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Alright - this is the first and most popular page. Here I list sites in the order I find them. These sites may or may not actually be NEW but they ARE new to the list!

WARNING: Email viruses have at one time or another used all our sites as email return addresses. NEVER open an attachment or provide information to an email that is supposedly from any of our sites.

British Citizens: Many Death Fetish webmasters are blocking British traffic because of the new violent porn law. You'll be redirected to Google or something equally inoffensive. We're sorry.

XXX Rated Groups is a set of user groups like Yahoo or MSN but targeted towards the adult and extreme audiences. Try 'em out either to start your own group or to browse Megabytes of free content.


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  • Upgrading the gallery sites continues to be an uphill battle; now the program has been consistently corrupting the data. Good thing I'm using a trial site! Anyway, upgrading the galleries has been my big time burglar right now - so yes, updates have been slow.
  •'s top referer program is working again.
  • Dark Comix contest, "Undead" ends and the new contest, "Mechanical Mayhem" begins!
  • My first attempt at upgrading the gallery sites ended in destruction and a complete restore of I'll create a duplicate site and play around with that until I get it right.
  •'s top referer program is working again.
  • A week in and looking under "Popular Sites" on, I see a LOT of Sleepy sites! Interesting.

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CnB Updates for July 2-602Howard
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (June 29th)297bigjohn
Superseven IndieGoGo Campaign01Big O
2K4 VIP Club is open065dt8888
SGA Fantasy Art: NEW GFG EVENT and GSG EXTRA update043sga
Hit Gone Wrong080Daphne
CnB Updates for June 25-293273Howard
Bluestone's "20 Step Program" (Petra) is now up!074Howard
Great strangulation scenes from Mandara and more0181dt8888
Sophie's Fetish Workshop - Newest Updates1177Sophie
New video clips on Mediafire site (06/25)0504detmags2
This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (June 22th)3225bigjohn
Amazon-Warriors: 2 New Videos Out Now0206uncle_buck
Banned Video Extreme Cruelty Video Series NOt to be Missed0381dt8888
Bluestone's "Eye For An Eye" (Petra) is now up!1305Howard
Superseven "Operation: Permission To Kill" is now posted!0205Big O
CnB Updates for June 18-223328Howard
Just an announcement for smxxx0157dt8888
2kill4 Evil Strangulations and more0447dt8888
Latex End0272Daphne

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Chikan Play Series 115
Update: - Four movies of very hot girls in sexy clothing getting molested on the bus! Sample on
Sexy, Sexy Death on
Update: Annesdreams - MURDER MOST UNKIND: Orsi-bikini shot 4x. SENTENCED TO DEATH: Orsi-blouse/skirt/hose hanged. EXECUTIVE ACTION PHOTOSET: Nikki-nude hanged. See Video Sample.
Sexy, Sexy Death on

Fetish Pleasure Blog
Blog: The blog for including some great preview pics.
PepePixiv: 3D anime art of uniformed and armed henchwomen with just one death.
Eyeteeth Excellent 3D artwork of beautiful women in distress or in combat. Pirate girls and girls in video games are common topics.
Barbarian - Keela tastes cold steel, extended edition VID: YouTube - From a recent videogame. A beautiful gladiatrix is killed over and over.
Gladius - girls bleed and fall VID: YouTube - Some of the best falling animations I've seen in a strategy RPG on display as barbarian princess Ursula and archer Eiji get just a bit too injured to stay on their feet.
Gladiatrix fightVID: YouTube - Gladiatrix fight today (aug 8) in the Roman arena.
Gladiatrix Catfight VID: YouTube - From's hit new game Spartika, this demo features a fight from Chapter 2, Spartika vs. Perakae! The gameplay involves watching your opponent's body language and moving the mouse to parry accordingly!
SM Extreme Bloody Moon (532MB)
Update: SMMax - A girl cuts herself and is tortured with needles. Truly extreme S&M video. Video sample on
Shocking Deadly Fun on
Update: BRUTAL FORCES: Claudia-thong shot then strangled. GUILTY: Orsi-nude torso shot 4x. DELIRIOUS: Orsi-nude strangled while feverish. Crista-bikini electrocuted.
Shocking Deadly Fun on

