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This list is all about the producers, directors and writers whose bizarre and warped minds create the stories we all enjoy watching!

13th Dream Production company responsible for the ultraviolent, "Darkness the Vampire Version"!
4321 Films Producers of such gross-out monster movie fare as "Monsturd" and "Retardead".
4th Floor Pictures Producers of bloody horror flicks like "Serial Killer", "Evil Tales 3" and "Dead Body Man".
a55 films Huge B-Movie producer responsible for such gems as "Virgin Mummies" and "Shira, Vampire Samurai".
ABM DigiFilms Producer of "What Hides Beneath" and "Death by Association".
AIP Films The terrific exploitation films of Fred Olen Ray like "Star Slammer", "Hard to Kill", "Evil Toons" and "Attack of the 60' Centerfold".
Alpha ProductionsA unique weird selection of horror and Sci-fi B-class movies from exotic South America.
Alter Ego Cinema Producers of slasher flicks like "Big Boobs, Blonde Babes, Bad Blood", "Romance Road Killers" and "Amateur Porn Star Killer".
Amusement Films Producers of such indy films as "Girls of H.A.R.M.", "El Frenetico and Go-Girl" and "It's a Haunted Happening".
Anarchy 101 Indy film producer creating full-length and short features. No horror topics that I saw.
Andy Sidaris MySpace: The producer of all those awesome girls and guns movies.
Andy Sidaris DOT com The official Andy Sidaris guns and hooters website.
Apparition Films Producers of cult movies like "Black Sun" and "Freakshow Deluxe".
Appreciation of Fred Olen Ray films A tribute to famous B-Movie producer/director Fred Olen Ray. Includes pics from 'Beverly Hills Vamp' and 'Attack of the 50' Centerfold'.
The Asylum Distributor and producers of all types of film but with a focus on horror.
Aurc Midian Productions Producer of Silenced; a movie about a man who cuts out the tongues of women. B&W pics and video of dead women, bondage and killing.
Anthroproject Production company responsible for such violent, trashy fare as "Nikos the Impaler", "Violent Shit" and "Zombie 90".
B Boy Productions Producer of movies like "Something to Scream About", "Assault of the B-Queens" and "5 Dark Souls".
Blooming Rose Cinema Producer: Producers of such movies as "Love Hath No Measure", "A Fine Line Between Love & Latex" and "Montel Mashugana".
B-MOVIE THEATERThe leader in cult movie production, sales, promotion, entertainment and distribution!
B+ Productions Producer of such shocking fare as "Evil Ambitions", "Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls" and "Vamps 2: Blood Sisters".
Bad Pixel Productions Producers of Schizophrenia, Public Safety and Hotel Amnesia.
Bangor Films Producer of such movies as "The Death of Dottie Love", "V is for Violet" and "The Flesh is Willing".
Birdling Brains Producers of such quality indy fare as Dead/Undead, Secrets of Fenville, Happily Married Vigilantes.
Black Berry Studios Producer of such films as Valkyr, Dark Reign and Blood Money.
Black Cab Productions Producers of shorts like "Scream For Me", "My Skin" and "Human No More".
Black Cloud Pictures Producers of "I Hate You" a movie about a demented stand-up comedian/serial killer.
Black Russian Films Small cult movies by a Russian producer.
Blood Candy Productions Digital filmmaker who will soon be making "Bloodbelly Manor".
Bloodsuckers and Breasts A treatsie on the erotic vampire films of European director Leon Klimovsky. A couple nice pics!
Bloody Movie Productions Producers of some independent action and zombie movies.
Bluestone Video Productions Online PPV and DVD store for some of Bluestone's "Silk Stalkings"-like video productions.
Blue Production company of gems like: Daughters of Darkness, Vampyres, Two Evil Eyes, The Crazies etc.
Bob Gonzo Comic and producer of low budget B-Movies that he surpisingly doesn't list on his site. I'm still trying to find "Bachelor Party Massacre".
Boudicca Films Production company? Boudicca distributes a very small number of English independent films.
Brain Damage Films Producer of the Real Death Gorefests "Traces of Death" as well as a number of horror movies! Movies available for sale.
