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Sleepy (349)
With this 'ropes free' bondage, the 'victim' is either gassed, drunk, stoned, knocked unconscious, asleep or completely helpless in some other way - allowing the aggressor to use the body however the aggressor wants. Carrying and body manipulation are sometimes an important part of the 'play'.

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Seductive Studios on Clips4Sale
PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Aaarghh, Superwomen in TroubleYah: Scans of famous superwomen pictured in comics, movies and media, in their worst moments ever: punched, knocked-out, carried, beaten, chained, humiliated, etc by their opponents.
Abdullah DullahYouTube: Channel - A collection of chlodo videos
Ada The Sleepy GirlsYah: This is the group for the real fans of real sleeping, passed out, drunk and unconscious girls. Must send pics to be accepted.
Addie Juniper Sexy Fun Time Arcade on Clips4SalePPV: Clips4Sale - Lots of limp / ragdoll girls, abduction, bondage, catfight, monster sex, superheroines and practically every other fetish on the planet.
Adventure-Art on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: 2D art of girls knocked out and one of a girl killed in combat.
AES ProductionsCat: Ken Scott's DVD/Video production company specializing in kidnapping/abduction videos. Lots of chloroforming and bondage.
Aftermath Carrys 5GONE: Yah: All sorts of unconscious girl carries.
Aftermath Carrys II ArchiveYah: Storage of older pics from Aftermath Carrys dealing with sleepy girls getting carried.
Against Her Will Damsel In DistressPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful women abducted - sometimes chloroformed - , placed in bondage and then violated!
Agnes - Captive in the BasementG.E-Hentai: A girl is chloroformed, bound and abused.
Aldo CovarubiazFacebook: Chloro afficianado. Nice pics and links.
Alpha 7 Productions
PPV: Fine fantasy films designed to quench all your darkest desires. Like necrophilia without being quite so macabre.
America's Next Top Model FaintedVID: YouTube - While commenting one of the contestant of the america's top model fainted.
Angels in Distress 1Yah: Chloroform, abductions, bikini bondage.
Anime Fanservice - Agent AikaAnime Fanservice: Anime girls fighting, getting knocked out or just being hot.
Anime Girls Choked Out2d anime art of girls getting choked unconscious in choke holds.
Anton ProductionsCat: Bondage, sleepy, superheroine and Fetish Videos.
Ashley ReneePay: Miss Bondage World shows off her assets in a variety of extreme bondage poses. There's a dentist photostory for you sleepy fetishists!
AunanaJP: A Japanese anime site focused on women turned into statues, trophies, frozen, tentacles, dolls, sleepy, hentai and robots.
Azimuth DesignsFree: A website with a wide variety of media and fetishes - Resin Sculptures, Photographs and Drawings with 1 Amazon Resin Sculpture, a few sleepy pics, a couple girls with guns pics and lots of superheroine and fetish stuff.
Babes Boxing KO 10Yah: Women knocked-out in boxing matches!
Bad Girl KnockoutsFree: A home for those who enjoy the so-called "sleepy fetish/fantasy" of a femme fatale rendering a male unconscious for her own nefarious purposes. Stories, Pics, Video Clips.
Bandanagag's Chloroform & Gassing GalleryFree: A gallery of men being chloroformed, drugged and gassed.
Batgirl KOYah: Every 60s schoolboy's fantasy, Batgirl, Miss Barbara Gordon, Yvonne-Craig-style. Finally she gets to do all the fainting, passing out, getting KO'd, "damsel-in-distress"ing, swooning roles we wanted to see.
Battle for EarthPay: Hot superheroines knocked-out, carried, in bondage or in catfights. Superheroine Peril Fights!
Beauties SleepingYah: Dedicated to comic, cartoon and media scenes where heroines are put to sleep with sleep spells, sleep gas or just about anything that puts beautiful females to sleep.
Beautiful Sleepy Sex
Update: Forced4Sex - Two men take turns with a beautiful, anesthetized business girl.
Becca the DefenderYah: Becca and others as superheroines involved in superheroine stuff, getting knocked out and put in bondage.
Big Green BudsYah: All about green bud and the girls who get stoned on it.
Bitty38 on Deviantart.comDeviantArt: 3D art of fantasy, fighting girls usually getting knocked out.
Black Superheroines in TroubleYah: Photos, photomanips and art of black superheroines in bondage, getting beaten up or knocked unconscious.
