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These sites REALLY used to intimidate me - how could anyone fantasize about 'raping' another human being - then I realized that it was all JUST fantasy and no worse than fantasies about tying women up or spanking them. Rape fantasies are all about power, much higher up the dom scale then standard BDSM. Very often the woman is held at gun or knife point or held down by a group of men. DISCLAIMER: This webmaster and most of the webmasters listed find real rape both reprehensible and without excuse - this is only about a fantasy that many men and women share.
Bizarro Video!
Pay: Rare grindhouse roughies! Rough, forced, extreme porn sex from the 70s! Your source for rare, uncut, Bizarro films! FORCED SEX! NO LIMITS!
Attackers TV
Pay: Groping molester(s), often in a group, attack, humiliate and ravish women in public places or transports. Girls groped and ganged in a bus!
Forced 4
Pay: Forced Sex DVD Downloads! Busty, beautiful asian models stripped and ravished.
Naked Preys
Pay: Beautiful Japanese girls abducted off the street and brutally ravished! Poor asian beauties brutalized by psychopaths!
Orgasm X
Pay: Female body exploitation! Captured soldier torture! Endless orgasms! Machine dildos from ALL sides! Torture orgasms! Girls tortured and dildo'd into orgasms until they virtually explode!
SM Max
Pay: From the people who brought you xbondx, and Bodybags comes the ultimate site of asian sadomasochism! Eel torture, breast torture, wax, piercings, clippings, whippings - nothing is too rough for this site!
Pay: Hardcore XXX Bondage, humiliation, discipline and forced sex! Beautiful asian girls forced to endure pain and take cocks in every orifice! Torture, pain and naked enslavement!
3D Adult Art of EvilErotic Illusions Paysite: Ribleright's 3D pics with girls enduring bondage, torture, forced sex and monster sex!
A Day in Slavery
Gal: Girls submit to sex slave underworld in BDSM erotic fantasy. 2 Min FLV on Shockflix
Abducted and ControlledPPV: NicheClips - Videos of girls chloroformed, tied, tickled, gagged, forced to orgasm, fondled etc.
Abducted CandyPPV: NicheClips - Dark fetish videos including subjects like abduction, tickling, choking, necro, ravishing, foot worship, bondage, superheroines, chloroform, torture.
AbsoluteJP: Hot, busty anime chicks including upskirts, tentacle attacks, spandex, gang-bangs, science-fiction, and a couple shemales.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Ade's CaveFree: Poser pics and original art of women getting ravished, molested by monsters and killed.
Adult 3DCGErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of sci-fi and horror including some monster sex and forced sex.
Adult Books 4 UCat: The number 1 adult bookstore
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
After Dark FantasiesFree: Thousands of sample images from Erotic Peril and Erotic Illusions.
Against Her WillPPV: NicheClips - Extreme videos of girls shot, stabbed, ravished, strangled and necro'd. Virtually all the videos include forced sex.
Against Her WillXXXRatedGroup: A group about white women who resisted black pregnancy - and were forced to it - by their husbands, parents, girlfriends, relatives, their own white children or simply by the black men.
Airily StepsJP: Terrific, full-color anime art including sex with demons, gang bangs, sheer and latex clothing, insertions, forced sex, wolf-sex, bondage.
AkimmJP: Good 2D anime art including a blog showing girls with huge tits, amazons, witches. A gallery of busty girls, BJs, XXX, Monster Sex, Gang Bangs, forced sex.
All About Group SexYah: This group is for all women who fantasize about Group related sex and Forced sex.And For the men who wish to fulfill the fantasies.
All Extreme SexFree: Some free nonconsensual and monster stories along with some basic pic galleries like big breasts and gay guys.
Alpha Blue ArchivesCat: A terrific place to find vintage 60s, 70s and 80s porn including roughies, sadistic seventies, bondage and nazis.
Alt.Forced-Sex.Best-MoviesGoogle Group: Google archive of the usenet newsgroup:
Alt.Rape.Best-MoviesGoogle Group: Google archive of the usenet newsgroup:
Amanda meets the Bondage Creep!
VID: ShockFlix - Fucking Dungeon - The Legend about the Town Creep has spread rapidly... The onlookers and curiousity seekers have begun to come out in droves and Amanda is one of them...
Amateur Fetish VideosPPV: All sorts of fetish videos from Renee, Alexis, Tyler, Megan etc. Includes Strangling, Shooting/Stabbing, Necrophilia, Forced Sex, Hanging, Cannibalism.
AmekazekasumiJP: Good 2D anime art. Includes huge breasts, thick women, xxx, monster sex, gang bangs, titty fucks, forced sex.
Amsterdam Adult Happy SexCat: Regular and extreme DVDs including bondage, forced sex, fisting, pee/poop, pregnant and grannies.
AnacondaJP: Blog with good 2D anime art including bondage, domination, hair cutting, pregnancy, forced sex, gang sex, huge breasts, uniforms, elves, police.
Andrus63 on RenderoticaRenderotica: Good 3D fantasy art including forced orc, drow and minotaur sex.
Anime Fresh
Pay: Thousands of the best hentai pictures. Hours and hours of explicit hentai movies never seen before. Explicit XXX anime by the best of today's asian artists.
Anime Fresh

Anime Games
Pay: Over 5 GB worth of games for adults! The place to find the best in supernatural horror, science fiction, high-tech mecha-designs, futuristic fantasy, and superior 21st Century Animation, demons and angels raping young human girls. Bondage and more.
Anime Games

Anime Movies
Pay: The place to find the best in supernatural horror, science fiction, high-tech mecha-designs, futuristic fantasy, and superior 21st Century Animation, demons and angels forcing young human girls, sometimes violation, bondage and fetish fantasies.
Anime Otaku 102 on RenderoticaRenderotica: Really good 3D fantasy art with a lot of peril, horror and sci-fi themes. Some topics include Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex, Amazons and Nurses.
Anime schoolgirl gets fucked!VID: BondAnime - Anime schoolgirl gets her ass fucked by the window.
Anime Superheroine Taken
VID: Bondanime - A beautiful, busty, anime superheroine is entangled, stripped and then felt up by zombies. Combined video on ShockFlix.
AnonIB ForumFree: A place to view all sorts of art and photos. Use the following tags for fun stuff: Rape, Asphyxia, Guro, Death, Violence, Torture, Monster, Demon, Alien, Tentacle, Vore.
ArazaJP: Poser animations of fighting girls enduring torture, forced sex and getting molested by monsters.
Aries-eroticErotic Illusions Paysite: Good 2D art of girls in bondage, sold into slavery and then fucked by their masters.
Army Tales
Paysite: Brutal military fantasy site featuring forced sex. The soldier's victims are cooks, pretty journalists, nurses and female radio operators, either enemy or not! Watch as mighty army men ambush and screw any woman they find.
ArousedErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls experiencing a wide range of horrors including medieval torture, hungry beasts, horny sci-fi horrors and more.
Arrester cellsJP: A few good anime pics including bondage, forced sex and extreme insertions.
Art of DarknessFree: A messageboard for artists working on the dark side of erotica. You'll find Herionymous, Nemesis and Apostle1946 producing some cutting edge 3D art that you will find nowhere else.
AruniJP: A variety of good quality anime art including amazons, superheroines, robot girls, LOTS of monster sex and forced sex.
Ashley Alexis GracePPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips mostly focused on Ashley abducted, bound and taken advantage of. Lots of tickling.
Asian Porn Attackers
Pay: EXCLUSIVE Videos! Asian Porn Attackers fighting with bad guys and the winner always fucks loser in this battle! Watch Hi-Res streaming asian video never seen before!
Asian Porn Attackers
GALLERIES - NonConsensual SexFree: Stories on the "AskJolene" site involving nonconsensual sex!
Attackers TV
Pay: Groping molester(s), often in a group, attack, humiliate and ravish women in public places or transports. Girls groped and ganged in a bus!
Avulsion Net - Your Home Of The ExtremeFree: Avulsion net is an ultra extreme fantasy social networking site with chatrooms, profiles, blogs, 1000's of adult pictures, a full featured forum, and more!
AyaJP: Really severe anime, pics, and 3D including tentacle attacks, girls sewn up, poop, piss, gynecological examinations, impregnations, bondage, insertions and force fantasies.
Azasuke WindJP: Very nice anime art including bondage, latex and ravishing.

B-CrystalJP: Japanese site with some bondage instruction and forced sex doujin.
Bad TalesPay: Illustrated tales of forced sex and domination. Includes a huge library of nonillustrated stories and some unseen photo collections.
Bang BondagePPV: NicheClips - Every girl who appears in a BangBondage video is sure to be fondled, forced to french kiss, forced to perform oral sex, and fucked at least once.
Basement on ImageFapImageFap: Some pretty extreme art and photos including forced sex, incest, extreme torture and murder.
Batman X ClubYah: Mostly terrific art of superheroines getting tied-up and molested by villains and monsters.
Battlestrength on EroticIllusionsErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of girls getting molested by tentacles, monsters, animals and strange creatures.
Battlestrength on RenderoticaRenderotica: Some high quality 3D graphics of girls in horrible peril! Monster and robot ravishings!
BbsaconneoJP: This anime site sports a lot of content - mostly extreme. Click 2nd option on menu, click on thumb then click on links at top for pics. I saw gang sex, shemales, pee/poop, bondage, insertions, bjs, lactation, milking, huge breasts etc.
Bbw Sleepy ComicsYah: For those into both bbws and the sleepy fetish
BDSM Artwork
Pay: brutal, beautiful and definitely not for the faint-hearted, is an all-illustration site from the creators of Spainís ultra-hard kink toon-size FANSADOX that offers some of the meanest, hottest images on the Web.
BDSM Artwork

BDSM Cagri
Pay: Very high quality 2D art of innocent young women turning into submissive slaves, educated modern girls struck with terror living a new nightmare existence of sexual distress!
BDSM Cagri

