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Catfights (899)
Females locked in hand to hand combat? YES! These are nonfatal apartment wrestling, foxy boxing, bikini judo and other erotic fight sites. Girl on girl wrestling is incredibly popular on the internet and common everywhere from movies, tv shows, cartoons and commercials. Similar sites include Femdom, Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Battlecat XXX
Pay: Japanese girls fighting for cash! Real Kicks! Real Fights! Real Screams! Real Blood! Real bitches fight like bitches! Winner wins $$$$. Losers Defiled and Punished!
Seductive Studios on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Ultimate Surrender
Pay: The ultimate, female, competitive sexual wrestling site! From the makers of Hogtied and Water Bondage, watch as one woman fights another woman into submission forcing her to service her new mistress in erotic ways.
Galleries updated daily - check back for new galleries!

Ultimate Surrender: Lea Lexis refuses to lose, Rookie puts her in jeopardy, anal at stake Ultimate Surrender: The most Orgasmic Match of the season, Rookie Destroyed in a sex fight Ultimate Surrender: Red headed Battle for Orgasms Ultimate Surrender: Season 14 is the season of Rookie Destruction Ultimate Surrender: Classic Nerd vs. Jock match. Lorelei Lee Ultimate Surrender: Tag Team Tournament Finale Ultimate Surrender: Ultimate Cum Session Ultimate Surrender: Champion vs Champion Winner takexs Loser to Whipped ass.  Ultimate Surrender: So close yet So far, One team blows their chances and gets fucked hard Ultimate Surrender: Izamar Gutierrez thinks she
Battle JapanPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of female fighting, wrestling, smothering, superheroines, belly punching etc
A Cat Fighting Fan Club For UsYah: General catfighting group including a knife fighting session under Argentine.
A Girl Twisted My ArmYah: A place for people who are fascinated by the erotic aspects of being in an arm or hammerlock by a woman.
A Girl Twisted My Arm 2Yah: A place for people who are fascinated by the erotic aspects of being in an arm or hammerlock by a woman.
A Girl Twisted My Arm 3Yah: A place for people who are fascinated by the erotic aspects of being in an arm or hammerlock by a woman.
A Girl Twisted My Arm 4Yah: A place for people who are fascinated by the erotic aspects of being in an arm or hammerlock by a woman.
Aaarghh, Superwomen in TroubleYah: Scans of famous superwomen pictured in comics, movies and media, in their worst moments ever: punched, knocked-out, carried, beaten, chained, humiliated, etc by their opponents.
abStuffFree: Belly punching website - forum but not a lot of content.
Abused ShoesPay: Wet and messy high heeled catfights, trampling, bondage, domination, boot licking, shoe worship, pedal pumping, dangling!
Academy Women Wrestling 2Yah: Promotional information about the women of Academy Productions!
Academy WrestlingPay: Hot, topless wrestling action including strap-on assault! Videos and Photos!
Academy Wrestling GroupYah: Promotional yahoo group for Academy Wrestling.
ACW Catfights and Wrestling
PPV: KinkBomb - A few videos of some really hot chicks wrestling.
Adam Warren Manga SocietyYah: Adam Warren's anime, butt kicking female illustrations including 'Dirty Pair', 'Battle Chasers' and 'Gen 13'.
Addie Juniper Sexy Fun Time Arcade on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Lots of limp / ragdoll girls, abduction, bondage, catfight, monster sex, superheroines and practically every other fetish on the planet.
AF Wrestling.comPay: Site specializing in homemade female teen wrestling videos.
African AdventurePay: Gladiator girls, mixed wrestling and amazons featuring the beautiful, Africa. Girls fight with real swords!
Agent EvePay: Comic book style super-secret agent stuff - either illustrated or acted out by Eve Ellis and Stacy Burke.
Akiba WebPay: Beautiful women as superheroines who often get into some pretty bad peril.
Akio on PixivPixiv: Extreme, violent beating and catfighting art including huge breasts, bondage, peeing and nipple squirting.
All Bondage.comCat: Catfight, Bondage and Spanking Videos And DVD's.
Alpha 7 Productions
PPV: Fine fantasy films designed to quench all your darkest desires. Rough-housing for sexual kicks.
