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Growth/Shrinking (338)
An offshoot of Transformation AND Vore; Growth/Shrinking fantasy can make a woman (or man) huge and indescribably powerful in a true FEMDOM manner or tiny and submissive in a seriously vulnerable way. Oft-times the giant(ess) will devour pathetic humans or on the other end, the shrunken fairies or dwarfs will be devoured by hungry humans. Foot worship and crush fantasies are commonly included. Similar sites: amazons , big muscles and superheroines.

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Giantess FatalePay: Giantess Fatale deals with the erotic fantasy of evil giant women who sacrifice tiny men for sheer sadistic gratification.
Giantess Fetish by Chloe CreationsClips4Sale: Chloe's fetish videos including crush, foot fetish and giantesses.
Giantess Foot Fetish FunYah: For those who enjoy giantess foot fetish.
Giantess GaloreFlickr: This group is about a love of giantess, and loving what they do. It's for anyone and please no nude/digusting pictures.
Giantess GamersYah: A place for the entertainment of all Giantess/Crush lovers. Feel free to download, play games, send comments and talk GTS.
Giantess GamesYah: Where you can roleplay with a giantess of your choice!
Giantess Girls
Pay: The fantasy world of dominant giantess girls! Discover the world of giantess girls! They want to destroy you with their giantess power. Fantastic 1280x768 HD Videos and SuperHQ 2000x1500 pix photosets.
Giantess HavenFree: Photomanips of enormous women interacting with tiny men.
Giantess HeelsFlickr: Group - Point of view, giantess, giantess heels, giantess heels crushing objects.
Giantess in TV Anime MoviesYah: Female stars of your favorite shows become giants.
Giantess Kari Kamiya 2Yah: Group about seeing kari and other anime characters as giantesses.
Giantess LizVId: YouTube - A pretty girl seen from the feet and then she acts like she's about to eat the viewer.
Giantess Lord FacxzxYah: Argentinian group about giantesses including one folder of giantesses eating small women and another folder about tiny women used by a normal sized man.
Giantess Magic IncFree: Stories about big, beefy giantesses - many of whom devour pathetic men.
Giantess ObserverFree: World of Fantasy. Photomanips of huge, skyscraper tall women.
Giantess Part 1 on KinkBomb
Update: KinkBomb - A giantess takes caged men and devours them.
Giantess PlaylistYouTube: Playlist - Giantess videos.
Giantess RiyuVID: YouTube - A pretty Asian girl walks the street.
Giantess Rules' gallery on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D art of giantesses and/or vore.
Giantess ShrineFree: A great resource site for Giantesses including a Mainstream Media Database, forums and a links page.
Giantess StoriesFree: Stories about enormous women.
Giantess ZonePPV: Huge quantity of Giantess videos for sale.
Giantess, facestuffing and jeans fetish storePPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of girls in jeans, overstuffing themselves, sitting on dolls, stepping on dolls, eating gummi bears etc.
GiantesseYah: Italian giantess group.
GiantessesYah: The home of giantess, Jessica. Women who dominate, eat, crush or toy with men.
Giantesses Foot WorshipFlickr: A group for anyone who wants to worship giantesses.
Giantesses with Huge TitsYah: Giant women with enormous breasts.
GideonFree: Very high quality furry art including enormous muscles, huge tits, giants and she-males.
Gigantic LovePPV: Video clips of gigantic women and tiny men.
GigantusYah: Spanish group showing photomanips of either really huge or really tiny people.
Glidingmark on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Good 2D art of rampaging giantesses. Some vore.
Goddess Penelope on
PPV: KinkBomb - Penelope is a fetish goddess whose clips include latex, domination, humiliation and even a giantess.
Goddesses IncYah: For the worship of giantesses and goddesses.
Gookangohan on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D anime art of tiny girls, shrunken girls and some vore.
Growth Comics.comFree: A blog about breast growth, muscle growth, giantesses, weight gain etc.
GSFHD Giantess & Feet in HD QualityPPV: Clips4Sale - Giant women playing with, stepping on and eating tiny men.
GTS - Shrinking, Pov & CrushYah: For all Giantess, shrinking, Pov and GTS-Crush Lover.
GTS Fanclub on DeviantartDeviantart: A Club for all Giantess lovers. We accept Drawings and Stories that involve Giantess.
GTS Feet ZonePay: A new video and FX video each week for giantess/shriking fans that prefer feet.
GTS RPingFlick: Group - A group dedicated to RPing with a giantess or shrinking theme.
Hannah Being EatenVID: YouTube - Quick video of a giant girl eating another girl's head.
Hard Vore CafeFree: A forum for all those who love to see Giantesses eating, biting and chewing tiny men.
Harold SiddonsDeviantart: A few 3D pics of a large, muscular woman in a bikini with a smaller man, usually lifting him.
Her PlaythingsFree: Men shrunk by women and then used as sex toys.
Huge Muscle ComixYah: Art of big, hugely muscled women dominating feeble men.
Humiliation by Rene
PPV: KinkBomb - A snobby, spoiled and superior Princes who specializes in humiliation, small penis humiation, financial domination, cuckolding, blackmail, forced-bi, forced Intox, goddess worship, sissification, foot and ass worship, chastity and femdom.
I <3 GTSMySpace: Private MySpace page for a giantess fan.
Iggy's GTS ArchiveFlickr: A place for giantess pics from Iggy's old website as well as others found more recently from other sites.