Safari GirlBlog: Excellent 2D art of beautiful girls sucked down in quicksand. Includes some choking and tentacle attacks.
Lexus Legs Strangulation PPV: NicheClips - Girls, often mature, strangled or choked. Sometimes choked unconscious and sometimes in catfights.
Single White FemaleVID: YouTube - A girl is strangled on the floor of an elevator by another girl after which, her body is dragged out.
Beverly Lynne - neck snapVID: YouTube - Pretty nice scene from very bad movie - The Las Vegas Abductions.
Bowtie Strangler VID: YouTube - Two girls are strangled over a stuffed pig.
Requested Cheerleader Strangling.wmvVID: YouTube - From RicdelCampo. Done using the PC Game, "The Movies", a girl in a blue cheerleader uniform answers the request for a strangled cheerleader and cheerfully allows herself to be strangled.
Life in the Food Chain on Muki's Kitchen
Update: Muki's Kitchen - A somewhat less light-hearted version of the fate of a meat-girl, showing extensive clean-out (both pre and post-mortem), this set will either make you hungry for more or turn you into a vegetarian!
Black Milk PhotographyDeviantart: Good, artistic photos including several dead women and some cannibalism.
Newfound Fetish BlogBlog: Art and articles of female cannibals, famcans including some Dolcett looking girls eating men.
An Unfortunate Rescue Part 2VID: DailyMotion - Part two of the sexy cannibal comedy short
Its Just Not Cricket Episode 2VID: DailyMotion - Second part of sexy 1930s animated cannibal comedy spoof
Female Detective Ravished!
Update: Forced4Sex - A beautiful, female detective is overpowered and ravished in a fairly well produced scene. Sample on
Strangling and Decapitation on Anne's Dreams
Update: - Annica-naked shot & strangled, Crista-thong beheaded, Audrey-topless strangled. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Strangling and Decapitation on Anne's Dreams

Unknown PerilsPPV: Nicheclips - Sleepy/Death Fetish clips including chloro, rag-dolling, OTS, hanging, bondage, gagging, drugging etc,
Avulsion Net - Your Home Of The ExtremeFree: Avulsion net is an ultra extreme fantasy social networking site with chatrooms, profiles, blogs, 1000's of adult pictures, a full featured forum, and more!
Finality 3D on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 3D art including medieval torture, medieval executions, hangings etc.
Battle of the Brave VID: YouTube - Complete execution sequence from Battle of the Brave (cage hanging, very unique)
Devil's WhoreVID: YouTube - Hanging scene from The Devil's Whore.
Hanging ClipVID: YouTube - Great depiction of the last moments of Edith Thompson from the film Another Life. Hanging.
Hanged Japanese girl Vid: YouTube - Video of a hanged Japanese girl taken from a movie.
Britton, Renee and Dalila on Cuddly Necrobabes!
Update: CNB - 2/28/11: Sinner Renee starring Renee. 3/2/11: The Hooker starring Britton. 3/4/11: Deadly Divorce starring Ula AND Christmas Doll starring Dalila di Capri. VIDEO SAMPLES: Dalila in Crawl 2 & Alexia in Suicide.
Britton, Renee and Dalila on Cuddly Necrobabes!

Bondage Asylum!
XBondx: There is a lot of bondage, torture and ravishing in what looks like a mental asylum. Nurses and patients are fair game for the orderlies and doctors working there. Full preview on
Dominated Girls
Pay: Sexy slaves in very hard punishment. Girls bound and ravished by filthy perverts!
KinkBomb: The male domination category in the PPV site, Kinkbomb.
Friandning on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Some 2D art including a couple girls getting ravished by a man or tentacles.
Take Me Free: A rape fantasy story archive of bondage, rough sex and rape fantasies. The author isn't really into pain, torture or humiliation.
Hot Blonde Shackled and Screwed
GAL: From: A beautiful blonde is shackled and screwed.
Free Pussy at the Porn Store
Gal: Public Domain - Gia DiMarco is a big fucking whore. But she is a big fucking whore with goals, she wants to be an even bigger whore. Naturally Princess Donna and Mark Davis are happy to help her reach that goal
A Day in Slavery
Gal: Girls submit to sex slave underworld in BDSM erotic fantasy. 2 Min FLV on Shockflix
Victoria gets her killing on!
Update: WHATEVER IT TAKES: Anita K backshot, Crista bellyshot/hanged. THE NEW PIECE: Crista guillotined. COCAINE BLUES: 6 mins of girl/girl action then Annica-nude chest shot and Miss S-thong back shot. See DETAILS.
Garcon 110 Fight 5 - Loser Ravished!
Update: BattleCatXXX. Two beautiful, busty combatants wrestle with the loser stripped and ravished by 2 horny guys. Sample on
Atelier LuneJP: Anime blog and gallery with good, generic anime girl art.
UrabataJP: A lot of 2D anime, dickgirl art.
Gate of XIII -Lasting ChildrenJP: A blog mostly dealing with 2D anime girls with enormous breasts.
MahitoJP: High quailty 2D fantasy, anime art blog. Some girls with large breasts.
Double Penetration Hentai Attack!
VID: BondAnime - From: Bondanime A bound, busty anime girl is double penetrated while bound.
Anime Superheroine Taken
VID: Bondanime - A beautiful, busty, anime superheroine is entangled, stripped and then felt up by zombies. Combined video on ShockFlix.
Hot Blonde Kills and is Killed on Annesdreams
Update: Annesdreams - BLOOD BATH: Caroline-thong stomach shot, breast shot. COLD DROP: Orsi hanged. Anita-X-bikini, breast shot. Claudia-thong, 5 torso shots. NOT QUITE DEAD: Orsi toso shot 5x. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Hot Blonde Kills and is Killed on Annesdreams