Am FemFree: International directory of amateur female fighting.
Amazing Mature AmazonYah: all about Barbara who is a female bodybuilder and wrestler.
Amazon Amanda And FriendsPay: Hot femdom: amazon by height, bbw by size and goddess by nature
Amazon Bitches
PPV: A number of links to Mistress Taylor PPVs including subjects like ruined orgasms, femdom, smothering, tease & denial, big breasts, catfight, carrying, humiliation, size comparisons etc.
Amazonia VidclipsYah: Videoclips of anime girls fighting each other including a gun battle
Amazons Hall of FameYah: Hall of fame of the most famous and sexy female wrestlers from the 80's onwards.
Amazons Paradise on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful women in catfighting action. A lot of Eric Stanton art.
Amor Y Lucha!Yah: Spanish language group dealing with photos and illustrations of topless apartment wrestling.
Anaconda ProductionsCat: Supersexy dominatrix videos including facesitting, scissorholds and bondage.
Angie ParrMySpace: Pretty, prize winning, female boxer.
Anime Fanservice - Agent AikaAnime Fanservice: Anime girls fighting, getting knocked out or just being hot.
Anime FightVID: A-KO is fighting an evil, busty blonde in this anime catfight.
Apartment Championship WrestlingYah: A group dedicated to the women of 'Apartment Championship Wrestling'.
Apartment House WrestlingFree: Scantily clad or semi-nude women engaged in boxing, wrestling, and general mayhem.
Apartment Wrestlers.comFree: Monthly catfight magazine including biographies, matches and merchandise.
Apartment WrestlingYah: Classic apartment wrestling with legendary ladies, marvelous matches etc.
Apartment Wrestling IIYah: Overflow group.
Ariel's JournalFree: Official website of Indy sensation, Ariel!
Arkansas Real Fem Vs Fem WrestlingYah: Real female vs female wrestling. This is a group intended to help women/couples meet other women/couples for female vs female wrestling encounters.
Arm Fan's Armwrestling PicsYah: Strong women armwrestling men and other women.
AS FilmCat: German producer of catfight films.
AsiaPay: A muscular femdom into wrestling, boxing and domination.
Asian CatfightWeb: Sensual Japanese Catfighting
Asian Connection TVYah: Gorgeous fem vs fem wrestling and catfighting.
Asian WrestlerettesPay: Asian girls dominating men in mixed wrestling.
At-Worx on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Some 2D anime art of boxing girls

-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Athena 2PPV: Fantasy female wrestling videos.
Attache Glow ClubYah: A tribute to Attache, the greatest of all the GLOW, 'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling'..
AusaboxingFree: Your link to boxing in the I-35 Corridor from dome with a distinctive Texas Hellcountry attitude. A lot of foxy boxing links and pics.
Aussie Greg's Free Asian StoriesFree: Asian sexfight stories and Asian catfight stories.
B-Brand ComixFree: Italian female adventure comics involving a lot of catfights and bondage.
Babes Boxing KO 10Yah: Women knocked-out in boxing matches!
Back Breakers 2Yah: More pics and videos of girls given the knee in the back.
Back BreakerssYah: This group is for pictures and videos of sexy females being put into over the knee backbreaker holds.
Bad Apple ProductionsCat: Company producing topless foxy boxing videos.
Barbarian BabesPay: Illustrated stories of hot, amazonian combat. Mostly unarmed, f/f and mixed combat.
Barbarian Babes
Pay: Beautiful busty blade-bearing babes!
Bare MaidensPay: High quality live fantasy, D&D, WOW, LOTR themed site. Elves, wizards, fighters, magic. Plots are standard archaic fantasy plots including nudity, sex, blowjobs, masturbation and even a catfight.
Barefoot Women's WrestlingYah: Dedicated to ladies who like to fight or wrestle barefoot.
Basement Wrestling LeaguePay: 3D pics of hot, muscle chicks fighting each other in the ring.
Bathingsuit Ladies PPV: Clips4Sale - Videos, mostly of girls in bikinis doing things like beating men at wrestling, female choke holds / scissor holds on and sometimes women. muscle girls, some girls and men carried by women.
