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Catfights (899)
Females locked in hand to hand combat? YES! These are nonfatal apartment wrestling, foxy boxing, bikini judo and other erotic fight sites. Girl on girl wrestling is incredibly popular on the internet and common everywhere from movies, tv shows, cartoons and commercials. Similar sites include Femdom, Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Black and Blue Ebony Wrestling & DomPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful black chicks wrestling and/or dominating nonblacks of either gender.
Black Superheroines in TroubleYah: Photos, photomanips and art of black superheroines in bondage, getting beaten up or knocked unconscious.
BladeJP: Non-anime artwork of girls in sumo bottoms, amazons, wrestling girls, bondage, hybrids (not many) and a few muscle girls.
Blonde Wrestler Choked OutVID: ShockFlix - A beautiful, blonde wrestler is choked out during a wrestling match.
Bloody Babes IIYah: Girls beaten bloody, some winners, some losers - all bloodied.
Bloody Babes IIIYah: Girls beaten bloody, some winners, some losers - all bloodied.
BluevsRed on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good anime-style 2D art of clone/twin girls fighting or fucking.
Bollywood Movie CatfightsYah: For the fans of movies made in India which feature catfights.
Boss Player's RealmFree: Where beautiful women either fight over men, in competition, for sporting purposes or for personal pleasure.
Bout Time Studios.comPay: Wrestling, boxing and catfighting women of all types.
Brandy's SiteCat: Hot Female Wrestler and Foxy Boxer.
Brawler Boy on DeadlyAmazons
DeadlyAmazons: Good 2D art of muscle girls with big breasts and tiny bikinis engaged in mixed wrestling, head scissors and domination
Brenda Smith Queen BeePPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of muscular calves, scissorholds, armwrestling, boxing, lift and carry and much more!!
Briga de GarotasBrazilian Group: Exchange photos of girlfriends fighting other girls.
Brit Ladies WrestlingYah: For all women who enjoy british style pro wrestling,there will be 4 categories lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight and tag-team champions.
British Catfighting and Mixed WrestlingYah: Topless, female wrestling pics.
Brittany Diamond's Diamond MineYah: TCW Champion and independent wrestler.
Brown Belt 4 AdultsCat: All sorts of different types of fem/fem fighting.
Brutal Bodacious She-Cats/RIP?Yah: Quality female combat in the midwest, especially Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Bubble Tit SuperheroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Busty girls catfighting, dressing as superheroines, smothering, smoking, dominating, vampires and tickling.
Builtmore.comPay: Production company specializing in amazon superwomen, body building, lift and carry, asphyx and catfight!
Bunny Glamazon's Fetish ClipPPV: Clips4Sale - The 6' 3" Bunny Glamazon indulges in lifting, facesitting, comparisons, humiliation, human furniture, spanking, domination, wrestling, foot worship, trampling.
Burgos Appreciation SocietyYah: Tons of hot superheroine chicks including muscle girls, male superheroines changed into females, amazons, vampires, catfighting, girls with guns and tons of She-Hulk amalgams.
Byron's Gorgeous Boxing GirlsPay: Byron's high quality art of beautiful boxing women.
Cali LoganYah: Beautiful catfight queen tied-up with a whole album about being frozen.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc
Cammyfan.comFree: G-Rated. Cosplay and artwork involving that gorgeous (sometimes gun-toting) Street Fighter babe!
Candi LoverYah: Fan group for the beautiful and versatile female wrestler, Candi.
Capital City CatfightsCat: Producer of fine catfight videos.
CatcheusesYah: French group for the fans of women's wrestling. There are pictures, videos, links and news about wrestlers from USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and Europe. Of course, you can send your own files or pics.
Catfight Bellypunch: MySpace GroupMySpace: MySpace group dedicated to bellypunching.
Catfight Blog, CroatiaFree: Croatian catfight blog.
Catfight BuffYah: Girls catfighting in the nude.
Catfight Buff 2Yah: Girls catfighting in the nude.
Catfight Buff 3Yah: Girls catfighting in the nude.
Catfight Buff 4Yah: Girls catfighting in the nude.
Catfight CentralPay: Catfighting babes wrestle for victory! Wrestling, Boxing, Catfighting etc.
Catfight Comics Toss3dBlog: 3D comics about powerful women in combat and in bondage.
Catfight CornerPay: Strong catfighting with over 8,000 pics with weekly updates.
Catfight CornerPay: Strong catfighting with over 8,000 pics with weekly updates.
Catfight CornerYah: dedicated to posting pictures and other files dealing with the fighting female productions of . It's for those who love Girl/Girl Catfights, Erotik Fights and Fetish Catfights.
Catfight Factory on
DeadlyAmazons: 3D art of beautiful women kicking each other's ass!
Catfight FansGoogle: Discussion and photos of women in sexy catfights!
Catfight FantasyPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of beautiful girls like Tanya Danielle and Hollywood fighting for dominance both in and out of the ring; both F/f and F/m.
Catfight from SaudaVID: YouTube - A jealous woman almost drowns a busty brunette when a full-fledged catfight breaks out.
Catfight Galaxy Explorer 2Yah: Exploring all the worlds of the catfighting ladies galaxies.
Catfight GalleryYah: Fakes of Britney Spears naked, catfighting and in bondage.
Catfight Gangbang
Pay: These lesbians are just so fucking brutal! 100% exclusive whore on whore on whore on whore action! Watch as a group of beautiful women hold down and violate a poor, unsuspecting girl!!
