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Magic (157)
Magic Assistant fetish is a very specific but popular fetish where women are seperated or cut up in some way - through magic. I've included magic illusions, magic assistants and people warped, chopped up or turned invisible.

Fetish Transformation
Pay: Amazing transformation website including women transformed into aliens, mannequins,snakes, kigurumi, magical seperation, hybrid animals, body painted!
Aaron RadatzWeb: Just a couple pics of Radatz's act including a hovering assistant.
AgateJP: Good 2D anime art including demon girls, amazons, nudity, witches and schoolgirls.
AnimewaveDeviantart: Large breasted anime girls, superheroines, elastic girls, furries, hybrids, predatory females.
Astral Sublimation of Invsible WomanJP: Acrylic paiting of an invisible woman.
Babes in the WoodWeb: Stocks and pillaries along with some magic illusions.
Barbarian Babes
Pay: Beautiful busty blade-bearing babes!
Big Nasty 4 LifeDeviantart: Good anime-style 2D art including inflating girls, Sonic characters, superfat girls, furries, mostly people changed into all sorts of things including balloons, dolls, pooltoys, punching bags etc.
Brock EdwardsWeb: Professional Californian illusionist with several pics and videos on site.
Cheesium's Photoshop AdvWeb: Photoshopped pics of women - lots of missing heads, legs, arms etc.
Chezaday Magic SuperheroWeb: Superheroic magician with some illusions on-site.
Christopher: MySpaceMySpace: MySpace page for a professional magician with some clips onsite.
Colson CollectionWeb: Page of illusion stories and more featuring all kinds of unexpected magic.
Comic ScannersYah: Superheroines, body painting, bondage, guns, swords, catfighting, knock-outs, girl magicians.
Cutting Girl in Half (Magic Unlimited)VID: YouTube - Pretty blonde is cut in half in the normal 'saw the lady in half' way,
Cyber Magic LibraryYah: Archived photos and stories for the erotic magic community.
Cyber Magic Performance ClubYah: A place to role play all types of magical performances.
Cyber Magic Role PlayingWeb: Dos, don'ts and suggestions for Cyber Magic role-playing includes examples and some nice pics.
Dark Fire GalleryWeb: Adult sex toys including whips, bondage gear, paddlyes, collars etc. Includes pics of bondage, magical fire and some medical fetish.
Dave's FI ClubYah: Femmes Invisibles! Photomanips of girls with one or more invisible body parts.
David NixonYah: Remembering illusionist David Nixon.
Dr GantzWeb: Science fiction stories about a time travelling doctor who learns magic and has some adventures.
Dragon Illusion's IndexWeb: A listing of magic illusions with sample photos.
Erotic Magical ImageryWeb: High-quality art and photomanipulations of gorgeous nude women sawed in half!
Erotic Manipulated FemalesYah: Pics of women being touched up in any way one's mind can visualize. Whether she's headless,armless or any other less.
Evil MagicianPay: Wow, superhot, naked chicks in severe magic peril! Guillotines! Swords! Girls hacked in half!
Evil MagicianPay: Wow, superhot, naked chicks in severe magic peril! Guillotines! Swords! Girls hacked in half!
Fading Femmes InvisibleWeb: Dedicated to women in film and TV who disappear with their clothing so they are totally invisible.
Fantasticas MujeresYah: Women who are magically altered so that they have missing or extra limbs or head..
Female Fantasy ManipsYah: A place to keep all the fantasy manips from the other magic groups.
Femmes InvisibleWeb: Website where the girl is invisible and we see her floating clothes. Sometimes we see disembodied hands and heads.
Femmes Invisible DatabaseFree: A database of invisible women in fiction.
Femmes Invisible DatabaseFree: A database of invisible women in fiction.
Fetish IslandsWeb: Paysite - Mannequins, Living Statues, Animal Girls, Magic Girls, Robotic Girls.
FI Story CornerYah: A place to post stories about invisibility, living clothing, etc. Pics and videos are welcome as well.
FlatphilesYah: For people who enjoy the fantasies of flattening others like cartoon characters or be flattened themselves. Steamrollers, anvils etc.
Fotom 2Web: Digitally manipulated photos of girls in stockings - some look quite magical.
Frederic Da SilvaWeb: Magician's website with plenty of terrific magic photos.
Gary GoodmanWeb: Professional magician with pics of his illusions on site.
Gasp IllusionsWeb: Italian magic site with some nice illusion pics.
Gilles Weiss MagicianWeb: Website for French magician, Gilles Weiss. Click on Francais - the English version wasn't working when I last checked it.
HigumaxJP: Really nice 2D anime art. Subjects include schoolgirls, huge breasts, bikinis, spandex, upskirts, catgirls, magic girls.
Hottest PixPaysite: Mostly magic and hypnosis pics.
Hypnosis Sleep ShowsPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexy woman placed under hypnosis wearing pantyhose made to orgasm under any suggestion You will learn how to place very sexy woman in deep hypnosis tance to wear pantyhose.
Illusion TheatreYah: Photomanips of girls having their bodies seperated by magic.
Illusions of Grandeur GlobalYah: Dedicated to the illustrative art of magic and grand illusion as well as the cyber magicians and scantily clad assistants that make it all possible.
Invisible GirlsWeb: A site dedicated to special effects that look like invisible girls.
Invisible GirlsWeb: Pictures of invisible girls - clothes floating, stockings without legs.
