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Catfights (899)
Females locked in hand to hand combat? YES! These are nonfatal apartment wrestling, foxy boxing, bikini judo and other erotic fight sites. Girl on girl wrestling is incredibly popular on the internet and common everywhere from movies, tv shows, cartoons and commercials. Similar sites include Femdom, Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Female Wrestling Fighting ClubYah: Female wrestling & fighting group including boxing, catting, wrestling and more!
Female-Fighting.netPPV: Boxing, catfight, belly punching, wrestling, kicking, gunfighting, smothering, limp play, CB, domination, arm wrestling, hand cuffing.
Females WrestlingBlog: Females wrestling in the groups, in the websites, in the news.
Femdom Fights Boxing And WrestlingBlog: Femdom fight fetish videos featuring strong women dominating men in boxing and wrestling matches
FemFetishes.comPay: Female Wrestling and Domination Videos.
Femfight BoundPay: Extreme, painful catfighting action - not much explanation.
Femfight BoundYah: Extreme femfighting women - will take requests.
Femfight Comic-BookWeb: Professional catfight art.
Femme Fight!
Pay: Glamorous fighting babes battling it out week after week in hot and sexy catfights! There can be only one winner so take a ringside seat and enjoy the best looking fight babes on the net!
Fetching ManipsYah: Photomanips of amazons, superheroines, latex, bondage, giantesses, catfights etc. The most common pics are superheroines bound up in shredded clothing.
Fetish Clip ScenePPV: Payperview site featuring the following topics: Catfight, Femdom, Bondage, Lift and Carry, Mind Control, Paralysis, Superheroines, Chloro, Knock out, Belly punching etc.
Fetish CrossroadsPay: Nude Wrestling, Pantyhose, Boxing, Catfights, Face Smothering and Bikini Babes.
Fetish Tube VidzTube; Bondage and Fetish tube vidz
FFF Battle-AnnalsFree: Fight and domination fiction!
Fight Babes CornerPay: Female/Female wrestling and domination.
Fight like a girl Flickr: For all women in martial arts, self protection, combat. Please post and share!
Fighter Girls.comFree: Mixed-Martial Arts, kickboxing, grappling and boxing. Pics and events.
Fighting EmpireBlog: Some 2D female wrestling art.
Fighting FelinesPay: Over 1000 super sexy catfight pics.
Fighting FelinesPay: All original photo galleries featuring hot tempered babes in fantasy themed catfights.
Fighting Hotties on DeviantartDeviantart: Group - A Group dedicated to all characters involved in any fighting series, from manga to videogames... Are your boys and girls involved in boxing? Karate? Pankration, kendo or whatever?
Fighting Wildcats HD on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Bikini wrestling girls clips 4 sale site.
First St Billiards Photo GalleryPBase: 5 galleries of photos with several jello wrestling pics.
Fit Fetish Clips
PPV: A great source for fit fetish women wrestling.
Fitness Action WrestlingPay: Jacuzzi catfights, Fitness action photosets, posing and catfight video clips.
Flickr Catfight PhotosFlickr: Photos on Flickr that are tagged with "Catfight".
Foot FightersPay: Hot babes with long legs fighting with their feet!
Foxy Boxing 10Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing 11Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing 12Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing 7Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing 8Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing 9Yah: A group dealing with gorgeous, scantily clad babes duking it out in a boxing ring.
Foxy Boxing USAMySpace: A Florida female advertising "Foxy Boxing USA".
Foxy CombatPay: Large and well designed catfight resource including a member's area, DVDs, PPV and forum.
FPZ 3DPay: Poser site with scantily clad foxy boxers.
FPZ3D PPV: 3D Graphics and animations of girls in very vicious fighting action!
Francesca LeFacebook: Page - Catfighter, wrestler and bikini model.
From Pro Wrestling to PornPPV: Clips4Sale - The beautiful Leslie Culton and others engage in catfights, kicks, choking, tummy punching, boob smother, big tits, upskirts, superheroines, sleeper holds, boxing, bear hugs etc.
Gail Kim Fan SiteMySpace: Fansite for the beautiful TNAwrestler, bikini model and movie starlet.
Gail Kim: Official HomeFree: Official page for the beautiful TNAwrestler, bikini model and movie starlet.
GAIPYah: Glue and itching powder chain stories. Includes women (especially teachers and students) being humiliated with itching powder, glue, catfighting, bondage and spanking.
Garcon 110 Loser is Ravished!
Update: BattleCatXXX. Two beautiful, busty combatants wrestle with the loser stripped and ravished by 2 horny guys. Sample on
Gekokujyo XstasyVID: YouTube - 3D movie of a female superspy fighting an entire compound of evil female soldiers.
Girl FightFlickr: Females involved in boxing, wrestling, brawling, or catfights. Serious or playful!
Girl Fight for BeerVID: YouTube - 2 hot chix fighting for what makes the beer s good... bonus points if you actually remeber the name of the beer!
Girl Fight Tonight on TumblrTumblr: Pics of girls in catfighting/wrestling action.
Girl Fight with JLAVID: YouTube - The JLA girls fighting to the music of Brooke Valentine.
Girlfight ComixPPV: High-quality, hard-hitting, knockdown-dragout fights rendered by the artist Ardoni!

-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Girlie BoxingYah: A group for all those beautiful girlie boxers. Overflow group 2.
Girlie Boxing 2Yah: A group for all those beautiful girlie boxers.
Girls Kicked in the CrotchYah: A group for girls that like to kick, or are curious as to how it would feel to get kicked or kneed right in the groin!
