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Catfights (899)
Females locked in hand to hand combat? YES! These are nonfatal apartment wrestling, foxy boxing, bikini judo and other erotic fight sites. Girl on girl wrestling is incredibly popular on the internet and common everywhere from movies, tv shows, cartoons and commercials. Similar sites include Femdom, Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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DeadlyAmazons: High quality 3D art, mostly of powerful, beautiful women in combat. Themes include female body builders, big breasts, vampires and hybrids.
Svenska Brottnings forbundetFree: Swedish female wrestling site with pics.
Sybil StarrFree: The home page of Ms Sybil Starr, Fem-Fighter fatale.
Sybil Starr GroupYah: All about Sybil Starr, an Independent Wrestler in the Price of Glory Wrestling promotion out of Coldwater Michigan.
Tanuki on PixivPixiv: Nice 2D, anime art of girls wrestling in the ring.
Tanya Danielle on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - The beautiful, busty Tanya Danielle in catifhgting action.
Tanya Danielle XchangeYah: Seriously hot blonde boxing, wrestling and getting tied up.
Tanya Danielle's Deviant DownloadsPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful busty blonde. Subjects include catfight, superheroines, freeze, robot, belly punching, facesitting, bondage, spanking, doll transform, knock-out.
Tanya Danielle's FantasiesPPV: Images4Sale - Gorgeous, busty Tanya Danielle photos such as nun, cumshot, bondage, superherione, knock-out, feet, footjob, catfight, belly punch, facesit, police, stockings, gun, stockings.
Tanya Danielle: Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Superhot, busty blonde who is quite a good actress. Stories include blades, superheroines, bondage, catfights, a poison dart, belly punching, a smothering, robots and lots of bikinis.
Tasha WelchYah: Group devoted to professional foxy boxer and catfighter, Tasha Welch. Includes some knockouts.
Tasha Welch 2Yahoo Groups: A group for Tasha Welch, hardbody lady wrestler.
Teacher vs Student Office CatfightVID: YouTube - Karlie is the principle and Celeste a student who's inappropriate attire causes friction between the two.
Team ArtemisTribe: the tribe for Team Artemis. We run a female-managed training meet that is open to all women interested in learning about safe wrestling and grappling.
Teen Girls Flexing and BoxingYah: A couple pics and vids of teen girls boxing.
Teenage CatfighterYah: Art of teenage catfighters includes some facesitting.
Tempest Female Wrestling ClubCat: A fine selection of powerful women enacting a variety of fetishes including catfighting, lift and carry, giantess, trampling and smothering.
Tennis Ladies Wrestling LeagueYah: Vote in polls in this female, tennis-star, fantasy, wrestling league.
The Agony of DefeatYah: For lovers of victory poses after a successful catfight.
The Amazon Lover's SiteFree: Female dominance lovers including muscle girls, catfighting and femdom - no one wielding a broadsword here.
The Amazons ArenaFree: Home of the tallest, most powerful women including femdom and catfights.
The Beauty of JoeyYah: A model for sleeperkid's world. Includes catfighting and sleeper holds!
The King and IYah: KinKing and Max C team up to create animated art of huge breasted giantesses - some catfighting.
The POWW GalleryYah: Pics of the Powerful Women of Wrestling.
The Punch Drunk DoodYah: Photos of female boxers plus some knockouts.
The Raytrix ArtFree: Very nice 2D art including some superheroines and fighting girls.
The Ring on TumblrTumblr: Beautiful women wrestling each other or being wrestled by men.
The TerroristYah: Honoring female wrestler, The Terrorist also known as Palestina.
The Wrestling ZoneYah: f/f, m/f and m/m wrestling - every type of wrestling imaginable.
Three-D Adult Cartoon Fighting ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - 3D clips of women fighting men in fantasy situations.
Tickle Wrestling: YahooYah: Sexy girls in real tickling contests.
Tiger LadyYah: I Catfight, Box and Wrestle other girls! I enjoy sharing my exciting, and sometimes brutal, experiences with everyone who is interested in Real Female Combat!
Tigra.comCat: Video production company selling tapes of women wrestling, boxing and posing.
