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Growth/Shrinking (338)
An offshoot of Transformation AND Vore; Growth/Shrinking fantasy can make a woman (or man) huge and indescribably powerful in a true FEMDOM manner or tiny and submissive in a seriously vulnerable way. Oft-times the giant(ess) will devour pathetic humans or on the other end, the shrunken fairies or dwarfs will be devoured by hungry humans. Foot worship and crush fantasies are commonly included. Similar sites: amazons , big muscles and superheroines.

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Miss Mary Mega II (Higher Quality)VID: YouTube - Really good quality 3D movie about a female giant walking through a city.
Mistress TaylorPPV: Clips4Sale - Growth, clothes ripping, smothering, foot fetish, femdom, handjobs, ruined orgasms, spitting, cbt, smoking, vore, trampling, lift and carry!
Mookatek's GalleryHentai Foundry: Good 2D art, huge breasts, elves, monster sex, fairies, girls tit to tit, cum-drenched girls and giant penises.<
Morumo Download PageFree: Morumo is a Japanese manga about a 15 year old girl who is 50 feet tall.
Mr G's Story ArchiveFree: Mr G's Shrinking and Growing story archives.
MuhnyDeviantart: Good 2D anime art, mostly about vore. Subjects often include monster girls, usually giant monsters.
My House Of Hot And Unique VideosDeviantart: Various videos of a very cute and sexy dwarf lady, from masturbating videos to nail fetish videos!
Naugahyde Academy 4 BoysYah: Boys' school run by a 75 foot tall cannibalistic ogress.
Neon Genesis GTS RPGYah: RPG group devoted to a giantess or shrinking fantasy of Neon Genesis.
Oblimo's Story WikiFree: Epic, erotic tales of kinky magic, humor, and mayhem about boy and his insatiable, superpowered, transforming goofriend who loves weird and sexy fetishes even more than he does!
Official Crush MessageboardFree: Official crush fetish forum including GTS, femdom, peal pumping etc.
Only POVYah: Pics and photomanips taken entirely from below the feet of women. Most look like a giantess ready to squash.
Only POV 2Yah: Pics and photomanips taken entirely from below the feet of women. Most look like a giantess ready to squash.
Only POV 3Yah: Pics and photomanips taken entirely from below the feet of women. Most look like a giantess ready to squash.
Pamela Anderson VoreVID: Pamela Anderson devours the band Lit.
Panther's Giantess EmporiumFree: A website dealing with growth, clothes tearing, muscle growth, mega growth, crushing and sex.
Paraphilia 51Cat: Links to Clips4Sale videos of Giantesses, Vore, Hypno, Forced Sex, Ass, Foot Fetish, Tickling, Femdom and Alien Sex.
Petite Ladies and Tall MenYah: Photos of regular tall men with small women as well as poser pics of giants with regular girls.
Phoenix AshesFree: Original art and stories of giant and sometimes muscled up women.
Pixie HaremYah: Fairy/pixie roleplaying - ideal for SW (Shrunken Women fetish).
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink BlotsFree: Poison pen writes stories of sexual depravity sometimes including giants, shrunken women and cannibalism.
Pov Squirting And FetishPPV: Clips4Sale. Taboo fetish kink from a bbw goddess. Alt. fetish clips4sale and taboo scenes for private collectors. Squirting BBW, vore, giantess, somno, sleepy sex, sleeping fetish + more.
Power BeautiesFrench Group: Powerful, muscled or giant women.
Pregnant MistressPPV: Clips4Sale: A blonde, pregnant mistress whose videos include giantess fantasies, male smothering, peeing, spitting, foot worship, farting, trampling.
Princess Sweet Cherry FeetPPV: Clips4Sale - GTS, trample and foot fetish videos.
Process ForumFree: A forum about all sorts of transformation themes like AR / AP, Breast Expansion, Body Expansion, Growth, Shrinking, Transformation, TG and a lot of other stuff!
Rapid Female GrowthYah: Rapid feminine growth including giantesses, huge breasts, enormous muscles and girls exploding out of clothing.
Red RealmYah: A place where fans of SWs and SWs can feel welcome and enjoy some stories.
Reducer's RealmYah: Group with photos, art and photomanips of small or tiny women.
