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Latex/Rubber/Shiny (402)
Shiny, Latex or Rubber fetishes. In this instance the clothes are the fetish with the individual commonly clad head to foot in shiny, stiff apparel. Since this is incredibly common in BDSM and Femdom I've tried to limit this to sites that either just cater to the viewing of people in the clothes or BDSM/Femdom sites that include photosets of people who are completely covered in it from head to toe.

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Domina Hilda & Friends
Pay: Original images and videos of leather mistress hilda and elsa. female dominance, leather and smoking fetish, bondage, torture, breath control
Doug F DougDeviantart: Artistic photography of bondage, corsets, nudity, encasement, smoking
DPRagan on DeviantartDeviantart: Anime sketches including catgirls, girls in spandex uniforms, mutant-monster girls, superheroines,
Drakken PhotographyFree: Very alternative, gothic photography. Hot, gothic chicks sometimes portrayed (usually in latex) as vampires, ghouls, witches and corpses.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Dreus 76 on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful photography including people in latex and with guns. A nice, anime-mannequin gallery - including some pics of a mannequin in bodage.
Drew GardnerDeviantart: Very high quality, professional artwork including superheroines, bondage, latex, amazons, hybrids, some tentacles.
Dtenshi's GalleryHentai Gallery: A small collection of well drawn girls, many elves, often with shiny boots and opera gloves.
Dungeon Masters!
Pay: 1000s of high quality Bondage, BDSM, Fetish photos. Includes Domination, Violation, Fisting, Leather Legs, Gyno, Toys and more. Hardcore, uncensored full length movies! 100s of new releases updated regularly.
DungeoncamsPay: Live mistresses, PVC, domination and fetish cams.
Dutch Bdsm - The Kinky HollandFree: Holland is the european centre of kinky activities
Efink Product!JP: Anime catgirls with swords, in latex etc.
El Pollo Del Diablo GalleryDeviantart: 3D graphics of fantasy girls with huge breasts, in latex, bondage, amazons, girls with guns.
Erin in sexy DressVID: YouTube - Erin in a sexy, lavendar leather dress dancing. The original video!
EroJP: High-quality, anime artwork involving cute anime chicks like amazons, latex, fairies, catgirls, martial artist girls, tiny girls.
Escalation2XXXJP: A blog about bondage, latex and the types of girls who wear latex: villainesses, ninjas, femdom.
FacewinterFre: Girls in scarfs, hoods, helmets, robbery masks, high collars, ninja masks, latex, girls with swords, girls with guns and superheroines.
Fans de Vetements en PlastiqueYah: French site with girls in plastic including raincoats, fetish clothing, vacbeds and even breathplay.
Fantasy, Mystical and SexyFlickr: Mostly high-quality 3D art of fantasy women including amazons, sorceresses, latex-clad hotties, faeries, gungirls and more.
Fashion Fetish Gender BlogBlog: Fashion - the social dictates about what to wear and what not. fetish - attraction and sexual arousal due to a clothing. gender - the social distinction between men and women.
Fetching ManipsYah: Photomanips of amazons, superheroines, latex, bondage, giantesses, catfights etc. The most common pics are superheroines bound up in shredded clothing.
Fetish Desires on FacebookFacebook: Clothing - Photos of sexy girls wearing all kind of boots, leather, latex, rubber and pvc outfit.
Fetish Dungeon on FacebookFacebook: Public Figure - Latex, Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, Femdom, Strap Ons etc.
Fetish EyesPPV: Videos and photo galleries of beautiful girls in rubber catsuits, wetsuits, gasmasks, boots and more.
Fetish FactoryCat: A kinky superstore specializing in all things sexy. A huge inventory of high-end imported latex clothing, leather, PVC, hot clubwear and fetish clothes for men and women!
Fetish LycraYah: Photo archive for lycra, spandex, leggings, catsuit, zentai, unitard, pantyhose and latex!
Fetish Network - Largest Online Fetish Community Since 1994!Free: Insane fisting and dildo action, with hard spanking and torture!!!!!
Fetish PoolFlickr: All forms of fetish but focusing mostly on leather, latex, bondage.
Fetish Skype Camgirls
Independent camgirls performing fetish cam sessions live on yahoo and skype
Fetish Tube Porn VideosTube: Bizarre, strange, wild & extreme xxx fetish porn tube videos
Fetish Tube VidzTube; Bondage and Fetish tube vidz
Fetish VideosTube: Cool site with free fetish videos, everything from foot fetish to bondage to latex. and updated daily!
