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Sleepy (349)
With this 'ropes free' bondage, the 'victim' is either gassed, drunk, stoned, knocked unconscious, asleep or completely helpless in some other way - allowing the aggressor to use the body however the aggressor wants. Carrying and body manipulation are sometimes an important part of the 'play'.

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Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
Pov Squirting And FetishPPV: Clips4Sale. Taboo fetish kink from a bbw goddess. Alt. fetish clips4sale and taboo scenes for private collectors. Squirting BBW, vore, giantess, somno, sleepy sex, sleeping fetish + more.
Psychopath ChloroformVID: SleepFlix - Two beautiful women are chloroformed by a man.
Rembrandt-JonesDeviantart: Art and photos covering most of the Sleepy fantasy including female robots, hypnosis, drugging, sleep walkers, enchantments.
Risque Renee's PageFree: Gorgeous blonde who does all sorts of custom videos; especially extreme fetishes.
Risque Renee: Clips4SalePPV: Clips4sale - Renee shows off some of her popular videos. Most are standard erotica but you'll also find hanging, shooting, caning, strangling, giantess, sleepy, forced sex, necrophilia, drowning, enema, knifing, navel fetish, whipping, femdom.
Robo Pimp Girls Trained
PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls turned into robots, controlled, posed, frozen etc.
Robomeats on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Time stop and other frozen girl fetish.
Rogue Out Cold 2Yah: More pics of the sexy superheroine Rogue unconscious, defeated, and in peril.
Rogue OutcoldYah: For those who want to see Rogue of the X-Men unconscious.
Sam, the Black KnightFree: Well drawn online comic about a swordgirl and her adventures. Nudity and the first chapter ends in a triple knock-out.
Scorned FuryYah: Lift, Carry and Catfight - over 400 photos including a strangling.
Sedena.netPay: Eastern European girls in peril including bondage, chloro, smoking, feet, latex uniforms, skirts etc.
Seductive StudiosPPV: A pay per view site with topics like carrying, bondage, forced lesbianism, choking, tickle torture, mortal girl combat, armwrestle, foot fetish, belly punching, gassing etc.
Seductive Studios on TwitterTwitter: Popular producer whose subjects include belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductive Studios PPVPPV: Videos4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductress FetishYouTube: A group for erotic female fetishes. Cigarette smoking (no cigars); lesbian; legs, nylons and heels; vore; bondage, strangling, chloroform, etc. fetishes are all fair game so long as they are quality videos that showcase a genuine female.
Sex After Snuff or Drunk or Drugged on MotherlessMotherless: Videos of sex with drunk, drugged, dead or sleeping girls. Can be sweet or abusive pounded just as long as she is OUT as human LUV DOLL.
Sexual PursuitsPay: A commercial BDSM/straight sex game but the site does have some Sleepy/BDSM stories.
Sheena vs Arani on 2D Western art of two large breasted, heavily muscled girls fighting each other. Includes a couple knockout and bondage pics.
Silenced Sentry GirlsYah: Beautiful female sentries silenced in lethal and non-lethal ways.
Sleep My Sweet 2Yah: Dedicated to those who like to see women rendered unconscious in movies, TV, and comic books.
Sleeper Kid on Blip TVFree: A place to find Sleeperkid's videos that were banned from YouTube.
Sleeper Kid's World Free: Sleeper Kid's world of catfighting girls where one is inevitably taken down with a sleeperhold. Chloroform, abduction, superheroines, sentries, girls with guns.
Sleeperkid's StoriesFree: A place to read some of Sleeperkid's knockout stories.
Sleeperkid's World Pay Per ViewPPV: Full video and partial video downloads of catfights, superheroines, latex-clad girls usually ending in knockouts.
Sleeping and Strangled Group on MotherlessMotherless: Videos/pictures of passed out, sleeping, strangled, or unconscious girls.
Sleeping BeautiesCat: Photostory and movie site involving sleeping and carried women.
Sleeping Beauties' Castle: GeocitiesArchive/Geocities: Sleeping pics of various celebrities.
Sleeping Beauties' Castle: TripodFree: Sleeping pics of various celebrities.
Sleeping CelebritiesFree: Crunchroll - Pics of sleeping asian celebrities.
