airbrush body art pics.
Messy GirlPay: Sexy clothed and nude girls covered head to toe in pies, mud, paint and other messy foods.
Miss Tirol 1998Web: Includes a girl painted up as a leopard.
MORPH: Bodypainting1 bodypainting site.
MuschkaWeb: People bodypainted - mostly in neon..
Music, Art & BodypaintWeb: A single, nice bodypaint pic from Willem van Krimpen and Robert Berger.
Neil CurtisWeb: A professional public artist with plenty of body painting.
Pablo Fermin's PhotostreamFlickr: Beautifully bodypainted women done by Pablo Fermin.
Painted AliveWeb: Beautiful body painting by Craig Tracy.
Painted LadyYah: Femdom art, Bodypainted clothes, Demon Girls, Metallic-Statue Girls... all sorts of bodypainting.
Painted ShadowsWeb: Beautiful women painted in gold.
People PaintersWeb: Airbursh face and bodypainting.
People PaintingWeb: People painted in such a way that they disappear or blend into a previously created painting.
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