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Hypnosis (271)
Who hasn't fantasized about controlling the minds of beautiful women? Women with perfect faces and flawless bodies performing your every deviant wish? These sites deal with hypnosis, mind control - any fetish where a woman mindlessly follows the dictates of her master. Check ROBOTS for a very similar fetish.

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Miss Minxie's Hypnotic Clips
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of a gorgeous blonde doing various fetish videos including hypnosis, lipstick, financial domination, teasing, shiny clothes, femdom, humiliartion, foot worship, stockings, ballbusting, cbt, schoolgirl, smoking, giantess.
Absolute Hypnosis Fetish With Hypnotist Xander
Cat: Master xander hypnosis will make you scream as you cum hard. hypnofetish will blow your mind! master hypnotist is available worldwide for submissives, bdsm, swingers etc. submit and obey! experience any sensation!
Accessory HypnosisYah: Women using accessories to hypnotize you. Shiny belts, watches, earrings, bracelets, glasses, rings, and all things fashion.
Adult Hypnotic WishesYah: A group for fans, dommes and subs of Mind Mistress and Adult Hypnotic Wishes.
Against Her Will Damsel In DistressPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful women abducted - sometimes chloroformed - , placed in bondage and then violated!
alt.hypnosisGoogle: Google archive for the usenet group: alt.hypnosis.
alt.mindcontrolGoogle: Google archive of the usenet group alt.mindcontrol.
Art the HypnotistWeb: An entertainment hypnotist with videos onsite.
ASFR Youtube GroupYouTube: Group - A youtube group for fans of: ASFR, freezing, hynosis, frozen in ice, mannequins, statues of all kinds and androids. Pretty much everything you'd lump in with ASFR.
Beauty's Frozen 10VID: YouTube - Beautiful women hypnotized & frozen as statues.
Bimbo BoutiquePay: Stories, blog and forum about gorgeous girls involved in breast expansion, femdom, cheerleaders, transformation, transgender, mind control, bondage and forced.
Bob White's Mind Control Erotica on ASSTRASSTR: Mind control stories from Bob White.
Brainwashing StationGoogle: Mind Control, hypnosis, brainwashing, all for the amusement of a Dominant Controlling Superior.
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Can't Find a Decent AliasWeb: Hypnosis and smoking fetish - femdom and maledom using Poser and photos.
Capitalistic BlondePay: A femdom into money domination as well as hypnosis and indoctrination.
Catfight In Dance Class - Hd DownloadVid: file factory - (music video) a cursed cd casts a spell on a class of sexy ballet dancers, causing an all-out brawl ensues including a knifing, and a few stranglings. ends with the entire class lefngs and a knifing. (Accidentally deleted submission.)
Chicagoland HypnosisYahoo: A place to meet people in Chicagoland who are interested in Hypnosis. (Good luck getting in.)
Climax HypnoVID: YouTube - A short hyno clip with Boris Karloff as hypnotist.
Cobalt JadeWeb: Stories written by erotic fiction author, Cobalt Jade. Many stories focusing on statuephilia and mind control.
ControlledPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish videos including girls frozen and manipulated, dead and manipulated, hypnotized, controlled with remotes etc
Countdown t'ZebraPPV: Storyline driven films involving fantasy scenarios of female characters being rendered unconcious, primarily with chloroform.
David KnightWeb: Official site of the world's fastest stage hypnotist.
Deep SleepYouTube: Share your favorite you tube videos about hypnosis and trance states. From brainwashing to lmao funny anything goes including erotic Mmmm... That's it come closer and c l o s e r to Me now hehehe!!!
Divine Goddess Jessica on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Become Goddess Jessica's little puppet. Be controlled by her beauty. Be hypnotized or have a spell cast on you by this gorgeous, blonde dominant. Foot tease, crush, degradation and trample are all my forte.
Doc Magi's ProductionsWeb: Homepage for a magician/hypnotist.
Dr Naughty's Comedy HypnosisWeb: Las Vegas comedy stage hypnotist.
Dream Kitten's Hypno-ChatWeb: Dream-Kitten's chat site for hypnofetishists!
DreamGod MacrocosmWeb: Announcement page for Hypnogoddess Dreamsender.
Entranced RealmYah: Lady Julia's entranced realm.
Ernst Mathes Hypnosis PageWeb: Hypnosis and self-hypnosis, regressions, and some nice hypnosis pics.
Erotic HypnosisGoogle: Erotic hypnosis and hypnotix phone sex for hypno sex fetishists. Experience hypnosis with the best hypnotists online!
