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Bondage *** Pop New
Facesit *** Pop New
Femdom *** Pop New
Latex etc *** Pop New
Medical *** Pop New
Mummy *** Pop New
Spanking *** Pop New
Stuck *** Pop New
Trampling *** Pop New

Amazons *** Pop New
Catfights *** Pop New
Facesit *** Pop New
Femdom *** Pop New
Giantess *** Pop New
Girls & Guns *** Pop New
Musclegirls *** Pop New
Supergirls *** Pop New
Trampling *** Pop New
Vampires *** Pop New

Carrying *** Pop New
Frozen *** Pop New
Hypnosis *** Pop New
Medical *** Pop New
Robots *** Pop New
Sleepy *** Pop New

Amputees *** Pop New
Body Paint *** Pop New
Furry *** Pop New
Giantess *** Pop New
Hybrids *** Pop New
Inflation *** Pop New
Magic *** Pop New
Masking *** Pop New
Statues *** Pop New
Transform *** Pop New
TG *** Pop New
Vampires *** Pop New

Big Breasts *** Pop New
Big Butts *** Pop New
Fat Chicks *** Pop New
Musclegirls *** Pop New
Preggos etc *** Pop New
Tall Girls *** Pop New

Babes/PStars *** Pop New
Bikini Models *** Pop New
Bikini Pics *** Pop New
Bikini Stores *** Pop New
Misc Porn *** Pop New
Agencies *** Pop New
Teens/School *** Pop New

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-- Titles
Babes & Pornstars
Bikini Models
Bikini Pics
Bikini/Lingerie Store
Body Painting
Fat Chicks
Girls with Guns
Huge Bellies
Huge Breasts
Huge Butts
Huge Muscles
Medical Fetish
Miscellaneous Porn
Tall Girls

Referers 16-30

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A How-To guide to the new complete with tips, ideas and rules for submissions.
A kind of "How To" manual,.
Many of you will be migrating here from the original Weird and Sexy text-based website.  I've created this new, more interactive version of Weird and Sexy so that my guests can enjoy the versatility and power of a full MySQL database.

New Functions
The new Weird and Sexy is packed with so many new features that it will probably take you several visits before you've used them all.

The primary reason for setting up this database is so that users could have a search function and this one is exceptional.  Guests can search by words (like "belly"), categories (like Amazons or Bondage) or site types (like Yahoo Groups or Japanese Sites).  Leaving any field blank will mean that the field does not impact your search.   Choosing "Website" under "Site Type" eliminates all sites that aren't standard websites including MySpace profiles, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups or YouTube Videos.

Typing in "Buffy" without choosing a category or site type  will turn up "Buffy" from all categories and site types which will probably give you girls named "Buffy" from Scream Queens, Bikini Models, Femdom etc.  If you were only interested in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" sites you should choose "Buffy" in the search field and "Category: Vampires".  Now let's say you want Buffy sites, but you don't want to bother with any Yahoo style groups or Japanese sites.  Choose what you did before and add "Site Type: Website".

You can use the Search function to browse "Weird and Sexy".  Leave the description field blank and then choose what category and site type you would like to browse.  If you wanted to read through all of "Bondage" but wanted to break it up; you could choose to read through all the "Website" sites by choosing "Site Type: Website", next choose "Site Type: Google Groups" to read through all the Google Group Bondage sites posted in "Weird and Sexy".

Sort allows guests to sort not only by Title like the original Weird and Sexy but also by popularity, date added, rating, editor's pick, hits in, description, number of votes and even whether you want to see it in ascending or descending order.  Realize that the sort defaults to descending order which is terrific for sorting by Title but you may want to change it for sorting by "Date Added".

Sort by Description:
"Sort by Description" may initially  seem useless but I have added a code for the Site Type of each site to the beginning of the description to make this type of sort useful.  This means that if you sort by description, all the Yahoo Sites, Free Sites, Pay Sites,  Japanese Sites etc will be clumped together.

At the bottom of each site description is the option to read or leave a comment.  Maybe you have a useful comment... like placing under Action Girls:  "I hear that Action Girls is coming out with some new Amazon photosets."  Maybe a site is advertised as something other than it really is, you can help your fellow guests with a comment.  "Yeah, Mafia Girls show a lot of girls with guns but it's really just a f*ck and s*ck - nothing reallly new."  Try to be kind and fair.  Site owners may leave dated comments about specials and updates.

This is where lots of votes will make a difference.  Only one vote each day from each IP and you know that the owner is going to give himself five stars.  I'm pretty conciliatory so even when I run into crap sites, I don't usually burn them as much as they deserve.  Here's where you can do the burning and warn your friends or do some complimenting so your friends will know that a site is particularly good!

Bad Link?:
Here is your chance to help me with Weird and Sexy.  Is the site gone?  Has it been co-opted by another, different type of site?  Is my description, site type or category wrong?  Give me a quick note to tell me so I can fix it.

Popping in here may give you more information on the site, the person who posted the site, comments and even, sometimes, some galleries.

You've got to give this a shot, it is so cool!  You can open up a little box that will give you a preview of the site you were about to visit.  This'll help you avoid closed sites, missing sites and co-opted sites.

In Frame:
This is a lot of fun!  You can open a site in a frame and then if you get bored with that site you can just forward to the next site in the list! 

Please submit tutorials, opinion pieces and stories to Weird and  I'll be personally approving them and will only be concerned about the following rules:  Nothing offensive, overtly political or overtly religious.  Opinion Pieces should be relevant to Weird and Sexy, not the Iraq war, Islam or Hillary Clinton.  If you are subtle and smart enough, you can educate us on a relevant political issue without  descending into slander, hate and ad hominems.  For example... Good:  Article 2257's recent redefinition has successfully sent a chill throughout adult entertainment and is undoubtedly a tool to help destroy what its creators think of as "evil pornography".  Bad (This is not  my opinion - just an example of how not to write an article):  Those fucking Republican idiots passed 2257 because porn is making Baby Jesus cry.  Those fucktard Christians need to get their own lives and stop fucking with us!  Stories:  Not much here... Please place information as to what fetish it pertains to in the title and please no one under 18 at all.

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