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Statues (137)
Kind of like sleepy, this category is all about women as stationary objects. This includes cardboard, mannequin, statues, furniture, love dolls, time stop etc.

Extreme Japan
Pay: Extreme, over the top, XXX videos from Japan's underground SM Den!! It's sheer bizarre ! This site will take you onto a trip that will explore the madness of Japan's dark side of porn!
Fetish Transformation
Pay: Amazing transformation website including women transformed into aliens, mannequins,snakes, kigurumi, magical seperation, hybrid animals, body painted!
4WoodsJP: Manufacturing inspiring, soulful love dolls.
Adult Sex Dolls!
Tumblr: Plunge into the world of rubber and silicone dolls uncensored collection! the rubber sex doll is getting some pleasure today! never had a problem having sex with rubber dolls. or feeling attached to objects
Amazons and EnemiesFree: Custom superheroine action figures like Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Storm and Power Girl.
Aphrodite's ImageYah: For mannequin fanciers to view and post pix, especially in lingerie.
Aphrodites ImageYah: Aphrodites Image is a group for people that are attracted to Mannequins, and who wish to share photos, contact and experiences with like-minded individuals in relation to this adoration of the feminine image. You are welcome to post pictures and m
Argoforg on DeviantartDeviantart: Nice 2D fantasy art with a special focus on petrification.
ASFR Youtube GroupYouTube: Group - A youtube group for fans of: ASFR, freezing, hynosis, frozen in ice, mannequins, statues of all kinds and androids. Pretty much everything you'd lump in with ASFR.
Ashley Graham ModelClips4Sale - Clips of the beautiful Ashley Graham and others including chloro, superheroines, hypnosis, KOs, catfight, balloon popping, bondage, electrical play, freezing, pantyhose, forced stripping,
Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Lovers on DevianartDeviantart: Photos of asian, anime-looking dolls.
AunanaJP: A Japanese anime site focused on women turned into statues, trophies, frozen, tentacles, dolls, sleepy, hentai and robots.
Beauty's Frozen 01VID: YouTube - Beautiful women frozen in what appears to be a talk show.
Beauty's Frozen 10VID: YouTube - Beautiful women hypnotized & frozen as statues.
Butterz B-Doll BukkFestYahoo: A group for the debasement of popular plastic dolls with man-juice.
Buy Burn a RealdollMySpace: MySpace dedicated to getting Burn a real doll. Some real doll pics!
Cali LoganYah: Beautiful catfight queen tied-up with a whole album about being frozen.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc
Calirinn's RoomJP: A Japanese love doll site.
Candy GirlVID: YouTube - Candy Girl Showroom, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan Ever wanted to know more about Real Dolls, the people that make them and the people that buy them? Now you can - all without feeling super-creepy.
Catra freezes She-Ra in a block of iceVID: YouTube - Catra freezes She-Ra in a block of ice.
CCS Time Stop 1VID: YouTube - Anime video. The flow of time stops and then goes backward for an anime girl.
Chup-at-CabraDeviantart: 3D pics of huge breasted girls in sci-fi, superhero, fantasy situations including monster sex - lots of girls with guns, amazons and aliens.
Comicbook StatuaryYah: Anime and comic girls frozen or turned into statues.
ControlledPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish videos including girls frozen and manipulated, dead and manipulated, hypnotized, controlled with remotes etc
Countdown t'ZebraPPV: Storyline driven films involving fantasy scenarios of female characters being rendered unconcious, primarily with chloroform.
Pay: Cyberflating is the place on the internet where beautiful 3D lovedolls come from. Here you enter a world where we fantasize about buyable artificial beauties being inflated like balloons for the pleasure of their owners.
Da da da Petrification playlistVID: YouTube - A playlist of girls petrified, frozen in time, statuefied.
Devilman - Girl frozen in iceVID: YouTube - A girl in a red dress frozen in ice.
Display ImporterCat: A catalog for store displays including female mannequins and wigs... some of the female mannequins are very sexy.
Doll 'D Up Clips4Sale: Clips and photos designed to bring out the doll, mannequin and robot fetish in all of us.
Doll AlbumFree: Forum and gallery of high end, realistic dolls like torso dolls and realdolls.
