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Latex/Rubber/Shiny (402)
Shiny, Latex or Rubber fetishes. In this instance the clothes are the fetish with the individual commonly clad head to foot in shiny, stiff apparel. Since this is incredibly common in BDSM and Femdom I've tried to limit this to sites that either just cater to the viewing of people in the clothes or BDSM/Femdom sites that include photosets of people who are completely covered in it from head to toe.

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Rubber/Latex PPV!
Pay: The latest adult pay per view movies with 3 different ways to watch full length movies! Pay per minute, Streaming rental or just Download the movie.
Rubberdoll Clara on FacebookFacebook: Page - Fetish, latex, vinyl photography.
RubberDoll.NetPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls in latex - mostly masturbating,
RubberizedTribe: For wearers, makers, and fans of latex clothing, gear, and fetish art.
Ryu's Form SiteJP: Top notch, mild anime artwork including hot chicks, bikinis, vgame girls, batwing girls, catgirls, big breasts, amazons, schoolgirls, girls with guns, spandex - AWESOME art!
Sado Gate Bdsm Base
TGP: Your gate to the sadism and masochism world. huge bdsm base with thousands torture pics with easy navigation. only free domination and sadomasochism edgeplay content
Sado-LadiesPPV: The Femdom movie site! Cruel mistresses, bullwhips, bootslaves, extreme caning!
SampleJP: Anime girls dressed in tiny, fancy tights or little bikinis.
Sandra - World Wide AmateursPay: My name is Sandra i am a 39 year old fetish housewive from germany. I like all kind of shiny clothing like Plastic Rainwear, vinyl, Latex, Satin Blouses but also Nylons and garters belts.
SandworksJP: Pencil sketches of clothed superheroines, anime girls and videogame girls enhanced with lots of muscles.
Savage WearCat: Savage Wear clothing is wild elegance for your erotic everyday life. Based in Berlin Savage-Wear is creating and realizing eccentric and fancy latex clothes for parties, shows, theater, movies and television.
Savage Wear: MySpaceMySpace: Savage Wear clothing is wild elegance for your erotic everyday life. Based in Berlin Savage-Wear is creating and realizing eccentric and fancy latex clothes for parties, shows, theater, movies and television.
Schokomaus Big Tits Fetish ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Pretty goth looking, dominatrix chick with enormous breasts in leather, pvc, latex, pantyhose, boots, corsets, smoking, fetish pumps, fishnets.
Scuba BabesFree: A gallery with tons of scuba girls pics. Wetsuits, bikinis, octopus attacks, diving, some underwater combat, guns, knives and harpoon guns.
Second Life LatexFlickr: 3D pics of girls in latex/rubber fetishwear.
Selina DesireFree: Gorgeous redhead who enjoys dressing up in bikinis, latex, superheroine costumes and as an amazon.
Serious Smoking Rubber Bitches with GlassesFlickr: Serious fetish girls in rubber/latex are smoking... no smile, no leather just bitch, cigarette, rubber, glasses.
Sex Bdsm Tube
Tube: Free bondage porn sex videos, fetish movies, torture clips in the internet sex bdsm tube online with tons of kinky and pervert videos for real sadism and masochism lovers
Sexxx-art.comPay: Large of bondage, spanking, femdom, fetish artwork by artists like DeMulatto, Bishop and Ashley.
Sexy Stacey
Pay: Sexy lace & satin lingerie, exotic kinky costumes, shiny silky stockings, sexy long hot legs and a foot fetishist's delight.
Sexy Women In Spandex
Free: Sexy women in spandex present to you models in tight shiny girlfriends in spandex clothing will get inside your sinful dreams.enjoy these beauties in spandex wear.
Showdown, ThePay: Not much description - apparently a leather, glove, hitwoman site. Girls with guns. Showdown. Domination.
Silvia Zarate on FacebookFacebook: Page - Beautiful fetish model. Leather, vinyl, latex.