Tit Fighting WivesYah: Women fighting each other with their breasts.
Tit Fighting Wives 2Yah: Women fighting each other with their breasts.
Tit Fighting Wives 3Yah: Women fighting each other with their breasts.
Tit Smother 2Yah: Overflow group.
Titfight StoriesYah: Stories, photos and videos of girls beating on each other with their tits.
Tits SmotherYah: Women finishing off an f/f or f/m catfight by smothering her opponent with her enormous jugs.
Toitoi's Art GalleryA comic artist with a penchant for amazons, bellypunching and disemboweling.
Tom Fembot on DeviantARTDeviantart: Topless anime girls boxing in the ring.
Tom Living inPhxFacebook: Page - Female wrestling enthusiast with a lot of uncensored photos on his page.
Topstar Wrestling GroupYah: A group suporting the Topstar Wrestling paysites - catfighting, lift & carry.
Tough GirlsCat: Streaming and VHS videos of girls wrestling other girls!
Tough Girls WrestlingYah: Pics of girls from '' in mat wrestling bouts.
Tough Girls Wrestling 2Yah: Pics of girls from '' in mat wrestling bouts.
Tough Girls Wrestling 3Yah: Pics of girls from '' in mat wrestling bouts.
Tracii Taylor Official fanclupYah: Fanclub for a gorgeous, blonde wrestler and bikini model.
Trampled BoyYouTube: Femdom / trample videos including catfighting and giantesses.

-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Transformation IslandYah: This list is for all who wish to discuss, write stories about, or participate in (via roleplay) the unique experience of Transformation Isle - an Amazon-run prison holding the worst villainesses.
Trick, Treat or Die!
Update: Jenz Dollhouse - Jenz vs The Reaper in "Trick, Treat or Die"
Tropic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of superheroines catfighting, femdom, spanking, chloro, bondage, strap ons etc.
Trudy Adams - The Farmer's DaughterYah: Hot GLOW wrestler.
True Female Wrestling StoriesYah: Gateway group to join true female wrestling stories 2. Group 2 has hundreds of original true female and mixed wrestling stories.
Turkish Female WrestlingYah: Fem/fem naked or near-naked wrestling.
Two Against OneYah: There's nothing more exciting than an unequal fight between girls. One against two or more. She is ambitious, but she doesn't stand a chance and the girls take control over her body. Now, they can do anything they want to her.
Two OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
U.S. on PixivPixiv: 2D anime art of girl on girl and mixed wrestling. Also girls and guys in spandex suits.
UK GrapplingPay: A British private combat organization.
UK Grappling GroupPay: A fangroup meant to support
UK Tit FightersYah: Erotic fights with beautiful, voluptuous women.
Ultimate Surrender
Pay: The ultimate, female, competitive sexual wrestling site! From the makers of Hogtied and Water Bondage, watch as one woman fights another woman into submission forcing her to service her new mistress in erotic ways.
Galleries updated daily - check back for new galleries!

Ultimate Surrender: Wenona Wants revenge on Lea Lexis. Wrester Utterly Destroys the other Ultimate Surrender: Summer Vengeance Daisy Ducati and Mia Li fight until somebody cums Ultimate Surrender: Two Big Bad rookies made it to Summer Vengeance Ultimate Surrender: Squirting Orgasms, Real Wrestling, Sex fighting at it Ultimate Surrender: Welcome to Summer Vengeance season 13. ranked 16th and 15th meet Ultimate Surrender: 2016 Welter Weight Championship Izamar vs Kara Ultimate Surrender: Season 14 sneak peek Bella Rossi vs. Rizzo Ford Ultimate Surrender: Highly Anticipated Match of the century. Champion vs Champion Ultimate Surrender: Poor Kajira gets destroyed by Penny Barber and Lisa Tiffian Ultimate Surrender: Rookie Cup Tournament Finale! Winner destroys loser
Ultra HeroixCat: Producers of superheroine and vampire movies.
Ultrafem BlogspotFree: Superheroines, femdom, huge breasts, huge muscles, strap-ons, catfight.