Sleeping ClothedYah: Girls sleeping on their beds fully clothed.
Sleeping Ladies HouseYah: Spanish language group about sleeping women.
Sleeping Naked with Socks OnYah: Pictures of women sleeping clothed or nude with socks on.
Sleeping PeopleYouTube: Movies of people sleeping - mostly girls.
Sleeping Tushy
Pay: Sleeping Tushy Fetish Action! Young, hot chicks fondled, licked, stripped and ravished as they sleep.
Sleeping Violation on
Update Forced4Sex - A beautiful girl is violated while sleeping.
Free: A social network for the sleepy community including forum, chat, photos and video support.
Sleepy Adventures of WWFree: A sleepy fetish specific comic on
Sleepy ComicsFree: Comic book heroines in sleepy situations.
Sleepy FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - From Anton Productions. Video clips of beautiful women and superheroines stripped and otherwise taken advantage of while they sleep. Some bondage.
Sleepy Fetish CommunityFree: A small sleepy community.
Sleepy Fetish SGYah: A sleepy fetish support group including pics of girls KO'd and asleep.
Sleepy Girl Comix Group on DeviantartDeviantart: Sleepy art group on Deviantart
Sleepy GirlfriendYah: Pics taken when your girlfriend is asleep.MORPH: Sleepy
Sleepy Girlz Club on SleepPeeps
SleepPeeps: A club specifically about girls already passed out or knocked out.
Sleepy ParadicePPV: PrePaidClips - Video clips of women unconscious, dead, chloro'd, hypnotized, catfighting, stripping the unconscious.
Sleepy SolesPPV: Downloads and customs of sleepy / foot fetish videos from the beautiful Anna!
Sleepy SolesPay: A beautiful sleepy girl with beautiful feet.

Sleepy Stories on EclipstorePPV: Eclipstore - Sleepy fetish videos including KO, OTS carrying, limp play, cradle carrying, struggling.
SleepyComics on DeviantartDeviantart: Original art of superheroines and other cartoon girls KO'd, bound, chloro'd and carried.
Sleepyvideo BlogFree: A YouTube style video site for chloro, knockout, sleepy fetish.
Snake Adventures OTSFree: Girls, sometimes superheroines, tied-up, gagged, carried, unconscious. Lots of OTS carrying.
Somniculous on DeviantartDeviantart: 3D art of girls and superheroines getting bound and knocked out. Lots of chloro.
Storm OutcoldYah: Storm, the X-men's beautiful master of the weather, defeated, unconscious, and in peril.
Stranglenail ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips involving HOM, leather, latex, smother, garroting, tickling, neck fetish, bondage, femdom, strangling, catfight, sleeper holds etc.
Strength BabesPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexual lift and carry by strong girls. powerfull girls lifting and carrying in the guys in crazy sexual positions
Super BeccaPPV: Clips4Sale - Videoclips of a pretty blonde (often in superheroine garb) getting knocked out, tied up, kidnapped.
Super BeccaMySpace: Well known, popular fetish model/actress known for her bondage, superheroine, kidnapping and chloro stories.
Superheroine Fun by Dawnstar ProductionsPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroine adventures including shiny suits, lesbians, mummification, bondage, catfight, spanking, depowerment, unconsciousness.
Superheroine WorldPay: Starring Paris kennedy! Beautiful superheroines defeated, punished, in bondage, knocked-out(?) and carried.
Superheroine's DefeatYah: Superheroines captured, knocked out and sometimes facing the noose.
Superheroine's SleepYah: A BBW girl plays a superheroine who often gets chloroformed.
Superheroines CapturedGoogle: A site for the owner to post his stories about heroines (and villainesses) of his own creation, who have a strange tendency to keep getting themselves knocked out and in trouble.
Superheroines CapturedGoogle: A site for the owner to post his stories about heroines (and villainesses) of his own creation, who have a strange tendency to keep getting themselves knocked out and in trouble.
Superheroines in BondageCat: Quality superheroine DVDs and VHS tapes dealing mostly with bondage and chloro.
Surgical Fetish Party New ZealandYah: For people living in new zealand who like surgical roleplay, surgicalfetish parties,wearing surgical gear.