Remake of the 50' WomenYah: Pics of girls pretending to be giants and stepping on toy cars.
Riki Rush on Kinkbomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Riki mostly concentrates on mouth fetish including showing off her mouth, uvula, throat etc. She also vores gummis and gets into femdom.
Ripping FiendYah: Stories and a movie about giantesses and superheroines ripping out of their clothing.
RogueFree: Rogue - a 90 foot tall wolf that eats men. Lots of pics from guest artists.
Sakuya Izayoi is shrink in shoe crush【十六夜咲夜のおしおき】VID: YouTube - Animated 3D movie including crush and vore.
Samsonite Jones' Giantess Collage PageFree: A large selection of Giantess photomanipulations.
Satsurou on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D, anime-style art mostly of inflation subjects including WG (weight gain), BE (breast expansion) and MG (muscle Growth). Also superheroines and giantesses.
SciFi Shrinking RPGYah: Mostly male superhero/fantasy characters caught in a shrinking role playing scenario.
Sexy Smoking Giantess BlogSmoking giantesses and their tiny slaves. the giantesses are using their cigarette smoke to tease and torture their slave.
Sexy Smoking Giantess GroupSmoking giantesses and their tiny slaves. the giantesses are using their cigarette smoke to tease and torture their slave.
Shadow's Lair of BE and MacroYah: Furry, cartoon and video game characters that have grown to enormous size. (Despite the description I saw no BE or DE content.)
Shinking & GiantessFlickr: Collection of photos along the topic of growth and shrinking - lots of feet.
Shrink U Down PPV: Clips4Sale - Shrunken men chased, crushed and consumed by sexy women.
Shrinker's Literary CompanionFree: Shrinking, Giantess and Age Regression stories. Includes pics, comics and pulps.
Shrinking and Growing StoriesYah: Pics and stories of giant women and tiny men!
Shrinking ManFree: Site dedicated to shrinking men - especially the sci-fi classic; The Incredible Shrinking Man.
Shrinking Women ClubYah: A club for people into the fantasy/fetish of shrinking women.
Shrinking Women PicsYah: Art and photomanips of shrunken game or TV women.
Shrinkingman's MessageboardFree: A clean, giant, tiny messageboard.
Shrunken Asian GoddessesYah: Preferably tiny asian women with massive breasts and very long hair, being captured grabbed and fondled by giants. Variations on the handheld theme welcome.

Shrunken SlavesYah: For those who dream of being shrunken and used by the powerful women in their lives.
ShrunkenmenFree: Shrunkenmen in Asia. Hot asian girls toying with shrunken hunks. Includes shrunken women and giantesses.
Simone-GTS on PhotobucketPhotobucket: Lots of photomanips of hot girls with cars, giantesses and superheroines!
Siscom - Wayback MachineJP: Anime girls including forced sex, cum-soaked shemales, winged badgirls and conjoined amputees. There's a pretty disturbing theme of tiny, amputated women used as sex toys.
Size Changing MatchingYah: Photomanips and anime of women or men shrinking!
Size Fetish ZonePPV: PPVs from a lot of studios focused on size fetish IE: Shrinking, Growing, Tiny Man, Tiny Woman, Giantess etc
Size StoreYah: Pictures of giant women, tiny men and women and stories of size changing.
Small, Small DreamsFree: Stories, photomanips and art about giant women and small men.
Smalls, Talls and MegadollsFree: Photomanips of giant girls - from just 7' to skyscraper size.
Snowleopardtaur on DeviantArtDeviantArt: High quality 2D art of beautiful fantasy women. Topics include Massive muscles, huge breasts/butts, giantesses, superheroines, transformation
Southern GiantessPPV: Clips4Sale - Giantesses with small men, foot fetish, ripping out of clothes, crushing, vore, ripping magazines.
Southern Giantess on Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Giantesses accidentally devouring men.
Squeeze GirlYah: Photomanips and art of girls constricted and swallowed by snakes. Includes vore with crocs, squids and lizards as well as an album of tiny people held in fists.
Sterling Comics & Peculiar TalesYah: D. C. Letcher's high quality giantess comics.
Stomp My FaceYah: Dominant women trampling submissive men - lots of POV shots.
