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Carrying Sites? Yes, carrying, this is a subfetish of sleepy. People with this fetish want to see someone helpless being carried by someone strong.

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Seductive Studios on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Aaarghh, Superwomen in TroubleYah: Scans of famous superwomen pictured in comics, movies and media, in their worst moments ever: punched, knocked-out, carried, beaten, chained, humiliated, etc by their opponents.
Adagio DanceYah: A group for Adagio Dance, a dance involving a lot of girl lifting.
Aftermath Carrys 5GONE: Yah: All sorts of unconscious girl carries.
Aftermath Carrys II ArchiveYah: Storage of older pics from Aftermath Carrys dealing with sleepy girls getting carried.
Against Her Will Damsel In DistressPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful women abducted - sometimes chloroformed - , placed in bondage and then violated!
Alpha 7 Productions
PPV: Fine fantasy films designed to quench all your darkest desires.
Amazing Lift And Carry PPV: Clips4Sale - Great lift clips! f/f and f/m! These clips show some extraordinary lifts! Backbreakers, Overheads and even a Crotch-Lift! You can find a clip, where a girl carries 3 guys OTS at the same time!!!! Just take a look and get, what you want!
Amazing Lift and Carry (F/M)PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful women, often in bikinis carrying men and women.
Amazon AmandaPay: 6' 4 BBW girl who dominates men and does some lift and carry.
Amazon Amanda And FriendsPay: Hot femdom: amazon by height, bbw by size and goddess by nature
Amazon Bitches
PPV: A number of links to Mistress Taylor PPVs including subjects like ruined orgasms, femdom, smothering, tease & denial, big breasts, catfight, carrying, humiliation, size comparisons etc.
Amazon CinthiaYah: A tall, strong girl who lifts, dominates and tramples men!
Amazon Goddess AmandaYah: Home of the 6'3, 386 lb Amazon Amanda... Inside you will find everything from Height-size comparisons, lifting/carrying, facesitting, smothering, tickling, trampling, Domination, and basically Me doing what I Love.
Amazon LoverMySpace: TV. Videos of amazon women lifting and carrying either gender.
PPV: Amazonmania, powerful amazons taking control. Muscle girls, carrying, mixed wrestling, scissor holds, biceps, trampling, tall girls, flexing, men begging for their lives!
Asian ChloroYah: Hot asian girls knocked-out, in bondage, boxing, chloroformed or carried.
Asian Piggybacks and CarriesYah: Asians lifting asians as well as asians lifting and being lifted by others.
Bathingsuit Ladies PPV: Clips4Sale - Videos, mostly of girls in bikinis doing things like beating men at wrestling, female choke holds / scissor holds on and sometimes women. muscle girls, some girls and men carried by women.
Battle for EarthPay: Hot superheroines knocked-out, carried, in bondage or in catfights. Superheroine Peril Fights!
Big Girls Lifting Smaller GirlsYah: For fans of tall, large or fat girls who lift and carry smaller women.
BO5AYouTube: Videos of girls lifting and carrying boys.
BodyliftingYah: Planet of exclusive F/F lifting.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bondage Elane HersheyPPV: Clips4Sale - Mostly bondage and gagging including duct tape, ball gags, scarfs with a focus on abduction including knock-outs, unwanted fondling and lift and carry.
Bound2BKinky ClipsPPV: Clips4sale - Video clips of girls in serious peril! Abducted, tied-up, spanked, knocked-out, carried, molested... even forced masturbation and forced orgasm!
Brenda Smith Queen BeePPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of muscular calves, scissorholds, armwrestling, boxing, lift and carry and much more!!
Builtmore.comPay: Production company specializing in amazon superwomen, body building, lift and carry, asphyx and catfight!
Bunny Glamazon's Fetish ClipPPV: Clips4Sale - The 6' 3" Bunny Glamazon indulges in lifting, facesitting, comparisons, humiliation, human furniture, spanking, domination, wrestling, foot worship, trampling.