Blonde Wrestler Choked OutVID: ShockFlix - A beautiful, blonde wrestler is choked out during a wrestling match.
Bobko on DeviantArtDeviantArt: High quality 2D art of superheroines knocked out.
Bondage DesignsPay: Official website of Gina Rae Michaels. Subjects include foot worship, Femdom, torture, humiliation, kidnapping, spanking, smothering, Forced fem, chloroform, pantyhose, and smoking.
Bondage divasPPV: Videos available for download of forced abduction, bondage, mummification, smothering, drowning, carrying, chloroforming, superheroines, gun play, knife play, choking, torture.
Bondage Elane HersheyPPV: Clips4Sale - Mostly bondage and gagging including duct tape, ball gags, scarfs with a focus on abduction including knock-outs, unwanted fondling and lift and carry.
Bound and Gagged GirlsPPV and Pay: Full length bondage/abduction videos including chloroform and superheroines.
Bound SlumberYah: Photos and stories of women and men tied up while unconscious.
Bound, gagged and fondledPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful girls (sometimes superheroines), often with large breasts tied up, gagged, blindfolded, chloro'd and knocked out.
Bound2BKinky ClipsPPV: Clips4sale - Video clips of girls in serious peril! Abducted, tied-up, spanked, knocked-out, carried, molested... even forced masturbation and forced orgasm!
C-S-S-AFree: Celebrity sex stories archive including hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, spanking, drugged and femdom.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc
Car Chase KOVID: SleepFlix - Cute Gils is Ko'd during a car chase and her bf performs CPR.
Carry 0:24VID: YouTube - A girl faints and is cradle carried by a man in a powdered wig.
Catfight from SaudaVID: YouTube - A jealous woman almost drowns a busty brunette when a full-fledged catfight breaks out.
Catfight In Dance Class - Hd DownloadVid: file factory - (music video) a cursed cd casts a spell on a class of sexy ballet dancers, causing an all-out brawl ensues including a knifing, and a few stranglings. ends with the entire class lefngs and a knifing. (Accidentally deleted submission.)
Catfighting Wrestling by Joan WisePPV: Clips4Sale - Wrestling divas take on men and women. Humiliation, facesitting, asphyxiation, scissor holds, pussy torture, slapping, tit smothering,
Catharsis Eortica - Unconscious on GenreVideos.comPPV: GenreVideos - Unconscious videos by Cathasis Erotica on GenreVideos PPV site.

Catty Combat SalesPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfighting clips including KOs, bikinis, face sitting, choking, foot worship, femdom, huge breasts, belly punching.
CBT: Becca's Superheroine FantasiesPPV: Vidclips of Becca in bondage or female dominated as a superheroine, spy or even Hooter's girl.
Chick Choked Unconscious by RandyVID: Sleepflix - Hot brunette strangled into unconscious by Randy.
Chloro-kid on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art and comics mostly of girls getting chloro'd.
Chloro-Stories BlogBlog: Great repository for sleepy/chloro stories.
Chloroclips.comPPV: Chloroclips - Chloroformed, abducted, bound & gagged girls pay per view videos!
ChlorofilmYah: Chloroform fetish site including some bondage, a little carrying and a lot of superheroines.
Chloroform Abduction FantasiesGoogle: A place to discuss the fantasy about being abducted and having chloroform used.
Chloroformed Girls!Pay: Unconscious, knocked out, kidnapped, bound and gagged, carrying, the prettiest girls on the web!
ChloroforumFree: A messageboard dealing with the sleepy/chloroform fetish.
Chloromaster at Deviantart.comDeviantart: Casual 2D art of girls getting chloro'd.
Chlorotube BlogspotBlogspot: Chloroformed girls video clip collection.
Choke HoldsYah: F/F and some M/M wrestling ending with a choke out.
Christina Bound Clip StorePPV: Eclipstore - Various BDSM videos including
Cloned TerroristsPPV: Eclipstore - Freddie Shockwave's PPV eclipstore involving women being knocked out.
ClororelatosBlog: Spanish language story site for chloro fantasies.
Comic ScannersYah: Superheroines, body painting, bondage, guns, swords, catfighting, knock-outs, girl magicians.
Contessa Bodhi's Ubi Temple of High RamYah: A group with a variety of fetishes including asphyx, bdsm, femdom and sleepy!