Doll's RealmBlog: A place full of news and information for people who love the idea of becoming a living doll. Wether its latex or plastic or even plushie.
DolltownJP: Japanese love doll site.
Dollys-Fetish on LiveJournalLiveJournal: A group about sexy dolls.
Dreus 76 on DeviantartDeviantart: Beautiful photography including people in latex and with guns. A nice, anime-mannequin gallery - including some pics of a mannequin in bodage.
Erotica Los AngelesFotki: Some photographs of realdolls and cardboard pornstars.
Feet and Sleep FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of girls and superheroines knocked out, fainting, carried, hypnotized, wearing stockings, clothes swapping, drunk, frozen.
Fetish Clip ScenePPV: Payperview site featuring the following topics: Catfight, Femdom, Bondage, Lift and Carry, Mind Control, Paralysis, Superheroines, Chloro, Knock out, Belly punching etc.
Fresh Frozen FemalesPPV: Clips4Sale - The place to go for beautiful women trained to freeze, loop and more!
Frozen FemmesPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of beautiful women frozen solid.
Frozen FolliesPPV: Frozen Follies - Videos of frozen, time-stopped girls.
Frozen on FlickrFlickr: Beautiful black and white photography where a girl acts like a statue in the landscape.
Fucking DollsFlickr: A group about sex dolls.
Fucking DollsFlickr: Photos of sexy mannequins and sex dolls.
German BJD Lovers on DeviantartDeviantart: A place for BJD - Doll lovers to meet on DeviantArt.
Girlware 3d Slave GirlsSlave girls that live only to serve; wealthy women turn their slave girls into objects such as furniture, artwork, and mindless worker drones. extreme bondage, latex, forniphilia, body modification, amputees, public humiliation, torture and peril.
Gladiatrix StatueFree: A nice statue of a VERY muscular gladiatrix.
Gorgon ArtYah: Celebrate and explore the erotic nature of transmutation and freezing into inanimate human-forms and statuesque decor through creative art and fiction made from the ground up.
Helpless HottiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of girls frozen or acting like wax figures.
Hot 4 MannequinsFlickr: A group for photos with sexy it, people with mannequins, mannequins alone, mannequins having lunch, window dressings, etc.

Hot 4 MannequinsFlickr: A group for photographs of sexy it, people with mannequins, mannequins alone, mannequins having lunch, window dressings, etc. Mannequins must be sexy & should make the viewer hot 4 mannequins!!!!
Hypno LustPPV: Clips4Sale. Beautiful girls hypnotized, tickled (mentally), tied up, dominated and frozen.
HypnoPimp Girls HypnofetishismPPV: Clips4Sale - Models hypnotized including pretend showering, drunkeness, freezing, acting like a robot, falling asleep, forced orgasms!
Hypnosis Sleep ShowsPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexy woman placed under hypnosis wearing pantyhose made to orgasm under any suggestion You will learn how to place very sexy woman in deep hypnosis tance to wear pantyhose.
HypnotiedYah: Hypnosis, Freeze and Bondage fetish group.
Hypnotized Ladies Stiff and RigidYah: A group about women hypnotized and basically turned into statues.
Ice GirlFlickr: A photoset of a prone girl who looks like a plastic doll or frozen.
Jess Angel 2003Deviantart: Gorgeous, blonde nude/bikini model - several pics where she is bodypainted as a statue. A few pics of her in bondage, dead and as a horror femme.
John De Andrea on Louis K Meisel GalleryFree: Very realistic female statues crafted by the artist John De Andrea.
Kiss in the Dark (2) JP: High quality anime art put into stories including tentacle attacks, girls changed into statues, bondage, girls with tentacles, superheroines, latex, bug-girls.
KoukeiDeviantart: Beautiful photographyy including a lot of horror/dark/eclectic photography including mannequin girls, amputees, bondage, vampires.
Las Vegas MannequinsBlog: A blog about sexy Las Vegas mannequins.
Legacy of Timeless BeautyGoogle: a group for statue, mannequin, doll, robot, toy, object, or any other transformation you think the other members would like.
Lingerie Store Display with Mannequins on PinterestPinterest: Mannequins in lingerie on
Living Mannequin Fanclub DeutchlandGoogle: A German group for the appreciation of women doing the "living Mannequin" thing.