BDSM LibraryFree: The stories archive includes topics like spanking, teens, toys, interracial, humiliation, torture, violence, snuff, blackmail, TG, lactation, slavery, scatology... well almost anything.
Be Forced Pay: M/M forced sex fantasies.
Bella MortePPV: Dark sexy bondage horror and death fetish films. Videos of girls shot, ravished, knocked-out, strangled, stabbed, throat slit, necro'd, drowned, catfight to the death and carried.
Bella MortePPV: NicheClips - Video clips of electrocution, vampirism, sleepy, post mortem, poison, forced sex, stabbing, chloro, beatings, necro sex and catfighting to the death,
BiDomination.comPay: Women forced to pleasure other women and more.
Bimbo BoutiquePay: Stories, blog and forum about gorgeous girls involved in breast expansion, femdom, cheerleaders, transformation, transgender, mind control, bondage and forced.
Bitches in Training
Pay: Beautiful women dominate and humiliate poor, powerless girls under their charge! Girls are forced to take dildos, strap-ons, mechanical devices and even forced to pleasure strange men! See the dirtiest whores get destroyed!
Bizarre Video StoreCat: Forced Sex, Bestiality, Teens and Pregnant videos for sale
Bizarro Video
Pay: Rare, sick, demented videos including bondage, cannibal, zombie, torture, vampire and real death! Rough, forced, extreme porn sex from the 70s! Your source for rare, uncut, Bizarro films! FORCED SEX! NO LIMITS!
Black BredPay: Submissive white woman wants an aggressive black man to forcibly impregnate her.
Black HoleErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips where photos of beautiful models are ravished by 2D drawings of fat, masked guys and demons.
Black PackageJP: Professional artwork - mostly samples - of sometimes enormously endowed anime girls getting ravished, in bondage and/or taking insertions.
Blackheart ArtsErotic Illusions Paysite: Pencil art dedicated to female submission, monsters, aliens and bdsm in all its forms. Delicious women humiliated, tortured and used for the pleasure of the denizens of hell.
Blackheart on
SexyAmazons: Good 2D art of girls tortured and ravished.
Blacksword's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Very good 2D, color art of characters with exaggerated genitals. Some extreme topics including ravishing and murder.
Blade Against KunoichiJP: A blog about executing female ninjas.
Blonde Assault in Field
VID: CruelPlanet - A hot, platinum blond is assaulted in the middle of a field.
Blonde Brutally TakenVID: - A bald man dominates and fucks a pretty blonde.
Board-ExtremeFree: A kind of community for people into forced sex and death fetish.
Body Bags Member Site
Pay: Snuff, Necrophilia, shocking website, DVD downloads Video library, 30G of material!
Bondage & S&M Sex StoriesFree: Stories involving women having sex while bound or as part of S&M.
Bondage Asylum!
XBondx: There is a lot of bondage, torture and ravishing in what looks like a mental asylum. Nurses and patients are fair game for the orderlies and doctors working there. Full preview on
Bondage Orgasms
Pay: Dominated, abused and forced to cum by vicious lesbian dominatrixes! Only extreme lesbian bondage games!
Bondage Stories on Sensual WriterFree: Free bondage stories including hypnosis, bondage sex and water torture.
Bondageman's Rapidshare LinksFree: Links to all sorts of genre including femdom, bondage, abduction, chloroform, bondage sex etc.
Pay: Seriously extreme anime including tentacle rape, forced sex, bondage, torture, monster sex.
Bondanime Forced Sex Galleries
Bondanime Forced Sex Galleries

BontenJP: Anime and western art of sex, forced sex, blow-jobs, monster sex, peeing/pooping and a whole section of angels getting molested by monsters.
Bostik on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good, 2D fantasy art including some extreme ravish scenes!
Boston Forced FantasiesFree: personals listing for people interested in forced sex in Boston.
Bound, Gagged and FondledPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful, sometimes very busty girls bound, gagged, HOM'd, duct taped, deprived of air and then fondled.
Bound2BKinky ClipsPPV: Clips4sale - Video clips of girls in serious peril! Abducted, tied-up, spanked, knocked-out, carried, molested... even forced masturbation and forced orgasm!
Bound2BKinky: Images4SalePPV: Images4Sale - Photosets of beautiful women in bondage, abducted, bagging, handcuffed, forced to strip, gagged, ravishing, spanking, schoolgirl, forced orgasms, duct tape, ripped off clothing, clothespins etc.
BoundwillA Lesbian Forced sex & Lesbian bondage/domination site.
Boutique de BD OccasionCat: A French site selling adult comic books including illustrators like Lucifera, Zarra, Magnela, Jacula, Isabella and Lucrece.
Brendan's Bondage StoriesLibris Erotica Paysite: Within this site you will enter a world of slave markets, women's prisons, forced sex, brutal floggings, public degradation and gang-bangs. There is a lot of screaming here, and much pleading. Text stories.
Brian TarsisCat: Professional artist and author selling his illustrated novels online - a great BDSM gallery.
Brian's PageFree: A site dedicated to discussing scenes of women in bondage as they appear in the mainstream media. - No pics.
Brutal Sex PlanetPPV: Clips4Sale - A PPV site based entirely on forced sex fantasy.

Brutal Sex PlanetPPV: Clips4Sale - Forced sex, pay per view clips.
Brutal Tales - NicheclipsPPV: NicheClips - Extreme backwoods asphyx, forced sex, necro, cannibal and gore!
Business woman attacked!
VID: ShockFlix - BondAnime - Scared young anime businesswoman has a dick in every hole as she's covered in hot cum
Busty PerilsErotic Illusions Paysite: Original artwork of busty chicks in bondage, getting tortured and being ravished.
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including forced sex, hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, snuff, necrophilia, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Cait's BasementFree: Caitlyn's personal forced-sex stories and roleplay articles, plus stories by Cait's friends, and a big database of links to other related sites. Cait's Basement was one of the earliest fsrp (forced-sex roleplay) sites on the internet
Candy FlickJP: Nice 2D anime art of girls with large breasts, amazons, chicks with dicks, hybrids. Some dojin of girls getting ravished by penises - often wielded by girls.
Captured HeroinesPay: 3D pics of gorgeous superheroines getting ravaged, screwed by monsters and taken captive.
Casualties of Horror EXTREME!PPV: NicheClips - Extreme content including forced sex, hanging, spiked dildo, torture, shooting, post mortem, knock-outs.
Catfight Gangbang
Pay: These lesbians are just so fucking brutal! 100% exclusive whore on whore on whore on whore action! Watch as a group of beautiful women hold down and violate a poor, unsuspecting girl!!
Catfight Gangbang

CBSWwXXXRatedGroup: Being part of a raiding party, that captures a woman, for meat or for fun. WE enjoy , stories, and images of natives, from comanche indians to brazil cannibals capturing white women, and torturing and raping them.
Celeb r*pe scenes thread on eXBiieXBii: Movie downloads of scenes where celebs have been ravished in mainstream movies.
Chaos MindJP: A few sample images for a DLsite. Violent imagery including cannibalism, what appears to be forced sex, gang sex, ripped apart ninja, vampires and maids.
Charinko FoxJP: Good 2D anime art of girls getting ravished, girls with weapons, upskirts, schoolgirls, catgirls. etc
Cheerleader Slut For TortureMySpace: A cheerleader who likes to roleplay that she is being kidnapped to be tortured. She likes to be suspended high by her wrists, or stretched taut on a rack.
ChibaJP: Anime art about scat, big bellies, forced sex, multiple breasts, lactation, hybrids, bondage - some really gross and disturbing stuff!
Chikan Hentai
Pay: Hentai art of girls getting groped in public places. Sometimes they are disgusted by the groper and sometimes they are brought to orgasm!
Chikan Play Series
Update: Attackers.TV - A pretty, young girl is groped and fondled leading to a full-out, group assault on the poor, young girl. Sample on
Chikan Play Series 115
Update: - Four movies of very hot girls in sexy clothing getting molested on the bus! Sample on
Chikan Play Series!
Update: Attackers.TV - Groping Molesters attack girls on bus/office/hospital, ravishing, forced blowjobs, bukkake! DVD Divx Video 5 Ravish Attacks 720MB.
Chikan Vids
Pay: Overcrowded trains in rush-hour are fair game for a chickan, notorious subway groper. Unsuspecting girls getting their butts and breasts fondled by horny subway gropers.
ChogokinJP: Some 2D art of hardcore XXX, gang bang, latex and some familiar anime characters.
Choke Chamber on NicheClipsPPV: NicheClips - Where our pain is your pleasure! Videoclips of gorgeous, mostly nude girls getting strangled, necro'd, knocked-out, ravished and very rarely shot.
Cholera ClubJP: High quality anime art! Under softcore we find fetish clothes, bunny girls, amazons, masturbation, big breasts, angels. Under hardcore we find bondage, forced sex and shemales.
Chris Corner FilmsCat: PPV: Nicheclips - Videos of pretty girls getting strangled, slashed, stabbed while naked. Most often they are ravished and necro'd.
Chris' CornerPPV: Nicheclips - Pretty girls get strangled, slashed, stabbed while naked. Most often they are ravished and necro'd.
Classic Forced Sex Scenes from MoviesFree: Cool thread from the forumophilia messageboard.
Claude's Sexy SettingsPay: Women 18+ tied hard at home and at other sexy settings. Often the woman is tied naked fully spread, her breasts manhandled and finger fucked to orgasm.
Clothespins on her TongueVID: Bondanime - All tied up hentai teen with clothespins on her tounge gets pumped.
College Coed Assplay
Update: - A hot college coed is lured into a warehouse where she is ambushed by a group of men who assault her. Lots of assplay. Video sample on
Colorful Slave on
Update: SMXXX - 680 MB Divx DVD.
Comic SatelliteJP: Cute anime girls and hybrids molested by monsters, in bondage, ravished forcefully or just posing.
Countess Bathoria's MessageboardFree: Topics include Necrophillia, Fetish/Kink, BDSM, Vampire Erotica, Forced Sex, Erotic Stories, hermaphrodites, Interracial intercourse, and much much more!
Crazy XXX 3D World
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Nothing is impossible in the 3D world - attacked by a vampiress, straight sex, horrifying BDSM, satanic snuff rituals, alien sex, necrophilia, transformation.
Crazy XXX 3D World

Cruel Network
Pay: Sign up for ONE site and get access to A LOAD of extreme sites for free!! Just one charge for "Cruel Family", "Forced Sex", "Cruel Movies", "Punished Moms", "Exploited Bitches", "Brutal Family&qu
Cruel Network

Pay: Mega adult site including brutal, forced sex! Their motto is "Make bitches scream and suffer, they'll love it!"