Candra on DeviantartDeviantart: Simply excellent 2D art of fantasy girls including anime characters, superheroines, female demons, succubi, hybrids, amazons, winged girls, girls with guns, carrying, furries, some carrying and mythological half females.
Carried AwayFree: Celebrating the Art of the Carry.
Carried OffFree: Discussions, Stories and Links for the carrying community.
Carry 0:24VID: YouTube - A girl faints and is cradle carried by a man in a powdered wig.
Carry LoversFree: Website dealing with the Carry fetish including Piggybacks, Cradle Carrying, OTS Carries, Backbreakers and Shoulder Sitting.
Carry WebringFree: The carrying webring - not many sites.
Chinese CarryingYah: Chinese group about girls getting carried..
Chloroformed Girls!Pay: Unconscious, knocked out, kidnapped, bound and gagged, carrying, the prettiest girls on the web!
Coed Lift and CarryMySpace: For fans of females who lift and carry men.
Cradle CarryVID: YouTube - A girl in black, bikini underwear lifts a girl in white, bikini underwear after which they start making out.
Cradled GirlsYah: A group for lovers of girls being cradle carried by men and women..
Crazy CarriesYah: Yahoo Group for Sleepy Realm's Crazy Carries - hot chicks picked up and carried.
Creative FilmsYah: The Yahoo group for 'Special Interests' - includes lift & carry, cat fighting, arm wrestling, muscle worship and smothering.
Custom Forced Orgasm Videos - Seductive StudiosPPV: Clips4Sale - Custom fetish videos including Sleepy, Superheroines, Orgasms, Fetish, Bondage, Daphne, Arm Wrestling, Hiccups and Tickling.
DamenpferdYah: The other shoulder riding club - all about women riding on the shoulders of men.
Daphne's ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish video clips including balloon popping, wet & messy, smoking, feet, bondage, gags, armwrestling, knock-outs, dominance,
Daphne's Fetish QuestPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos include sleepy, carrying, bondage, asphyxiation, vacuuming, injection.
Den of IniquityPay: Mistresses, Dungeons, Phone Sessions, Bruchures - includes lift and carry, giantess and physical domination.
Diana Ball: MySpaceMySpace: 5' 10" beautiful muscle diva who acts and participates in mixed wrestling events. Also femdom and lift and carry.
Doom MaidensCat and Sessions: Videos and sessions involving wrestling, domination, lift and carry, strength comparison.
European Lift and Carry ClubPPV: Clips4Sale - Toughest European beauties lift and carry girls and guys.

Evangline Von WinterPPV: Extensive abduction and bondage fantasies including chlorforming, carrying, superheroines, hypnotism and forced fantasies.
Extreme Women GroupYah: Includes catfightes, boxers, muscle girls, strangling, lifting and carrying.
FaintingGONE: Yah: Share stories about real and fictional fainting.
Feet and Sleep FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls and superheroines knocked out, fainting, carried, hypnotized, wearing stockings, clothes swapping, drunk, frozen.
Feet and Sleep FantasiesPay: Sleeping/foot-oriented website that features videos of women fainting or getting knocked out. Includes superheroines, hypnosis and carrying.
Feet and Sleep Fantasies: PPVPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls and superheroines knocked out, carried, fainting, hypnotized. A lot of focus on feet.
Fem/Fem Lift and CarryYah: Italian group - Herculean women lifting smaller women.
Female BearersYah: Dedicated to all the women who defy society's notions of the weaker sex by performing amazing feats of acrobatic strength.
Female Bearers 2Yah: Women lifting other women in acrobatics.
Female Bearers 3Yah: More women being lifted.
Female Bodybuilders.orgFree: Bodybuilding galleries (small pics) and directory of the BB community.
Female Carry Art 3Yah: for people who have artwork of women being carried by men, women, monsters, etc. Mainly though ots and arm.