Invisible ImagesWeb: Pics of empty, moving clothes as assembled from TV and movies!
Invisible SexYah: Group to explore your sexual fantasies about being invisible.

Invisible Sex 4Yah: Explore sexual fantasies about being invisible. This is a yahoo group that covers the fantasy of being invisible and using the power to have your way with women or men.
Invisible Woman Story ArchiveWeb: Pics, manips and stories all about invisible women in visible clothing.
Invisible Woman Story ArchiveWeb: A place to find stories about women only seen by their floating clothing.
Invisible WomenMy Groups: Invisible woman fetish group.
InvisiphilesWeb Archive: Pic albums and story libraries focused on invisible girls.
InvisiphilesYah: Invisible girls usually looking like floating clothes.
Invisiphiles ReduxYah: A repository for pics and stories of invisible girls.
Jason CampoliFlickr: Some photos of magic illusions with female assistants.
John Bundy and MorganWeb: Electrifying the stage with imaginative theatrical illusions! The official website with plenty of illusion pics.
John T SheetsWeb: Colorado based magician doing Las Vegas style illusions.
K.Lal & K.Lal JrFree: Father and son magician team.
Knight MagicWeb: Professional magician; Kyle Knight and Miss Las Vegas 2006; Mistie team up to produce amazing illusions.
Lighter than AirYah: A new group dedicated to the beautiful illusions of levitation and suspension.
Magic and Meaning - The Art of MagicFlickr: A collection of pictures portraying the performing art of magic: from stage to closeup, from illusionist to production to sideshow arts to the bizarre, especially bizarre magick.
Magic Assistant SafetyYah: Magic assistants hacked up or in peril - blood!
Magic Assistant Safety 2Yah: Girls accidentally cut in pieces by clumsy magicians. Some blood red coloring.
Magic BookshelfYah: The place to talk about, read about and write about stage magic, real or cyber.
Magic BuildersTribe: A tribe for all of you who create, build and manufacture magic tricks, devices, and illusions.
Magic Casket of StingJP: Japanese magic newsletter by Sting.
Magic FeetYah: For those who just gotta find out if the magician's assistant's feet are real after she's sawn in half.
Magic FeetYah: Have you ever fantasized about being either a magician or assistant and perform sawing a woman in half as an excuse to indulge your foot fetish fantasies?
Magic Illusion 200YouTube: Videos of magicians performing elaborate illusions.
Magic of LynFree: Lyn Dillies, an attractive blonde magician, performs stage illusions - usually on men.
Magic of VirgilWeb: Magician with a seriously hot assistant.
Magic SafireWeb: Gorgeous, asian, female magician - nicely designed site.
Magic TelevisionWeb: Mostly just summaries of magic scenes performed on TV but there are some worthwhile vidcaps.
Magic Trick Makers and Illusion BuildersTribe: A tribe for all of you who create, build and manufacture magic tricks, devices, and illusions.
Magic WeekWeb: A heavily illustrated magazine about magic in the UK.
Magical Disembodied Legs and FeetGoogle: Girls chopped up magically with their seperated body parts remaining functional.
Male Assistants in MagicYah: For those who can appreciate a guy being sawed in two.
Mark Wilson MagicWeb: A professional magician with a very nice site - you'll find some applicable streaming videos.
Martin's MagicCat: Magic dealer with some good magic videos.
Mathdave 2000's FI WebsiteWeb: A website dedicated to invisible women in visible clothing.
Matt Snyder's Illusion Stories - Wayback MachineWeb: Illusion stories written by Matt Snyder.
Mike WongWeb: Animal oriented magician with a nice website - there's a buzzsaw peril.
Mister Doe's BlogWeb: Stories of fully invisible or partially invisible girls.
Misterdoe's GalleryDeviantart: Total magic illusions fetish! Seperated women, invisible girls, levitating chicks etc.
Misterdoe's GalleryDeviantart: Total magic illusions fetish! Seperated women, invisible girls, levitating chicks etc.
Misterdoes GalleryYah: Pics and stories of invisible girls.
MokujiJP: Real pics of someone in a Japanese sailor girl outfit getting killed in a variety of "peril" ways including a circular saw, two swords and a crucifixion. Also, sailor suit girls getting killed in games.
Monty Hack's Extreme Erotic Peril Art
EroticIllusionsPaysite: Extreme violence, blood, gore, bondage, necrophilia and more. An wonderous place full of witless airheaded bimbos who become the prey of the peeping tom to the sex-crazed serial killer.
More Femmes InvisiblesWeb: A gallery of women who are either partially invisble or invisble with visible clothing.
Must HaveWeb: Site listing Films, TV Programs and Videos that have invisible girls.
Mysteries of Aaron WhiteWeb: A write-your-own magic mystery site where Aaron White uses his powers of illusion to solve crimes.
Northeast ThrowerYah: A discussion of knife throwing in Northeast US and Southeast Canada.
Owen Magic SupremeWeb: Magic store with some real hot magic illusion photos.
Paul Lee's MagicWeb: The professional, Vegas level illusions of Paul Lee and Cherie!
Phlebasus' PhotosYah: Photos of girls with invisible or dislocated bodyparts.
Photoshop Contests: Fantastic ElasticWeb: Girls and others stretching or getting stretched like rubber.
Pics of Magical WomenYah: Photomanips of women with magical powers - mostly mind control.
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