Catfight Group on MotherlessMotherless: Videos/Pics of catfights, mud wrestling, hello wrestling, etc...

-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Catfight HavenPay: Normal girls wrestling and catfighting!
Catfight In Dance Class - Hd DownloadVid: file factory - (music video) a cursed cd casts a spell on a class of sexy ballet dancers, causing an all-out brawl ensues including a knifing, and a few stranglings. ends with the entire class lefngs and a knifing. (Accidentally deleted submission.)
Catfight Lover: MySpaceMySpace: Site set up for catfight fun.
Catfight MoviesPay: catfighting video, catfight scene reviews plus catfight and erotica binarie newsgroup services. No nudity but some wild, topless action.
Catfight Photo CommentsBlog: Commentary on catfight photos.
Catfight Pics & Story CornerYah: Pics and stories of f/f and mixed wrestling.
Catfight Queens
Pay: These bitches fight dirty yanking breasts,twisting tits and pulling each others tender young nipples until they scream.
Catfight Sexy Women on FacebookFacebook: Community - Beautiful catfighting women.
Catfight StoreCatfight videos aggregator
Catfight UnitedYah: This club is dedicated solely to catfighting in all its forms!
Catfight VideoFacebook: The Facebook for
Catfight WebCat: (German) Videotapes, CD-Roms, Forums, stories of German Apartment Wrestling and Foxy Boxing.
Catfight WeblogFree: Catfights in real life, television, movies, art etc, can be discussed here.
Catfight-actionsA website of tv, movie, and reality female fight clips
Catfight.comCat: L Scott Sales - World's largest distributor of catfight, wrestling videos.
Catfighters.comPay: Pure catfighting action, catfight toons, 3D pics, video clips, wet and messy, catfight stories, video sales and sex fight action!
Catfighters.TV: Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Catfighting leggy lesbian sexfights! Biting, ripping, wet crotch, locked, cat, sex, tongue fights.
Catfightfan on TumblrTumblr: Excellent 2D art of girls catfighting.
Catfighting AngelPay: Holly's Angels are some pretty hot bikini wrestling girls.
Catfighting BabesFree: Catfighting, nude wrestling search engine.
Catfighting Girls GroupYah: Share your pictures of catfights and catfighting women and teens.
Catfighting HereYah: Catfighting photos only - no art.
Catfighting Pay-Per-View
Pay: The latest adult pay per view movies with 3 different ways to watch full length movies! Pay per minute, Streaming rental or just Download the movie.
Catfighting RivalsYah: Remembering the great catfighting rivalries.
Catfighting StarsYah: A group about setting up fantasy, celebrities catfights.
Catfighting with ReneeGoogle: For catfight fans to meet and chat about what else but catfighting.
Catfighting Wrestling by Joan WisePPV: Clips4Sale - Wrestling divas take on men and women. Humiliation, facesitting, asphyxiation, scissor holds, pussy torture, slapping, tit smothering,
CatfightoonsYah: Catfighting toons including the art of Raz, Stanton, Saudelli, Zimmerman!
Catfights EtcYah: All forms of Female Combat including: Catfights, FistFights, Sexy Boxing, Sexy Wrestling, Martial Arts, Vintage, Western, Messy, Cartoons, Anime and Fetish Female Fighting such as Facesitting, Slapping, Choking, Drowning, Boob Battles, Hair Pulling.
Catfights on Deviantart.comDeviantart: A group dedicated to all sorts of catfights.
Catfights: MySpaceMySpace: A MySpace Group dedicated to
Catty Combat SalesPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfighting clips including KOs, bikinis, face sitting, choking, foot worship, femdom, huge breasts, belly punching.
Catwoman (The Diamond Exchange)VID: YouTube - A 20 min amateur movie about Catwoman including some nice combat scenes. 1 really nice combat scene with catwoman in a bikini.
Catz ReviewPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of mostly topless, bikini-bottom-clad girls wrestling.
Celebrity BrawlFree: Fantasy female celebrity catfight site. Stories of popular celebrities beating the crap out of each other.
Celebrity Female Fantasy WrestlingYah: Fantasy female celebrity wrestling matchups.
Chang HuaYah: Matches between poser chicks with the winner decided by votes.
Chaos VideoCat: Full video downloads available for purchase.
Charlee ChaseYah: Superhot, blonde, busty catfighting girl also into bondage.
Charlee ChaseMySpace: Private MySpace page for a superhot busty, catfighting blonde.
Cheergirl FightVID: I just wanna watch sexy cheerleaders fight.
Cheerleader Gangbang
VID: Catfight Gangbang - Sexy cheerleader Audrey getting banged up by horny lesbians.
Cheryl Rusa FansYah: dedicated to the most electrifying women in sports entertainment today, Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa (aka. Cheryl Russo). - Sexfighting!Free: Female to female erotic competition.
Choke HoldsYah: F/F and some M/M wrestling ending with a choke out.
Chris Sabin FanclubYah: Fan club of NWA and MXPW superstar Chris Sabin.
Classic Catfight Collection on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Some classic B&W, 2D art of catfights.
Classic Female Wrestling Fem vs FemPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexy female wrestling.
Classic Woman Wrestling VisualizationsYah: This site is for fans of the sport of old school girl wrestling and of other styles. This cyberspace is full of martial boots in action. Most all the pioneers and legends of pay for pain are here.
Club CatfightPay: Hot and Private Two Girl CatFight Shows - Only done in person.
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-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List