Sincerely LaRue: MySpaceMySpace: Tall, gorgeous, goth-type nude model who does vampire, stockings, fetish and guns!
Sleeperkid's World Pay Per ViewPPV: Full video and partial video downloads of catfights, superheroines, latex-clad girls usually ending in knockouts.
SlungleJP: Anime art of chicks with dicks in spandex.
SomaJP: Anime site including insertions, spandex, forced peeing and bondage.
Soul Focus StudioFaceBook: Page - Fetish, latex and rubber photography
Spandex BabesFlickr: A photo collection of babes in Spandex.
SpandexbabePay: Zentai fetish model including pics, videos and a live webcam. Updated weekly!
SpankingFlickr: Spanking pics, male or female. Also, lots of (PVC?) raincoats and some TG.
SteeneeweeneeDeviantart: Gorgeous, artistic photogalleries of girls in latex, corsets, masks, nudity, encasement, pantyhose.
Steffi's Private GalleryPicasaweb: A girl showing off her latex and nylons.
Sticker Chick: MySpaceMyspace: Tons of beautiful stickers with plenty of hot chicks! Includes latex, girls with guns, bikinis, hybrids, big breasts, femdom and nurses.
Stranglenail ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips involving HOM, leather, latex, smother, garroting, tickling, neck fetish, bondage, femdom, strangling, catfight, sleeper holds etc.
Strap on JanePay: Femdom, strap on, latex and vinyl.
Sub-ShopCat: Since 1997, providing bondage gear, fetish wear, adult toys and more. Exclusive designs, handmade here in the USA with fast and discreet shipping as well as great service.
Sub-Shop: MySpaceMySpace: Since 1997, providing bondage gear, fetish wear, adult toys and more. Exclusive designs, handmade here in the USA with fast and discreet shipping as well as great service.
Subac4Yah: An Italian group mostly about women in scuba outfits.
Subshop AutumnDeviantart: Demonstrating some of the product sold by Includes latex, bondage, superheroines, gags, armbinders, nurses, maids, blindfolds etc.
Superheroine Domination Knockouts! PPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls in superheroine costumes or zentai dominating men in the ring.
Superheroine Fun by Dawnstar ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroine adventures including shiny suits, lesbians, mummification, bondage, catfight, spanking, depowerment, unconsciousness.
Surprise Him.netFree: Adult toys, corsets, mini dresses, bikinis, lingerie, chain mail, costumes, bras, vinyl etc.
Susan Wayland Latex Fetish Glamour ModelPay: Susan Wayland is a German model known for modern art and latex fashion.
Susan Wayland on FacebookFacebook: Public Figure - Susan Wayland is a German model known for modern art and latex fashion.
Swords MistressYah: A group focused on swordswomen, especially 18th century pirates and musketeers.
Syren LatexCat: Syren Latex is the one of the premier manufacturers of couture latex clothing, latex fashion, and custom latex/rubber original designs.
TakatanJP: High quality anime art of warrior women - women with guns, women with swords and nazi, gestapo bitches.
Tania Sissy GirlFlickr: Female masking, leather, lycra, latex, PVC, corsets etc.

Pay: Raven's official website filled with fetish bdsm and horror. Real girls with real guns! Domination, submission, bondage, nipple and tit torture! Gothic horror, blood and kink. Latex, leather, PVC, thigh high boots, gloves and super high heel
The Rubber WhoresSessions: Site for the beautiful, busty, latex femdom; Natalia.
This Girl's WeblogFree: Stories and pics of life with a sadistic, dominant and creative madman.
Thomasinho's GalleryDeviantart: Photorealistic artwork of beautiful women nude and in lingerie. Some latex and bondage.
Thor 16000Deviantart: Really good 2D art of latex-clad girls, huge breasts, girls with guns, amazons, video game girls, superheroines, nazi girls, hybrids and devilgirls.
Three X L: Fetish RainwearFree: Movies, news, gallery, video and links about fetish rainwear.
Thyphon's Profile on ImageFapImageFap: A few photo galleries of girls in latex.
