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Huge Bellies
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Huge Bellies (166)
A more common fetish than one would expect - women with huge bellies includes: bellies swollen after eating, pregnancy, expanded with air. So far I have not included fat/obese chicks - the belly should be disproportionately larger than the body.

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A-Z GirlsPPV: Clips4sale - Videos include finger bang, facesitting, big butts, big breasts, pregnancy, femdom, hand jobs, cpr, schoolgirls, interracial, gang bangs.
About's Belly GalleryFree: A gallery to share the joys of the pregnant belly.
Ana PregnantYah: Photos of pregnant mothers for you.
ANIMexpansionFree: Art, stories, morphs, comics, screencaps, scans, videos etc of anime weight gain.
Arson's GalleryEka's Portal: Some very nice, cartoon art of furries swallowing other furries. Macros, huge bellies, same-size swallowing.
Aufgeblaehte Koerper 2Yah: Huge bellies usually due to air inflation.
AyaJP: Really severe anime, pics, and 3D including tentacle attacks, girls sewn up, poop, piss, gynecological examinations, impregnations, bondage, insertions and force fantasies.
Balloonis PlaceYah: Art and photomanips of women with inflated breasts, butts and bellies!
BE LoverMySpace: A MySpacer really into breast and belly expansion.
Beautifully PregnantFlickr: The beauty of the pregnant female form.
Belly BuildersFree: Chat and messageboard about men maintaining huge, protruding guts.
Belly Vixen's DenFree: Pics of furry females with enormous, bloated bellies.
BellygirlYah: Men and women showing off their big bellies.
Big Bellies and Big BoobsYah: Girls with huge breasts or big, pregnant bellies!
Big Belly BoysYah: Men with bizarrely inflated bellies.
Bigger is BetterMySpace: A MySpacer into body inflation, weight gaining women and pillow stuffing.
Bizarre Porn TubeTube: Thousands of the most bizarre videos on the net. Bizarre Tube 101 would like to welcome you to one of the hottest Bizarre Tube Video Sites on the net featuring tons of bizarre porn videos, bizarre movies etc.
BlyzzardeDeviantart: Good quality 2D art of fat, pregnant, pudgy, big breasted females subjects.
Bountiful PreggosYouTube: Videos of big bellied pregnant wenches.
BrighteyesFree: A few good furry pics and an overfed otter series.
BS MorphersYahoo: Morphed pics of women with big bellies, breasts or full bodies!
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Caffiene's PlaceYahoo: BBW art, morphed breasts, butts, hips and bellies.
CanimeDeviantart: Anime style artwork with subjects including vore, cannibal, furries, overstuffed bellies and hybrid girls.
Central-StationFree: A site reviewing various pregnancy sites comparing them by cost, trial period length and quality of content.
Cheviot's PlaceFree and Pay: inflated bellies and breasts page with galleries, stories and video guide.
ChibaJP: Anime art about scat, big bellies, forced sex, multiple breasts, lactation, hybrids, bondage - some really gross and disturbing stuff!
Chibi MelDeviantart: Anime-style, 2D art of girls with protruding bellies and furries.
Clothed Pregnancy SpotYah: A place to post and discuss tasteful (non-pornographic) images of pregnant women.
Cloud-OortDeviantart: Weight gain and vore scenes with humans and hybrids like mermaids.
Crazy XXX 3D
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Includes hardcore sex, huge breasts, huge bellies, huge dicks, bondage, alien sex, robot sex, ghost sex - anything is possible!
Dancing PreggerVID: YouTube - A pregger dancing in a shoe store.
DarkArtist: Eka's PortalEka's Portal: Good 2D art including vore and furries; many times with huge, expanding bellies.
Dragon KidFree: Good quality dragon/scaly art - mostly overstuffed.
DRG Adult IllustrationsJP: Adult artwork of pregnant anime girls.
EmbarazadasYah: Spanish language group dealing with pregnant girls!
Examining Pregnant WomenYahoo Group: A group that focuses on the medical examination of pregnant women.
Expansion MansionFree: Really big photomanip, morph site dealing with breast, belly, butt and hip expansion among others.
Faszination GeburtFree: German site dealing with giving birth without narcotics!
Fez4 on DeviantartDeviantart: 2D transformation sketches including giantesses, breast enlargement and weight gain.
Freakin Weirdo on Deviant ArtDeviantart: Professional quality art of women with expanded - sometimes balloon-like bellies.
Full Belly BabesYah: Women showing off their enormous, well-fed bellies.
Furball's DenFree: X-Rated and general furry art usually involving gay sex and really, really fat furries.
Furry YiffYah: All types of adult furry pics including those with enormous breasts and bellies.
Furry Yiff 2Yah: Overflow group.
GigamelJP: Mostly morbidly obese women with large breasts and visible body hair lactating and sometimes in bondage.
Girls with Fake Pregnant BelliesYah: Girls showing off their fake, pregnant bellies.
Gotham on Good 2D, color comic of Poison Ivy impregnating a huge breasted Batgirl with her tentacle plant.