Crying Hentai TeenVID: BondAnime - Crying hentai teen kept in a tight rein and fucked until she gets pissed on.
Cute Emmy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Nice anime art involving monster sex, gang sex, forced sex and blowjobs involving huge erections.
Cute Girl Tied Up and ScrewedVID: SexandSubmission - A hot, dark-haired girl is tied up and fucked!
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list.
Daddy T's DungeonPPV: Clips4Sale - Women tied up, whipped, tormented and screwed.
DamesenJP: Nice anime art of girls enduring bondage and forced sex!
Damsel TheaterCat: Token system with photoshoots about bondage, chlorofoming and force fantasies.
Damsel XPPV: Nicheclips - Goldie is a gorgeous, very busty actress who finds herself imperiled in a variety of ways. Scenarios include forced sex, sleepy sex, shooting, bagging, strangling.
Damsels in Danger
High quality photographic captures of completely original content. Damsels in distress, damsels in danger. This site is devoted to women who enjoy the role play of being prey. Consensual BDSM scenes of abduction, kidnapping, capture, take down and terror
Damsels in Danger Gallery
A home invasion fantasy from Damsels in Danger.
Danish Girl SubmissionVID: Sex and Submission - Danish babe in submission and bondage sex.
Daring HeroinesPay: An adult comic site featuring original artwork of powerful superheroines getting defeated and ravished.
Dark CastleJP: Elves and hot anime chicks getting forced by orcs, werewolves and trolls.
Dark CreatureZBlog: Excellent 3D art of girls bound and ravished by men and monsters!

Dark Erotic FictionFree: Stories mostly taking place in a universe where women are routinely enslaved, executed and/or eaten.
Dark Heart HorrorPPV: NicheClips. Video clips of an evil cop kidnapping couples. Forced sex, sleepy, a knifing and necro.
Dark MasterErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of girls in bondage, crucified and in other medieval style torture devices.
Dark Videos 2Pay: Videos of girls tortured, abducted, ravished, murdered! Roughies, grindhouse, exploitation movies!
Dark Worlds of DakkarErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D graphics of women tied up, tortured, and having sex forced upon them by man and monster
DarkLinkWorldFree: A toplist showing extreme, fetish sites.
Dead WrongPPV: NicheClips - Extreme video clips almost all of which involve forced sex. Lots of post mortem, some strangling.
Death Fetish PortalFree: Gallery after gallery of gore, snuff/necro, vampirism, blood, guns, shooting, stabbing, forced sex fantasy, and basically anything else that is even remotely to do with the celebration of death and mayhem.
Debauched DreamsErotic Illusions samples including stories, photomanips, 3D and 2D art. Subjects include monster sex, bondage, femdom, sex and blowjobs.
Deflorated 100Free: A forced sex top 100 list.
Den-EnJP: Professional anime art including lots of monster sex and forced sex.
Devil Richie on ImageFapImageFap: A few forced sex galleries among the many other porn galleries.
Diane DolcetYah: Profile of a supergorgeous, superbusty chick into snuff, slaughter, cannibalism, bondage etc.
Diary of SickmanFree: Forced Sex stories by Sickman!
DIDJP: 3D Graphics, real photos and art of women in distress including bondage and forced sex.
Dildo and the Dead
HentaiAnimation: A frightened woman finds a suspended female corpse with a dildo fully inserted.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapNicheclips: Movies for $10 or less from the people at PKF Studio and The Basement! Includes hanging, poisoning, necrophilia, forced sex, strangling, stabbing, BDSM, suspension, shooting, stabbing and drowning.
Doc Icenogle on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of famous cartoon girls (especially the Scooby girls) getting screwed by men and monsters.
Doctor T's HospitalJP: Kigurumi and anime art. Art includes schoolgirl, space uniforms, guns, pee/poop, shemales, bondage, huge tits, forced sex, monsters, insertions, sailor moon and a gallery of giantesses.
Gal: Public Disgrace - European hottie gets jizzed on then paraded in public with cum on her face.
Dominated Girls
Pay: Sexy slaves in very hard punishment. Girls bound and ravished by filthy perverts!
Dominated HeroinesYah: Beautiful superheroines fighting and being defeated by villainous adversaries.
Dominated Heroines.comPay: Superheroines beaten by badguys, punched over and over - especially pussy punching, sometimes knocked out, tied-up, groped, and hypnotized into sluts.
Domination TV
Pay: 30+ hours of dirty, brutal videos: group and gangbang domination sex, extreme uniform videos, ropes, abductions and much more!
Doomed Detective MagazineGoogle: Policewomen getting ravished, killed and their corpses left for later.
Doomed Muscle WomenGoogle: Women with big muscles in peril.
Doomed SpygirlGoogle: Doomed spygirls is a place for pics of brave secret agent ladies. A place to tell us how you think they should meet their death. It is a dangerous job and they face torture and rape if they get captured or maybe they just get shot in a gunbattle.
Double Penetrated Anime GirlVID: Bondanime - Luscious anime babe tied up and gets double penetrated.
Double Penetration Hentai Attack!
VID: BondAnime - From: Bondanime A bound, busty anime girl is double penetrated while bound.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drawing Planet

Drawing Planet on XXXRatedGroupsXXXRatedGroups: 2D and 3D art of all sorts of extreme and evil subjects!
DrilljiruJP:A blog including big breasted anime girls getting molested, bound, monstered and tentacled.
Drunken Holes!
Pay: What could be more exciting then a drunk woman's body completely open for you and a helpless, tempting target for your most dirty fantasies.
Drunken PantyhosePay: Girls wearing pantyhose, stockings, and garters drinking until they loosen up and then have sex with sonme lucky guy or at the very least have some fun with themselves.
Duke of HellErotic Illusions Paysite: The Duke shares his Poser work of girls getting attacked by monsters in a variety of ways.
Dynamite Pussy CatJp: Color and pencil sketches of anime girls and videogame characters in bondage and getting screwed.
E-jin's IndexJP: A wide variety of art under headings Level 1 through Level 9. Includes BDSM, Insertions, Gang Bangs, Shemales, Hybrids, Monster Sex and even a couple vore pics.
Elliquiy Adult Role PlayingFree: Extremely active sexual role playing forum; mostly interested in games that deal with forced sex, bondage or monster sex.
Eroquis BlogJP: Blog - Very high quality anime artwork of every conceivable type of non-fatal ryona including bondage, forced sex, gang sex, monster sex and lots of enormous breasts.
Erotic Anime
Pay: Original uncensored galleries of Hentai, hardcore, bizarre, forced sex, alien sex, superheroines, space amazons, femdom and BDSM.
Erotic Anime

Erotic AsylumForum: Adult group for roleplaying,reading or writing stories,playing games and downloading free adult movies!!! yes and it's all free!!!! so come check it out!
Erotic NightmaresPPV: Nicheclips - Videos of female corpses screwed, strangled, hanging, cut throat, gunshots, forced sex, bondage and some very bloody scenes.
Erratic Ill-UsingErotic Illusions Paysite: Photomanips of girls in bondage - often getting screwed. Some Monster Sex according to the description.
Euro BDSMPay: Over 400 exclusive girls! 35,000 pics. Japanese bondage. 200+ movies. Peronal ads. Fetish Cartoons. Extreme torture, spanking, bondage, forced sex, watersports and dildos!
Evangeline Von WinterPPV: Extensive abduction and bondage fantasies including chlorforming, carrying, hypnotism and forced fantasies.
Evangeline's Chloroform VideosPPV: NicheClips - Videos about girls getting chloroformed, carried, abducted, tied-up, ravished etc.
Evangline Von WinterPPV: Extensive abduction and bondage fantasies including chlorforming, carrying, superheroines, hypnotism and forced fantasies.
Evil anime sex
VID: Hentai Animation - Evil dungeon scenario including an anime guy screwing a girl while her head is in a guillotine.
Evil Dom Screws Anime Girl
VID: HentaiAnimation - An innocent Hentai girl is pinned down and screwed with a large, purple dildo by a cruel mistress.
Evil FemalesXXXRatedGroup: Girls abuse girls, with or with out men. pics and files all free!!

Exploited Bitches
Pay: Uncensored, explicit action! Hot, dirty sex! Shocking, extreme stuff! Beautiful women used and abused in fantasy, forced sex situations.
ExtremaYah: Brazilian Group about everything bizarre - sick porn, BDSM, Death, Rape fantasies, executions.
Extreme Erotic Encounters Free: A meeting point for fetish related artists and all open minded people. Themes include bondage, execution and forced sex with a lot of Dolcett art.
Extreme Sex.DL
Pay: A site full of exclusive, hardcore movies in all categories including fetish, bondage, fat chicks, forced sex, twinks, gay and straight.
Extreme-BoardFree: A messageboard dedicated to some extreme topics like zoo, scat and forced sex.
Extreme-MatesFree?: A dating/social site for meeting others with extreme fetishes. Mostly forced sex, scat and BDSM.
Fancy Teacher Bondage
VID: ShockFlix - XBondX - A beautiful teacher gets aroused by a bondage photo and starts masturbating in an empty class room. A photo student busts her and blackmails her into bondage, blowjobs, sex, vibrators and nose play!
Fantasy Danger IslandFree: Damsels in distress of all sorts.
Fantasy Gang RapeFree: An ALT.COM personal ad asking for people to participate in fantasy gang bangs.
Fantasy RoleplayYah: Group for adult roleplaying - usually pretty extreme.
Fantasy Squad
Gal: SexandSubmission Chanel Preston is spied on and gets unexpectedly visited by the fantasy squad. She is restrained, roughly manhandled and fucked by the authority John Strong and Mr. Pete. Chanel's fantasy comes true when pleasure is mixed with p
Fantasy World of Hentai
Pay: Weird fantastic creatures fucking hard innocent teen babes! The best collection of hentai monster collection! You will get to the kingdom of eager fantasy monsters penetrating hot chicks with their many dicks!
Fatal PulseJP: Despite the provocative title, the site appears to be about mostly large breasted anime girls. Sometimes amazons. catgirls and upskirts. All image-links are text. A little bit of Monster sex, Forced Sex and BDSM at the end.
Fem Fem ViolenceYah: Women abducted, tied-up and abused by other women.
Fem/Fem Violence 2Yah: Rough f/f forced sex, violence and fetish.
Female CaptivesFree erotic stories by Brendan X. Themes include women's jails, kidnapping, torture and rape.
Female Detective Ravished!
Update: Forced4Sex - A beautiful, female detective is overpowered and ravished in a fairly well produced scene. Sample on
Female Rape Ninjitsu Screen CapsBlog: From Movie Pictures Blog. Several screen caps of the bondage sex scene of the beautiful Maria Ozawa.
Ferres Art
Pay: The gorgeous cyberart of the very talented Ferres featuring beautiful, naked women in bondage, getting molested by monsters or taken by evil men. Ferres is best known for his "Naked Earth" comic series!
Ferres Art

