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Fisting or insertion involves cramming something; a dildo, a vegetable or a fist into someone's vagina or anus.

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BDSM 100 BDSM Orgies Best Bondage Links Bondage List
Bondage Toplist Devil's List Divas Fetish Free Fetishes
Gagged 100 Handcuffed Slaves Hard Bondage Perverse 100
Ropes Bondage Tit Torture World Fetish Escorts 100
Fetishland 100
Abbraxa Paysite: Fetish queen into dildos, bondage, femdom, watersports and lesbian.
Adult DVD Gold An adult online store where you can purchase adult DVDs, dildos, dolls, party toys, lubricants etc!
Adult Everything Large fetish list site including bondage, femdom, spanking, enemas, big breasts and more.
Alisa the Wonderland Some terrific anime art including bondage/discipline, amazons and insertions.
Amsterdam Adult Happy Sex Regular and extreme DVDs including bondage, forced sex, fisting, pee/poop, pregnant and grannies.
Animal Dildos A place to purchase dildos modeled after animal parts.
A Nony Mous Stories about women whose vaginas are so large that a man can stick his head in one.
Ask Ray Tons of tentacle molestation pics and some insertions.
Asylum XXX Alternative Free Fetish Sex Magazin - No Place For Classic Sex Porn XXX - We Search Sex Curiosities For You!
Aya Really severe anime, pics, and 3D including tentacle attacks, girls sewn up, poop, piss, gynecological examinations, impregnations, bondage, insertions and force fantasies.
BDSM Hardcore Paysite: 20,000 extreme fetish images of every kind! Spankings, Piercings, Cock & Ball Torture, Fisting, Hot Wax, Slave Training, Sub/Dom, Latex & Leather!
Bizarre Anal Insertions AVS - Adult Check Gold: Bizarre insertions of weird objects. All amateur, anal insertion site.
Black Package Professional artwork - mostly samples - of sometimes enormously endowed anime girls getting ravished, in bondage and/or taking insertions.
Blasting Adult Toys Place to purchase dildos, sexdolls and other sex toys.
Blondie A blonde chick soaps up, takes cucumbers and welcomes dicks for you.
Blondie - free Erotic Illusions Free Site: Blondie's free site.
Blue Cellar Anime chicks in bondage and enduring insertions - you can find some brutal amputation pics under 'secret'.
Bololo Professional, original illustrations involving bondage, insertions, monsters and shemales.
Bondage/Fetish Superstore!
The world's largest sextoy and DVD shop! Check out dildos, love dolls, handcuffs, gags, jewelry, lingerie and lubricants. Your one-stop shop for anything erotic! 2257: Non-Nude Paysite: British amateurs, spanking, caning, panties and peeing.
Brunettes, Cucumber and Carrot Insertions! Some pics of a brunette taking a cucumber with links to a defunct paysite.
Caged Tushy Paysite: ALL GIRLS, ALL IN PRISON! Cavity searches, locked up, anal lesbian prison action and more! Hot chicks stripped down, forced over beds and then f*cked with dildos! 2257.
Crazy Toys AVS - Adult Check Gold: Bats, Bottles, Vegetables, Candles... whatever will fit up their willing holes.
Crazy Fisting Paysite: Full on anal fisting hardcore. Vaginal fisting abuse! There's no orgasm like one that comes from a full-on fisting!
Crystal's Story Site Enormous repository of stories including gender swap, age progression, femdom, bondage, insertions, hypnosis and stuck.
C-S-S-A Celebrity sex stories archive including forced sex, hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, snuff, necrophilia, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Deathstalker's Erotic Fiction Huge archive of extreme stories including Asphyxiation, Cannibalism, Execution, Necrophilia, Slasher/Snuff, Bondage, Fisting, Forced Sex and Monster Sex.
Delure A place to buy some of the most artsy dildos around.
Demag Large Japanese site with a variety of subjects. From the main page we are treated to a ton of cosplay photos where real Japanese girls dress as anime characters. Note that this ISN'T kigurumi so there aren't any masks and there's plenty of skin. Subject matter includes amazons, girls with guns, latex and superheroines. The adult section is anime art including bondage, latex and insertions.
Denni O's Website Paysite: Amateur sluts inserting all sorts of stuff in their orifices.
Digital Knockout Anime art depicting BDSM, fisting and insertions.
Dungeon Masters Paysite: 1000s of high quality Bondage, BDSM, Fetish photos. Includes Domination, Rape, Violation, Fisting, Leather Legs, Gyno, Toys and more. Hardcore, uncensored full length movies! 100s of new releases updated regularly. 2257.
eBox Anime art including hybrids with huge breasts, insertions, monster sex and regular anime chicks with huge knockers in bondage.
E-jin's Index A wide variety of art under headings Level 1 through Level 9. Includes BDSM, Insertions, Gang Bangs, Shemales, Hybrids, Monster Sex and even a couple vore pics.
Erovideo.DK German video site includes forced sex, zombie sex, toilet sex, bondage, fisting, spanking and more.
European Fight Club Paysite: Straight from Budapest - gorgeous, tough europeans battling just for you! Catfighting, Facesitting, Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling.
Extreme Holes Paysite: Watch as girls (some pregnant) take in huge dildos, massive cans, three fists, giant bottles, multiple vegetable etc. 2257
Fetich Couple French Latex fetish site with some bondage and insertions.
Fetischengel A special German fetish site including fistf*ck, vegetables, titbondage, selffisting, glassfun etc.
Fetish World Paysite: Where female slaves find their destiny and Master rule with an iron hand! BDSM, Sadism, Torture, Punishment, spanking, stockings, leather, latex, vampires, peeing, fistings and insertions. 2257. Paysite - We bring you the finest fisting on the internet. Through the last 5 years we have been the leading fist fucking website with a large archive and an ever growing member area!
Fisting Brazil Extreme Brazilian Fisting and Forced Sex Movies..
Fisting-Lesbians Paysite - You pick who fists whom! Exclusive Fisting pics.
Fisting Lessons Paysite - Amateur girls getting fisted for the 1st time! Fisting superstars!
Fisting Passion Italian fisting fetish page with one pic and a lot of text.
Fisting.TK Paysite: Absolutely insane penetrations! SINGLE - DOUBLE - TRIPLE, even QUADRUPLE anal & vaginal fisting penetrations!
Fist Sex Hellish torture, forced sex, spanking, BDSM, fisting, imported DVDs and VHS videos.
Forbidden Video Paysite: Download a variety of vicious, thriller movies! Women rendered unconscious, tied-up, used, abused and humiliated. Also: Classic Roughies from the 70s and Bondage Classics from "House of Milan" 2257
Freaky Paysite - Amateur asian fisting website.
Fucking Machines! Paysite: Amazing dildo machines built to ram and jerk a rubber penis into a woman's pussy! Fuckzilla, The Hammer, The Hatchet all built to bring pleasure to a woman. Watch as women give themselves over to robotic sex machines! 2257

