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Robots (55)
An offshoot of Hypnosis/Mind Control in the fact that most of these fantasies involve an unquestioning female servant. This category includes fembots, female androids, magical golems and even The Borg. This category is different from Statues/Mannequins in that the character must be capable of motion even if it is fully controlled. A deactivated robot fetish is a statue/mannequin fetish.

Alberto Ruiz ScribblettesFree: An art blog ranging from extremely cartoony to very realistic featuring LOTS of girls with guns, robot girls and naked chicks.
Amazon Soul
Pay: Top flight 3D graphics of beautiful sci-fi women in a future where men are a distant memory. Bondage, femdom, robot chicks, tight-shiny clothes, chicks with blasters!
AruniJP: A variety of good quality anime art including amazons, superheroines, robot girls, LOTS of monster sex and forced sex.
AunanaJP: A Japanese anime site focused on women turned into statues, trophies, frozen, tentacles, dolls, sleepy, hentai and robots.
Cyber CollectorPay: 3D and regular erotic art including robots, bondage, femdom, huge breasts, superheroines, medical fetish and probably a lot more!
Doll 'D Up Clips4Sale: Clips and photos designed to bring out the doll, mannequin and robot fetish in all of us.
Earth CGJP: All sorts of anime girl pics including bikini girls, powered space armor, mermaids, sailor moon, angels etc.
Flat AshJP: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, doing hardcore, in robo-armor, bondage, lactation and forced sex.
GG-SpaceJP: 3D Graphics of anime-style space heroines in a variety of scenes. Battle-suits, Large breasts, Bondage, Monster/Robot attacks, Insertions, Guns, Lactation.
Goddess Of Hypnosis
Hypno femme domme
HarashowJP: Professional illustrations of anime girls as amazons, cyberwarriors and gunchicks.
HPL and Bad TasteJP: A variety of anime including bondage, monster sex, impossibly large breasts, superheroines, vicious mutilations and robots. There is kind of a drippy cumshot theme thoughout.
Hypno BabesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of erotic hypnosis, robots, smoking and masturbation.
Hypnokink: Seduction is PowerPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including hypnosis, female domination, tickle torture, robots etc.
HypnoPimp Girls HypnofetishismPPV: Clips4Sale - Models hypnotized including pretend showering, drunkeness, freezing, acting like a robot, falling asleep, forced orgasms!
Hypnosis Fetish? Hypnotist For Individuals, Couples And Groups Inc Swingers!
Sessions: Master hypnotist xander. erotic, bdsm, submissives, swingers, individuals, couples etc submit to hypnosis master. intense and as real, beyond what you can imagine!
Infinity-DestinyJP: Some nonnude anime pics of catgirls, batwinged girls, girls with weapons and a couple robot girls.
Japanese Masked Superheroine #1VID: YouTube - A girl who looks like the Pink Power Ranger fights a variety of bad guys.
KanaiJP: Terrific original artwork (non-anime) of naked women in bondage, stabbed, shot with arrows, tortured, cyborged, getting operated on, attacked or eaten by monsters. Giantesses, Angels, Fairies, Amazons, Anthromorphs, Tentacles.
KinkBomb: Hypno/Robo Category
Pay: Hypnosis, mind control, mind domination, robot category for the popular PPV Kinkbomb.
Lord HypnosPPV: Clips4Sale - Magical freeze, robot and mind control mostly using a remote control.
Lord Hypnos ClipPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of girls as robots, hypnosis, magical freeze, magic remotes
MachinephaseFree: Website for the cybernetic, gun slinging, comic book heroine.
Macho Women with Guns Homage PageFree: An unofficial "Macho Women with Guns" resource including Macho Librarians, Barbarian Princesses and Kung-Fu Cyber Clones.
Mannequin Fetish
Pay: Photo galleries of female mannequins dressed in their shiny finest.
Matt Maguire.comGorgeous, professional art including robot girls, spider girls, bondage, monster attacks, amazons, a girl getting speared and lots of lesbo/strap-on stuff.
MCPHYah: This group is for those interested in mind control, hypnosis, transformation, asfr, etc... as related to pantyhose, nylons, tights, and stockings.
Free: Statues, dolls, mannequins and other inanimate transformation. The digital magazine for ASFR Fans, comics, interactive games and other surprises.  Beautiful women turned to stone, gold, and plastic.
MizukiJP: Very nice art on this Japanese anime website including amazons, bondage, a knock-out, latex, witches and robot girls.
Narcisse DesignsFree: Elegant male and female clothes and costumes. Find lingerie, superheroine wear and even metal wear used by amazons and sci-fi babes.
Old Bull ScansFree: Scads of professional fantasy artwork including vampire girls, mermaids, superheroines, fairies, girls with guns, robogirls and amazons.
Pinup Erotic Illustrations
Free: Welcome to the best collection of erotic pin up art.have fun enjoying great erotic artwork by the the world's top masters.
Pluto Poser artworkFree: Pluto's amazing amazon poserwork including a chessboard and archer animation as well as kinky robots vs armed amazons.
PorixJP: Short animations of enormously endowed women sometimes dressed as superheroines or robots.
Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
Rembrandt-JonesDeviantart: Art and photos covering most of the Sleepy fantasy including female robots, hypnosis, drugging, sleep walkers, enchantments.
Robo Pimp Girls Trained
PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls turned into robots, controlled, posed, frozen etc.
PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls as robots being controlled and frozen.
Sadistic Toons.comAVS: AE-King. 6 seperate 3D pic sites all accessible through the same AVS: Robot Porn, Dickgirl Porn, Frankenstein Porn, Ponygirl Porn, Sado Toons and Tentacle Porn.
SnigomDeviantart: High quality 2D art including sexy robots, angels, furries, fairies, statues and amazons.
Studio 41Erotic Peril Paysite: Expert 3D graphics of women tied-up, tortured, menaced by death machines, eaten by monsters etc
SuicideFree: Galleries of terrific fantasy artwork by Vallejo, Sorayama, Giger and Olivia. Valejo: Sex with evil things, amazons, angels, multi-armed girls, nagas, mermaids, catfights. Sorayama: Femdom, Girls with Guns, Sexy Robots, BDSM, Mermaid.
TanimesoJP: Terrific, Non-Nude, anime art of girls in robotic suits, amazons, girls with guns etc.
Tanya Danielle's Deviant DownloadsPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful busty blonde. Subjects include catfight, superheroines, freeze, robot, belly punching, facesitting, bondage, spanking, doll transform, knock-out.
Tanya Danielle: Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Superhot, busty blonde who is quite a good actress. Stories include blades, superheroines, bondage, catfights, a poison dart, belly punching, a smothering, robots and lots of bikinis.
Two OpJP: Art and 3D of hybrids, latex, catfights, robot girls, superheroines, monster sex, bondage and an extreme page.
Ultra Sci-Fi HorrorWeb Archive: Sci-Fi poser art from a variety of poser artists. Girls in severe peril including bondage, monster sex, vore, strap-ons, tentacle attacks, torture.
Under The Influence
Blog: Female hypnosub's tales of control, obsession & desire. Stories and thoughts about the strange places your imagination can take you when your fantasies involve hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, psychological play, devious doctors etc.
WLS 2 Helpless HottiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Girls knocked out, tied-up, forced to follow humiliating commands, hypnotized, remote controlled, spanked, frozen, roboticized.

XENA Deliver X PART 1VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets the best package of a lifetime..
XENA Deliver X PART 2VID: YouTube - Xena Toy collector gets a toy of a lifetime in the mail. Also watch Part 1.