Fetish World
Pay: Where female slaves find their destiny and Master rule with an iron hand! BDSM, Sadism, Torture, Punishment, spanking, stockings, leather, latex, vampires, peeing, fistings and insertions.
Fetish World Latex Galleries
FlipationFree: Graphic design and illustration with some beautiful, female art - many in fetish gear.
Flipation GalleryDeviantart: Extremely well done 2D female art, many in fetish gear.
Flower CrownJP: Very high-quality, non-nude anime art including amazons, catgirls, demonesses, robots, tiny fairy girls, space armor, Sailor Moon, witches, spandex.
Four-F-CreationsPay: Fantastic, Fantasy, Fetish Females. Beautiful girls in latex/rubber/pvc outfits, superheroines, bondage, sci-fi, sorceresses and even attacked by bugs!
Francesca Dani
Paysite: Superhot, Supercute cosplay model dresses as your favorite anime/gaming characters. Expect to find all sorts of pirates, amazons, girls with guns, ninjas and maybe superheroines.
FujimotoJP: Terrific 2D art - subjects include spandex, swimsuits, amazons, lingerie, girls with guns and Sailor moon style attire.
G-WorksJP: Anime art of bikinis, huge breasts, lactation, amazons, hybrids, superheroines, spandex, erotic armor and bondage.
GGMPJP: Another site hosting "Gore, Gore Masks" includes ninja girls in skin-tight shiny catsuits getting torn to shreds in a variety of ways.
Girl with GunFree: Movie about a beautiful, blonde, female assassin.
Girlfriend In Latex
Tumblr: Sexy girls posing dressed in latex leggings and tigth rubber clothes.this is the biggest archive of real girlfriends posing in latex and will ejaculate like mad to girlfriends posing in sexy latex suit.
Girlfriend with Hot Boobs in LatexVID: YouTube - A really hot chick in an open top, fetish, policegirl outfit.
Girls in SpandexFlickr: Photos of hot girls in lycra and spandex.
Girlware 3d Slave GirlsSlave girls that live only to serve; wealthy women turn their slave girls into objects such as furniture, artwork, and mindless worker drones. extreme bondage, latex, forniphilia, body modification, amputees, public humiliation, torture and peril.
Gloved and Bound on FacebookFacebook: Page - Fetissh photography including bondage, gloves., latex, vinyl, leather.
Goddess Penelope on
PPV: KinkBomb - Penelope is a fetish goddess whose clips include latex, domination, humiliation and even a giantess.

Guantes de GomaYah: Girls getting strangled, bagged, HOMd. Girls wearing shiny clothes, rubber gloves and raincoats.
Guantes de Goma IIYah: Girls with gloves fetish including girls asphyxiating, stabbing, shooting, hand gagging and tying up other men and women.
Gula Visual on DeviantartDeviantart: Really nice 2D anime-style art of fantasy girls including big breasts, bondage, amazons and some awesome costumes!
Gummi Puppete on FaceBookFaceBook: Page - Pics of sexy, erotic latex, rubber and lycra clad beauties.
Hans van BredaFacebook: Page - Beautiful fetish photography.
HardbodiesDeviantart: Fetish, latex, muscle girls, amazons and superheroines.
Heels of Hell on FacebookFacebook: Community - Shoes, clothes, make up, for all the hellgirls.
Heike New vidVID: YouTube - 50 secs of this latex-clad beauty in long dresses walking the streets.
High Heels Princess LifestyleClips4Sale: Hot brunette wearing leather clothes, in a porsche, wet clothes, high heels.
HigumaxJP: Really nice 2D anime art. Subjects include schoolgirls, huge breasts, bikinis, spandex, upskirts, catgirls, magic girls.
Hot Girls In Yoga Pants
Tumblr: Hot girls in yoga pants features pictures of women in fitness clothes.check out these sexy girls in tight yoga pants.
Hottest Fetish Models on FaceBookFaceBook: Community - Girls posing in fetish outfits, latex, lingerie, bikinis, short skirts, bondage, bikinis.
I Heart SpandexMySpace: Girls wearing spandex - especially volleyball.
I Love Leggings on FacebookFacebook: Community - Girls in shiny leggings!
I Love Shiny Girls on Hentai FoundryHentai Foundry: Professional 2D, color, anime art of fantasy girls in shiny clothes being restrained in bondage.
Illicit DreamsCat: We are driven by a simple goal. To bring goods that would normally be 'Specialty' to the public through the cheapest prices, and the widest selection.