Gerokuma Anime chicks engaged in bondage, forced sex and insertions.
GG-Space 3D Graphics of anime-style space heroines in a variety of scenes. Battle-suits, Large breasts, Bondage, Monster/Robot attacks, Insertions, Guns, Lactation.
Giantess Planet A huge selection of well organized giantess stories including growth, shrinking, vore, crush, insertions, teasing, crush, body adventure.
Hanaduka Professional anime art including insertions, tentacle molesting, forced sex, bikinis etc.
Hedgehog Anime labs and art of forced sex, tentacle sex, forced insertion, bondage and hardcore!
Her Playthings Men shrunk by women and then used as sex toys.
Horror Sex! Paysite: Combining the worlds of classic horror and erotic sex! Monthly erotic sex with vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, girls with knives etc! Blood Sucking, Cum guzzling Vampire sex nuns! Amber Michaels, Sylvia Saint, Jana Cova and many more top pornstars! 2257
Kei SKR Some good, rope-bondage anime art - includes insertions.
Industrial Rubber Gay oriented toy store including dildos and rubber outfits.
Intl Kichiku Agency A wide variety of Hentai including massive insertions, superheroine, bdsm, pumped-up tits, forced sex and monster sex.
Kakisute Some photos of women in bondage, taking objects and getting tortured.
Katsuo Girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Kijirusi Anime art featuring women with huge, elephantine, open erections. Includes bondage, insertions, sometimes huge tits and a little tentacle sex.
Kirisame Small, random assortment of anime art including shemales, bondage, amputation and insertions.
Kuppuku Japanese anime chicks in bondage, molested by monsters, taking insertions, pooping.
La Luna Gothica Erotic Illusions Paysite: A 3D realm of Elves, Dwarves, Men and Orcs. Mystical Beings, Dungeons, Ritual Sacrifices and dark images of unnatural lust.
Little Planet Extreme Japanese anime site including hardcore, pregnancy, amputations, roasting, impalings, torture, medical fetish, beheadings, insertions and scat.
Love Machines A place to purchase sex machines, vibrators, toys and tools.
Lunatic Note Anime girls tied up and forcibly ravaged.
Manga Erotica!
Paysite: Online Doujishu including hardcore sex, monsters raping human girls, bondage fantasies, famous anime characters including Sailor Moon, shemales and gay manga! 2257: Illustration.
MFX Video Huge Brazilian video store producing VHS and DVDs of the following fetishes: Asphyxia, Catfighting, Chloroforming, Bondage, Torture, FemDom, Fisting, Lift and Carry, Forced Sex, Spanking, Trampling and more!
Momodenpa Small animations and art of lesbian sex, fighting-game girls, battle armor, upskirts, monster sex, spandex, amazons and insertions.
Navel Torture Navel torture museum including tentacle attacks, injections, tugging, pain and bondage.
NMB Very bloody anime site including shootings, stabbings, amputations, girls torn apart, insertions - sometimes into severed body parts, corpse screwing, monster sex.
Nu-West/Leda Productions Producers of videos involving femsub, femdom and flaggelations. Lots of spanking, whipping, caning type videos.
Pete's Girls Paysite - Adult, erotic hypnosis site. Pornstars and amateurs controlled by a horny hypnotist includes insertions, bondage and mummification.
PSH Anime girls in supertight spacesuits in bondage, molested by tentacles, explosive decompression, drowning, alien attacks, insertions, peeing.
Realistic Dildos! A place to buy dildos painstakingly modeled after the male organ. (Lots of pop ups.)
Salon de Margarite A nonanime Japanese site including torture, fisting and gynecological examinations.
Scavenger's Lair Erotic Peril paysite: Brutal forced sex, extreme bondage, monster sex, fisting, women humiliated and tortured.
Sex Superstore! The world's largest sextoy and DVD shop! Check out dildos, love dolls, handcuffs, gags, jewelry, lingerie and lubricants. Your one-stop shop for anything erotic! 2257
Sex Toys UK A place to purchase sex toys like dildos, dolls, lubrication and bondage equipment.
Shota's Rest Room Truly extreme anime site including sketches of bondage, big bellies, forced sex, amputation, vivisection, insertions and peeing.
Siawase Okiba Anime chicks enduring bondage, insertions, monster/animal molestation, shemales, gynecological exams.
Sic Flics Paysite: Insertions, fisting, dildos - all sorts of bizarre and brutal violations.
Sick Insertions!! Paysite: Excusive young hot amateurs insert objects in their deep and wet womanhood! Baseball bats, hammers, pans, can openers and anything you can imagine! 2257