Iggy's GTS ArchiveFree: Photomanips of girls holding tiny men.

Incredible Shrinking Star TrekYah: Dedicated to the posting of stories and images involving characters physically shrinking from any of the five Star Trek series.
Incredible Shrinking WomenFree: Photomanips, comics, poser pics all about the subject of shrinking women.
Ino 110 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D and 3D anime art, mostly of giantesses.
Intentionally Caused Female Muscle GrowthFree: Fmg computer artwork. focus on realistic forced muscle growth. ICFMG focuses on the intentional transformation of women from normal to super-muscular. Putting innocent un-suspecting ladies in situations that will make their wardrobe useless.
Jailerman 1010Free: A very few photomanips of men under the feet of giant women.
JC Heroines 2Yah: Overflow Group.
Jessica Shrinks StoryFree: An illustrated story about shrinking superspy; Jessica Alba.
JRGTS on DeviantartDeviantArt: Beautiful 2D collages of beautiful girls as giantesses.
KanaiJP: Terrific original artwork (non-anime) of naked women in bondage, stabbed, shot with arrows, tortured, cyborged, getting operated on, attacked or eaten by monsters. Giantesses, Angels, Fairies, Amazons, Anthromorphs, Tentacles.
Karbo on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Really good anime art featuring girl monsters, giantesses, vore, amazons.
KazecatDeviantart: High quality, 2D furry art dealing with big girls with wide hips and huge butts - also some giant girls.
Kid Comix 4 EverYah: A yahoo briefcase full of giantess cartoons.
Killer Wives StashYah: Group covering all sorts of lethal lady subjects including swords, guns, femdom, strapons, giant girls eating men, girls cooking girls, men shot by women, women slashing women etc.
Knights of GTSYah: Group for GTS growth and clothes bursting.
Kolt's KorralFree: Primarily a site with macrofurries but there is some 'crunch and munch'.
Korean SWVID: YouTube - A Promo with a Korean girl that has the power to shrink anything/anyone she wants...
Land of Shrinking WomenYah: Stories, Poser pics and so forth of shrinking women.
Land of the GiantsFree: Resource page for Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants.
Lilleoproductions on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Some girls pretending to be giantesses with some vore.
Lingster on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good transformation art including giantess, muscle growth, breast enlargement, superheroines,
Little DollsYah: An archive for all the artists and individuals who enjoy the fantasy of shrunken women.
Little GalsYah: Photomanips of tiny girls.
Little Ladies ForumFree: Abandoned? shrunken women forum.
Long Leg MorphsYah: Women with legs much longer than nature allows.
Love GiantessFlickr: Anime art of giant, skyskraper sized girls squishing people.. and some cats.
Lucky Fetish on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Videoclips of giantesses, vore, smoking, wedgies, balloon popping and bondage.
M2 Mega to the 2nd LevelFree: Photomanips of women the size of skyskrapers and bigger.
Machi Giantess Growth VideoVID: YouTube - A lot of giantesses (mostly anime) grow to the rythmn of Bond Explosive Weee!!
Machinasa on DeviantartDeviantart: Cute anime/furry art concentrating on growth subjects like muscles, fat, giantess, breasts and uneven growth.
Macro Rouge - SonicYah: Stories and art (not much as of this writing) of Rouge, the bat villainess from Sonic, grown to enormous sizes.
Macro-Sonic-GirlsYah: The girls of Sonic the Hedgehog growing to giant proportions.
Maggie and JaneFree: A poser story where a girl is shrunk by another girl.
Maggie and Jane ComicFree: A shrinking girl comic.
Manic's AngelsYah: Women changing into She-Hulk, Fairchild or werewolves - ripping out of their clothes in the process.
Manic's MadnessYah: Women changing, growing and tearing their way out of clothing. There's a big She-Hulk theme.
Manicart1 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art including superheroines and a giantess comic.
Manster's GiantessYah: Manster's photomanips of women as giants.
Massive 5 - Goddess of Catastrophe (Trailer)VID: YouTube - Here is the fifth, in the MASSIVE Super Mega series, that stars Cali. Cali is a cute and sexy girl who is a bit upset she is not worshiped by the bugs at her feet.
Mature GiantessYah: Pics or stories of gigantic older women with huge busts dealing with shrunken people or stranded earthlings.
Max Art 1Yah: A group dedicated to the fine giantess art of Maxart1. Tiny men worshiping at the high heels of giantesses.
Maximum GTSFree: The home for the astist from Mamabliss' work in the Giantess and shrinking genres.
Mega GiantessYah: Photomanips of super huge, giant women in cityscapes.
Mega to the 2nd LevelFree: Photomanips of girls transposed against cityscapes to look skyscraper sized.
Metamorphose.orgFree: Reviews and links for all sorts of transformation found in pop culture.
MicrodollFree: German site about a super-slutty Barbie style doll.
Mikayla MilesFacebook: A FaceBook account for 6' 4 - Mile High Mikayla.
Mini GiantessYah: Photomanips and art of 10-12 foot tall women.
Mini Giantess 2Yah: Photos of regular tall women and photomanips of giantesses.
Mini Giantess ForumForum: A forum for miniGiantesses with topics including collages, drawings, poser pics, animations/movies, stories, requests etc.
MiniManMikeMySpace: A MySpacer who likes to pretend to be small.
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