College Coed Assplay
Update: - A hot college coed is lured into a warehouse where she is ambushed by a group of men who assault her. Lots of assplay. Video sample on
Tentacles Assault
Pay: LIVE ACTION - Horrible monsters escaped from the laboratory, now catching young girls and assaulting them with huge slippery tentacles.
SlugboxHF's GalleryGal: Hentai-Foundry - Tons of excellent 2D art of girls and tentacles.
Fullytank's Fantasy ArtworkBlog: Good 3D art of girls getting ravished by fantasy monsters like goblins, wolfbeasts, dragons, satyrs etc.
Mistress, Goblin and Cumshot on Asian Porn Attackers
VID: AsianPornAttackers - A mistress and a goblin abuse a beautiful, young woman!
Ogre attack!
Gal: SecretMonsterPorn3D - A beautiful, busty elf is attacked by a horny ogre!
Ogre harem
Gal: SecretMonsterPorn - Beatiful women have been abducted to a dungeon where ogres, both male and female, ravish their naked bodies!
Shocking Tentacle Attack!
VID: Bondanime - A hot, hentai captive is taken by a tentacle monster!
Teacher Ravished
Update: NakedPreys - A beautiful teacher played by Sakura first has some hot, afternoon sex in a hotel room with a fellow teacher. She then finds herself in school bound and fondled by students who take hardcore advantage of her. Sample on
Strangling and Shooting on Annesdreams
Update: Annesdreams - TIPPED OFF: Orsi belly-shot, head-shot. BAG LADIES: Orsi-naked, belly-shot, bagged. TUB KILL: Crista-naked strangled. Nikoletta belly-shot. Check out DETAILS for sample pics.
Stripperland the MovieFree: The official site for the zombie movie "Stripperland" with plenty of beautiful, scantily-clad corpses.
Christina Ricci on a slabGal: From the Mr Skin site. A beautiful, naked Christiina Ricci dead on a slab.
Rimhoff on DeviantartDeviantart: A variety of photos with several pics of pretty, dead girls.
Dead Girlfriend VID: YouTube - The love of your life died before you could do all those things you always wanted to do. You still have a few days before she gets too stinky... so get on it!
Yeager's Wild NightVID: YouTube - Photomanips. Yeager, a German Shepherd, gets wild and accidentally kills a hooker.
Best Part of Waking UpVID: YouTube - A skit about the best part of waking up. Spoof on the old Folgers Commercials.
Another Dead Hooker Good Version VID: YouTube - Three friends try and hide the body of a dead hooker before everyone arrives for a party.
Chikan Play Series
Update: Attackers.TV - A pretty, young girl is groped and fondled leading to a full-out, group assault on the poor, young girl. Sample on
New 720p HD Stabbing/Asphyx Video Clips Added
Update: Stunning clips from mainstream movies in 1280x720 (1080p). Up to 4 times the resolution of DVD video clips.
Alpha 7 Productions
Pay: Enter if you dare, the bizarre world of the psychosexual mind. once you've seen our films, you'll never feel safe again. Fine fantasy damsel in distress, erotic horror, superherione, giantess, amazon, stuck, carry, and sleepy videos.
Mitchkenzo on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Stories with furries, vore, and navel torture in them.
Navel MadnessPPV: Photomanips? 3D? videos of girls getting arrowed, tortured or stabbed in their navels. I couldn't get the links on the main page to work so I linked to the sitemap.
AyaSwanPIXIV: Very good, sometimes very violent 2D anime art. Themes include tortue, death and monster sex.
Die Grüne Fee Free: German language group about dead girls and girls getting murdered.
Trisha shot in Heart VID: YouTube - Trisha is shot in the heart!
Girl shot in the heartVID: YouTube - Pretty redhead shot in the chest by an invisible man.
Woman Shot in HeartVID: YouTube - Beautiful brunette shot in the heart.
Sada shot in the HeartVID: YouTube - A beautiful girl is shot in the chest.
Dead Rising 2 - All is ExplainedVID: YouTube - From Dead Rising 2 video game. A cutscene where a hot girl in blouse and skirt is shot in the head.
Bad Blood...Horror Movie (Trailer) Lucy's KillingVID: YouTube - A girl gets impaled on spikes in the horror movie Bad Blood.
Shooting, Strangling and Extreme Femdom on Annesdreams!
Update: - CONVENIENT EXCUSE: Crizta-nude breast shot, Annica gut-chest-head shot. SILENT KILLER: Miss S-thong strangled. TOP DOMME (PHOTOS) 2 Girls hanged.
Shooting, Strangling and Extreme Femdom on Annesdreams!