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Sick Insertions gallery 15
Sick Insertions gallery 14
Sick Insertions gallery 13
Sick Insertions gallery 12
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Sick Insertions gallery 9
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Sick Insertions gallery 5
Sick Insertions gallery 4
Sick Insertions gallery 3
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Sick Insertions gallery 1

Sick Phone Sex Experience ANYTHING GOES phone sex with hot, horny girls! All fantasies available, from plain vanilla all the way to completely bizarre!
Sick Puppy Paysite - Intense fetish website including fisting, personal ads, watersports, insertions, torture and more.
Siscom Anime girls including forced sex, cum-soaked shemales, winged badgirls and conjoined amputees. There's a pretty disturbing theme of tiny, amputated women used as sex toys.
Soma Nice Japanese anime site including insertions, spandex, forced peeing and bondage.
Syuji Variety of drawings and styles including Bondage, Insertions, Monster Sex and Amazons.
Turikich The gallery HERE contains a ton of thumbnails with no big pics hoping you'll buy the pics from them.
Usag Room Mostly unfinished sketches but also some pretty extreme insertion pics.
Whipped Ass! Paysite: Beautiful women engaged in wicked power games! Watch as they are bound up and dominated - sometimes forced to take the strap-on of a brutal Femdom! Girls humiliated and punished, taking dildos, fingers and more in their orifices! 2257
Wild, Wild West Hot anime site including bondage, forced sex and insertions.
X-Beat Japanese martial arts girls peeing, pooping and enjoying insertions.
XXX Truly vicious Hentai including amputees, girls flayed open, tentacle attacks, bondage, insertions, forced sex, torture, belly inflation, bodies reorganized or sculpted and, of course, surgery. One of the most extreme sites I've ever seen.
XXX Fisting Videos Fisting DVDs & VHS videos - includes femdom, forced sex and hard master torture films.
XXX Spacegirls Paysite - XXX Spacegirls offers SciFi sex pics, horror and vampire sex, hardcore and fetish sections! Includes flying sex robots, menacing space aliens, evil Space Girls, alien induced pregnancies, futuristic medical exams, sword wielding amazons, silver coated cyborgs, girls with blasters! 2257

Monica Sweetheart inserts a tube.
Brittney Skye

XXXtreme XXX Web Cam and Fetish Video Entertainment. Includes breath play, spanking, bondage and some pussy/anal fisting.
YomoyamaTaro's Treasure House Mostly anime chicks posing naked but there is a section of bondage, insertion and forced lesbian pics.

