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Femdom (856)
Women in leather and spike heels controlling lowly human males! These sites include nazi girls, cuckolds, CBT, strap-ons and all other ways that women can humiliate and subjugate men! Similar sites include Muscle Girls, Amazons, Catfighting, Giantesses , Superheroines and Girls with Guns.

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-- Top 100s --
Femdom World Femdom Supremacy Domme To You
Face Sitting 100 Fem Domina 100 Strict Women
Femdom Story Fetish Training Face Sitting 100
Dickie Virgin Fetish Femdom Dominant 50
Mistress 100 Mistress and Slave

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Blonde MarvelFree: An online comic about a mild-mannered, beautiful, huge-breasted blonde who can change in an instant into "Blonde Marvel", an ass-kicking superheroine.
Boiler PlantGoogle: A place to post high-quality art and 3D pics of BDSM themes including femdom, latex, bondage, spanking and some superheroines.
Bondage Babes in PerilPPV: Clips4Sale - From Anton Productions. Exciting storyline bondage. Beautiful women tormented by cruel captors. Femdom, latex, spanking, superheroines.
Bondage DesignsPay: Official website of Gina Rae Michaels. Subjects include foot worship, Femdom, torture, humiliation, kidnapping, spanking, smothering, Forced fem, chloroform, pantyhose, and smoking.
Bondage Domination Erotic on FacebookFacebook: Magazine - An online magazine about bondage, latex, vinyl, female domination.
Bondage EngineFree: Quality fetish search engine serving the bondage/fetish community.
Bondage PPV
Paysite - Hundreds of Full-Length Videos. Browse the Entire Site for FREE. Rates as low as 10 Cents per Minute. A Broadband Video Site!
Bondage/Fetish Superstore!
Cat: The world's largest sextoy and DVD shop! Check out dildos, love dolls, handcuffs, gags, jewelry, lingerie and lubricants. Your one-stop shop for anything erotic!
Bonnie vs ClydeYah: A group about women who shoot their men.
Boot Goddess GinaFlickr: Channel - A 2nd life participant into female dominance.
Boot WorshippingYah: Supposedly an amazon, boot worship site but I could find no content.
Boots Domination by Boots YakataPPV: Clips4Sale - Japanese girls dominating men while wearing boots.
Bossy Boots PowerYah: Men dominated by women in shiny boots.
Bossy Girls Superb FemdomPay: Superb femdom site! The free area has webcam services, huge video and photo albums for femdom and erotic teens.
Bound Nicole Babe78Deviantart: Mostly pics of a hot redhead but also art and guest models. Subjects include rope bondage, mummification, latex, gags, blindfolds, armbinders, femdom, belt bondage, collars etc.
Brat Princess on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Videos of the beautiful Brat Princess blackmailing, dominating, humiliating and demanding worship of her ass, feet etc. Tons of female domination videos by a beautiful dominatrix.
Bratty Jamie on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Bratty Jamie loves addicting boys to her hot, tight little body while she teases and humilates them. Get your wallets out and get ready to turn them insde out. She's as bratty as they come and she's going to become your new fet
Bratty Jenna on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - A beautiful, blonde princess who wants to be spoiled.
Brawler Boy on DeadlyAmazons
DeadlyAmazons: Good 2D art of muscle girls with big breasts and tiny bikinis engaged in mixed wrestling, head scissors and domination
Brenda Smith Queen BeePPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of muscular calves, scissorholds, armwrestling, boxing, lift and carry and much more!!
Bubble Tit AdventuresClips4Sale: Pretty, big-breasted, mature girl indulges in cock busting, balloons, superheroines and lapdancing.
Bubble Tit SuperheroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Busty girls catfighting, dressing as superheroines, smothering, smoking, dominating, vampires and tickling.
Buffalo's HideoutFree: Poser pics (mostly non V3) of a variety of things including vampiresses, monster girls, muscle girls, alien girls and guys getting smacked around by girls.
Builtmore.comPay: Production company specializing in amazon superwomen, body building, lift and carry, asphyx and catfight!
Bunny Glamazon's Fetish ClipPPV: Clips4Sale - The 6' 3" Bunny Glamazon indulges in lifting, facesitting, comparisons, humiliation, human furniture, spanking, domination, wrestling, foot worship, trampling.
Bust your NutsYah: Girls kicking guys in the family jewels.
C-CookDeviantart: Fetish photography including nudity, bondage and femdom.
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Cam Sex With Quinn69
Creative, playful and intense fetish skype sex and femdom sessions.
Canadian Slipper Mistress Desiree!!
PPV: Clips4Sale - Canadian slippering - punishment in french and english slipper freaks. Naughty boys are always being sneaky, sniffing and leaving spots on Aunty's slippers.