Erotic Hypnosis 2Yah: The Club for all People who are interested in Hypnosis, for normal or erotic Purposes.
Erotic Hypnosis Group on FacebookFacebook: Open Group - A group dedicated to the practical application of Erotic Hypnosis & Hypnosis For Lovers.
Erotic Hypnosis on SleepPeeps
SleepPeeps: A popular hypnosis group on SleepPeeps.
Erotic Hypnosis WikiFree: Welcome to Erotic Hypnosis Wiki - the free encyclopedia about erotic hypnosis that anyone can edit.
Erotic Hypnotic Night DreamsYah: A club to allow You to explore your hidden desires, and fantasies...a Club that will leave you uninhibited, and free in the land of the Night, with the God and Goddess of Dreams, Night's Eye and DreamSender.
Erotic Hypnotized GirlsFlickr: This group is for those out there that have a fetish regarding erotic hypnosis (females). If you have them - post them!
Erotic Mind Control Story ArchiveWeb: Mind control stories sorted by title, author or category.
Erotic SuperheroinesPPV: By Risque Renee, Alex and company - Beautiful superheroines involved in f/f, catfight, humiliation, kryptonite, medical fetish, mind control, necro, smoking, sprain, tickling, unmasking, wet and messy.
Erotische HypnosePay: A german site selling MP3 hypnosis audio books.
Esuccubus Free Erotic Hypnosis Mp3s For Men And WomenFree erotic hypnosis mp3 files on a variety of topics including pieces for couples, relaxation, and all in a sexy feminine voice. premium and commission recordings available on request.
Feet and Sleep Fantasies: PPVPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls and superheroines knocked out, carried, fainting, hypnotized. A lot of focus on feet.
Fetish Clip ScenePPV: Payperview site featuring the following topics: Catfight, Femdom, Bondage, Lift and Carry, Mind Control, Paralysis, Superheroines, Chloro, Knock out, Belly punching etc.
FetishVideos.usPPV: Video clips of bondage, KOs, hypnosis, superheroines, spanking and more.
Free Hypnosis Treatment.comCat: Contains many free hypnosis and guided meditation audios.
Garden of MCForum: A Messageboard for the hypnosis/mind control community.
German HypnofetishYah: A german group dealing with erotic hypnosis.
Getting SleepyVID: YouTube - 11 secs of a sexy chick going under.
Girls Getting SleepyCat: Girls knocked out and/or hypnotized.

Girls Gone HypnotizedPPV: Video clips of beautiful girls hypnotized.
Girls-R-Us.TVPay: A happy, healthy, erotic, hypno adventure for the "girly" things in life.
Goddess Kuro: Femdom Hypno * * PPV: Clips4Sale - Hypnodomme MP3s meant to control your mind.
Goddess Lolita Femme Fatale
PPV: KinkBomb - A mysterious and seductive woman. Her fetish interests inludes financial domination, hypnosis, female domination, tit worship, ass worship, tease and denial, blackmail, sissification, foot worship, cuckolding, goddess worship, humiliation
Goddess Marquesa Worship SiteYah: Learn more about the green-eyed, hypno-goddess.
Goddess Of Hypnosis
Hypno femme domme
Goddess Snow on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - I am a lifestyle Goddess who lives every day worshipped, feared, and respected. I've gotten quite accustomed to being kept in a state of luxury by my slaves. Some hypno and toilet fetish.
Google: Hypnotic Submission DiscussionGoogle Group: Set up to discuss, socialize and network within the erotic hypnosis community.
Gothic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful superheroines trapped, humiliated and ravished. Subjects include bondage, hypnosis, smothering, stripping, foot worship. tickling.
Gothic Punk Vampire MesmerVid: YouTube - 3 hot (vampire?) chicks in lingerie hypnotize and control a poor man.
Harem Office [DL Mate] Zenin Hatsujou chuu ~ Joshi ShainG.E-Hentai: An office full of busty, sexy girls are mind controlled by a coworrker.
Helpless Hypnotized HottiesPPV: Dozens of hot girls hypnotized to obey your commands over the telephone.
Here and Tao HypnotherapyWeb: Professional hypnotherapist with a nice little vault of hypnosis animations.
How to Seduce Women through HypnosisVID: YouTube - A short lecture and demonstration on the seduction of women using hypnosis.
Hypn0 - Robot Mind Control
PPV: KinkBomb - You will become mindless, emotionless, and robotic in every way. Today is your last day as a human being, for you are now my robot
Hypno BabesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of erotic hypnosis, robots, smoking and masturbation.
Hypno DominationFree: Ongoing blog detailing the owner's experiences and success using hypnosis with female submissives.