Danza on FuraffinityFuraffinity: Furry dragon art including quite a bit of vore.
Giantess VorePPV: Clips4Sale - Tiny men usually eaten, sometimes transformed into food, used as a sex toy, licked, inserted etc.
VVFetishGirlYouTube: Channel - A video channel including vore, foot fetish and blanket bondage.
Nice Girl Giantess VoreVID: YouTube - For Lovers mouth and vore.
POV VoreVID: YouTube - A close-up Buttercup Hyrule's mouth.
Rachel Mouth Fetish Vore TeaseVID: YouTube - Rachel Mouth Fetish Vore Tease.
Barefoot Bondage Vore!VID: YouTube - Oh no save me! Im being eaten by my bed but my feet are tied up, I cant escape!
H-Cup Abduction!
Update: XBondX - Beautiful, supposedly H-Cup girl is abducted, bound, stripped, humiliated and ravished. Sample on
A Couple Machinegunnings and more on Anne's Dreams
Update: - EXECUTED SPIES: Annica & Nikoletta machinegunned. HOSED: Crista-Nude Machinegunned. Miss S Poisoned. GABY MEETS THE GUILLOTINE: Gaby is beheaded.
VillainPixiv: 2D, anime art of heavily defined girls often getting killed.
Gladiatrix Miniatures on Fluerbaixtoysoldi8ers.comFree: Some pics of fully painted gladiator and gladiatrix miniatures.
Photos tagged with gladiatrix on FlickriverFlickriver: Photos of females fighting other females in medieval combat.
Battle of Hastings starring Sandra & Jenny.aviVID: YouTube - Amateur movie where 2 girls playfully stab each other and pretend to die.
MG Wall Good Done.aviVID: YouTube - A beautiful, scantily-clad killer is shot by another beautiful, scantily-clad killer.
Cowgirls Short 2.aviVID: YouTube - Three hot, cowgirls in abbreviated clothes finish a Mexican stand off.
Assassin Part 4 of 6VID: YouTube - Two female killers clash and one gets poisoned knives in her torso!
mg two guns VID: YouTube - A hot, scantily-clad redhead with a great butt get shot up in a firefight.
Hotties Dying on Cuddly Necrobabes!
Update: DEADLY CUE: Britton is stabbed with a cue multiple times. LEAD BELLY BLUES: Dalila belly shot. WICKED FEMME: Girl spy belly shot. SUSPENSION: Mila suspended & tortured.
Knives, Guns and a Noose on Anne's Dreams
Update: NEW GIRL: Miss S-belly shirt, belly shot; Orsi-nude, stomach shot. EASY WAY OUT: Claudia hanged. NO COMPROMISE: Annica-bikini, stomach stabbed; Nicoletta-bikini, navel stabbed. Check out details and videos!
Knives, Guns and a Noose on Anne's Dreams