Fetish Drawing!
Pay: Slashed, pierced, bound and dominated women! Any fetish you can imagine, any lust streaming through your veins, any dreams become true. Weird fantasies, monsters and humans, dead or alive, sexual or chained, pissed on or pissed off!
Fetish OasisCat: BDSM Video Store with pic galleries and video trailers.
Fever DreamsErotic Illusions Paysite - Illustrations of hot young babes as playthings of brutish men and monsters.
Fight Girl 2004Free: Mostly poser graphics of a hapless superheroine who is often defeated and groped by evil thugs
First Forced Sex
Pay: Ordinary girls set upon by masked fiends. They violate these poor girls, screw them most brutally and then jeer at them mercilessly.
Flat AshJP: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, doing hardcore, in robo-armor, bondage, lactation and forced sex.
Flying Pig on
SexyAmazons: Mostly B&W 2D art of girls ravished and/or strangled or hanged.
Forbidden ActPay & PPV: Production company specializing in abduction fantasies, forced sex, bondage and some pregnant.
Forbidden Act.comPPV: A ton of PPV videos of beautiful women abducted, bound and then used in various ways.
Forbidden VideoCat: DVDs Shipped to you in 24-48 Hours! Real XXX Grindhouse Films - Rare XXX - Classic Roughies - Best 70s XXX - Bondage Classics - Celebrity Sex Video - X Rated Shock Horror - Forbiddenvideo Dark Side Classics - Jail House Girls.
Force Fantasies
Pay: Force Fantasies features discussions about forced-sex fantasy, rough sex, aggressive sex and domination, Alebeard-topic stories, rhinoboy-topic art, free fantasy pics and photo fantasies of bdsm, domination, stripped and ravished heroines by Lorelei
Force on LushStories.comFree: Sex stories on organized by the keyword "Force". Also try dominance, submission and reluctance.
Forced BlowYah: For people who like forced blowjobs!
Forced BlowjobVID: Bondanime - Obedient anime slave in chains sucks her masters dick.
Forced F*ckersPay: From the people at Pornocruto. The best content from Ravished Brides, Scream Cream, Bi Domination, Uniform Domination and Violent Reussians. Women getting ravished and taken in violent, brutal ways!
Forced Sex RoleplayFree: A group on about roleplaying rape fantasies.
Forced Sex Scenes
Pay: Merciless scenes of raw, brutal domination! Hard to bare and too scary to believe! Terrifying coersion of a woman's tender body! Merciless humiliation! Unleashed sexual terror!
Forced Sex Scenes

Forced Sex StoriesFree: The forced sex story part of
Forced Sex Stories on FreeBestSexStories.comFree: A collection of forced sex stories found on the free sex story site;
Forced Sex Stories on Ozuz.comFree: A few forced sex stories found on Ozuz free story archive.
Forced Sex Stories on Sex Stories PostFree: A huge number of forced sex stories including comments, ratings and # of views.
Forced Sex Stories on Space Fucker ClubFree: Forced sex stories on the forum "Space Fucker Club"
Forced Sex World
Pay: Forced Sex World provides its users with endless hours of wild, forced sex videos featuring all kinds of women being forced into sex. Young, barely legal teens, hot babes with big tits, gorgeous mature ladies.
Forced to part her legs!VID: YouTube - Sexy anime brunette in handcuffs and covered eyes forced to part ones legs.
Forced to Breed Black BabiesYah: Women who are kidnapped and forced to breed black babies.
Forced to Love ItPPV: NicheClips - Hot lovelies forced into bondage and rape. Lots of Home Invasion and non-consensual bondage.
Forced to Prostitute!
Pay: The hottest women screwed for bad debts! Not your everyday sluts but they sure get treated like it! Women and money just don't mix, see why at
Forced to Prostitute!

Forced too SuckYah: Mostly huge breasted women in bondage.
Forced Violation
Pay: An amazing array of quality forced sex porn. They beg and cry for mercy but no mercy is coming their way anytime soon.
Forced White WifePay: Wives devoted to forced sex and sexual humiliation!
Forced WitnessPay: Videos of men watching as their girlfriends are getting screwed! Masked intruders breaking in on young couples. Extreme and brutal content!
Pay: Forced Sex DVD Downloads! Busty, beautiful asian models stripped and ravished.
ForceSome.comFree: A messageboard dealing with fantasy non-consensual sex and forced sex.
ForcesorceriesHentai-Foundry: 2D anime fantasy art of girls getting ravished in the MMORPG, Guild Wars.
Free Pussy at the Porn Store
Gal: Public Domain - Gia DiMarco is a big fucking whore. But she is a big fucking whore with goals, she wants to be an even bigger whore. Naturally Princess Donna and Mark Davis are happy to help her reach that goal
Free Rape StoriesFree: Eight free rape stories.
FreiregelDeviantart: Artistic photography including a highly stylized 5 page photoset of a violent encounter apparently ending in death. Not graphic.
Friandning on Hentai FoundryHentai-Foundry: Some 2D art including a couple girls getting ravished by a man or tentacles.
Fuck Torture and Snuff MeXXXRatedGroup: I'm a freaky chick. Fuck, torture and snuff me. Now here's the catch! If you impress me with your imagination, you might have a shot at my real snatch. I love big cocks but also sloppy wet pussies. So you can be male or female.
Fucked and Bound
Pay: Professional videos and photography of beautiful women tied up and screwed. Weekly updates, all hardcore kinky bondage sex! Videos average 40 mins in WMV and Quicktime with no DRM limitations! An average of 220 photos per session!
Fucked and Bound

Fucking Dungeon
Pay: High quality photos and video of hardcore bondage sex, bound and fucked slaves! Women ravished harshly while helpless! 1000s of minutes of video and 10,000s of photos!
Fucking Dungeon

FuclowJP: A pretty vicious anime site including schoolgirls, guttings, amputations, surgery, hanging, stabbing, drowning, impaling, insertions, butchering, vore, forced sex. pee/poop.
Gallery for WillowFree: Gorgeous color art of superheroines and a couple amazons sometimes in bondage, carried, knocked-out, catfighting etc.
GallopJP: Japanese videos of girls ravished, strangled, tortured, screwed and eaten by monsters.
Garcon 110 Fight 5 - Loser Ravished!
Update: BattleCatXXX. Two beautiful, busty combatants wrestle with the loser stripped and ravished by 2 horny guys. Sample on
Garwood Media Hardcore Bondage VideoPPV: NicheClips - This store offers a varied selection of Fantasy Driven Bondage Themed videos which subjects include: Forced Sex, Kidnap, Chloroforming, Forced Sex & Bondage Sex featuring stunning UK Models, Many of which are Exclusive To This Producer.
GerokumaJP: Anime chicks engaged in bondage, forced sex and insertions.
GGG SexboxPay: Extreme, perverted and sadistic fantasy paysite. Humiliation, pain, poop, pee, bukake etc.
Girls Gagged!PPV: Clips4Sale - Pretty asian girls ravished while in bondage.
Girls In Merciless Peril DreambookFree: A free forum that enjoys all sorts of evil peril including forced sex, BATS, Crucifixion and others.
Gloomy ToonJP: Good 2D anime art including bondage, monster sex, upskirts, schoolgirls, amputees, bloody forced sex, enemas, poop, body morph, shemales, conjoinees, amazons.
GM Torrey UnleashedErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser 3D art approximating the covers of Men's Pulp magazines including rape, bondage, corpses and asphyxia.
Gorgeous blonde hentai girlVID: BondAnime - Gorgeous blonde hentai girl in shackles and leaking.
Goth Grunge Girl gets ripped up!
VID: RipHerUp - A gorgeous, black-haired beauty has her clothes ripped off by a maniac.
Groped Asians
Pay: Girls in Japanese trains aren't safe. See all the shocking truth about groping and molesting in Japan! Schoolgirl touching. Girls forced to give handjobs. Molesters cumming on subway passengers.
GrospectorJP: Some anime sketches of a pretty, skinny, teenage superheroine who fights and is often molested by monsters.
Grossed Out DrawingsFree: Tons of art of girls getting tortured, killed and ravished.
Gruesome HorrorCat: DVDs of imported Japanese horror including strangulation, crucifixion, stabbing, mutilation, hanging, forced sex. Tons of DVDs to choose from.
Gruesome HorrorPPV: NicheClips - Beautiful women used, bridled, passed around, tortured, strangled, hanged, electrocuted, drugged, beaten, shot and/or stabbed.
Gurochan.netFree: Really huge messageboard focused on anime and extreme fetishes including death/gore, execution, torture, scat, monster sex, forced sex.
Gyno Latex Bizarre Enema StorePPV: PrePaidClips - Rubber, rubberslaves, femdom, latex, CBT, peeing, masturbation, insertions, needles, torture, fistings, peeing!
Gyona NamamonaJP: Return of a fairly vicious Japanese anime site. Situations include sex; consensual and other; Pink: hybrids, forced blowjobs, bondage. Blue: cutting, torture, bondage. Soul: Soul Caliber girls chopping each other up, amazons, more bondage/torture.
H-Cup Abduction!
Update: XBondX - Beautiful, supposedly H-Cup girl is abducted, bound, stripped, humiliated and ravished. Sample on
HanadukaJP: Professional anime art including insertions, tentacle molesting, forced sex, bikinis etc.
Handcuffed Anime TeenVID: Bondanime - Anime teen in handcuffs getting slammed!
Hands tied to the ceilingVID: Bondanime - Hot fucking anime babe with her hands tied to the ceiling and banged hard.
Hanging HoneysPPV: NicheClips - From the talented producers at Psycho-Thrillers, a hanging video clips store with all the quality you expect from Psycho-Thrillers!
Harth NirJP: A few very nicely done sketches of busty anime girls and one graphic gangbang scene.
HarukiPay?: Very nice anime pics of BDSM, Forced Sex and just some simple posing.
HelpMeViolateHer #4 on HelpMeViolateHer PPV: Clips4Sale - A very pretty, naked girl is attacked, molested, stabbed, then violated by Big Squirts.
Hentai Animation
Pay: Welcome to Hentai Movies! We have an amazing archive of content. An awesome collection of the newest and hottest hentai movies straight from Japan! Our All Hentai Movies are featured in extremely high video and audio quality.
Hentai Animation