Cordelia: Series Flickr: A general series of photos including a boxing female knock-out and a few sleepy pics.
Countdown t'ZebraPPV: Storyline driven films involving fantasy scenarios of female characters being rendered unconcious, primarily with chloroform.
Custom Forced Orgasm Videos - Seductive StudiosPPV: Clips4Sale - Custom fetish videos including Sleepy, Superheroines, Orgasms, Fetish, Bondage, Daphne, Arm Wrestling, Hiccups and Tickling.
Damsel TheaterJP: Token system with photoshoots about bondage, chlorofoming and force fantasies.
Damsels in Disguise VideosWomen (usually superheroines) knocked out, tied up and their clothing stolen.
Damsels in Peril
Pay: Young, beautiful women in perilous situations! Abductions, bondage, HOM, canings, humiliation, fear, terror, domination etc. Lots of stalker, chloro scenes.
Dangerbabe CentralPay: Photostories, 3D Pics and art of gorgeous amazons, girls with guns and superheroines getting defeated. Also, some chloroform, knock-outs, monster sex and vore.
Daphne's ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish video clips including balloon popping, wet & messy, smoking, feet, bondage, gags, armwrestling, knock-outs, dominance,
Daphne's Fetish QuestPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos include sleepy, carrying, bondage, asphyxiation, vacuuming, injection.
Deep SedationYah: Beautiful women knocked unconscious medically.
Detstyle on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 3D art about girls in bondage, damsels in distress, girls threatened in a sawmill, superheroines and chloro.
Doc Evil's Superheroine's SketchpadYah: A variety of superheroine art including bondage, catfights, girls with guns, cheerleaders attacked by horny monsters, knock outs, stuck and some hypnosis.
Doctor SexYah: Horny female doctors take advantage of their patients.
Drugged AssaultPay: There is no better feeling than screwing an unconscious girl you just drugged.
Drunk and Sleepy Sex LoversGoogle: News, Sites, and Services that cater to lovers of Drunk girls, Sex with drunk girls, Sleeping girls, Sleepy sex, Sleeping princess syndrome, and somnophilia.
Drunk BabesYah: Pics and posts about cute, drunken, defenceless hotties.
Drunk Bar Sluts
Pay: Filthy, drunk girls let their inhibitions go! These girls are so tipsy that they can barely stand up straight, but they can still screw! Sometimes a little liquor will turn an uptight bitch into a cock-hungry slut!
Drunk ChicksYah: Drunk girls that're hysterical, sobbing, vulnerable, staggering, singing badly, unconscious or blotto.
Drunk GirlsYah: Stories and pics of drunk girls(that are of age). For guys and for girls to talk about parties they've been to or just heard about!
Drunk Girls Flashing
Pay: Hot drunk babes gone TOTALLY wild! Hours of videos! Wild Parties! Wet T-Shirts! Girls flashing their TITS for a beer! DRUNK & TEASING!
Drunk N Sleeping LadyFlickr: A few photos of pretty, drunk and sleeping girls.
Drunk Stories on YourLustFree: Stories of drunken and sleepy sex.
Drunk Teens Posing IIYah: Drunk teens posing including at least one sleepy, handling video.
Dyna FlixPay: Beautiful, spandex-clad superheroines in peril including chloro knockouts.
Esercitos confittoFree: Casual art of girls trading or stealing clothes from other girls - usually as an infiltration attempt. Some knockouts.
EsercitosconfittoPhotobucket: Mostly art, some vidclips, mostly concentrating on women knocking women out or tying them up and then stealing their clothes (like an assassin pretending to be a waitress). Some knock-outs, bondage, girls with guns, superheroines.
Esercitosconfitto on DeviantartDeviantart: Esercito's 2D art of girls being grabbed and having their clothes stolen. Often sentries who are knocked out and then their clothes used by spies.
Estate Kieta NinaYahoo: Spanish language group about sleepy, unconscious and dead girls.
Evangline Von WinterPPV: Extensive abduction and bondage fantasies including chlorforming, carrying, superheroines, hypnotism and forced fantasies.
Evil Night Sleep [Jyoka][English]G.E-Hentai: 2D Hentai comic of a girl getting ravished while sleeping at the office.
Fainting SurveyFree: A survey with commentary about fainting.
Fayth On FireYah: Fayth shows off her range with Bondage, Gags, Abduction, Mummification, Catfighting, Sleepy and Supeheroines!
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