Cancuz and Scoundrel Muscle Woman ArtYah: Really high quality 2D art of girls with huge muscles, posing, as superheroines, as amazons, beating up men, muscle growth.
Caned by Females with Hairy ForearmsYah: Photos and art of women with hairy forearms caning men.
Cannigals! Women eating/ cannibalism fetish movies
Capitalistic BlondePay: A femdom into money domination as well as hypnosis and indoctrination.
Captive CulturePay: Artistic fetish photography, glamour bondage and female domination!
Captive Male
Pay: Hot kinky Dominatrix bitches humiliate submissive men, they strapon fuck them until they can't take it any more, they give them hard spankings and canings until they are raw, they dish out the corporal punishment and bondage sex until they beg.
Castration Music VideoGONE: Web: Video sales of some psychotic women cutting off male appendages.
Catfight FantasyPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of beautiful girls like Tanya Danielle and Hollywood fighting for dominance both in and out of the ring; both F/f and F/m.
Catfight.comCat: L Scott Sales - World's largest distributor of catfight, wrestling videos.
Catfighting Wrestling by Joan WisePPV: Clips4Sale - Wrestling divas take on men and women. Humiliation, facesitting, asphyxiation, scissor holds, pussy torture, slapping, tit smothering,
Catty Combat SalesPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfighting clips including KOs, bikinis, face sitting, choking, foot worship, femdom, huge breasts, belly punching.
CBT Chastity and Strap-OnsYah: Dedicated to serious discussion about CBT, Chastity devices, Strap ons, Torture and Femdom Dominations.
CBT: Becca's Superheroine FantasiesPPV: Vidclips of Becca in bondage or female dominated as a superheroine, spy or even Hooter's girl.
Ceara Lynch on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - A pretty, young dominatrix with videos including feet, butt worship, teasing, pit worship, caging, CBT, smothering, humiliation, diapers etc.
Cerebrus Lives on DeviantartDeviantart: High quality 2D art of large breasted girls, latex, superheroines, video game girls, amazons, girls with guns and femdom.
Cfnm Cam Sessions On SkypeCfnm and femdom cam sessions on yahoo and skype with independent webcam mistresses
Pay: Where guys get humiliated and dominated by horny women! Tons of teasing, face sitting, ruined orgasms and lots of DVD quality domination videos!
Chayse Black Kink
Alternative model chayse black explores the world of kink!
Chicago WhapYah: For Women who enjoy administering spankings and the men who enjoy being spanked.

-- Top 100s --
Femdom World Femdom Supremacy Domme To You
Face Sitting 100 Fem Domina 100 Strict Women
Femdom Story Fetish Training Face Sitting 100
Dickie Virgin Fetish Femdom Dominant 50
Mistress 100 Mistress and Slave

Chicks in BootsYah: Hot, mostly femdom looking girls wearing boots!
Chloe CreationsPay: Site owned and operated by mistress Chloe. Photoshoots involving femdom, giantess and bug crushing and swallowing.
Club Hellhouse
Pay: Loads of images and video shot at the famous Hellhouse Dungeon.
Contessa Bodhi's Ubi Temple of High RamYah: A group with a variety of fetishes including asphyx, bdsm, femdom and sleepy!
Controlling GoddessYah: Goddess Tammy, a femdom accepting tributes.
Controlling Latex FanYah: A personal group for mistresses domination. Includes a special liking for rubber and latex combined with total enclosure, masks, hoods, gags and other fetishes.
Count ECO's WankingJP: Cute anime art including femdom, hand jobs and video game girls.
Countess TarantulaBlog: A blog featuring Yacermino's excellent 2D art of an evil yet beautiful dominatrix countess.
Crazy Pain Bdsm Tube VideosFree bdsm videos. painful torturing, sadism and masochism movies. crazy painful tits and pussy torture tube. online bondage and bizarre fetish clips with torture and pain
Cruel and Beautiful WomenYah: Beauty kills. Stories revolving around these great babes of fantasy.
Cruel DominatrixAVS: Ac Gold - 550+ pics. Cruel Dominatrix will torture, abuse and humiliate you!
Cruel Ebony GoddessPPV: Clips4Sale - Evil demanding ebony bitch who loves to inflict pain.
Cruel Women Rules
Pay: Serious femdom training, rough punishment, male feminization and humilation, ass whipping and spanking, cock and ball binding, cock and nipple claping, rope bondage, foot worship, waxin, anal strapon penetration and more domination!
CruellaPay: Vicious, latex-clad dominatrix who tramples, humiliates and even holds men at gunpoint.
Cruellan Ladies2Yah: A yahoo group about women as cruel as Cruella Deville.
Crush AmazonYah: Scraps and scrapes of the crush amazons. Women killing men?