Satanik Comics form ZythumMediafire: Photostories of the 60's, in which sexy scantily-clad victims were the trademark of the series. Most of the crimes are commited by our masked hero (Satanik in France, Killing in Italia).
Kinky ClipsPPV: A PPV site including some popular death fetish producers.
Cheatin' with Jesus VID: YouTube - A boyfriend thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him with a man named "Jesus" and strangles her, but all she's done is gone to church.
Velo de Novia - La Muerte de Dulce VID: YouTube - A beautiful, dark-haired girl is strangled by what looks to be a homeless man.
Invisible Strangler VID: YouTube - A girl is strangled by an invisible intruder. Views of her corpse afterwards.
El asesino esta entre los treceVID: YouTube - A girl is garroted with something like piano wire. A lot of blood.
Murder 09VID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is strangled and her body anointed with rose petals.
The Drifting ClassroomVID: YouTube - A couple stranglings, one fatal.
Garcon 110 Loser is Ravished!
Update: BattleCatXXX. Two beautiful, busty combatants wrestle with the loser stripped and ravished by 2 horny guys. Sample on
A Bountiful Feast on Muki's Kitchen
Update: Muki's Kitchen - Diana Knight becomes a special entree, lovingly prepared by Anastasia Pierce. After being properly oiled and trussed with a cooking net, our considerate chef treats her doomed victim to one last delicious orgasm.
Erotica Con CarnalFree: Gynophagia and Cannibal Erotica. A few, well written cannibal stories.
The BBQ PitXXXRatedGroup: For those who fantasize about women roasting live on a spit. Women being impaled voluntarily or involuntarily for the purpose of food. The extreme pleasure or horror of it all depending on your point of view.
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep1 (carol Cooked!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep2 (heather Horror!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep2 (heather Horror!)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep3 (hanne For Dinner)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Sleep Crime
Update: Forced4Sex - Two hotel employees stumble across a beautiful, sleeping stewardess and decide to take advantage of their situation!
Executions and Suicide on Anne's Dreams
Update: Anne's Dreams - DOUBLE TEAMED: Nikoletta-thong guillotined. PERSONAL VENDETTA: Nikoletta garroted. RUINED: Orsi-naked, suicide, mouth-shot.
Executions and Suicide on Anne's Dreams

Bondage Bitches
Pay: Erotic hanging, crucified women and bitches in pain
Patty Van Dyke BlogspotBlog: Patty Van Dyke, the notorious librarian-in-distress of Cracker County. Sketches by Roulster including shootings, hangins, executions, elaborate killing machines and torture.
Political movie hanging scenes VID: YouTube - A girl is hanged in a western.
Horror Movie Hanging SceneVID: YouTube - A Puritan looking woman is hanged in a sepia video clip
Lager di sterminio hanging scene VID: YouTube - A couple are hanged in the movie Lager di dominio.
Shuttle Death SceneVID: YouTube - A girl is gassed to death on a shuttle.
Shooting and Beheading on Anne's Dreams
Update: AnnesDreams - ERASED: Miss S belly-MG'd, Orsi-nude navel,head shot. GAME SHOW: Crista-naked guillotined. STAR CROSSED (photos) Star-nude strangled. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES.
Shooting and Beheading on Anne's Dreams

Torture Trap
Update: OrgasmX - A beautiful Japanese girl is abducted, ravished, bound and tortured! Video sample on
Pain Comics
Pay: Cruel, perverted comics! Women brutally tortured, bound and ravished. I saw some forced sex in the samples but although I saw medieval torture including crucifixion - I didn't see any deaths.
Bound, Gagged and FondledPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful, sometimes very busty girls bound, gagged, HOM'd, duct taped, deprived of air and then fondled.
Forced Sex StoriesFree: The forced sex story part of
Slammed on the Floor
Gal: - Beautiful girl is slammed to the floor and ravished!
Gal: Public Disgrace - European hottie gets jizzed on then paraded in public with cum on her face.
Sailor Girl Bound!
Gal: Cosplay Porn Movies - A sailor girl is bound and ravished!
Fantasy Squad
Gal: SexandSubmission Chanel Preston is spied on and gets unexpectedly visited by the fantasy squad. She is restrained, roughly manhandled and fucked by the authority John Strong and Mr. Pete. Chanel's fantasy comes true when pleasure is mixed with p
MPD Psycho, Operation Endgame and more!
Update: BodyBags - MPD Psycho is the most violent TV series ever. Gory as hell. Bizarre stories! Also violent female death in movies package 10 including 'Operation Endgame' AND Porno of the Dead in HD!!
Gobble Gobble 2 Ep4 (dane Revolt - Titles)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 1 (opening Titles - Tina Gets A Cab)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 2 (death Of Tina)VID: Daily Motion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 3 (sharon Makes Her Plans)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 4 (zoe Goes Knocking-the Buxton Trap)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 5 (death Of Zoe)VID: Dailymotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Erotic Death on Anne's Dreams
Update: - UNEXPECTED: Orsi-tiny dress bellyshot. THE JEWELS: Crista-tiny dress strangled. SIBLING REVENGE: Natalia-topless? throatcut. See DETAILS and VIDEO SAMPLES
Erotic Death on Anne's Dreams