Illicit Dreams XXXMySpace: A nice place to purchase lingerie: vinyl, leather, costumes, latex, babydolls, teddies, corsets, dresses and more.
Imago StudiosPay: Fetish video producer whose videos can include bondage, chloroforming, carrying, femdom, rubber/latex, mummification, saran wrap, superheroines and tickling.
Imperio Femdom on FaceBookFaceBook: Community - Femdom, latex, rubber page.
Imperio Femdom on FacebookFacebook: Page - Femdom, Vinyl, Rubber, Capes.
Inescapable Device BondagePPV: Clips4Sale - Torture, bondage, light torture, forced orgasms, electrical stimulation, hot wax, insertions, latex and femdom.
Izzi ModelFree: The portfolio for a pretty, British nude and fetish model!
Jaap van Deijk's Pulp art palaceFree: Truly gorgeous resouce of old pulp paperback covers including villainesses with guns, girls menaced by monsters, damsels being carried, Superheriones, chicks getting garroted, nazi bitches and helpless heroines tied up!
Jamm Productions BondagePPV: Clips4Sale - Leather/lated bondage and female domination of women.
Jelena Jensen and Tall Goddess
Gal: Jelena Jensen in a latex corset is confronted by the hot, tall goddess in a tiny, fetish bikini holding a blaster. Girl on girl action quickly follows.
Jenny's Encasement and Latex DreamsPPV: Clips4Sale - German model who enjoys encasement and pantyhose. Clips incude Catwoman, strap-on, medical fetish.
Jon LloydDeviantart: Photographs of some fetish topics including feet, femdom, stockings, heels, rubber.
Julia Juggs 38dd FemDom BDSMPPV: Clips4Sale - Hardcore action, sometimes while Julia is dressed in leather.
Julius Zimmerman ArtFree: Gorgeous art by Julius Zimmerman including popular comicbook and cartoon characters posing nude, having sex or in bondage.
Jurgen Binder on FacebookFacebook: Page - Latex fetish page with tons of leather, latex, vinyl pics on site.
Kei DpmnJP: Quality anime art of huge breasts, latex, superheroines, wide hips.
Kiss in the Dark (2) JP: High quality anime art put into stories including tentacle attacks, girls changed into statues, bondage, girls with tentacles, superheroines, latex, bug-girls.
Kiyomi's Nightmare RoomJP: Anime girls doing hardcore, in bondage, in spandex outfits, stabbed, strangled, garroted, hanged, impaled, drowned, dismembered, vivisected and beheaded - pics are even arranged by cause of death! Lots of forced sex and Sailor Moon under Doujin.
Knee High Boot Fetish on FacebookFacebook: Community - Beautiful girls in knee high boots.
Koroshibeya JP: Various types of good anime artwork including schoolgirl, bikinis, latex.
L20 MogueJP: High quality anime art with some pretty mild themes including lycra, large breasts, some superheroine types and even a repeating theme of a weightlifter guy as a variety of creatures.
La Trisha on FaceBookFaceBook: Page - Fetish model. Latex, vinyl, rubber.
Ladies in LatexFlickr: Ladies dressed in latex rubber etc
Ladies in LatexFlickr: Group - Ladies dressed in latex and rubber.
Ladies in Leather GlovesPay: Hot chicks in leather and furs posing with guns, dominating men, smoking and spanking.
Latex & Rubber in GermanyFlickr: This group is open to your own pictures and contacts with people from Germany and around the world with a special fondness for latex / rubber / rubber fashion in particular and fetish in general.
Latex Acolyte's FavoritesDeviantart: A latex afficianado's favorites including LOTS of shiny clothes, superheroines, bondage, big breasts.
Latex and bondage fetish 1.1 Flickr: This is a group for any one who is into rubber, latex and bondage to chat and to add photos.
Latex and RubberYouTube: Videos of girls in rubber, latex and other shiny clothes!
Latex Angelic
Paysite: Latex fetish breathplay. Shiny, rubber catsuits. Join Latex Angelic in her passion for latex and plastic in all its erotic uses!
Latex BlondesFlickr: A group about blonde girls in latex.
Latex ClubFacebook: Health/Beauty - Fetish, latex, vinyl photos.
Latex Clusters on FlickrFlickr: Photos on Flickr tagged with the word 'Latex'.
Latex DawnYouTube: For people who love latex rubber and bondage.
Latex Desire on FacebookFacebook: Clothing - Latex for Rubber fans and fetish models.
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