Bravado Entertainment Producers of the Star Wars spoof, Queens of the Sith. Some fully-dressed chicks with swords and guns (no deaths) as well as a well made Star Wars style plot.
Brimstone Media Productions Horror production company responsible for Addicted to Murder, Evil Maker, Vampire Vermont and many others.
Cinema Images Producer of the gorefest "Red Midnight" as well as the eclectic "Machines of Love and Hate".
Corporations Unlimited Producers of the #1 worst romantic movie of all times; Anus Magillicutty.
Crazy Ralph Films Rabid humans, killer bunnies, crazy cannibals, backwoods wackos, psycho cheerleaders, demon clowns - Horror movies for the Insane!
Creative Light Entertainment Professional production company that has created Creature Unknown, Slammed, SuperGuy: Behind The Cape.
Cyber-Scan Productions Producers of indies like Womb Raider, Sanctuary and New-Dawn!
Dario Argento - Master of the Macabre Dedicated to the cult, italian film maker, Dario Argento known for Suspiria, Tenbrae and Trauma among many others.
Dark Dreams Dedicated to the films of Italian splatter great; Dario Argento.
Dark Night Films Producer of Chameleon Killer, Evil on Queen Street and Jason Vs Michael.
Dark Shadow's Photos Flickr: A nice series of photos from "Liberty or Death Productions" including behind-the-scenes photos of a horror movie, vampires, a cute corpse, some bondage.
Dead-Alive Productions Dead Alive Productions, makers of Feast.
Dead Guy's Cinema A producer of videos where men are shot, stabbed, devoured and strangled in a variety of novel ways.
Disruptive Media Producer of movies like Bulletfighter, When Shadows Die and Scary Tales.
Doorway Productions Producers of "Creepy Clips" and other evil stuff.
Drop Dead Films Producers of the indy films "The Day I Met my Mother" and "The Good Book".
EI Independant CinemasThe label for independants.
Elite Producers of such fun B-Movie fare as "The Janitor" and "Boggy Creek II".
Empty Amateur production company with several little movies on site.
Eric Spudic Website Young filmmaker whose films include "Killers by Nature", "Maniacal" and "Creepies".
Eric Spudic Website Young filmmaker whose films include "Killers by Nature", "Maniacal" and "Creepies".
Eyewitness Productions one of the largest asphyx sites and the only special effects hangings on the web! Beautiful models in peril, huge photosets with weekly updates and large selection of PPV video. 2257
Fear Film Horror film producer and homepage for several slasher/gore flicks and at least one vampire movie.
Fear Film MySpace: Horror film producer and homepage for several slasher/gore flicks and at least one vampire movie.
Foiled Productions Downloadable independent films with names like "Sunday Night Zombies" and "Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer".
Frontline Films Producer of such independent films as Dinocop, Blood Justice, Sweet Nightmares and Dinosaur Valley Girls.
Full Metal Producer and distributor of horror, vampire and porn movies.
Gonzo's Gorgeous Girls Homepage for colorful B-Movie producer Bob Gonzo! Includes scream queen pics, Convention pics and a place to order his erotic, slasher, vampire style movies. Only place I could find "Bachelor Party Massacre".
Guerilla Force Films MySpace: Canadian producers of movies like "Lucrese", "Love Vigilantes" and "The Champion".
Gutbank Entertainment Independent movie production company featuring 'Satan's Menagerie' a vampire movie.
Helltimate Studios Production company responsibe for such extreme fares as Gore Goyles, Urban Flesh, Time Enough and Beast.
Heretic Films Producer of such horror fare as Red Cockroaches, I'll Bury You Tomorrow, London Voodoo, Cold Blood and Last Exit!
Herschell Gordon Lewis The Godfather of GORE! Producer of Blood Feast, A Taste of Blood, Wizard of Gore etc. Find some great pics HERE.
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Godfather of Gore A site dedicated to the man widely accepted as the founder of the slasher film!
Horror on Film Homepage and purchase place for Andy Koontz's brutal zombie movies.
Hudson Productions Producers of Necropolis Awakened and Monster.
I Kick Ass for the Lord Dedicated to the films of Peter Jackson like Dead Alive, Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles.