Hentai Babes
Pay: Hentai Comics and Sci-Fi anime with themes like "Nuns who love alien beast cock." and "I LOVE 48 inch alien stiffies!" Women are slavetraded from Space Pirate to Space Pirate or sometimes captured by a space alien to breed with i
Hentai BDSM
Pay: Extreme hentai BDSM leaving no place for pity or sympathy!
Hentai BDSM

Hentai Dreams
Pay: Uncensored anime pics, manga comix, downloadable games! Aliens screwing school girls! Tentacle Rape! Hot Japanese girls engaging in wild, sometimes forced sex with every orifice!
Hentai Dreams

Hentai Dungeon Master
Pay: Anime bondage pics. Cute anime girls in heavy bondage, submissive to their masters.
Hentai Flash
Pay: Hardcore Hentai, 3D XXX, Manga Stories, Erotic Comics, Hentai Series, Aliens, Japanese Dick Girls, Yaoi Hentai, Hentai Lesbians, Hentai Girls, Artbook, Movie Galleries, Flash Episodes, Toon Vision, Flash Animations, Flash Games, Flash Magazines.
Hentai Flash

Hentai Passport Gallery
Pay: 4 movies of a cute hentai girl getting tortured with electricity.
Hentai Source!
Pay: Original hardcore artwork, a sleek design, and one of the coolest flash interfaces available on a hentai site comprise Hentai Source's visible aesthetics. An almost endless provision of explicit games, sultry images and blood rushing movies!
HeppokodouJP: Beautiful art of cute anime girls urinating, naked, violated, in bondage and getting ravished.
Hidden DreamsFree: Photo retouches by liberator of women getting shot, stabbed, hanged, ravished etc.
High King on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of superheroines, aliens and regular girls getting screwed, ravished, gang banged, monster molested, giving BJs etc. Lots of large penises, sometimes 4 or more surrounding a single girl.

Hikari Kage's Floating WorldFree: Art of monsters, babes and monsters with babe parts. Includes some swallowing.
Hombre BlancoHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of girls getting ravished by monsters and humans.
Horny anime slut fucking and pissingVID: Bondanime - Horny anime slut fucking and pissing.
Horny Knight 1
VID: BondAnime - An evil knight ravishes a poor, peasant girl.
Horny Knight 2
VID: BondAnime - Hentai prisoner girl in chains gets fucked by a knight down in the slave chamber.
Horror DollsPPV: Clips4Sale - Tenticle rape, vore, zombies, left 4 head, necro, cheerleaders and more!
Horror Dolls!PPV: NicheClips - Death Fetish/Extreme video clips with a horror theme. zombie rape, strangling, saw-style torture, corpse handling, corpse dismemberment, tentacle attacks, psycho killers.
Horror Sex!
Pay: Combining the worlds of classic horror and erotic sex! Monthly erotic sex with vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, girls with knives etc! Blood Sucking, Cum guzzling Vampire sex nuns! Amber Michaels, Sylvia Saint, Jana Cova and many more!
Horror Sex!

Horror Variety TheaterPPV: Nicheclips - beautiful women suffering asphyxiation, drowning or handling after death.
Horrorgasm on Progressive Art ProjectPPV: Progressive Art Project - Video clips of erotic horror including stabbings, shootings, strangulation, slit throats, forced sex etc.
Hot Blonde Shackled and Screwed
GAL: From: A beautiful blonde is shackled and screwed.
Hot Violations
Pay: Extreme forced sex videos and pictures are now available inside "Hot Violations" any day of the week.
Hot Wax and Blowjobs
VID: BondAnime - A beautiful, spectacled anime girl has wax poured over her and is then forced to give blowjobs by a cult. - Adult Sexual Roleplay [18+ Only]Forum: is an active sexual play-by-post roleplaying forum on the internet. its primary purpose is to provide roleplay with a minimum of limits on erotic, sexual, and mature content.
Humida's Gallery on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D anime art with recurring WOW imagery including enslavement, group bukkake, undead girls, monster sex, forced sex.
Humiliated anime teen sucks cockVID: Bondanime - Humiliated anime teen sucks cock.
Humiliated Girl turns Murderess
VID: Bondanime - A young maid is ravished and humiliated and then stabs her master.
Husband, Wife and ProstituteVID: Sex and Submission - Husband and wife have kinky BDSM sex with prostitute.
Imperfect StrangersXXXRatedGroup: A place to meet others with similar dark fantasies.
Injured Dolls Teaser
VID: - A 1:15 teaser for a massive 238 minute movie about 'injured dolls'. I'm not sure I get the premise: these girls are unresponsive and expressionless lying motionless until used, then unresponsive until the hard sex begi
Innocent ViolationFree: A messageboard whose main focus is the violation of innocent women.
Innocent, Bound Anime GirlVID: BondAnime - Innocent bond animegirl fucked while the shit is squirts out of her ass!
Inquisition World
Pay: Medieval and Modern inquisitions! Witches interrogated using a variety of brutal medieval tortures like the head crusher, bloody whippings, rough rope through the genitalia, heavy irons, getting pissed on, water torture, roasting feet and more!
Inquisition World

InShadow's PPV - NicheClipsPPV: NicheClips - Clips including chlorforming, suffocation, forced sex, bagging, shooting, necro-sex etc.
Intl Kichiku AgencyJP: A wide variety of Hentai including massive insertions, superheroine, bdsm, pumped-up tits, forced sex and monster sex.
Isane Sex Warrior on ReadHentai.netReadHentai: Hardcore cyberpunk doujin (anime comic) with a lot of rough sex, tentacle attacks and a couple female deaths starting at page 166.
Jade Marx and DragonLilyVid: Sex and Submission - Jade Marx & DragonLily are dominated and fucked by the master.
Jagi's HomepageJP: Extremely vicious anime art depicting torture, rape and mutilation. Huge bellies, huge breasts, hybrids, shemales.
Jap CinemaXXXRatedGroup: Promopage for the website - Japanese bondage and ravishment.
Jap TorturePay: Extreme torture, Japanese Rape.
Japanese Damsels in DistressCat: A place to purchase graphic, Japanese forced-sex movies.
Japanese idol in bondage!
Gal: Gallery of a beautiful Japanese girl stripped, bound, gagged, tortured and ravished!
Japanese Otaku Super HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroines getting screwed in bondage, lesbians, strap ons, fighting, tortured, crosses, forced orgasms, robots and masturbation.
Japanese Torture
Pay: More than 20,000 extreme, high-quality pictures! Hours and hours of streaming media! Beautiful Japanese girls enduring extreme bondage, torture and forced gang bangs!
JC Heroines 2Yah: Heroines and Superheroines in peril, catfighting, carried, raped etc.
JT's Heroine ArtErotic Illusions Paysite: Diane, our unlikely superheroine suffers many tragedies and misadventures.
Juliette - Captured and in DistressPPV: Clips4Sale - The beautiful Juliette is captured, stripped, tied up and screwed. Sometimes she's chloroformed.
Juliette's Abduction ClipsPPV: Nicheclips - Videos of Juliette enduring forced sex, bondage, abduction and chloroform.
Juliette's AbductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Most clips involve the pretty Juliette abducted, tied-up and ravished.
Kain's House of Lust - FreeFree: Excellent photoshopped 3D Graphics of extreme topics including forced sex during bondage, latex, mistresses, erotic nuns, female zombies, vampires, amazons and monster sex.
KarasuJP: Humans and hybrids enduring bondage, forced sex and monster sex.
Kathryne on RenderoticaRenderotica: 3D art of huge breasted fantasy girls including girls rotated on spits, hanged, guilotined, female slaves, bondage, pony girls, bondage, monster sex, torture, vampirism, bondage sex, executions etc.
Kathyrne on RenderoticaRenderotica: Really good 3D art about girls and superheroines (usually with huge breasts) bound up, one in a noose, breasts guillotined, cannibalism,, forced sexual behavior with monsters and humans.
KatsuoJP: Anime girls in lycra/spandex, taking insertions, drowning - lots underwater, molested by sea creatures, hard bondage, forced sex, enormous hooters, some lactation, some poop, some femdom and tentacle attacks.
Kidnap KlubPPV: Bee token site about women placed in bondage, chloro'd, gagged, sleepsex and bondage sex.
KijirusiJP: Anime art featuring women with huge, elephantine, open erections. Includes bondage, insertions, sometimes huge tits and a little tentacle sex.
KikusuiJP: Anime girls, amazons, hybrids in bondage, ravished, peeing, ganged or just posing.
Killer Instinct OrchidYah: Group dedicated to Orchid from Killer Instinct. Includes Insertions, Bondage, Forced Sex, Monster Sex.
Killers in the WoodsCat: 90 minute video shows of beautiful girls attacked, strangled, smothered, whacked, dragged , drugged, chloroformed or otherwise manhandled in various and sundry ways by a merry band of forest killers.
KinzanbugyouJP: Extreme anime art of girls getting ravished by people and monsters as well as other subjects.

