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Growth/Shrinking (338)
An offshoot of Transformation AND Vore; Growth/Shrinking fantasy can make a woman (or man) huge and indescribably powerful in a true FEMDOM manner or tiny and submissive in a seriously vulnerable way. Oft-times the giant(ess) will devour pathetic humans or on the other end, the shrunken fairies or dwarfs will be devoured by hungry humans. Foot worship and crush fantasies are commonly included. Similar sites: amazons , big muscles and superheroines.

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Miss Minxie's Hypnotic Clips
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of a gorgeous blonde doing various fetish videos including hypnosis, lipstick, financial domination, teasing, shiny clothes, femdom, humiliartion, foot worship, stockings, ballbusting, cbt, schoolgirl, smoking, giantess.
Rail Giantess! on 2D anime art of 3 beautiful giantesses - much larger than skyscrapers.
A Growing ConcernYah: A clearinghouse for female muscle growth - stories, images, movies, news, information, links.
About Admirers of Beautiful Tall WomenFlickr: Not For Short Guys. This is for the very few TALL men who like a girl to look them in the eye when they kiss them.
Addie Juniper Sexy Fun Time Arcade on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Lots of limp / ragdoll girls, abduction, bondage, catfight, monster sex, superheroines and practically every other fetish on the planet.
Adobe's Place 2Yah: The Second Group For Female Transformation, Age Regression, Breast Expansion, Shrinking,and Sometimes Growing. Whether it is Mental, physical or simply someone stuck in a unwanted and new situation.
Alien Abduction ShrunkenYah: What if aliens abducted Earthlings and then shrunk them?
Alucard's Spirit on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D/3D art with subjects including cannibals, vore, monster lust, growth/shrinking, bondage, growth/shrinking, huge breasts.
Amazon Lover BlogFree: A blog featuring photos of tall, beautiful women.
Amazons and Giantesses ArtworkYah: Share your amazon, giantess and hentai art here! Very little content.
Anime Giantess PassionFlickr: if you love the feeling of seeing a giantess do what she has to do to pleasure her self , her victims, & of course us the viewers.
Anime Giantess RPG ClipsVID: YouTube - Clips from a downloadable Japanese game with a lot of giantess content - including the squishing of men.
Anime Giantess VoreVID: YouTube - A cartoon animation of a giantess eating a girl with a twist ending.
Anime Giantesses 2Yah: Anime giantess roleplaying and pictures.
Antatheka World of POVPPV: Giantess and shrinking Point Of View site including tiny men squished by giant women.
Archivists ArchiveYahoo: For people who like enormous breasts, butts and giant women.
Ariel-Uriel15Deviantart: High quality 3D art of girls with enormous breasts and muscles. Giantesses, Hybrids, Superheroines, Amazons etc.
Arson's GalleryEka's Portal: Some very nice, cartoon art of furries swallowing other furries. Macros, huge bellies, same-size swallowing.
Azure Loom on Eka's PortalEkas Portal: Good 2D art of vore, stuffed bellies and even an anime girl swallowing a shrunken man.
Bad Grrls Art
Free: Really hot, pro-quality, fantasy art including girls with guns, amazons, muscle girls, latex, superheroines, giantesses and femdom!
Barbarian Babes on DeadlyAmazons Beautiful 3D art of amazon women, giantesses, huge breasts and science fiction/fantasy backgrounds! Truly some amazing artwork!
Bassash on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art of heavily muscled girls, giantesses, catgirls, superheroines and large breasts.
Pay: Rendered comics and animations of huge breasted giantesses. features rendered comics and animations of incredibly huge breasted giantesses. Material on the site is themed around Giantess Growth and Breast Expansion.
Best Giantess GroupFlickr: Photos of enormously tall, giantesses.
Black MuzzleFree: Links to the artists current furry art - lots of macro.
Blaze Hammer on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D anime art, mostly sketches of teen giantesses.
Bodyscapes.comCat: Artistic pics of people climbing, dancing on and even fishing off of giant women.