Imagen D.E.A.T.H. Spanish movie producer and movie sales with some terrific trailers. Trailers include porn, a lot of guys getting killed and a good girl shooting under Vampira II.
Imagination Worldwide LLC MySpace: Producer of movies like "Small Town Folk", "Babysitter Wanted" and "KAW".
Insane-o-Rama Producers of bloody vampire, horror film(s).
John Marshall Productions
Production company specializing in horror, gore and sleaze with an emphasis on slasher flicks. John's movies depend heavily on tension, suspense, horror, violence and of utmost importance -- hot, nubile girls!
Killer Bikini Vampire Girls Homepage for the super-awesome collection of B-Movies based on "Killer Bikini Vampires"!
Killer Bikini Vampire Girls My Space: The MySpace site for the incredibly sexy, violent and funny "Killer Bikini Vampire Girls".
Lost Angeles Films Free: Production company responsible for such horror gems as "Eat Your Heart Out", "Pink Eye" and "A Star is Born".
Lost Angeles Films: MySpace MySpace: Production company responsible for such horror gems as "Eat Your Heart Out", "Pink Eye" and "A Star is Born".
Lynnvander Productions MySpace: Producers of movies like "Numbers Game", "Four Aces" and "Failing Light".
Maguire Films Producers of movies like "Double-Take" known for its hot chicks with guns.
Maelstrom Productions Northwest production companies who were responsible for films like "Lovecraft's Strange Aeons", "Lovecraft's the Thing on the Doorstep" and "Noctune".
Midnite-Films Free: Producer of movies like "Vampire Diaries" - very little info onsite.
Midnite-Films: MySpace MySpace: Producer of movies like "Blood Lake", "Sam" and "Vampire Diaries" - very little info onsite.
Mark of Naschy Page dedicated to Spanish B-Movie Producer, Director, Writer and Actor. His latest film is "Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood".
Midnight Pictures Producers of indy, vampire and horror movies like "Saul's Pupils", "Dark Light" and "Zombie Genocide".
Monstermania 2001 Monsters, Hot Vampires etc.
Mr Creepo Producer of such terrific flicks as "Blood Spurting Vampire Freaks" and "Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre". Plenty of great pics on the site!
New Phoenix Filmworks Producer of a variety of hot, superheroine films.
Next Monkey Murderers, Slashers, Serial killers and unimaginable horror - Next Monkey brings evil to life in their movies, videos and DVDs. "Branded", "Toe Tags" and "Carthage".
Nightmare ProductionsIndependant erotic horror film maker
Odessa Filmworks Producer of such B-Movie fare as "Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy" and "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter".
One Man Film Free: Homepage for the producers of "Stalking Hand", "Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace" and "Dream Witch". Also, reviews, news, commentary, trailers from other producers and articles.
On Mark Productions Producers of such slasher/horror movies as The Zombie Room, Runaway Terror, Despair and Twilight's Parasites.
Painting Pictures Productions MySpace: Producers of a variety of short films.
Peace Arch Entertainment Free: Creating and distributing distinctive feature films and television programming.
PipeDreams Entertainment Makers of the movies "The Evilmaker", "Abomination" and the soon to be released "Housebound".
PKF Studios!
Cat: Erotic horror movies! Beautiful women encountering pure horror and dying in a wide variety of ways.
Playground Films Independent producers of "Dividing Hour" and a number of shorts.
Plot Digger MySpace: The producer of such horror fare as "Torched" and "Live Feed".
Probot Productions Producer of online action-figure videos. Watch Star Wars characters, Superheroines and Alien figures acting in these spoofs.
Radioactive Theater Erotic sci-fi, superheroine videos starting with "The Erotic Avengers".
Rainstorm Pictures Producer of the incredibly gory, "13 seconds"!
Rapid Heart Pictures Production company for a number of horror moview with homoerotic undertones like Leeches, Voodoo Academy and Wolves of Wallstreet.
RedRum MTI subcompany producing such horror flicks as Maniacts, Hunting Humans and Detour.
Renegade Films Producers of such gems as "The Web of Darkness", "Death Island", "The Pledge" and "Bloody Mary"!
Rice Power Productions Production company headed by Ron Jeremy. Only movie is currently "Andre the Butcher".
