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Inflation (48)
This fetish specifically deals with body parts getting inflated including breasts, bellies, butts or even the whole body like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka. Similar categories include fat, big breasts, big bellies.

Adult Stories OnlineFree: Dolcett, guro and snuff themed story and image collection. 200+ stories and 1000+ images!
ANIMexpansionFree: Art, stories, morphs, comics, screencaps, scans, videos etc of anime weight gain.
Ariel-Uriel15Deviantart: High quality 3D art of girls with enormous breasts and muscles. Giantesses, Hybrids, Superheroines, Amazons etc.
Aufgeblaehte Koerper 2Yah: Huge bellies usually due to air inflation.
Balloon Maids - Naked Looners For Your Pleasure
Pay: If you have a fetish for balloons and love naked babes we have both just waiting for you
Balloonis PlaceYah: Art and photomanips of women with inflated breasts, butts and bellies!
BE LoverMySpace: A MySpacer really into breast and belly expansion.
Big Nasty 4 LifeDeviantart: Good anime-style 2D art including inflating girls, Sonic characters, superfat girls, furries, mostly people changed into all sorts of things including balloons, dolls, pooltoys, punching bags etc.
Bigger is BetterMySpace: A MySpacer into body inflation, weight gaining women and pillow stuffing.
Blueberry and Fat Girl AdmirerMySpace: page dedicated to a MySpacers fetish for huge inflation - belly/blueberry girls.
Blueberry InflationMySpace: Here is where you can talk about blueberry inflation how much you love to be a blueberry or any other fruit or how much u want to see one! Anything goes just have to be about Blueberry Inflation a fetish that alot of people love!
Breast Expansion ManiaGoogle: Breasts - We love 'em! Big, bigger, and even bigger still. Share your thoughts, pictures, stories, links, etc. From fantasy to reality, if it pertains to massive breasts, or little tits suddenly growing huge, this is the place to B.E.
Cancuz and Scoundrel Muscle Woman ArtYah: Really high quality 2D art of girls with huge muscles, posing, as superheroines, as amazons, beating up men, muscle growth.
Cheviot's PlaceFree and Pay: inflated bellies and breasts page with galleries, stories and video guide.
Cloud-OortDeviantart: Weight gain and vore scenes with humans and hybrids like mermaids.
Pay: Cyberflating is the place on the internet where beautiful 3D lovedolls come from. Here you enter a world where we fantasize about buyable artificial beauties being inflated like balloons for the pleasure of their owners.
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art that follows a variety of transformation themes including werecreatures, huge breasts, huge muscles, superheroines, hybrids, vampires and inflation.
DarkArtist: Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good 2D art including vore and furries; many times with huge, expanding bellies.
Expansion MansionFree: Really big photomanip, morph site dealing with breast, belly, butt and hip expansion among others.
Freakin Weirdo on Deviant ArtDeviantart: Professional quality art of women with expanded - sometimes balloon-like bellies.
Gotham on Good 2D, color comic of Poison Ivy impregnating a huge breasted Batgirl with her tentacle plant.
Growth Comics.comFree: A blog about breast growth, muscle growth, giantesses, weight gain etc.
I Want Huge BreastsMySpace: A place where women that want really large breasts can find men(or women) that understand and share this desire and want to help them achieve their goals.
IJ's ArchiveYah: Art of girls with their bellies getting gigantically inflated.
InflationationFree: Your home for toon balloons.
Intentionally Caused Female Muscle GrowthFree: Fmg computer artwork. focus on realistic forced muscle growth. ICFMG focuses on the intentional transformation of women from normal to super-muscular. Putting innocent un-suspecting ladies in situations that will make their wardrobe useless.
Marshmallow-MakerDeviantart: Anime art of girls with huge bellies, often blown up like a balloon.
Pay: Huge amount of real action videos with sweet 18 year old shemales! Teen trannies giving blowjobs, riding cocks, getting nailed from every angle and sharing cumshots with their horny boyfriends!
Maxxx1 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of girls with huge breasts, muscles or bellies. Lots of inflation, breast and muscle growth.
Mitora's Gallery Hentai Foundry: 2D anime-style art of girls stuffed, pregnant, inflation, huge breasts and monster sex.
Muscle Girl 55VID: YouTube - Musclegirls drawn by Kinsyo at
Nodrah Adult Fetish And Sex ShopCat: Online adult fetish and sex shop - fetish sex toys, dungeon equipment, all things adult
Pop Girls Yahoo GroupYah: Balloon girls getting popped
Process ForumFree: A forum about all sorts of transformation themes like AR / AP, Breast Expansion, Body Expansion, Growth, Shrinking, Transformation, TG and a lot of other stuff!
PulsetasticDeviantart: Good 2D art of fantasy girls. Includes superheroines, enormous breasts, breast growth, big bellies.
Sam7Deviantart: Nice, professional artwork of big breasted girls as superheroines, girls with guns, Wonder Woman, Kim Possible, inflation, Vampirella.
Satsurou on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D, anime-style art mostly of inflation subjects including WG (weight gain), BE (breast expansion) and MG (muscle Growth). Also superheroines and giantesses.
Schoolgirl AmandaDeviantart: 2D anime-style art of fat and inflated girls!
Short CutsJP: Bizarre and violent anime. Peeing, hardcore action, torture, bizarre body shaping, shemales, insertions, belly inflation, monster sex, bondage, huge-stretched vaginas, gangbangs etc.
Skipperbird 24Deviantart: Popular cartoon characters drawn with enomous expanding breasts or bellies.
Strong And Stacked
Pay: 3d rendered comics and animations of super busty and super muscled women (be, fmg, and more)
Stuffer 31
Pay: Each of our girls love eating and showing off the effects. If you like to see hot girls with a cute full belly, beer gut, muffintop, or paunch, you've come to the right place.
SW/GTS/BE/MGMySpace: MySpacer who enjoys all the major morphs. Shrunken Women, Giantess, Breast Enlargement and Muscle Growth.
The Pearl GatesFree: Pics and stories mostly of angels (some mermaids). Includes angels kissing, having sex, getting eaten by monsters, swallowing people leaving enormous bellies, unbirthing, holding swords.
TransforMansionFree: Messageboard dealing with nearly every form of transformation including AR, AP, WG, BE, MG, Inflation, Animal Morph, Growth/Shrinking!
Venus R Becky's BlogBlog: A blog where becky in all her glory writes stories, ideas, inspiration, and other kinky stuff.
Yah: Women's Heavyweight, Extreme, BBW WrestlingYah: Original art, 3D Graphics and photos of enormously fat women wrestling.
Zero-The-Leviathan's GalleryDeviantart: Very high quality 2D art of girls with or growing huge muscles or huge breasts. BE, MG.