Gladiatrix InfoYah: Warrior women fighting to the death for the pleasure of the Emperor and the mob! Includes superheroines, muscle girls and catfights.
Gladiatrix StatueFree: A nice statue of a VERY muscular gladiatrix.
GlamboxingYah: Hot chicks boxing and posing in boxing gloves.
Glamour Model JordanaYah: Hot, professional catfighter.
Glory WrestlingFree: Online resource for info, news and merchandise concerning the lovely ladies who work in today's indy wrestling scene.
Glow WrestlingYah: A group for fans of GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
Goddess SeveraPay: 6'5 amazon dominatrix into lifting, wrestling, dom and more.
Goddessmax Packs A PunchVID: YouTube - Goddessmax in mixed boxing beatdown.
Gohwave: World Wrestling of FictionJP: Gohwave's homesite about women (skins,mods?) wrestling in the arcade game, "Smackdown vs Raw".
Golden Girls.netCat: All types of female wrestling videos including topless, bikini, domination, nude, male/female, Japanese and others.
Goldie vs Valentina
Gal: Knockout Girlz - A beautiful blonde with huge breasts is dominated in the ring.
Gore-geous Girls Wrestling LeagueYah: Stories and a few photomanips of girls in vicious, bloody, gory combat.
Gorgeous Pamela WardYah: Unofficial fangroup for the gorgeous catfighter and model, Pamela Ward!
Gorgeous Women of WrestlingCat: A place to purchase tapes of the GLOW girls from the 80s.
Gotham Girls Roller Derby - Girls with GunsFree: G-Rated. The Gotham Girls try out some pistols and rifles!
Grand Theft OutJP: A blog about anime girls boxing.
Grappling GalsYah: A place to discuss female and mixed wrestling!
Grappling GirlsPay: Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling by pretty girls on men and other pretty girls!
Grappling Girls in ActionPPV: Clips4Sale - A very popular clips4sale site where women wrestle and defeat men. Lots of Scissorholds.
Green EyesPay: Nude wrestling, trampling, femdom, discipline - video store & VIP site.
GW StoriesFree: GW's stories - usually illustrated by Poser - about superheroines and normal girls involved in violent catfights and sometimes f/f forced sex.
Gytalf 2000Deviantart: 2D, mostly color art of superheroines getting KO'd by supervillains and supervillainesses. Lots of lift and carry.
Gyutto.comJP: Good 3D anime art with subjects including catfights, carrying, upskirts, insertions, femdom, bdsm
Hannah Shaw beat down onF-F-Fights
Update: FFFights - Small blonde, Hannah Shah is beaten down by a hot blonde in red stockings and red boots.
Heather Effect
PPV: Gorgeous 3D artwork of beautiful, extremely busty women kicking ass! From cold-blooded assassins, to bloodthirsty vampires, to super-heroines gone wrong; The Heather Effect has you covered!
Heather Fine, Scissor Queen!Yah: I'm Heather Fine, and I'm a lethal-legged lady of mixed wrestling famous for killer quads and head-cracking SCISSOR holds! I've been at this a long time and am well known for my huge, powerful thighs, chiseled calves and dominance.
Helpless HeroesPay: Comics, pics and video clips of superheroines both defeated and victorious.
Heroine UniverseCat: Some samples from PPVs and paysites especially focusing on Tomiko, Hollywood, Fayth and Kobe Lee. Includes tickling, superheroines, wrestling, bondage and especially pantyhose.
Heroine Wrestling
Pay: Videos of Superheroines and Villainesses Battling It Out! Includes some knock-outs.
High-Heeled CatfightsPay: Girls in boxing gloves not appealing to you? How about elegantly dressed women tearing at each other's dresses and sexy office outfits, dragging each other through the mud in designer high heels?
Hit The Mat Boxing And Wrestling Fetish Fights
Catfights, mixed boxing and wrestling fetish fighting videos and galleries
Holding Girl's ArmsYah: Women having their arms held behind their backs - usually during a catfight or wrestling situation.
Homemade CatfightsCat: Oil wrestling, catifight, apartment fight videos for sale.
Homemade CatfightsYah: A group to support those who make their own catfight and wrestling videos.
Hornet 900f
DeadlyAmazons: Terrific 3D catfight artist!
Hornet 900f on
SexyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of girls in hand to hand combat!
Hot Asian Catfighting!
GAL: Two hot Asians beat the shit out of each other, loser got fucked.
Hot VampsYah: A woman who uses her looks to get what she wants! Femdom, Superheroines, Vampires, Amazons, Bondage.
Human Bullet on PixivPixiv: Good 2D art of mixed and girl/girl combat including piledrivers, choke-outs, bearhugs and knock-outs.
Hurricane HavanaYah: Female wrestler for the Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino, CA.
I Am Sleeper KidYah: Sleeperkid's world main yahoo group.
IFBAFree: The International Female Boxer's Association including the best in women's professional boxing since 1997.
Impulse Productions TVYah: Gorgeous female vd female and mixed wrestling produced by Les Femmes Fatales.
Insanity SideWeb: Anime drawings of women who've had the crap kicked out of them in a fight!
Interracial Female Wrestling on FacebookFacebook: Athlete - female, interracial, bikini wrestling.
Iron BellesCat: Videos for sale of beautiful, sexy, powerful women dominating men and women with skill and muscle.
Isabelle Exciting WrestlingYah: For all people who like the exciting dom wrestler, Isabelle Big and Strong from Amsterdam.
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-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List