Adult Toy Machine Lover Women being screwed by giant dildo machines.
Anal Sex Movies and Pix Girls getting stuff shoved into their buttholes.
Anal Stars Porn stars doing anal, fist, wet sex. Didn't really see much content.
Anal Torture Extreme anal torture; enourmous rammings and bizzare insertions.
Asian Fisting Group about fisting - especially asians.
Barbie Abuse Barbie dolls used, abused, shoved into women and even drowned by GI Joe.
Big Toys Lovers 2 Women who enjoy big toys and enjoy inserting them in front of a camera.
Bizarre Insertions Pics of girls getting bizarre stuff 'inserted'.
Blue Extreme Dildo Club Huge anal toys and big dildos in female orifices.
Bridgette Kerkove Superhot blonde into all sorts of things including fistings and dildos.
Butt 2 Butt Bumping Women posing butt to butt - sometimes sporting double-headed dildos!
Butt Plugging Women taking butt plugs!
Butt Rippin! Movies and pics of anal insertions.
Dildo City Anal and vaginal dildo insertions.
Dildo Fans Files section has massive insertion pics and vids.
Dildo Panties A friendly group for those who like the idea of ladies wearing Dildo Panties under their clothes.
Dildo User A group to talk about dildos - all kinds of dildos.
Dildo-Users A place to talk about dildos - all kinds of dildos!
Dom Perignon 1960 Group including bondage, cages, chained, clamped, latex, leashes, gagging, lesbians, insertions, suspended and whipped.
Double Dildo Lesbian, butt to butt, double dildo pics.
Endless Blue Digimon type creatures and hybrids having sex with each other and anime girls! Extreme insertions, debreasting, superheroes, cannibalism, robots, pregnancy.
Fistering Women taking fists in their various orifices.
Toys Italia Italian group featuring dildos and buttplugs for men and women!
Giantess Insertion Fans Giant women using smaller men and women as dildos.
Killer Instinct Orchid Group dedicated to Orchid from Killer Instinct. Includes Insertions, Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Ladies Masturbating Ladies masturbating with bizarre objects, fingers, dildos etc.
Masturbation anale Group focusing on anal fingering.
Masturbation Fun Mostly guys but there are some pics of chicks with dildos.
Men Who Adore Facesitting Goddesses A variety of facesitting scenarios.
Miss X 1002 Miss X's vagina is featured for torture, speculums, medical tubes and insertions.
Morrigan and Red Vamp Some terrific pics of a couple of stunning goth chicks! (Love the navel tattoo!) Includes some vampire pics, blood fetish, knife play, bondage, latex suits and a dildo session.
Mpls Metro Fetish Place Fetish pics including bondage, femdom and insertions.
Nylon Typ 2004 Nylon fetish group including complete nylon encasement, fisting and insertion.
Open Butt-hole Women showing off, stretching and getting screwed in their "open butt-holes".
Queen of Anal Insertions Girls getting stuff inserted up their butt holes.
Rear Toys Girls and some guys sticking sex toys up their butts.
Sir Spank Spanish language group with bondage, blindfolds, dildos, nipple torture but no spanking I could find.
Slayer Art Some gorgeous fantasy art including Amazons, Angels, Fairies, Femdoms, Vampires, Bondage, Superheroines, Insertions.
Stretched Holes Gaping orifices with and without insertions.
Tasty Stuff Multifetish group including insertions, enemas, pregnancies, shemales and toons.
Tastystuff-Fetish Fetish group including bondage pics as well as fisting, peeing, dildo and medical videos.
Totally Extreme Hentai Extreme hentai art including skin stretching insertions, monster sex, massive breasts!
Toys Italia Italian group featuring dildos and buttplugs for men and women!
Vibrator Addicts Busty chicks inserting and playing with dildos.
Wide Open Holes Girls stretching both holes for your pleasure.
Women Facesit Men Worship 7 - Wrestlers All about women wrestlers beating and facesitting on their male opponents.
Wonder Woman, Capture of Pics of Wonder Woman in bondage, attacked by tentacles, ravished, knocked-out, taking insertions and screwing Superman.
Wonder Woman Erotic Art A place where Wonder Woman suffers all forms of humiliation and degredation.
Xtreme Hole Girls getting fisted and inserting huge, odd objects.
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