Sweet Teen NymphosPay: The tour to this teen site is a pretty hot sleepy fantasy.
Take Her Breath on DeviantartDeviantart: Photos of dead and knocked out girls
Tanya Danielle's Deviant DownloadsPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful busty blonde. Subjects include catfight, superheroines, freeze, robot, belly punching, facesitting, bondage, spanking, doll transform, knock-out.
Tanya Danielle's FantasiesPPV: Images4Sale - Gorgeous, busty Tanya Danielle photos such as nun, cumshot, bondage, superherione, knock-out, feet, footjob, catfight, belly punch, facesit, police, stockings, gun, stockings.
Tanya Danielle: Clips4SaleClips4Sale: Superhot, busty blonde who is quite a good actress. Stories include blades, superheroines, bondage, catfights, a poison dart, belly punching, a smothering, robots and lots of bikinis.
Tara King and Emma PeelYah: Chloro clips and pics from the old Avengers TV series.
The Aftermath ClothedYah: The beautiful female body in repose - must be clothed.
The Beauty of JoeyYah: A model for sleeperkid's world. Includes catfighting and sleeper holds!
The Erotic HypnotistPay: Real girls hypnotized to obey! Come inside and watch as beautiful girls are really hypnotized and placed into an obedient trance.
The FaintJP: A non-anime Japanese site about women fainting.
The Fainting CouchYah: Concentrating on the fainting/fainted female fetish including lift and carry.
The Narkos ClubYah: Girls gassed into unconsciousness, usually in a medical environment.
The Overstuffed BraFree: The definitive BE story archive. Includes aliens, giantess, hypnosis, sleepy regular/age/gender transformation.
There's the GirlFree: A database and pics of girls with glasses, mind control and sleepy girls.
Tied Women.comPay: Gorgeous girls usually knocked out, captured and placed in bondage. Also, superheroines in peril and some hypnosis!
Tight Shirts and Giant BoobsPPV: Clips4Sale - Huge breasts, sleeping, posing, everyday activities, spandex, flashing in public.
Time Stop the Hot Neighbor on Robomeats Robomeats: A fugitive hides out at his neighbors house, timestops her and has some fun with her body!
Tomiko's StorePPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls in bondage, pantyhose, frozen, knocked out, catfighting, nurses, nail painting, balloons, superheroines, chloro'd, tickled, guns.
Tranq HerGoogle: Celebrating fetish artwork and stories about rendering damsels unconscious via tranquilzer dart, drugging, and overpowering.
Tranq her, Drop herGoogle: Celebrating fetish artwork and stories about rendering damsels unconscious via tranquilzer dart, drugging, and overpowering. Fantasy only.
Trix Lee 13Yah: Sleepy, chloro, passed out, unconscious, drunk, knocked out, faint...
Tropic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of superheroines catfighting, femdom, spanking, chloro, bondage, strap ons etc.
Unconscious on SankakuSankaku: Tag to find unconscious anime art on Sankaku.
Under The Influence
Blog: Female hypnosub's tales of control, obsession & desire. Stories and thoughts about the strange places your imagination can take you when your fantasies involve hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, psychological play, devious doctors etc.
Underground CollectionYah: Collection of Buzzed, Tipsy, Drunk, Passedout, Drugged, Wasted, High Guys & Girls!
Uniform Stealing BroadsFree: Message board for fans of fem/fem uniform stealing.Vidcaps, artwork, stories. Girls knocked out, tied up or killed for their clothes.
Unlucky LadyPay: Hidden camera, asian, celebrity, voyeur, oops, revenge, enf, drunk, groping, stolen, exploited, scandal, etc
Up She GoesYah: Sleepy, Carry and chloro female pics.
Velvets FantasiesPPV: Sleepy and Carry videos including chloros, knock-outs, draggings, OTS carries, neck chops, gas, injections and virtually any other type of sleepy or carry action.
Waiting-GirlsYah: Drunk, sleepy or unconscious girls waiting for...
Warriors of ElysiaFree: A videogame which features real girls in bikinis beating each other up in a fantasy environment. Lots of knock-outs.
Warriors of Elysia: MySpaceMySpace: A videogame which features real girls in bikinis beating each other up in a fantasy environment. Lots of knock-outs.
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