Boone's Cartoons
Pay: All original and exclusive cartoons, animation, comic books, hentai from extreme cartoonist Greg Boone. Huge breasts, body builders, giant men attacking small women or giant women attacking small men. milfs, superheroines etc.
Boone's Cartoons!AVS: Cyberage - No holds barred X Toons! Giants/Giantesses (devouring and not), hungry mutant monsters, HUUUGGE tits, superheroines and a whole host of other beautiful cartoons.
Bound TailsFree: Stories about bound girls including giantesses.
Bunny GlamazonPay: Super popular B actress selling giantess videos and more.
Busty Shin Ra SOLDIER on DeviantartDeviantart: Casual 2D art of women, demons, elves and giantesses with enormous breasts - some big muscle types too.
Canadian Giantess.comPay: Videos of giantesses available for purchase.
Candy 2001Yah: Super hot fitness chick with a group of Giantess pics under 'Candy Projects'.
Card Captor Sakura GiantessYah: Mostly giant girls from the Card Captor anime series.
CartoonGTSClub on DeviantArtDeviantart: Club - a group dedicated to cartoon females growing to gigantic heights. Although there are many groups featuring strictly anime and furry giantesses, this is the first group STRICTLY dedicated to human females from Western animation.
Celebrities GiantessFree: Tons of photomanips of your favorite celebrity babes as tall as skyscrapers.
Cheese 01Deviantart: 3D vore art including dragons, dinosaurs, dogs, cats and giantesses.
Chloe CreationsPay: Site owned and operated by mistress Chloe. Photoshoots involving femdom, giantess and bug crushing and swallowing.
Collage Free GTS and SWYah: Pics of giantesses and shrinking women with no collages. (collages? do they mean photomanips?)
Comicbook GiantessesYah: Mostly giantesses, some amazons, superheroines and catfighting.
Comicbook Giantesses 2Yah: Overflow group.
Crush AmazonYah: Scraps and scrapes of the crush amazons. Women killing men?
Crush Feet.comPay: giantess fetish girls stepping on you. POV and photomanip pics.
CSM EntertainmentYah: Smash, crush, trample fantasies often with women as giantesses.
Dark Haired Giantess Gallery
Gal: A gorgeous, dark-haired giantess takes a doll, bites it and steps on it.
DCM Studios OnlineFirst rate comics featuring heavily muscled women including growth, muscle growth, superheroines and some ENORMOUS breasts!
Den of IniquityPay: Mistresses, Dungeons, Phone Sessions, Bruchures - includes lift and carry, giantess and physical domination.
Desiderata's DiaryFree: Giantess stories and wavs.
Doctor T's HospitalJP: Kigurumi and anime art. Art includes schoolgirl, space uniforms, guns, pee/poop, shemales, bondage, huge tits, forced sex, monsters, insertions, sailor moon and a gallery of giantesses.

DollShrnkr's Shrinking Women StoryFree: Erotic stories about shrinking women.
DoralFree: Good quality furry art, some girls, some guys, mostly shemales - lots of macros.
DunefeetPPV: Clips4Sale - BUTT CRUSH, FEET CRUSH, Trampling, Facesitting, Babydolls, Car crush, Domination, Foot Worship, Pedal Pumping, Foot Fetish, Object Crushing, Inflatables, Balloons and many other things!
e10 GTSFree: Fetish giantess stories.
eGiantess and Shrunken Men Fantasy ArtFree: dedicated to Giantess and Shrinking Fantasies. Feel free to upload any Macrophilia related collages and videos, and chat with each other in the chatroom.
El Mundo ParaleloFree: A collection of art and photomanips of giant women, women with massive breasts and women with enormous muscles.
EroJP: High-quality, anime artwork involving cute anime chicks like amazons, latex, fairies, catgirls, martial artist girls, tiny girls.
Expansion MansionMySpace: A transformation fetish site focused on giantesses plus butt, breast and muscle expansion!
Facesitting Fantasies
Pay: We welcome you to our unique site, dedicated for everything related to facesitting artwork. It means that you can really enjoy 3d facesitting, face sitting comics and stories, facesitting fairy tales, and of course you can see here your own stories!