Greatest 18 ClubJP: 2D art of anime girls with big breasts, pierced nipples, preggers, schoolgirl outfits, bondage, peeing, shemales, insertions, lesbians, amputations etc

Growth Comics.comFree: A blog about breast growth, muscle growth, giantesses, weight gain etc.
HanjukuJP: Cute anime girls. Bikinis, a couple monster pics, big breasts, big bellies and chicks with dicks.
Hot, Pregnant BabesYah: Share your pics of hot, sexy, pregnant women.
IC/B2EFree: Inflation website including belly, body, clothing and furry.
IJ's ArchiveYah: Art of girls with their bellies getting gigantically inflated.
Ikazayim AkodonEka's Portal: Anime girls with huge, distended bellies with bumps that show struggling "food".
Jan BurtonYah: A blonde, British, nude model with a lot of preggo pics on-site.
Jan Burton: YahooYah: A blonde, British, nude model with a lot of preggo pics on-site.
Jim Loves BelliesMySpace: Page for a MySpacer into preggers.
Jin 1976Deviantart: Really good pencil drawings of women with big bellies.
Kore GoddessPay: All natural 38J tits. Masturbation with huge toys & objects, POV blowjobs, pregnant sex, real orgasms, smoking, wet and wild squirting, tit play, domination, bondage. A woman that really loves to have sex!!
Lake HyliaDeviantart: Good anime style art focusing on inflation of all kinds including breast, belly, butt and blueberry!
Lesbian Lactation and PregnancyYah: Lesbians lactating and showing off their pregnant bellies.
Machinasa on DeviantartDeviantart: Cute anime/furry art concentrating on growth subjects like muscles, fat, giantess, breasts and uneven growth.
Maiesophiliacs: MySpaceMySpace: Fanclub for pregnant or pregnant looking women.
MamablissFree: Archive of cannibal, furry, vore, overstuffed stories and art.
MantaWolfe on Eka's Portal Eka's Portal: Pics of furry characters with huge, distended bellies.
Marshmallow-MakerDeviantart: Anime art of girls with huge bellies, often blown up like a balloon.
Maxxx1 on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art of girls with huge breasts, muscles or bellies. Lots of inflation, breast and muscle growth.
MilkismJP: A blog about catgirls, lactation, some pregnancy.
Mitora's Gallery Hentai Foundry: 2D anime-style art of girls stuffed, pregnant, inflation, huge breasts and monster sex.
MuramasaJP: Random selection of mild Japanese anime including some women with huge tits and bellies.
Nahceid's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art usually dealing with vore. Includes blueberries, hybrids, furries, big bellies, preggers and stomach x-ray of digesting prey.
Nikki ChinaMySpace: A girl who likes the idea of having a round, pregnant belly.
NN Pregnant WomenYah: Pics of non-nude, amateur pregnant women!
NN Pregnant Women 2Yah: Pics of non-nude, amateur pregnant women!
Nude Pregnant ModelsYah: Sexy, nude pregnant models. Real pics only - no manips.
Obsessed With PreggosMySpace: An enthusiastic fan of pregnant females - lots of content.
OukiJP: Mostly anime girls with huge bellies.
Ponderous Woman OnlineFree: Online art of women with enormous bellies.
Pop Girls Yahoo GroupYah: Balloon girls getting popped
PregfurFree: Art, stories etc about pregnant furries.
Pregger Bringing Sexy BackVID: YouTube - A 9 month pregnant woman dances to "Bringing Sexy Back".
Pregger RollVID: YouTube - A pregnant girl rolling.
Preggo AngelaYah: See Angela's pregnancy, lactation pics.
Preggo Brandi 9 Months PregnantPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of a 9 month Pregnant Brandi having sex, pleasuring men and being pleasured.
Preggoman's EmporiumFree: The home of impregnation on the net.
Pregman 3MySpace: A MySpacer preggie afficianado with a ton of pics onsite.
Pregnant and HornyPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of pregger girls with round bellies and sometimes lactating!
Pregnant and Loving itMySpace: A 19 year old girl who enjoys being pregnant and showing it off.
Pregnant and Pretty IIYah: Scans of pregnant girls from German mags.
Pregnant Anime ArchiveGoogle: For the posting and viewing of links related to the pregnancy Fetish. Animated, Drawn or Rendered Images only.
Pregnant Beach 1Free: Some photos of a pregnant girl at a beach.
Pregnant BeautyFlickr: For shots of beautiful pregnant women or beautiful young (recent) mothers.
Pregnant BelliesYah: Girls showing off their cute, pregnant bellies.
Pregnant Booty LoversFlickr: A group dedicated to the beauty of pregnant women.
Pregnant Booty LoversFlickr: This group is for all things pregnant (tities, bellies, pussy, ass). Please share your pics and stories.
Pregnant Fever
Pay: Cute preggo chicks with raging hormones have the wildest sex of their lives! Soon-to-be-moms feel the stroke of a nice, hard cock inside of them.
Pregnant Goddess BellyVID: YouTube - A pretty brunette in a tanktop shows off her pregnant belly.
Pregnant LoverMySpace: A Georgian myspacer who really enjoys everly inflated bellies.
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