Kiyomi's Nightmare RoomJP: Beautiful anime girls doing hardcore, in bondage, in spandex outfits, stabbed, strangled, garroted, hanged, impaled, drowned, dismembered, vivisected and beheaded - pics are even arranged by cause of death! Forced sex and Sailor Moon under Doujin.
Knotty Guy SamplesFree: Some pretty hot pics including big breasted hotties in bondage, Superheroines in peril and even some forced sex.
Kosen-SJP: Some nice anime art including some monster sex, gang bangs, bondage and hybrids.
Kristen ArchivesFree: Erotic stories only of non-consensual fantasies.
Kristen's BoardFree: a forum based on a foundation of free speech for all members to discuss the contents of the Kristen Archives. Mostly forced sex content.
KS GearJP: Girls and elves in bondage, getting forced and giving head.
Kylie's KornerPPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips including anal training, enslavement, bondage, spanking, duct tape, bondage sex, deep throat training.
Lady Crino2 on ImageFapImageFap: A few fantasy forced sex photo galleries.
LagartoJP: Blog - Good 2D anime art including bondage, huge breasts, monster sex, insertions, ravishing, shemales and amazons.
Lakota DangerouslyErotic Illusions Paysite: Really hot, fitness model who has posed for Playboy and Victoria's secret uses her body as a model for 3D graphics depicting BDSM, abduction and tentacle molestation.
Leonardo 666's Gallery
Sexyamazons: Good 2D color art of men and women (sometimes as couples) getting burned, beheaded, hanged, impaled, forced, shot, tortured and/or tied-up.
Literotica.comFree: Fairly huge story site including stories about bondage, erotic horror, mind control, nonconsensual, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, transsexuals etc.
Live Sex ShowVID: Sex and Submission - Live sex show with domination and bondage.
Looking for Trouble
VID: ShockFlix - Sex and Submission - Jennifer White is a hot girl who doesn't take any bullshit and always gets what she wants. James the bartender realizes that she's looking for more than a drink and gives her exactly what she is craving
Lorelei's LinksFree: Links to Adult, Alternative, Bondage, BDSM, Forced Sex & Fetish Sites.
Lovegut's Dirty MindPPV: Clips4Sale - Where Superheroines, Vampires, Spacegirls, and evil all come together. Forced sex, monsters, bondage, knock-outs etc.
Lunatic NoteJP: Anime girls tied up and forcibly ravaged.
Lurker's Fakes and Captions 2Free: Photomanips with captions about beautiful women who are kidnapped and used.
M-ArtErotic Illusions Paysite: Original fantasy, Sci-Fi artwork including amazons, weird-creature sex, hybrids and forced sex.
Magazine RackFree: Scans of those old, delightful, Detective Magazine covers.
KinkBomb: The male domination category in the PPV site, Kinkbomb.
Maniac Tales
Pay: Maniac Tales is a brand new forced sex site devoted to adventures of a serial rapist who enjoys stalking, abducting and forcing his victims to sex in cruel ways. Maniac Tales is full of exclusive forced sex videos you canít find anywhere else.
Maniac Tales

MC's Dark TerritoryCat/PPV: Importer of Japanese Forced Sex Videos.
Pay: Feast your eyes on the nastiest whores who love to be treated like worthless pieces of meat! Watch preppy, smiling whores transformed into dirt, dripping, slabs of meat! (No forced sex content but damn, the sex is rough!)
Michi: Forced Sex StoriesFree: Copious forced sex stories found on a messageboard.
MiyabitsuzuruJP: Professional anime art including spandex, huge breasts, bondage, video game girls, bikinis, animal girls, girls with guns, tentacle attacks, she-males and forced sex.
MJS LodgeJP: Huge fetish art site including women with enormous breasts, naked chicks in bondage, raped by tentacles, violent-forced sex, a gallery of girls with guns and some surgery fetish.
Monster FuckersErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of beautiful women being ravished by men and monsters!
Monster InvasionPPV: A combination of live action and 3d tentacle monster where a scientist gets attacked by a creature from another dimension
Monster InvasionPPV: A combination of live action and 3d tentacle monster where a scientist gets attacked by a creature from another dimension
Monsters at LargeErotic Illusions Paysite: Very high quality 2D art by Roue of beautiful women molested, fondled and despoiled by nightmare creatures.
MorihamaJP: Cute anime girls in hardcore action, getting fingered, screwed, having erupting orgasms. Lots of pussy close-ups and upskirts.
Most Brutal Video
Pay: Scenes of brutal and shocking sexual assaults! Exclusive, violent videos of awesome brutality!
Most Brutal Video

Ms Lea's Fantasy WrestlingCat: Arrange a private session with Ms Lea for wrestling, domination (either way) or strangling role playing.
Mudshark's Forced Sex StoriesFree: Large collection of well written forced sex stories.
Murder and Beheading on Hentai Animation
VID: Hentai Animation - One girl is tied to a cross like structure and forced towards a man's erection. A man is forced to screw a woman while she is in a guillotine which ends with her beheading. Finally the badgirl gets a weapon through the head.
MWB ArtFree: Professional, high-quality art illustrating beautiful women in bondage, in peril, offered as gifts, ravished, molested by monsters, attacked by vampires...etc
MWB Artworks: YahooYah: MWB's original art including bondage, abduction, monsters, aliens and even monster girls in peril!
Naked JusticePay: Wolf art featuring Superheroines ravished and tortured.
Naked Preys
Pay: Beautiful Japanese girls abducted off the street and brutally ravished! Poor asian beauties brutalized by psychopaths!
NamidameJP: A few samples of 2D anime art involving sex and monster sex.
Nasty Cream Pie GirlsCat: Interracial gangbangs, white girls taken by black guys.
Natasha FladePay: Beautiful, classy, damsel-in-distress. Nude bondage and ravishment model.
Neceros on FilefapFilefap: Good 2D art of girls in peril including suspension, bondage, upskirt, snakes, drowned, forced, shot, killed by monsters.
Necrofiles, TheFree: Bizarre collection of extreme photomanips including sex with monsters, gore, forced sex and a lot of necrophilia.
Negligent Chloroform
Update: Forced4Sex - New sleepy DVD added. Chloroform first and fun later!
New Rape Blog ForumFree: Forced sex blog/messageboard.
Next Gen Torture Chamber - Teaser
VID: ShockFlix - OrgasmX A beautiful, tattooed girl is drugged by an unscrupulous stranger. She is taken to a dungeon where she is groped and stripped by 3 men. And so begins a full length movie where the 3 men bring her to orgasm over and over!
Nightposter on Sexyamazons
Sexyamazons: Very nice, colored artwork of policegirls and nurses in bondage, being tortured, ravished, shot and strangled.
NikovJP: Anime girls in erotic situations, with dicks, gang ravished and molested by monsters!

Nine Dollar Cold KillsPPV: Nicheclips - $9 video specials from the artists at Psycho-Thrillers!
Nineteen Year Old Girl in Kinky Bondage SexVID: Sex and Submission - Nineteen Year Old Girl in Kinky Bondage Sex
Nineteen year old Latina bound and fucked
VID: SexandSubmission - 19 year old Jynx Maze explores her kinky sexy fantasies with Mark Davis. This helpless little bound slut with a perfect all natural body, tests her pain tolerance and obedience while getting fucked in the pussy and ass!
Ninety-Nine BB
Pay: Extreme, Asian, monthly movie download site including sexy AND extreme topics like forced sex, bondage, huge breasts, fat chicks, hadcore sex, anal, schoolgirls, naughty nurses etc.
Nonconsensual StoriesFree: Stories which describe violence or the performance of magic without consent.
NonConsent Reluctance Sex StoriesGoogle: Erotic sexual fantasies of control and being controlled. Fantasies of being in total control and taking what you want and fantasies of being taken and the exhilaration of strange hands, strange dick in and on you. Fantasies of female domination.
NonConsent/Reluctance StoriesFree: Adult stories on of a nonconsensual nature.
Notme69's profileImageFap: Photo galleries including Rape Movie Stills, Rape and Rough Sex, The Cross and Gang Fucking Teens.
NRGwomen Dark Video StorePPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women vampirized, strangled, forced, hanged, injected, knocked-out, sleep sex, prepared as food, necro'd, bagged, carried, shot, chloro'd etc.
Nympho Anime SlutVID: Bondanime - Nympho anime slut captured and pumped up her tight juicy pussy.
Orange ChannelJP: Tons of nice anime art including gang bangs, rear entry, forced sex, blowjobs and more.
Orgasm X
Pay: Female body exploitation! Captured soldier torture! Endless orgasms! Machine dildos from ALL sides! Torture orgasms! Girls tortured and dildo'd into orgasms until they virtually explode!
Pain ArtPay: More than 14,000 vicious BDSM pics! Tortures, rape, bondage, sadism, violence and pain, pain, pain!
Pain Comics
Pay: Cruel, perverted comics! Women brutally tortured, bound and ravished. I saw some forced sex in the samples but although I saw medieval torture including crucifixion - I didn't see any deaths.
PCHJP: Huge breasted anime girls in erotic, sometimes extreme, situations.
Peachy Keen Films ForumFree: A forum meant to discuss the well produced erotic horror of Peachy Keen Films.
Pekinobo ArtYah: Violent and sexual pencil art. Bondage, abductions, ravishing.
Perverse SitesFree: A list of weird, fetish, BDSM and extreme sites rated by # of stars.
Pervert ArtPay: Professional artists create bondage and forced sex artwork.
Pervy-Jimmy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Some pretty brutal but well drawn Teen Titans art.
Petite Anime MaidVID: Bondanime - Petite anime maid in chains takes a dildo!
Picture ThisVID: YouTube - Really good amateur film about 3 girls and 2 rapist/murderers.
PKF on Progressive Art ProjectPPV: Progressive Art - Erotic death scenarios including shootings, stabbings, asphyxiation, hangings, forced sex, necrophilia. A very popular, quality producer.
PKF StudiosXXXRatedGroups: Photos from PKF Studios of girls shot, stabbed, strangled and murdered in other gory or non-gory ways.
PKF Studios - NicheClipsPPV: NicheClips - Extreme death fetish fare including strangling, necrophilia, shooting, stabbing, forced sex.
PKF Studios: NecrobabesPPV: Extreme death fetish fare including strangling, necrophilia, shooting, stabbing, forced sex.
Poker attack
VID: CruelPlanet - After losing all his money, Barry bets his girlfriend. He loses and his unscrupulous opponents collect!
Pomy's ImagefapImagefap: Original photomanips of strong women raped and very rarely killed. Mostly superheroines, some polilcewomen, some military girls.
Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
PoweroticsPay: The web's oldest and largest resource for dominant men and submissive women
PowershotzPay: Abductions, bondage, whipping, slave training, lots of forced anal penetration
Powershotz Video ClipsPPV: NicheClips - Extreme, domination video clips including teens, bondage, ravishing, chloro, gags, abduction, spankings, whippings, anal destruction, insertions.
Pretty hentai girl in shackles and leaking.VID: Bondanime - A pretty hentai girl in shackles is leaking while she is being groped and kissed by a guy.
Pro Villain ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of girls knocked out, ravished, strangled, throat cut. The unifying theme is basically a guy ravishing a girl, sometimes ending with her murder.
PST MediaPPV: Progressive Art - High quality videos of girls ravished, strangled and sometimes necro'd.
Psycho-ThrillersPay: Uncensored video clips and photosets of women getting asphyxiated in a variety of ways.
Psycho-ThrillersPPV: Niche-Clips. Large quantity of Death Fetish PPVs with themes including strangling, carrying (lots), forced sex, chloro, necro and injections.
Psycho-Thrillers ForumFree: A forum for Psycho-Thriller's superlative asphyxiation, forced sex and necrophilia videos.
Psycho-Thrillers on XXXRatedGroupsXXXRatedGroups: This site explores the dark side of human nature as it relates to the thirst and lust for female and male victims to satisfy their cravings. Women ravished, strangled and necro'd in high quality fetish movies.
Public Disgrace
Pay: From KINK the makers of Hogtied, Water Bondage, Wired Pussy! Beautiful women bound, stripped and punished in public! Girls tied up and publicly groped, screwed, giving blowjobs, crawling naked and gagged in front of crowds, simulated gangbangs.
Public Disgrace