House of Wax starring Yuka Osawa
Update: Extremejav - An oddly dressed beautiful woman is kept in a cage, then taken out by a group of men who pour candle wax over her and proceed to ravish her. Video sample on
Hentai Dungeon Master
Pay: Anime bondage pics. Cute anime girls in heavy bondage, submissive to their masters.
Silent DesireJP: A place to download simple videogames with female warrior protagonists. 1 is a single character RPG with all female enemies. 2 is a side-scrolling videogame. 3 is a group RPG. Read DETAILS for more info.
LumierehaJP: A few pics of anime art including futa, upskirts and a Cleveland steamer.
EroquisJP: A blog with a lot of art including monster sex, bikinis, huge breasts, upskirts, uniforms.
Shioghan EkoJP: Some galleries of sketches and finished color art. Subjects include huge breasts, huge butts, tiny clothes, upskirts and some futa (shemales).
Robot Attack on a Sailor
Gal: Multiple Hentai Orgasms - A sailor suffers a robot attack and other pics.
Evil Monster Attack on a Sailor
Gal: Multiple Hentai Orgasms - A monster attack and other anime pics.
Sailor girl with Guns
Gal: A naked sailor girl brandishing SMGs.
Green Sailor Girl
Gal: Hentai Multiple Orgasms - A green sailor scout getting attacked by tentacles and other pics.
Devious Torture from Ancient Edo
Pay; SMMax - In medieval Japan, a pretty, young peasant girl is bound, tortured and used by a pair of Japanese soldiers.
Three-D Heavy Fantasy
Pay: 3D fantasy monster sex scenarios. Elves, trolls, humans, goblins... oh my!
Angspid on Erotic-IllusionsErotic-Illusions Paysite: 3D art. VYX is the czar of bizarre! His slimy creations and alien women will arouse and confuse you at the same time! But you will walk away happy, if you walk away at all.
Kosmikophobia on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D anime art of girls, elves, furries sometimes bound, servicing monsters, men and mistresses.
Dark CreatureZBlog: Excellent 3D art of girls bound and ravished by men and monsters!
Ninja Devoured by DemonReadHentai: A comic where a busty ninja is overcome, ravished and absorbed by a demon.
Demon and the Short Haired Slut!
Gal: Darkest Desires - A short-haired girl and a demon get it on.
Elf and the Troll
Gal: Darkest Desires - A beautiful elf gets it on with a fearsome troll.
Huge Breasts and Monsters!
Gal: Secret Monster 3D Porn - Very nice 3D porn art including an enormous breasted girl taking massive cock!
Elf Chick and Bull-men
Gal: Secret Monster 3D Porn - 2 Bull-men have their way with a beautiful, platinum blonde elf girl!
Lisa, Tami, Carrie and Dalila on CNB Horror
Update: CNBHorror - MON: Lisa shot by arrows WED: Tami is bound and shot topless FRI: Carrie sacrificed naked & Dalila gutted. Check DETAILS
A Couple Stranglings and a Shooting on Anne's Dreams
Update: - CARBON Judit-bikini side-belly-shot. DEVIL INSIDE HER: Victoria-thong noose-strangled. TATIANA'S REVENGE (PHOTOS) : Kymberley-Naked throat-cut, Tatiana-Naked strangled. SEE DETAILS.
Shockflix: Necro
Free: is a YouTube style site specifically for the dark fetish community. This is a link to the necro category.
Dead Celebs on TwitterDeadSkirts: A forum post by Big O showing the beautiful female celebrities playing dead for a charity.
Ella era Maribel AlfonsoFree: A beautiful woman killed in Columbia.
BWV 140 On CSIVID: YouTube - A beautiful redhead is on the autopsy table.
May You Rest In PeaceVID: YouTube - Beautiful women in caskets.
Dressing Her For Her FuneralVID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is dressed for a funeral.
Deathplay1.MPGVID: YouTube - A beautiful woman is found dead in the woods.
Showgirls Ravished!
Update: 2 Beautiful showgirls are forcefully taken (1 at a time) after they dance in a gentleman's club. Really hot!
Nombe Zulu on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of amazons often getting shot up with arrows, floating in water or being executed.
Yog-Sothoth 3D story 2Mediafire: A 3D story where a muscular woman in bare feet is shot over and over.
McQuade's art from HeartbreakerMediafire: A collection of McQuade's dead/dying girl art collected by Heartbreaker.
And LoomPixiv: A couple well drawn, violent, anime pics.
Pink TiePixiv: Some violent, fantasy art including guttings and monster sex.
Shot 000VID: YouTube - Ninja-looking girl gets shot.
Female assassin shoots girl ,breaks neck of man with scissors hold VID: YouTube - Mr Mysterious Voice returns to create havock for Agent Black Fox..again against her will , this contract assassin is forced to work for her nemesis.
El Liquidador VID: YouTube - From sixties Film "The Liquidator"
LiquidatorVID: YouTube - A girl shot by a sniper.
Shot 004VID: YouTube - Two pretty, asian girls are shot during an attack.
VALENTINE (2001) lilys death scene VID: YouTube - Lily is shot with an arrow in Valentine.
Two Shootings and a Garroting
Update: PARTISAN EXECUTION: Crista-naked heart-shot. UNWILLING KILLER: Orsi-naked garroted, Claudia-tubetop poisoned. THE CHAMPION: Ildiko-bikini navel-shot, Gaby-bikini head shot. See DETAILS.
The Mystery Team on Pulptoon
Update: Pulptoon - The Mystery Team is back and this time they’re investigating the crash of a freakish flying saucer! But what they’ll find within is a crew of cretinous creatures from Mars intent on probing them, and putting them on a platter.
The Mystery Team on Pulptoon

