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Hypnosis (271)
Who hasn't fantasized about controlling the minds of beautiful women? Women with perfect faces and flawless bodies performing your every deviant wish? These sites deal with hypnosis, mind control - any fetish where a woman mindlessly follows the dictates of her master. Check ROBOTS for a very similar fetish.

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Seduction MagicflowCat: Multi-Track subliminal MP3s for self-improvement.
Self Hypnosis - the key to a new lifeFree: Programs that are supposed to hypnotize the subject.
Senator of Mind ControlCat: A hypno-dom with various, mind control, training programs.
Senator of Mind ControlWeb: Hypnotic Dominant Master for sissy pigs.
Sexual Hypnosis - Super Hypnotic O - short sampleVID: YouTube - This is a short 90 second sexy sample of the Erotic Orgasm Sexual Hypnosis DVD produced by Victoria Wizell at
Sexy HypnosisFlickr: Finding pics of hypnotized women.
Sexy HypnosisFlickr: Pics of hypnotized girls.
Shelle's HypnoticaPay: Sweet femdom hypnotist - erotic hypnosis MP3s.
Shono on DeviantartDeviantart: Great 2D, comicbook-style art of heroines and superheroines including hypnosis and large breasts,
Simon Bar Sinister's Mind Control ArchivesWeb: The erotic mind-control story archive.
Slave to HypnosisPay: Give youself up as a slave to hypnosis!
Slavemaster 2000Web: Interactive erotic fiction for gay men with a fetish for hypnosis and mind control.
Sleepy Foot Worship & BJ's & FJ'sPPV: Clips4Sale - Mostly hypnosis and foot fetish videos.
Sleepy ParadicePPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women unconscious, dead, chloro'd, hypnotized, catfighting, stripping the unconscious.
Space Babe CentralPay: Art, poser and live action comics where beautiful women are attacked and molested by horrible, alien monsters. Includes some mind control and robot sex.
SPD HypnoVID: YouTube - A girl from Power Rangers SPD is hynotized.
SpinDizzy HypnosisPPV: Self Hypnosis mp3 sessions.
Steve's Hypnosis LinksFree: Well sorted link site.
Steve's Hypnosis Story SiteWeb: Free Archive of hypnosis stories.
Stripnotized.comFree?: A free member site? from Anton productions involving hypnosis and superheroines.
Suechan's Hypno SiteWeb: Sue Chan's quality drawings and comics involving hypnosis and furries.
Superhero Mind Control - Batman Beyond the Call Part 2VID: YouTube - The Justice League is mind controlled by the alien starfish Starro. *I love it when Barda gets mind controlled.
Superheroine FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroine scenarios with topics like catfights, knock outs, mind control, female dominance, male dominance, depowering, bondage and chloro.
Superheroine FightsPPV: Clips4Sale - Supervillains fight and defeat superheroines. Includes crushing, groping, mind control, belly punching, crotch busting, forced orgasm, bondage, sleepy.
Superheroine Forum.comFree: Superheroine and hypnosis messageboard including stories, clips news and media.
Superstories.netFree: A collection of superheroine stories that may include straight sex, bondage, f/f, m/m, mind control, breast enlargement, monsters, pregnancy, forced sex, she-males, transformation, transgender.
Suzzie Stockard on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - Erotic hypnosis and freeze videos.
Taipei Hypnotic Resources and InstructionFree: Examples and information of hypnosis as well as links to resource pages and galleries.
Techno-FetishYah: The second incarnation of The Machine, a place where male and female slaves are turned into bimbos and mechanical servants of the dominants and The Machine.
The Erotic HypnotistPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of erotic, hypnotic training.
The Erotic HypnotistPay: Real girls hypnotized to obey! Come inside and watch as beautiful girls are really hypnotized and placed into an obedient trance.
The Hyp GuyYoutube: Channel - Samples of erotic hypnosis videos.
The MentalistWeb: A professional stage hypnotist.
The Mistress of Hypnosis
Welcome to Mistress of Hypnosis. There is no more beautiful, and powerful hypnodomme in existence. Experience true FemDom Hypnosis!
The TurningVID: YouTube - An erotic short in which a young girl is turned into a vampire by another female vampire. She twists and writhes as she turns.
The TurningVID: Vimeo - A high def version of The Turning on Vimeo. A young girl is bitten by a vampiress and turned into a vampiress herself. She twists and writhes as she is turned.
Tickle Your MindWeb: Inamorata's MP3s, wav files, audio fiction & flash.
Tied Women.comPay: Gorgeous girls usually knocked out, captured and placed in bondage. Also, superheroines in peril and some hypnosis!
Tom's Erotic Hypnosis/Mind Control Story PageWeb: R-Rated erotic stories with homosexual scenes.
Topaz's Various TechniquesWeb: Various hypnosis techniques.
Trance ProvidersPay: Real sessions offered by skilled female professionals who look like supermodels.
Trance ProvidersCat: Hot, hypnotic persuasion. Personal, powerful and erotic 21 minute video session.
Twisted VisionsRenderotica: A couple good hypnosis renders.
Under The Influence
Blog: Female hypnosub's tales of control, obsession & desire. Stories and thoughts about the strange places your imagination can take you when your fantasies involve hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, psychological play, devious doctors etc.
Underground HypnosisCat: A series of courses that supposedly teaches the subject how to instantly hypnotize anyone.
Vampire BeachVID: YouTube - Alien vampire girls with sunscreen hypnotizing men for some alien purpose.
Vampire Girl hypnotizes and bites FriendVID: YouTube - This is a clip from The Vampire Women vs. The Werewolf where a vampire girl tries to turn her friend.
VIP HypnoVID: YouTube - Valerie tries to hypnotize a secretary.

Virtual HypnotistFree: A free, open source, interactive hypnosis program. A rewrite of Hypnotizer 2000.
Visual Candy Media SuperheroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroines clips including tickle torture, bondage, hypnosis, robots, sleepy, paralysis, femdom, foot worship. foot tease, schoolgirls, pantyhose.
Voyer's HypnostuffWeb: Drawings, stories and tv listings involving hypnosis and mind control.
Warp My Mind.comWeb: All sorts of hypnosis MP3s.
WK's ASFR Master ListFree: Rating movies, tv, music, comicbooks etc. on their statue, robot or hypnosis content. ASFR=Alt.Sex.Female.Robots.
WLS 2 Helpless HottiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls knocked out, tied-up, forced to follow humiliating commands, hypnotized, remote controlled, spanked, frozen, roboticized.
Women Getting Hot With NLP/HypnosisVID: YouTube - Getting women aroused using NLP and Nypnosis.
World of Hypnotized WomenWeb: Porn pics retouched as hypnosis pics.
Wrestlr's Story SiteWeb: Mind control and general gay fiction.
X ProjectWeb: Comic and anime characters (especially X-Men) knocked out, hypnotized or frozen as statues.
XENA Deliver X PART 1VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets the best package of a lifetime..
XENA Deliver X PART 2VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets a toy of a lifetime in the mail. Also watch Part 1.
XXX HypnotistWeb: Call him for an extreme erotic hypnosis session, or listen to his recordings over the telephone. No subject is taboo. Really!
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