Uncle SLFree: Huge muscled, catfighting amazon art available on a commission basis.
UncleSickey on
DeadlyAmazons: Gorgeous 3D art of busty fantasy girls, sometimes in combat.
Upsidedown Sunglasses Dude on PixivPixiv: Good 2D anime art - mostly of girls wrestling or fighting.. usually with guys.
Urban Catfights
Pay: 3D - They wear their futuristic armour of urban jungles fighters and enters the ring with only win in their minds `cause rates are extremely high - loser must surrender to perevrted lesbian fucking fantasies of the winner in these Urban Catfights.
Vacheron Crossgun TumblrTumblr: Scenes from Skyrim - maybe other games. Includes sexy, fun and very, very violent.
Vampire Part 2VID: YouTube - 2 vampiresses are vanquished by a female vampire killer.
Vera from DWW HQYah: Fansite for the attractive wrestler from Danube.
Veteran Fighter QuishaYah: A group dedicated to well-known, busty, amateur wrestler, catfighter, mudwrestler Quisha.
Victorious VixensYah: A female only wrestling/catfighting site specializing in victory poses, foot worship, facesitting and hosiery.
Victory Posing GirlsYah: Girls showing contempt for their beaten male opponents.
VictrixFree: Terrific site by Nerraw showing amazons and other women completely victorious over pathetic males.
Video TeasingPPV: Video clips of strong confident athletic women showing off their physique and strength. Female bicep flexing. Muscle posing. Armwrestling. Lift and Carry. Wrestling.
Videogame Babes SufferYah: Videogame babes and other anime getting punched in the stomach or even killed.
Vince3 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D and 3D fantasy art including buff, bulging muscle girls, superheroines, catfights, girls with weapons.
Vira's Apartment FightPay: Bikini, apartment wrestling paysite.
Virak on DeviantArtDeviantart: Excellent 2D colored, fantasy, mostly anime-style art. Some female boxing pics under Commissions.
VM ComicsYah: 3D Pics, original art and photomanips of superheroines in combat or being defeated.
VM Comics FightergirlYah: the new home for the adventures of VM COMICS Fighter Girl Nikki Martin & sexy spy Maelstrom Mel Storm!
Voice VerifiedYah: A group for women and couples into all forms of wrestling - phone verification is mandatory!
Vorality!! Mortal KombatG, Mileena devours Kitana in a bizarre finishing move!
Vore Fan 9000Yah: Everything related to vore, headfirst stucks, wrestling piledrivers and WWE.
Walt Disney is not my Dad blogBlog: Excellent fantasy girl art, usually involving gorgeous girls with big breasts. Superheroines, catfights, amazons, fbbs, vampires, girls with guns!
Waraji on PixivPixiv: Excellent 3D art of amazon women in combat, uniformed henchwomen and catfights.
Warriors of ElysiaFree: A videogame which features real girls in bikinis beating each other up in a fantasy environment. Lots of knock-outs.
Warriors of Elysia: MySpaceMySpace: A videogame which features real girls in bikinis beating each other up in a fantasy environment. Lots of knock-outs.
Web Kitten!Cat: DVDs of catfights, superheroines, knock-outs, chloro, mixed-wrestling.
Wild KatYah: 5'6 168 lb wrestler from Manchester England.
Wild Women WrestlingPay: Women's wrestling, domination and mixed wrestling tapes.
Wildcat's FightVID: Sword and hand to hand combat between amazons.
Wildebeest Art BlogBlog:Beautiful 2D art of girls wrestling and catfighting.
Win by FacesittingYah: Girls who win wrestling matches by facesitting.
Windy City KnockoutsPay: A female boxing website with 40+ minute boxing videos.
WizardFree: Superheroines in bondage and sometimes in terrible peril. Fun photomanip contests, story contests and just a whole resource of supergirls in trouble.
Woman Fists in Face a ManYah: Italian group about wome who like to punch men.
Woman vs WomanPPV: Womens wrestling DVDs, VHS, and Movie Downloads (most $9.95). Submission and pins wrestling, topless, catfights, oil and mixed wrestling. Free preview video clips and large photos!
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-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List