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Mummification (42)
A subset of BDSM, mummification or cocooning means that the submissive is wrapped head to foot like a mummy, commonly with nothing showing. Sometimes mummification involves clear food wrap so that the person is completely visible though still cocooned.

AlenonimoDeviantart: Cute anime girls sometimes tied-up, handcuffed, mummified, stuck in glue, encased and collared.
Bdsm Pro Pictures
Tube: Free bdsm porn pictures collected from the whole internet in one huge bondage base with tons of free sex pics, bizarre photos updated every day
BDSM: Mummification1 Site
Bloody Black Cat-StockDeviantart: Photos of a hot goth chick, lots of blood, bagging suffocation, angel wings, blasphemy, latex and encasement in plastic.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bound Nicole Babe78Deviantart: Mostly pics of a hot redhead but also art and guest models. Subjects include rope bondage, mummification, latex, gags, blindfolds, armbinders, femdom, belt bondage, collars etc.
Cartoon Heroine Perils PageFree: Cartoon characters in bondage and mummified.
Cast Your EnthusiasmPay: Girls in casts from simple arm casts to full body casts.
Chayse Black Kink
Alternative model chayse black explores the world of kink!
Cling Film BondagePay: Girls wrapped head to toe in saran wrap - sometimes over their mouths.
Cocoa SoftJP: Japanese site about women wrapped in plastic, covered in paint, buried under mud etc.
Crazy Pain Bdsm Tube VideosFree bdsm videos. painful torturing, sadism and masochism movies. crazy painful tits and pussy torture tube. online bondage and bizarre fetish clips with torture and pain
Dagogad's PhotostreamFlickr: Girls in opaque nylon, medical armbraces and mummification.
Daphne's ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish video clips including balloon popping, wet & messy, smoking, feet, bondage, gags, armwrestling, knock-outs, dominance,
DHViewerDeviantart: Casual anime art - some bondage, mostly mummification.
Doug F DougDeviantart: Artistic photography of bondage, corsets, nudity, encasement, smoking
EncasementFlickr: Strictly for sharing encasement photos and discussions about encasement. Encasement most commonly contains pantyhose or furniture, but can be just about anything you can fit yourself into!
Encasement Fetish.comPay: and freesite. For those who enjoy the fetish of TOTAL encasement!
Gagged Utopia's StoriesFree: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive is a 100% free story archive, updated daily, featuring some of the best bondage, bdsm, self bondage, chastity, packaged, and mummification stories.
Horror Sex Bondage Gallery!
Jenny's Encasement and Latex DreamsPPV: Clips4Sale - German model who enjoys encasement and pantyhose. Clips incude Catwoman, strap-on, medical fetish.
Maryland FunFlickr: People that like to be tied up in md/dc/va or nashville tenn! Lots of male mummification pics.
Mummification BondageFlickr: Pics of mummies! Your own or web-finds. Any kind of mummy will do: male/female, tape, leather, plastic, blankets, plaster, etc. Also heavy encasement.
Mummified sistersDeviantart: Some stories and 2D art mostly focused on mummification.
Mummy Making on Medical ToysFree: A very well written, copiously illustrated guide to the mummification fetish.
Neko Neko RinDeviantart: Photos of pretty asian girls in bondage and mummified.
Osvaldogreco's Gallery on DeviantartDeviantart: Nice 2D fetish art and the occasional photo including diving suits, space suits, gas masks, bondage, gags, strap ons, full enclosure, underwater.
Photo Sets by SeetherPay: Bondage clips including ball gags, nipple clamps, gags, duct tape, latex, nylon encasement, plastic wrap mummification, HOM. Virtually every form of bondage, restraint and choice of costume imaginable!
Rainbow RopeCat: A site selling equipment for bondage, mummification, dungeon hardware, BDSM toys, and medical paraphenalia.
Rubber Eva
Pay: Welcome to my website - a place where I can indulge in my fetish for latex, plastic, bondage and breathplay and bring some of my sexiest fantasies to life. Welcome to the world of Rubber Eva; an entire world devoted to the pleasures of latex.
Sack BondageMySpace: For all who like bondage in sacks, bags, mummification!
SteeneeweeneeDeviantart: Gorgeous, artistic photogalleries of girls in latex, corsets, masks, nudity, encasement, pantyhose.
Superheroine Fun by Dawnstar ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroine adventures including shiny suits, lesbians, mummification, bondage, catfight, spanking, depowerment, unconsciousness.
Tape Bound GirlsYah: Girls bound head to foot in tape.
Tape MummificationYahoo: Mummified with all types of tape
Tape TiedYah: This group is intended to become a haven for all those who like to see pictures of ladies bound in tape, be it of the masking, clear, or (preferably) duct. Preferably barefoot, but it's by no means neccessary.
Total EnclosureFree: Women wrapped up in latex, mummified and asphyxiating.
Wrapped UpYah: Women stuck or coccooned in giant spider webs.