PerilArt on FlickrFlickr: Sample vore art from
Forces Werwolf on FurAffinityFurAffinity: Good 2D, furry vore art.
Giantess, facestuffing and jeans fetish storePPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of girls in jeans, overstuffing themselves, sitting on dolls, stepping on dolls, eating gummi bears etc.
Vore and Overeating, full belly girls VID: YouTube - Full videos
Scarlet Croft and Kaa snake vore VID: YouTube - Made by swiftbladez. A slideshow where Lara Croft is swallowed by snake.
Giantess Vore 125VID: YouTube - 3D school girl vore.
Halloween VoreVID: YouTube - 3D POV vore movie.
Update: - Four videos of a girl getting groped on a bus. They all start with groping and then the girl gets into it stripping and grinding on her attacker, even giving head to a shy onlooker. Really hot stuff! Sample on
I-media-mostFree: Sex monstromi, strangulation girls, girls death. has some good downloads, but advise caution. There are several embedded attack sites on their download page. Don't get click-happy. Wait for the 'download' box.
Gobble Gobble Episode 6 (a Stranger In Bedfort)Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 7 (waking Up In A Cannibals Kitchen)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 8 (country Cooking The Buxton Way)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 9 (roast Sharon)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble Episode 10 (buxton Blood Feud -end Titles)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
New Office Girl Humiliated - Teaser
VID: From: Naked Preys A new, pretty office worker is bullied by her coworkers and forced to strip, eat food off a woman's shoe, give a guy a blowjob and even lay in front of her coworkers naked with her ass cheeks spread!
Bellydance of Death and more on CNB!
Update: CuddlyNecrobabes - CASTING CALL: Tiffany is torso shot. BELLY DANCE OF DEATH 3: Dalila's belly is machine-gunned during a belly dance. HOSTAGE EXECUTION: KHP - Michelle and Ms Latino are shot topless.
Foliemeurtriere on
SexyAmazons: Good 3D art of girls shot, stabbed, arrowed or in amazon combat.
Erotic Illusions Paysite: Excellent 3D art of girls getting eaten by monsters or screwed by aliens. There are some headless and asphyxiation themed pics with a science fiction theme.
Bear ClawPixiv: Really good 2D artwork that ranges from bloody battle to knockouts.
Girls, Guns and Swords on DeviantartDeviantart: Group about girls with guns, swords, explosives etc. Some fatal girl fights.
Moon Lee vs Yukari Oshima Most Brutal girl-on-girl Fight Ever (Iron Angel) VID: YouTube - Climactic fight between Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima.
Soul Calibur4 Woman Critical finish VID: YouTube - All the female critical finishes in Soul Calibur 4, most against other females.
Rage of Agent X3VID: YouTube - The continuing Sci Fi adventures of Agent X3 as she battles her nemesis the Monarchy Empire. Set in a future civilization after the Widow Virus has eliminated the male population.
KUNG FU FEMMES 27 - India Sais FightVID: YouTube - Honoring MR. SUJIT KAYAL for making possible our first show in India, May 2009.
Navels targeted on Anne's Dreams
Update: Annesdreams - MEAN GOODBYE: Ildiko-bikini navel shot, Judit-nude breast shot AMBITIOUS BLONDE: Monica-bikini navel play/hanged, Judit-bra/skirt navel shot ON THE PROWL: Andrea C-bikini navel stabbed/survive Judit vampired/beheaded
Lily's Midnight Snacks
Gorgeous women are abducted, stripped, tied, oiled and served as juicy banquets. videos and photo sets.
Univited Guests!Retro animated 1950s sci fi spoof with a woman eating theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep2 (daryna Is Dinner!)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Too Warm A Welcome Part 1VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Too Warm A Welcome Part 2VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Too Warm A Welcome Part 3VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 40s style comedy with cannibals and nude girls
Side Shot, Beheading and Hanging on Annesdreams!
Update: SIDE SHOT: Caroline side-arrow, Ildiko belly-arrow. PRESUMED GUILTY: Cintia hanged. PRISONER'S REMORSE: Sophie Guillotined. See Details and Videos!
Side Shot, Beheading and Hanging on Annesdreams!