Punished HeroinesPPV: Nicheclips - Superheroines getting abducted, ravished, chloro'd, carried, stripped, strangled, bound and even necro'd.
Pure TerrorPPV: Nicheclips - A few forced sex, strangling, necro videos.
Rachel Steele Bound and GaggedPPV: Clips4Sale - The beautiful Rachel Steele is bound, gagged and ravished by evil men!
Rachel Steele Bound and GaggedPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheoines menaced, bound, hypnotized and sometimes ravished.
Raoulster on RenderoticaRenderotica: Galleries of beautiful girls, usually cheerleaders, getting ravished by people, molested by monsters, suffering insertions or showing off enormous bellies.
Rape - Forced Sex Stories on MarsalaFree: Some Forced Sex Stories found on the Indian Masala Board.
Rape Club at Forbiddensin.netFree: Forum where you will find discussion of fantasy rape, non-consensual sex and forced sex.
Rape Desires ForumFree: A popular forum dealing with rape movies, stories and roleplaying.
Rape Fantasies for WomenYah: For those adventurous females who can handle the danger and thrill of this experience in a safe and mock setting.
Rape FantasyFree: Dedicated to rape fantasies in all their glorious and humiliating forms.

Rape in the MoviesAVS: Netverifier - Nude scenes and rape scenes captured from popular movies.
Rape Links XXXFree: A place that ranks and reviews a huge variety of forced sex sites!
Rape MexPeeps: This group is for any women with rape fetish or fantasy, and any men who would like to fufill the dream.
Rape StoriesFree: All types of stories dealing with forced sex.
Rape Stories on FreeteenhouseFree: Several free rape stories.
Rape StreamingPPV: Dedicated to rape movies, cry of victims, brutal abuse, victims humiliated, violent sex act adult videos on demand sex movies video.
Rape StreamingPPV: Dedicated to rape movies, cry of victims, brutal abuse, victims humiliated, violent sex act adult videos on demand sex movies video.
Rape Until You Drown!
VID: ShockFlix - Forced4Sex - A beautiful woman has several underwater sex sessions including consensual and nonconsensual. Lots of breathplay as the girl struggles to get to the surface.
Rape, Pillage and PlunderPay: Alebeard's 'Rape Pillage and Plunder' story site. Nonconsensual fantasy for perverted adults.
Rape, Pillage, Plunder ForumFree: Stories, discussion, pics and events involving forced sex and sometimes incesst.
Ravished BridePay: Nice, shy, virgin girls ravished on their wedding days! Women taken, stolen and ravaged on the day of their wedding. Evil photographers and lustful ushers laying in wait for the virginal bride.
Ravishing in Fatigues!
VID: ForcedSexScenes - Emily lay on the grass enjoying the sunshine and the quietness, when two masked men suddenly attacked her. They pressed her to the ground, torn off her t-shirt, panties and jeans and started banging her mouth and pussy.
Ravishment UniversityFree: A forum for the ADULT discussion of fantasies concerning forced sex, rape fantasy, forced sex role play (FSRP), and non-consensual sex, also includes rape fantasy stories, rape role play and more.
RavNetYah: RavNet (Ravishment Network) is a coalition of people to provide support and education to, and advocacy for, men and women interested in ravishment (aka forcedsex role play).
Rick the WolfFree: Professional artwork of pinups, bondage, forced sex, tickling, feet, sex, monsters and violence.
Risque ReneePPV: Clips4sale - Renee shows off some of her popular videos. Most are standard erotica but you'll also find hanging, shooting, caning, strangling, giantess, sleepy, forced sex, necrophilia, drowning, enema, knifing, navel fetish, whipping, femdom.
Roadkill StudioPPV: NicheClips - Videos of cannibal behavior, arrows, stranglings, forced sex, hangings, guttings, shootings, stabbings, corpse handling, drownings etc
Roberts Comics
Pay: Gorgeous, original artwork of beautiful women getting abducted, bound up and enduring forced sex. See stars and teens getting kidnapped and used!
Roberts Comics

Robotic arm abuseVID: Bondanime - Weak hentai chick getting abused by robotic arms.
Rosselito on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Really high-quality 2D art of fantasy girls in erotic situations including forced sex, monster sex, gang bangs,
Rough Sex FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - As of this writing, a single 11 part series about a young girl ravished by a soldier driven insane by war.
Runaway Hooker SubmissionVID: Sex and Submission - Runaway hooker gets punished and fucked in bondage by pimp.
Russkere on
SexyAmazons: Really nice 2D art of girls getting ravished by humans and monsters. Includes blowjobs, peeing, cheerleaders, snakes, more.
Sailor Girl Bound!
Gal: Cosplay Porn Movies - A sailor girl is bound and ravished!
SalamanderFree: Excellent, high-quality artist specializing in forced sex, torture and blood.
Salamander on SexyAmazons
SexyAmazons: Terrific 2D artist whose extreme subject matter includes forced sex, torture and bondage!
Samantha Grace's HorrorsPPV: NicheClips - Video clips include bondage, fondling, chloro, sleepy, necro, ravishing and strangling.
Samidare GirlJP: Anime girls with big breasts giving blowjobs, getting ganged, forced, giving titty-bangs etc.
Sawao on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Nice 2D hentai art including a lot of rough or forced sex and girls with large breasts.
Scared Anime GirlVID: Bondanime - Scared Anime girl tied-up and fucked in garage.
Scared Anime GirlVID: Bondanime - Scared anime girl tied and bound up tight and hard.
Schoolgirl FantasyVID: SexandSubmission - A schoolgirl fantasizes about being abducted and dragged into a dungeon where she is roundly ravished by a large, bald, tattooed sadist.
Sci-Fi Ethnic Babes in Alien Sex Movies
Vid: Lexi Love, Eve Mayfair and Kya Tropic in bizarre, alien sex fantasies.
Scream and DieVID: ShockFlix - From S8bv3rsiv3. Judy Matheson is raped and strangled to death in The House that Vanished.
Screaming Torture Art
BDSMArtwork: Some beautiful mostly-2D art of naked women being tortured!
Screams From the DungeonErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D art of beautiful women tied-up, shackled, tortured, paddled, humiliated and even enduring strap-on, bondage sex. I think there's monster sex.
Serious GraphicsJP: Huge anime site including posing, enormous tits, shemales, catfighting, kung-fu girls, forced sex and some hybrid girls.
Sex and Submission
Pay: The latest and maybe the best from the people who made Hogtied, Water Bondage and Wired Pussy. Female submissive sexual fantasies including bondage, spanking and real rough sex. Men dominating and ravishing helpless, bound women!
Sex and Submission

Sex and Submission: Girl Next DoorVID: Self - Girl next door fucked and dominated in hard bondage!
Sex and Submission: Gorgeous f*ck toy!VID: Self - Gorgeous girl in hard fucking and bondage.
Sex SlavesVID: YouTube - short film by David Baksh to encourage people to call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 if they think they have encountered victims of sex slave trafficking.
Sex with Guns and Knives!
VID: YouTube - A man screws a chick using a gun and knife to mess with her!
Sex, Sex and more SexMySpace: A group whose type of play includes vanilla sex, role play, bondage, S&M, forced sex and objectification.
Sexy anime nurse in a lead pissingVID: Bondanime - Sexy anime nurse in a leash and collar pissing.
Sexy Schoolgirl Submission!VID: Sex and Submission - School girl tied up and fucked for the grade!
Shade 69JP: Two and Three D art of women getting caught, tied-up and used.
Shameless Screen EntertainmentCat: A site providing reviews of violent roughies and grinders. Includes a forum and art gallery.
Shockflix: Bondage-Sex
Free: is a YouTube style site specifically for the dark fetish community. This is a link to the bondage sex category.
Shocking VideosCAT: Home of some of the strangest, most amazing rare cult movies on DVD! Weird drive-in thrills, Giallos, obscure horror chills, exploitation sensations, sexploitation temptations, Third World wonders etc.
Shokushu High SchoolJP: A high school backdrop showcasing bondage and tentacle rape anime art.