BattleJP: catfighting video site including a full-on English version.
Battle Fight Art Group on DeviantartDeviantart: Group - Art about one on one battles be it male or female.
Battle for EarthPay: Hot superheroines knocked-out, carried, in bondage or in catfights. Superheroine Peril Fights!
Battle of the SexesYah: Males futiley fighting against the more deadly gender! This site will have fist fghting, boxing, wrestling and fetishes such as drowning, ballbusting and choking to name a few. Enjoy!
Battlecat XXX
Pay: Japanese girls fighting for cash! Real Kicks! Real Fights! Real Screams! Real Blood! Real bitches fight like bitches! Winner wins $$$$. Losers Defiled and Punished!
BattlegirlJP: A Japanese, girl fighting anime website.
Battling BarmaidsJP: Pics of hot barmaids and a story where two of them catfight.
Battling Betty PageYah: The legendary original catfight queen's apartment brawls.
BBS: Male Win FemaleFree: Men winning out over women in hand to hand combat - sometimes fatally.
Bdsm Video TubeTube: BDSM Video Tube | BDSM Free Movies | Spanking Tube | Femdom Video Tube| Bondage Video Tube | Pissing Video
Bdsm Video Tube
Blog: BDSM Tube, Spanking video, Femdom video, Bondage video, Pissing video, Device Bondage,Divine Bitches,Everything Butt,Fucking Machines,Hogtied,Kink Live,Men In Pain,Pissing video,Public Disgrace,Sex and Submission,The Training Of O,The Upper Floor
Bear ClawDeviantart: Group about girls with guns, swords, explosives etc. Some fatal girl fights.
Beautiful Battling BabesYah: Only the best catfight images - mostly nostaligic.
Beautiful Battling Babes 6Yah: For all forms of real girl vs girl combative sports.
Beautiful Battling Babes 9Yah: Profiles of female catfight stars.
Belgique Catfights CorinneYah: French catfighting group.
Belle of Steel KittensYah: Dedicated to one of the best and most famous female wrestlers in the World, Belle.
Belly PainWeb: Jill Lauren's website of Bondage, Catfighting, Foxy Boxing, etc.
Belly Pain SitePay: Asian girls with acute belly pain, especially being punched repeatedly in the stomach.
Belly PunchingWeb: Jill Lauren's bellypunching website including some movies and downloads for sale.
Belly PunchingGoogle: Into belly punching, play, torture, looking for a partner or want to post stories, this is the place.
BenchwarmerFree: Trading cards of sexy catfighting girls like Kitana and Tanya.
Best Combative WomenYah: MAD Fight promotional Yahoo group. Plenty of hot wrestling/boxing/judo pics.
Best Fantasy CatfightsYah: Tons of fantasy, celebrity catfight stories.
Best Wrestling MoveYah: The best wrestling move ever is the dreaded TYPEWRITER.
Betty's Nostalgia ClubYah: Yahoo group which appears to be only a message base for those interested in Betty Page as a catfighter.
Bi-Lesbian Erotic CatfightersYah: About women who enjoy catfighting and sex with each other.
Big Boob BrawlersPPV: Clips4Sale - Busty and/or muscular girls wrestling, boxing, scissoring and some mixed wrestling.
Bikini Boxing Ultimate Combat 1VID: Google - Introductions of various tattooed bikini boxers and a boxing match.
Bikini FightVID: YouTube - A blonde and a brunette in contrasting bikinis wrestle each other to the ground.
Bikini Karate BabesWeb: Website for a photorealistic video game about bikini babes kicking the crud out of each other.
Bitch fight uk on FacebookFacebook: Company - bitch fight uk is a catfight company in the uk that allows females from all walks of life to compete in rules catfights for dvd and download and has a universal audience.
Bitchfight on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - British girls fighting each other, usually in bikinis or lingerie. Lots of boxing
Bitchfight UKCAT: British girls fighting each other, usually in bikinis or lingerie. Lots of boxing.
Bitchwars IllustratedPay: Really good 2D art of girls, superheroines, amazons in hand to hand catfights!
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-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List