Euro Perfume Killer Teaser
VID: ShockFlix - - A perfume maker obsessed with creating a super perfume, hunts for beautiful girls with sexy body scents. He kills them, wraps their bodies in lars and distills them! A Euro movie with a huge budget.
Brwnbat on DarkPeeps
DarkPeeps: Bewnbat's profile on DarkPeeps. Includes at least 10 original 3D pics.
ContucuelloentremismanosYah: Strangling Con tu cuello entre mis manos. Strangling your neck With my hands
HQ StudiosPPV: NicheClips - Videos of girls strangled, shot, stabbed, knocked-out
U TurnVID: YouTube - Jennifer Lopez strangled.
LAS TRES CARAS DEL MIEDO- I TRE VOLTI DELLA PAURA-MURDERVID: YouTube - A mature woman is garroted from behind as a beautiful woman looks on. VID: YouTube - This scene is from "The Return of Typhoon Thompson." Josie gets her reward from Jerry, and Typhoon finds her later. I apologize for the low sound, and the ringing phone. Salesmen are so rude.
Silk Stalkings Working GirlVID: YouTube - A girl taking a bath walks in on a murder.
Next Gen Torture Chamber - Teaser
VID: ShockFlix - OrgasmX A beautiful, tattooed girl is drugged by an unscrupulous stranger. She is taken to a dungeon where she is groped and stripped by 3 men. And so begins a full length movie where the 3 men bring her to orgasm over and over!
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep6 (ilona Drops In)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep5 (eating Russian)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep4 (grazyna Grilled)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep3 (grazynas Bad Call)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep7 (inferno-titles)VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Out Of The Frying PanVID: Daily Motion - Retro animated comedy cannibal short with a woman spit roasted
Gobble Gobble 3 Ep1 (titles-consuela Cooked)Retro animated brit horror homage with cannibal theme
Shoot, Hang, Stab on Anne's Dreams
Update: Anne's Dreams - A BRIEF INTERROGATION: Sophie torso shot. FITTING PUNISHMENT: Cintia hanged. AMBUSHED AMAZON (PHOTOS): Nyx-thong, cleavage stabbed. Check out Details and Video Samples!
Shoot, Hang, Stab on Anne's Dreams

Bad Girls Go To Hell from Pulptoon!
Update: PulptToon - Holy moley! A disaster at the ice rink has sent a class of sexy catholic schoolgirls knocking on the devil’s gates! What did they do to deserve being sent to the lake of fire!? And what are these perverted demons going to do with them?
Prime Cuts on Muki's Kitchen
Update: Muki's Kitchen - Yet another in our semi-annual series of cuts portfolios, featuring outtakes, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes peeks. This one also features an alternate version of Kina Kai's ride on the rotisserie, without any cuts.
Canime on Eva's PortalEva's Portal: Good 2D art of cannibalism, vore and girls as monsters.
Alucard's Spirit on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D/3D art with subjects including cannibals, vore, monster lust, growth/shrinking, bondage, growth/shrinking, huge breasts.
An Unfortunate Rescue Part 1VID: DailyMotion - 1930s style cannibal cooking pot cartoon
The Case Of The Missing ModelsVID: DailyMotion - Part 1 of a cartoon parody of ol scifi with a woman eating theme
The Perilous Adventure Of Amy WesterhouseVID: DailyMotion - Retro animated silent movie spoof with an aviator chick who ends up in the cooking pot!
Demonia Starkiller And The Restaurant On The Planet KalivosVID: DailyMotion - Retro animated tribute to roger corman style sci-fi trash with a woman eating theme
Its Just Not Cricket!VID: DailyMotion - Retro animated 30s comedy spoof as 4 english ladies end up in the pot!