Shot DeadXXXRatedGroup: Hot Girls getting hot lead pumped into their hot bodies, after being thoroughly raped.
Sickest SitesFree: Enormous collection of links focused on the sickest, most disgusting sites on the internet.
Sinzone - A Fetish Art SiteEroticIllusions Paysite: A fetish drawing site with sexy nuns, rough sex, bdsm and alt porn
Skywalker's VisionsErotic Illusions Paysite: Extremely high quality 3D art of girls in bondage and often ravished by men and monsters.
Slammed BrutallyVID: Bondanime - Cute little anime teen gets tied up and slammed brutally.
Slammed on the Floor
Gal: - Beautiful girl is slammed to the floor and ravished!
Slavafilm Extreme
Pay: Hardcore, gonzo, forced sex movies
Slave Island Final
Update: SMXXX - Girls trained into slavery by other girls.
Slave Next DoorPay: The life of a real sex slave: Rough sex, forced cock sucking, tortured punishments.
Sleazegroin TheaterPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips in kind of a B-Movie format including a host "Trampira". Films involve vampires, a monster, zombies and the devil.
Sleepy GirlsErotic sleepygirl fetish fantasies for adults! Chloro Knockout Carry Ots Nylon Pantyhose Fetish Video Site!
Sleepygirls Fetish MoviesPPV: NicheClips - Video clips including chloroform, druggings, forced sex, catfight, injections, bondage, carrying - anything along the sleepy theme.
SlungleJP: Anime pics of women cut up, mutilated, tied-up, ravished and more - some pretty gruesome stuff. (Can't find the gruesome stuff anymore.)
SM Max
Pay: From the people who brought you xbondx, and Bodybags comes the ultimate site of asian sadomasochism! Eel torture, breast torture, wax, piercings, clippings, whippings - nothing is too rough for this site!
Smash FansYah: Art about a forceful bodybuilder who has his way with the ladies - whether they want him to or not.
Snuff-Art.comGONE: German site. A nice assortment of vicious snuff, bdsm and rape flash animations.
Something Weird VideoCat: a whole world of film that just a few short years ago was considered lost or worthless. Enormous amount of exploitation/sexploitation films of the 30's through the 70's.
Spanish maid punishedVID: Sex and Submission - Spanish maid punished and fucked in bondage.
Sparrow on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, in bondage, laying eggs, huge breasts, furries, explosive lactation, forced sex, monster impregnation with huge bellies, women with huge cocks, gang sex.
Spaz on Renderotica Renderotica: Good 3D art of girls tie-up and sometimes ravished. Some Femdom.
SS Girls Peril Contest on
SexyAmazons: Torture, Execution and Ravishing art when the SS Girls come to town on! Graphic by DaleCar!
Stories OnlineFree: Erotic stories of all kinds including rape, snuff, necrophilia, bondage etc.
Stray ThoughtsFree: Horror and BDSM videos as well as stories, pics and models.
Strict Restraint
Pay: The place where slaves suffer and surrender! Wrists confined in wooden stocks, ankles shackled and spread, necks burdened by heavy steel collars, bodies strapped in leather, breasts meant to suffer, cunts made to cum!
Sub Amateur Forced SexPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful women in bondage or dominated fucked, spanked, giving blowjobs, forced to orgasm, slapped, dildos, anal training, bukake, extreme insertions etc.
Successor of WyrdJP: Anime girls in erotic situations including molested by tentacles, titty fuck, upskirts, bondage.
Super's ArtYah: Artwork of superheroines in bondage, dominated, monster sex, tortured and even getting killed.
Super-Pics 3Yah: Mostly photomanips of 40s style pulp magazines. Also art, photos and manips of superheroines and other girls in bondage, mind-control, peril, menaced by monsters and evil robots. Also transformation and body swapping.
Superheroine Limited PPV: NicheClips - Just 1 clip at the time of this listing. Assumedly video clips of female superheroines getting depowered and taken advantage of.
Superheroine NightmareYah: A way to abuse Superheroines in all sorts of unique ways including superheroines, bondage, cannibalism, robots, forced sex and more.
Superheroines Nude PerilErotic Illusions Paysite: Superheroines molested by Aliens, Monsters, Animals and Super Villains. Plenty of peril!
Superstories.netFree: A collection of superheroine stories that may include straight sex, f/f, m/m, mind control, breast enlargement, monsters, pregnancy, forced sex, she-males, transformation, transgender.
Take Me Free: A rape fantasy story archive of bondage, rough sex and rape fantasies. The author isn't really into pain, torture or humiliation.
Taken in HandFree: A reference site dealing with dominance, submission and even 'consensual' rape.
Tanj's TalesFree: Stories of a Cheetah-morph experiencing F/F sex, bondage, non-consensual sex, monster sex and violence.
Teacher Fondled by alienVID: Bondanime - 10 sec anime clips of a teacher with big breasts tied up and fondled.
Teacher Ravished
Update: NakedPreys - A beautiful teacher played by Sakura first has some hot, afternoon sex in a hotel room with a fellow teacher. She then finds herself in school bound and fondled by students who take hardcore advantage of her. Sample on
Teen Girl Dead's gallery on DeviantartDeviantart: Photomanips of beautiful women to make them look like they've been killed or ravished. Many cheerleaders and schoolgirls shot.
Temple FantasiesErotic Illusions Paysite: Poser work of amazons, priestesses, sorceresses and temple novices. Lesbianism, mind control, domination and submission. Includes tentacle molestation.
TengafubJP: A green-haired, vampiric girl gets tied-up and ravaged. Includes insertions.
Tera Knightly Bound & Fucked!
VID: Tera's landlord accepts his tenant's body when she doesn't have the rent.
The Beast Of Gevaedan - A Untold Erotic MysteryPay: Horror sex tales based on a french mystery beast case in 1764
The Dark SpotXXXRatedGroup: A sample of the talented Poser/DAZ artists at The Dark Spot.
The Hard StuffFree: Reviews and links to the dirtiest, nastiest, hardest porn on the internet. Big link directory, plus in-depth and entertaining reviews of paysites. Read the reviews and find the hard porn you've been craving. New reviews added weekly.
The Lurid MacabreFree: Ultra extreme rape/torture/snuff stories, forums, and pictures/drawings
Thrill Kill Productions: NicheClipsPPV: Nicheclips - True crime, erotic horror, women in peril, mostly strangling and asphyx!
Thunder's HouseFree: Erotic stories involving bondage, forced sex, abduction and sex slavery!
Tied and CummingGoogle: group is for the exchange of ideas, experiences and contact with likeminded adults of any gender who have an interest in seeing, experiencing or carrying out being kidnapped, tied up and forced to cum by another person.
Tied Women.comPay: Gorgeous girls usually knocked out, captured and placed in bondage. Also, superheroines in peril and some hypnosis!
Tierp FadJP: Really nice non-anime art! A two page femdom/Red Riding Hood art set and a nine page, two guy/one girl, forced/bondage scenario.

Two on One Ambush!
VID: - Two guys break into a girl's apartment, strip naked and wait for her to get there. Once there the poor girl never knew what hit her!
Two-OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
UchuteioFree: Some cute anime girls enduring bondage and forced sex!
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWebArchive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Umm.. Bound and Gagged!
Pay: Sexy gals in tight bondage get ruthlessly dominated by their cold-blooded mistresses! Exclusive videos from the world's darkest dungeons! Bondage dreams come true! Tied and gagged women get punished and forced to orgasm by their sexy mistresses
Uncle Sickey's Porn StashErotic Illusions Paysite: Wonderfully rendered images of erotic elves and seductive sirens are mixed with a large gathering of graphic novellas, showing alley whores and alien lovers at their worst - and best!
Understories.comFree: A great site with a nice collection of BDSM, Rape Fantasy, Mind Control Non Consensual, etc. stories.
Uniform DominationPay: High quality exclusive uniform rape series. Nurses, policewomen, soldiers!
Unlucky LadyPPV: Clip and movie database of ladies in unlucky situations
Vamp Episode 1: A Fall From Grace
VID: ShockFlix - SexandSubmission is proud to present Vamp our first high production original series about vampires. Episode 1 introduces some of the characters and shows how Grace (Kristina Rose) is seduced by the vampires and brought back to their lair
Vicious BoardFree: A popular, full-featured messageboard specializing in forced sex.
Video MayhemCat: Dealing in rare and imported damsel-in-distress videos. Includes rape, bondage, thrillers, horror and chlororape.
Violent AnimePay: Violent Japanese art rape scenes! All about forced sex!
Violent ComixPay: Well drawn vicious, violent rape and bondage comics by Gary Roberts.
Virtual Video ShowCat: Huge variety of adult videos including Pregnancy, Forced Sex, TG, Bondage, Torture, Hairy, Uniforms, Spanking, Enemas etc.
WancozoneJP: Gorgeous anime art featuring hot chicks with large breasts. Includes monster sex (sometimes underwater), injections, bondage, torture, surgery, insertions, amputations, shemales, forced sex, stitched up hybrids, impaling and a nice Amazon Flash movie
Welsh WebbErotic Illusions Paysite: Good 2D art of naked and barefoot girls suffering the cross, impalement, hangings or fighting one another.
Wild ToonPay: Perverse, erotic, straight and vicious artwork from a huge variety of artists including Alazar, Bishop, Dolcett, Horacio, Otis Sweat, Sato and more.
Will 'o the WychErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D pics of men in peril, hermaphrodite couplings and girls in forced lesbian sex and slavery. Here men are enslaved and imperiled as often as women, if not more!
Wolf WorksYah: Stories, scans and art of superheroines - usually in peril. Nice Wonder Woman set.
Women of Wrestling Erotic FictionFree: Fiction; straight and forced sex involving the women of wrestling.
Women Raping MenYah: Photo layouts and drawings of hot women raping hot women.
Wonder Woman, Capture ofYah: Pics of Wonder Woman in bondage, attacked by tentacles, ravished, knocked-out, taking insertions and screwing Superman.
World of SmudgePay: Hardcore, full color comics with a different, impossibly large breasted superheroine each week enduring some of the nastiest trouble you've ever seen!
WytchfinderErotic Illusions Paysite: 3D Poser graphics of witches enduring torture, execution and forced sex at the hands of the inquisition.
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of a full-figured amazon involved in slavery, bondage, masturbation, birthing, forced sex, monster sex, pregnancy, urination, interracial, scat, humiliation, orcs, gynophagia, egg-laying and vore!
XRG StudioPPV: Clips4Sale - Brutal clips of girls getting ravished and a clip of a girl getting ravished and hanged.
Xtreme TheaterCat: DVD sales of roughies, exploitation, action, foreign, Japanese movies with an emphasis on forced sex.
XXXJP: Truly vicious Hentai including amputees, girls flayed open, tentacle attacks, bondage, insertions, forced sex, torture, belly inflation, bodies reorganized or sculpted and, of course, surgery. One of the most extreme sites I've ever seen.
XXX Fisting VideosCat: Fisting DVDs & VHS videos - includes femdom, forced sex and hard master torture films.
XXX Spacegirls
Pay: XXX Spacegirls offers SciFi sex pics, horror and vampire sex, hardcore and fetish sections! Includes flying sex robots, menacing space aliens, evil Space Girls, alien induced pregnancies, futuristic medical exams, sword wielding amazons and more.
YomoyamaTaro's Treasure HouseJP: Mostly anime chicks posing naked but there is a section of bondage, insertion and forced lesbian pics.
ZFX ProductionsPPV: Spine chilling, erotic thrillers with female victims often being bound and/or ravished.