Living Mannequin Fanclub DeutschlandGoogle: A German site dedicated to living mannequins.
Lord HypnosPPV: Clips4Sale - Magical freeze, robot and mind control mostly using a remote control.
Love Doll at Magnolia FarmFlickr: Some pics of a love doll puttering around a farm.
Maid Of Dishonor
Update: Robomeats - Victoria's maid of honor freezes time and then ravishes her with the glass dildo she got her. She unstops time, watches her freak out, restops and pulls more horrifying and sexy time stop pranks on the poor girl.
Male Statue Video Club on YouTubeYouTube: Channel - Videos of men and women frozen.
MannequinFlickr: Beautiful and creepy pics of store mannequins.
Mannequin Fetish
Pay: Photo galleries of female mannequins dressed in their shiny finest.
Mannequin MadnessYah: A group dedicated to sexy mannequins.
Mannequin MakeoversCat: One-of-a-kind beautiful, sexy, and highly realistic, preofessionally customised mannequins.
Mannequin Showroom DummiesVID: YouTube - Slideshow of mostly female mannequins.
MannequinzDeviantArt: Group - Mannequin photography.
Mannequinz Group on DeviantartDeviantart: This group has been created for Mannequins Lovers and people that enjoy Mannequin Photography.
Manny KhinFlickr: Photographs of female mannequins and someone frozen in time.
Master List of ASFR related scenes in Comic BooksFree: Girls in comics in ASFR situations like posing as statues, frozen in time, paralyzed, frozen in ice etc.
MechadollCat: Website for a high quality love doll similar to Realdoll.
Mechtoys Wind-up ToysWind-up dolls secondlife
Medusa Project 2.5Free: A forum devoted to women being turned to stone.
Free: Statues, dolls, mannequins and other inanimate transformation. The digital magazine for ASFR Fans, comics, interactive games and other surprises.  Beautiful women turned to stone, gold, and plastic.
Megagundamman's Statue, Doll, Borg FavoritesDeviantart: Megagundamman seems to be a fancier of petrified girls, statues, mannequins, robots and here is a nice set of favorites for them.
Motion StopYouTube: A group for members of the vast freeze/lm/ASFR/whatever web ring.
Paradise NowhereJP: Blog including elves, warrior girls, bondage, superheroines and girls turned into statues.
Paris, The Vampire SlayerCat: Paris Kennedy is the new teen, cheerleader vampire slayer in this softcore tribute to Joss Whedon's long-lasting TV series. Vampires, hypnotism, catfights, magic, knock-outs, paralysis.
Paris, The Vampire Slayer: YahooYah: Paris Kennedy is the new teen, cheerleader vampire slayer in this softcore tribute to Joss Whedon's long-lasting TV series. Vampires, hypnotism, catfights, magic, knock-outs, paralysis.
Patina~VCat: High quality, realistic mannequins. The mannequin company that made the $8,000 Victoria's Secret mannequis.
Petrification of GirlsYouTube: Group - Stone, Gold and Freeze (congelation) On women.
Plastic PeopleFlickr: A group sharing photos of mannequins, dolls and more.
Pygmalion GroupYah: A group where you can post messages about the Pygmalion Syndrome site (girls changed into statues), discuss my stories , or just hang out and have fun.
Real Doll LoversMySpace: All for the love of RealDolls. If you own one, want one or just think they're cool!
Realistic Sexy Female MannequinCat: A place to buy really sexy, female mannquins.
Robo Pimp Girls Trained
PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls turned into robots, controlled, posed, frozen etc.
PPV: Clips4Sale - Girls as robots being controlled and frozen.
Robomeats on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Time stop and other frozen girl fetish.
Samantha Frozen
PPV:KinkBomb - am standing frozen like a statue, . He snaps me out of it, and I lay on the couch, he says 'waxwork" and I freeze with my arms bent at the elbow about 90 degrees with all fingers pointing up and separated. The camera lingers...
Schaufensterpuppen Store MannequinsFlickr: Photos of store mannequins.
Sensual PinkFree: Transformation stories and manips mostly of girls being changed into love dolls or mannequins.
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