Rolfe Kanefsky Producer of campy, independent films including Nightmare Man, Jacqueline Hyde, Corpses and The Hazing.
Ron Ford's Movie Studio of Death Director of independent horror films like 'Dead Season' and 'The Fear'.
Russem Productions Free: Producers of "Perfect Red", "PJ", "Girl With Gun" and others.
Sam Raimi Website dedicated to the creator of such horror classics as Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Xena and now Spiderman.
Schotten Film Works Producers of the violent, zombie movie; "Dead Life".
Seduction Cinema B-Movie producer and reseller. Lord of the Strings, Intl Girl of SEXY for example.
Sexy Sexy cult vampire videos & indie films. Vampire Conspiracy.
Shock! Horror! Probe! Shock! Horror! Probe! produces low-budget sci-fi, horror movies for broadcast on the internet. Includes "Bikini Zombies from the Moon", "Fanggam" and "Plasma".
Shock-O-Rama Producer of such violent, exploitation flicks as "Lethal Seduction", "Psycho Sisters", "The Dead Next Door" and "Women's Prison Massacre"! A few Vampire flicks as well. Also, a nice genre magazine focusing on independent horror and exploitation flicks.
Silver Moon Productions Producers of horror movies like The Bagman, Evil in the Bayou and Tales from the Grave.
Siren Tales Productions Free: Producers of sexy, sci-fi/action movies. Evil scientist babes, superheroines and kick ass chicks.
Sonic Monkey Films Producers of the extremely violent slasher flick, "Home Sick".
Speed Freak Productions Independent movie production company responsible for "Midnight Skater", "Teenage Zombie House Massacre" and "Splatter Rampage Wrestling".
Steele Productions MySpace: From Mandi Steele - Producers of "The Awakening". Lots of superheroine content onsite.
Steel Web Studios Producers of Slaughter Disc with some new movies in production.
Strange Things Happen at Sundown Movie by Insane-or-Rama - includes vampires, corpses and a knife and gun wielding babe.
Stuck Dragon Films MySpace page for the producers of "Gods that Kill".
Subversive Cinema Producer of high-class horror like Funny Man, Metal Skin and Gardener.
Sv Bell's Cult Movies Cat: SVBI films like "Cold Blonded Murders" and "She Demons of the Black Sun", art, store and free stuff.
SwissTim films Free: Production company with some downloads onsite of various action movies like Counteract: Die Spy, Assisted Suicide, Dying Tired and My Body Crumbles. (not fetish)
Tartan Films South Korean producers of independent flicks like Oldboy and A Tale of Two Sisters.
Tempe Entertainment Producer and dealer of cult horror movie classics.
Thunderhead Entertainment Producer of such sci-fi, fantasy fare as "The Omega Diary", "The Brink", "Sideoff" and "Black Magic".
Time Warp Films Producers of the movies; "Stakes" and "Harvesters".
Todd Tjersland Novelist and film producer whose current film work is about a female secret agent/assassin.
Toe Tag Pictures A production company specializing in violent horror movies - couldn't find much on site except the staff in body bags.
Trauma One MySpace: Producers of Five Across the Eyes and hopefully more horror flicks to come.
Troma Official home of B-Movie king - Troma Studio.
Ultragore Production company specializing in underground horror movies like "Zombie Gore".
Unknown Productions Prolific production company responsible for many cult movies including "Amazon Warrior", "Sorority House Vamires", "Club Dead" and "Dead Girls".
Vamping You Productions MySpace: Producers of the gory Vampire movies "Descend into Darkness I and II"..
Wicked Pixel Producers of such horror fare as Savage Harvest, October Blood and Deadwood Park.
William Creator of such great exploitation flicks as Grizzly, Three on a Meathook, Zebra Killer and Asylum of Satan.
World Parody Productions Production company specializing in horror and action with some pretty violent slasher flicks!
World Parody Productions Home of World Parody Productions. Filmmakers DEADicated to bringing blood and gore back to horror films!
Zombie 13 Films: MySpace MySpace page for "Zombie 13 Films" production company. Its only movie so far is "The 13th Corpse".
Zombie Duck Films Free: Producer of a variety of short subjects, my favorite being a parody, zombie carwash.



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