Tight Leather Gloves on FacebookFacebook: Community - Girls modeling tight leather gloves.
Tight Shirts and Giant BoobsPPV: Clips4Sale - Huge breasts, sleeping, posing, everyday activities, spandex, flashing in public.
Tight, shiny clothes fetish (spandex, lame' satin)Flickr: A group for people that fetishize women in tight shiny clothes.
Tom Derenick's ArtFree: Eight galleries of gorgeous pencils by Tom Derenick.
Total EnclosureFree: Women wrapped up in latex, mummified and asphyxiating.
Triple ThreatJP: Good 2D art of anime girls including latex, schoolgirls, amazons, bikinis.
Twist my Rubber ArmCat: Wide selection of fetish latex wear and accessories. Quick shipping
Two OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Ultraviolet GalleryFree: Large gallery of a movie featuring a sword and gun wielding, latex wearing, belly baring vampiress.
Umm.. Bound and Gagged!
Pay: Sexy gals in tight bondage get ruthlessly dominated by their cold-blooded mistresses! Exclusive videos from the world's darkest dungeons! Bondage dreams come true! Tied and gagged women get punished and forced to orgasm by their sexy mistresses
Utility Pole SpiritJP: Click on the little banner and you'll see some galleries on the left. Very nice artwork of busty girls in latex, casual clothes and bikinis. Some amazon, hybrid and vampire content as well.
UzumakidoJP: Girls in latex/spandex outfits, ninjas, superheroines and other chicks with weapons.
Uzusio on PixivPixiv: Great 2D anime art mostly of girls underwater in underwater, diving suits. Monsters, lesbianism, bondage, insertions!
Veronica VinylYah: Gorgeous goth girl whose group includes some femcan, vinyl/latex clothes, femdom, forced feminization, vampires and trannies.
Vinyl & PVC Clothing on FacebookFacebook: Community - Beautiful girls in latex, vinyl, rubber, leather fetish photos.
Vinyl ClubMySpace: For anyone who has a love or fetish for vinyl/pvc, rubber, or latex. For men, women, somewhere in between. If someone hot in vinyl gets your juices flowin' and/or you love wearing it, then this is the place for you.
Viva Van StoryDeviantart: Photos of a Betty Page look-alike and other models posing in costumes, latex outfits, bikinis, nude and sometimes in bondage.
WaistJP: Hot anime artwork including bikinis, spandex, amazons, huge breasts, schoolgirls, upskirts, angels, hybrids, blowjobs, titty-screws, bondage and chicks with dicks.
WarbabesJP: 3D Pics - usually of latex, bikini, catsuited type girls taking the place of baddies in games. Lots of amazons and girls with guns, stabbing, shooting and getting it back at them.
Warrior MistressFree: Vera Vanguard, the live action figure, poses in a wide variety of fantasy costuming including girls with guns and amazons.
Wasteland on FacebookFacebook: Community - High quality fetish photography.
WelliesYouTube: For members that are into rubber fetish wellies, rubber boots, waders.
Westward BoundCAT: Specialists in Latex Desire-Couture. 100% Designed and Hand Made in England
Westward Bound on FacebookFacebook: Clothing - Specialists in Latex Desire-Couture. 100% Designed and Hand Made in England; by us
Wet, Hot and WildYah: Beautiful young women in wet clothes, underwater and in showers
Wicked TrinityMySpace: A performance trio of beautiful women from Poland who dress mostly in latex.
Women In Boots on FacebookFacebook: Community - Sexy girls in boots.
Women in CapesYah: Beautiful, mostly naked chicks wearing capes. Mostly vampires, some dominas, a couple superheroines and a lot of latex. Links to overflow groups 2-10 can be found on the main page.
Women in Capes BlogFree: A blog, including multiple, well stocked galleries about women in capes. Includes amazons, vampires, superheroines.
XA's GalleryHentai Foundry: Really nice 2D, anime-style art of latex, bondage, fetish, gasmasks, shemales, insertions, tentacle sex.
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