Female carrying females in armsGONE: Yah: Yahoo Group - Beautiful world of females cradling other females.
Female Feats of StrengthPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of big muscles, lift and carry, posing, FBB, mixed F/m wrestling,
Female Muscle: Lift and CarryFree: A good essay on the lift and carry fetish. Copiously illustrated.
Female over the ShoulderYah: A group of females carrying other females over their shoulders.
Female over the Shoulder 2Yah: Girls carrying (sometimes unconscious) girls over the shoulder including catfights.
Females Gang CarriedYah: A site dedicated to the people who are into women carried by more than one person.
Females Lifting And CarryingPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls lifting girls including OTS, shoulder riding, piggy-back riding, donkey riding, standing 69, double lift, front lift etc.
Fetish Clip ScenePPV: Payperview site featuring the following topics: Catfight, Femdom, Bondage, Lift and Carry, Mind Control, Paralysis, Superheroines, Chloro, Knock out, Belly punching etc.
FF Carries Photo AlbumGONE: Yah: Yahoo photo album with girls lifting girls pics.
FF Cradle Carry 5Yah: German/English group involving women cradle-carrying other women.
FF Lift/Carry 01Yah: Pics of women lifting other women.
Fisiculturismo FemininoYah: Brazilian muscle girl site including some lift and carry.
Foxy MuscleFree: A number of links to Heather Fine sites including her wrestling site, dungeon and yahoo group.
Frauen HebenYah: German group with pics of beautiful, mostly unconscious women, lifted and carried.
Frauen Heben und Tragen Maenner 2GONE: Yah: German lift and carry group with some knockouts.
Frauen stärker als MännerGONE: Yah: Strong girls posing, dominating, catfighting and carrying.
Girl Lifting CarryingYouTube Group: Videos and discussions of mostly women lifting and carrying men.
Girl RidingFree: Galleries, links and a messageboard dedicated to riding women.
Girls Carry GuysYah: A place to share experiences, pics and videos about girls giving piggyback rides, shoulder rides or other types of rides to guys.
Girls Lift & Carry GirlsYah: Pics of girls lifting and carrying other girls in a variety of ways.
Girls Lift & Carry Girls 2Yah: Pics of girls lifting and carrying other girls in a variety of ways.
Girls Lifting Pantyhosed GirlsYah: A place for people who love pantyhose and lift and carry.
Girls on Men's Shoulders Album 2Yah: For those who are fans of women riding on men's shoulders.
Goddess SeveraPay: 6'5 amazon dominatrix into lifting, wrestling, dom and more.
Gytalf 2000Deviantart: 2D, mostly color art of superheroines getting KO'd by supervillains and supervillainesses. Lots of lift and carry.
Gyutto.comJP: Good 3D anime art with subjects including catfights, carrying, upskirts, insertions, femdom, bdsm
Harold SiddonsDeviantart: A few 3D pics of a large, muscular woman in a bikini with a smaller man, usually lifting him.
Harsha Dream LiftYah: A group containing pics of girls carrying guys.
Harsha's World 2Yah: More Indian photos showing women lifting and carrying men.
Harsha's World 3Yah: Indian Lift and Carry group about women lifting men.
Heather HavenYah: Six and a half foot tall girl who does a couple lifts.
HeatherhavenCat: Home of a 6' 5 model into Domination, Role-Playing, Trampling and Carrying.
Heck Celebrates Strong WomenYah: Strong women flexing or carrying.
Heifa Dream LiftYah: A place where women lift and carry men.
Helpless HeroinesPay: Hot babes in bondage, carried and chloroformed.
Her Legs.comPay: Site about the legs of female bodybuilders. Includes some lift and carry.
HOM ComicsYah: Scans from comics and pulp mags where the girl gets a hand over her mouth including chloroform and some carrying.
Human Horse for the LadyFree: German site - some pics of women riding on the shoulders of men.
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