Hypno EroticaPPV: Clips4Sale - Erotic mind control scenes with only the hottest models - includes some superheroines.
Hypno Fantasy DownloadsCat: Hypnosis downloads from
Hypno Fetish Social NetworkFree: A social network for the hypno-fetish community!
Hypno ForumForum: place to share your views, opinions, gossip and expertise! The HypnoForum is intended as a place where anyone with an interest in hypnosis and its many related subjects can enter into discussion with other interested people from around the world.
Hypno Games
Paysite: Several hundred Erotic Hypnosis streaming video clips with a combined play time of over 24 hours! See sexy subjects carry out post-hypnotic commands, ranging from simple obedience to Orgasm on command!
Hypno LustPPV: Clips4Sale. Beautiful girls hypnotized, tickled (mentally), tied up, dominated and frozen.
Hypno Pimp-Daddy.comCat: Hypnotist claims to have power over a harem of women.
Hypno PlaceYah: Teach people how to attain, maintain and expand all of their current goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.
Hypno Play TimeYahoo: We may be best known for our HypnoErotica FemmeDomme style MP3 sessions, as presented by our own Femme Fatale Nikki, but we also have MUCH more to talk about. Vanilla or not, Single or part of a Couple...
Hypno Sonic Slaves 2Yah: A group dedicated to seeing our favorite Sonic characters being turned into brainwashed servants, robotized slaves or anything else that numbs their minds into mush.
Hypno SubmissionWeb: X-rated hypnosis videos. Over 100 screen shots from hypno videos.
Hypno Trick
Pay: Teens abused and taken advantage of under hypnosis! 100% unique content. Updated everyday. Full screen DVD quality. Watch as hot, young teens are hypnotized, stripped, stroked and screwed!
Hypno-FilesFree: A resource for sharing and selling a variety of hypnosis mp3s and scripts. Users may upload their own files to share with the hypnosis community.
Hypno-mcYah: this group is dedicated for the discussion of hypnosis and mind control in popular tv and movies, such as horror, science fiction, and magic. Also to left fellow members know if a new dvd release is of interest to this group.
HypnobustersCat: Improve yourself and download these top quality hypnosis audios, produced by one of the UK's leading hypnotherapists.
HypnoBustersCat: Hypnosis information and products. MP3s and scripts recorded and written by UK hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp.
Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia
PPV: KinkBomb - Hypnodomme who deals in Tease & Denial ♥ Chastity Training ♥ Mesmerizing and Enchanting MP3s ♥ Love & Addiction ♥ Feminization ♥ Humiliation ♥ Financial Fetish ♥ Lipstick Fetish ♥ Foot Fetish
Hypnodomme Lady IzzabelleCAT: A hypnodomme with several MP3s.
Hypnodomme UtopiaFree: Hypnodomme Utopia is a resource where you will find Femdom hypnosists who offer videos and sound files, do erotic hypnosis phone sessions, and who specialize in fetishes such as feminization, humiliation, orgasm control, financial domination.
Hypnofantasy.comCat: Imagine, if you can, that there was a place to help your erotic hypnosis fantasies come true. We're talking your personal fantasies. This is the erotic hypnosis site that brings these fantasies to life for you in vibrant living color.
Hypnofocus.comWeb: Messageboard dealing with erotic hypnosis.
Hypnofun: YahooYah: A place where Zhypnofun posts pics from his Hypnofun website.
HypnogoddessWeb: Homesite for the MP3 recording hypnogoddess, Dreamsender.
Hypnokink: Helpless Sexy GirlsPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of beautiful women succumbing to the powers of hypnosis.
Hypnokink: Seduction is PowerPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including hypnosis, female domination, tickle torture, robots etc.
Hypnoladies - HypnodommesFree: Links and reviews of hypnosis sites including stage hypnotists, hypnodommes, hypnotherapists and femdom hypnosis sites.
PPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful girls hypnotized, tickled (mentally), tied up, dominated and frozen.
Hypnopics CollectiveFree: A forum for the dissemination of hypnosis pics.
Hypnoqueen's Site For SlavesCat: Hypnotic mp3 downloads and personal items for the hypno fetishist.
HypnorealmWeb: From Inamorata. 100% hands free hypnotic induction that deals with altered states of consciousness..
Hypnose & Mental TrainingWeb: Home page for a German hypnotist.
HypnosisFlickr: This group is for folks to share images of genuine hypnosis, trance, guided imagery, hyperempiria, or similar events.
Hypnosis Cheat SheatFree: From - an article claiming to have a complete induction script for hypnotizing anyone.
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