Stories by NaOH_rFree: Archive of shrinking women stories.
Storyteller's Shrink/Grow RPGYah: Tell stories or participate in RPGs having to do with shrinking and growing.
Strong And Stacked
Pay: 3d rendered comics and animations of super busty and super muscled women (be, fmg, and more)
Sunee Tu on FaceBookFacebook: Page - Dominant, powerful women including BBWs, Tall girls, Giantesses, Muscular women, Carrying.
SW ArtYah: A Site for everything SW, Pics, Links, Stories, etc.
SW/GTS/BE/MGMySpace: MySpacer who enjoys all the major morphs. Shrunken Women, Giantess, Breast Enlargement and Muscle Growth.
Swallowed by Vanessa PPV: Clips4Sale - A pretty girl, who sometimes has vampire fangs, eats candy/rubber versions of animals and wants to eat you.
Syntastic GTSVID: YouTube - Syn Devil is enlarged into a gargantuan and stomps, crushes and does as she pleases. VERY SEXY!
Tall Amazons and GiantessesYah: Tall women and amazon giantesses! Share your pictures movies and GTS art here. Shrunken man/SM is also acceptable.
Tall StoriesYah: Tall, taller, tallest women and girls. Giantess, lift and carry poser stories and art.
Tara GiantessPay: A pretty giantess crushes toy sized cars etc with her feet, eats gummy bears and toys with tiny men.
Tempest Female Wrestling ClubCat: A fine selection of powerful women enacting a variety of fetishes including catfighting, lift and carry, giantess, trampling and smothering.
Tftgar's Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D artist focused on transformation including human to animal, shrinking, transgender, mermaids, multiple breasts etc!
The Biggest in Anime GTSYah: The place to share your fantasies of animated girls as giantesses.
The Imperfect StormYah: 3D Giantess pics - mostly between regular girls and giantess girls.
The King and IYah: KinKing and Max C team up to create animated art of huge breasted giantesses - some catfighting.
The Mini MeYah: Minimizer's group dealing with Giantesses, Shrinking Women, Age Regression and Age Progression..
The Overstuffed BraFree: The definitive BE story archive. Includes aliens, giantess, hypnosis, sleepy regular/age/gender transformation.
The Ripping ZoneYah: Superheroines and giantesses ripping their way out of clothing includes some transformations.
The VBS ProjectYah: the official group of the VERY Big sister project, all about 13 anime girls who have become gigantic.
Trampled BoyYouTube: Femdom / trample videos including catfighting and giantesses.
TransforMansionFree: Messageboard dealing with nearly every form of transformation including AR, AP, WG, BE, MG, Inflation, Animal Morph, Growth/Shrinking!
TransforMansionFree: Messageboard dealing with nearly every form of transformation including AR, AP, WG, BE, MG, Inflation, Animal Morph, Growth/Shrinking!
Transformation Vore Giantess PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls dominating and eating tiny men!
Trinket999 BlogBlog: A blog about giantesses and female domination.
Ultrafem on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D art of popular cartoon characters with enormous breasts, superheroines, bondage, girls with guns, catfights, monster sex, forced sex, gianteses, milking etc.
Video Game Giantess 2Yah: Your favorite video vixens either grow to gigantic proportions or shrink a male character heavily related to the vixen.
Video Game GiantessesYah: Girls from videogames grown to huge, enormous sizes.
Video InflationYah: Morphs and vids of enlargement and inflation.
Village of the GiantsYah: A yahoo group about the 60s movie "Village of the Giants" focused mainly on the pretty, scantily-clad giantesses.
Violent Shrunken Women BoardFree: Photomanips and original art of shrunken women being killed, eaten or torn apart in gruesome ways.
Virtual Giantess 2Pay: 3D images of giantesses terrorizing small men.
Vore Jet-GirlVID: A girl is eaten by a giantess after crashing her jet.
Wagnerf on DeviantartDeviantart: Very high quality, 2D color art of fantasy chararcters. Very muscular and/or curvy renditions of superheroines, fantasy girls, amazons, girls with guns, giant girls, hybrids
Women Who Shrink Men and Treat Them Like Ken DollsMySpace: A group for men and women to explore there giantess/shrinking dreams.
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