Fart Girls, ThePPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful women launching powerful farts! Giantesses, facesitting, domination!
Female Growth StoriesFree: Stories about women growing or just their muscles growing.
Femme De Grande TailleFree: A French language site for very tall or giantess women.
Fetching ManipsYah: Photomanips of amazons, superheroines, latex, bondage, giantesses, catfights etc. The most common pics are superheroines bound up in shredded clothing.
Fez4 on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D transformation sketches including giantesses, breast enlargement and weight gain.
FK PublicationsPay: Giantess and Femdom illustrated stories as well as hundreds of non-illustrated stories.
Flickr Giantess TagsFlickr: Photos on flickr that are tagged with the keyword Giantess.
Flower CrownJP: Very high-quality, non-nude anime art including amazons, catgirls, demonesses, robots, tiny fairy girls, space armor, Sailor Moon, witches, spandex.
Foxy RoxyX on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - The beautiful RoxyX smashes balloons, shows off her mouth and eats small men as a giantess.
FTF10.comFree: Daily updated links for transformation, BE, FMG, superheroines, big breasts, growth and more!
FunX on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry - Good 2D art of giantesses and girls with huge breasts and butts. Lots of breast and butt crushes.
G-ForkJP: Japanese giantess site - does she eat those little guys?
Gabrielle's Crush Fantasy WorldPPV: Clips4Sale - Gabrielle is a supergorgeous, slender blonde model whose work includes striptease, abduction, bondage, spanking, femdom, giantess, foot worship, tickled AND found in the tub... DEAD!
Gentle GiantessYah: Excellent yahoo group (though the messages look to be mostly spam) with photos and videos of giantesses, tall girls, large girls, huge breasts and female dominance.
Giant and Tiny MangaYah: A collection of giantess and shrunken girl anime pics.
Giant Daisy CrushesVID: YouTube - A pretty blonde crushes some grapes in high heels and pretends to crush the viewer.
Giant HeelYah: High heel and crush fetish with a sprinkling of giantess.
Giant Jessica AlbaFree: Photos and multimedia of Jessica Alba as a giantess.
Giant Tenchi GirlsYah: The girls of Tenchi Muyo blown up to enormous sizes.
Giant WomanPPV: Clips4Sale - 3D movies of giant women crushing and terrorizing pathetic men.
Giant/TinyYah: Giant or tiny people in TV, books, movies, ads or real life.
GiantessMySpace: A MySpacer who enjoys the Giantess fantasy.
GiantessGoogle: A place to discuss the Giantess fetish.
GiantessVID: YouTube - A slideshow based on art found on DeviantArt.
Giantess "Animation"VID: YouTube - A man is shrunken and eventually swallowed by a girl.
Giantess 1YouTube: Group - Videos of beautiful women as giantesses.
Giantess Amy RoseYah: A place where you can see Amy and other "Sonic the Hedgehog" girls as giants.
Giantess Amy RoseYah: A place where you can see Amy and other "Sonic the Hedgehog" girls as giants.
Giantess Ann on DrsaperaudeFree: Some pics of giantess ann on Drsaperaude's Tripod site.
Giantess Crushing Model CarsYah: A site for people to post stories and pics of their giantesses crushing stuff like model cars!
Giantess Crushing Model Cars 2Yah: Overflow site!
Giantess Crushing Model Cars 3Yah: Overflow site!
Giantess Crushing Model Cars 4Yah: Overflow site!
Giantess Crushing Model Cars 7Yah: Overflow site!
Giantess Crushing Model Cars 8Yah: Overflow site!
Giantess DeeanePPV: Clips4Sale - Giantess Deeane's videos where she often eats tiny men.
Giantess Drawings No CrushYah: Art and Poser pics of giant girls - no crushing.
Giantess EQYah: Art and photos of growing and giant women - between 10 and 15 feet tall!
Giantess EQ2Yah: Photomanips and art of beautiful gaintesses.
Giantess FanFree: A blog, collages, comics, games, images, news and videos about giantesses.
Giantess FantasyFree: Some free samples from the Giantess Fantasy Clips4Sale site.
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