Crush those BallsYah: For those who enjoy ballbusting, squeezing, stomping etc.
Cuckold and Chastity Captinoed ImagesYah: A group devoted to the appreciation and creation of cuckold, chastity, and tease & denial captioned images.
Cuckold VideoPay: Real sex video of wife swapping as seen by cuckold husbands. DO NOT click on Danger Dave's Adult links unless you want to reboot your computer!
Cutepet.orgFree: Really good quality anime artwork including bondage, femdom, anime-catgirls, angels, mermaids, erotica, dildos etc.
Cyber CollectorPay: 3D and regular erotic art including robots, bondage, femdom, huge breasts, superheroines, medical fetish and probably a lot more!
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list
Dangerous LegsPay: Hot girls, great legs, killer scissors! Girls dominating men with scissor holds!
Daphne's ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish video clips including balloon popping, wet & messy, smoking, feet, bondage, gags, armwrestling, knock-outs, dominance,
Dark Femme NoirFree: Photos and photomanips of beautiful, uniformed women executing evil men.
Dark-Fashions.netFree: Fetish Links - more than 600+ Goth & Fetish sites.
Dawn WhitchamFree: Personal websites of the extremely busty, highly muscled, tattooed blonde, Dawn Whitman.
DBoy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art using popular cartoon and superhero characters. Topics include catfight, femdom, erotic situations, shemales, monster sex, ravishing etc.
DC DominatrixesYah: Dominatrixes who live in Washington DC.
DCM Studios OnlineFirst rate comics featuring heavily muscled women including growth, muscle growth, superheroines and some ENORMOUS breasts!
Demanding DecoreYah: Furnishing fine quality equipment designed to cater to the fancied fetishes and distinct delights befitting a Dominant lifestyle.
Den of IniquityPay: Mistresses, Dungeons, Phone Sessions, Bruchures - includes lift and carry, giantess and physical domination.
DeXCorporal's FemDom FantasiesYah: Group for FemDom lovers.
Diana Ball: MySpaceMySpace: 5' 10" beautiful muscle diva who acts and participates in mixed wrestling events. Also femdom and lift and carry.
Diana Knight
Gorgeous raven-haired fetish model who likes to play dress-up! She'll do foot fetish, smoking, bondage, bathing. She dresses up like a nurse, pin-up queen, warrior princess, cowgirl, vampiress, viking, blonde bombshell, policewoman and schoolgirl!
Diana the Valkyrie's Amazon SiteHuge website dealing with dominant and powerful women like amazons, musclegirls, femdom etc.
Diana the Valkyrie's Amazon SiteHuge website dealing with dominant and powerful women like amazons, musclegirls, femdom etc.
DiaZerva on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Beautiful, blonde model and porno chick. Movies include POV, Femdom, F/F & Mixed Catfights, BDSM, Tickling and Teasing.
Dickgirl Porn City
Pay: Excellent 3D art of submissive dickgirls. A city full of evil delights; perverse cults, nuns, dungeons, schools filled with submissive dickgirls.
Digital AmazonsPay: 3D comics involving heavily muscled femdoms, usually in latex or leather!
Discord's Dungeon of Delightful DisciplineFree: Original erotic all-girl spanking and bondage artwork. Superheroine looking girls in dominant or submissive situations.
Divine Goddess Jessica on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Become Goddess Jessica's little puppet. Be controlled by her beauty. Be hypnotized or have a spell cast on you by this gorgeous, blonde dominant. Foot tease, crush, degradation and trample are all my forte.
Dom DesiresMySpace: If you'd like to have a FemDom control you, you're at the right place.
Domianas Blood BathYah: Goth model and fetish goddess. Enter here all who would admire her beauty and power. Here you shall find dark and tasteful photos and much more........
DominaGoogle: Femdom-Mistress-Dominatrix-Herrin-Domina-Sklavin-Sklave-Slave-Esclave.
Domina BrittPay: Site for a pretty, Italian-Irish Dominatrix.
Domina Hilda & Friends
Pay: Original images and videos of leather mistress hilda and elsa. female dominance, leather and smoking fetish, bondage, torture, breath control
Domina Nadia 2000Yah: Dominatrixes binding up men and women; facesitting, latex, trampling, CBT and high heels.
Dominant BBW Flickr GroupFlickr: Group - The power, beauty and grace of these sultry, sexy women is intoxicating. Behave or she'll "man handle" you into submission!
Dominant FemaleYah: Dominant women in long leather or vinyl boots.
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-- Top 100s --
Femdom World Femdom Supremacy Domme To You
Face Sitting 100 Fem Domina 100 Strict Women
Femdom Story Fetish Training Face Sitting 100
Dickie Virgin Fetish Femdom Dominant 50
Mistress 100 Mistress and Slave