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Stuck (134)
This is a natural or unexpected form of bondage where girls step into cement, wander into spiderwebs or sink into quicksand. Oftentimes girls find themselves in perilous or humiliating situations like being in danger of sinking under quicksand or unable to stop the advances of a horny teenager after having stepped into superglue.

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AlenonimoDeviantart: Cute anime girls sometimes tied-up, handcuffed, mummified, stuck in glue, encased and collared.
Art of Taral WayneFree: Girls and furries stuck in mud.
Bastian ImageFree: Well drawn comic images of furries or anime girls in bondage, stuck or turned into statues or dolls.
Beach and Wrapped TicklingYah: Girls buried in sand, wrapped up or tied up and then tickled.
Big SinkingFree: A BBW girl sinking in mud.
Black Squirrel's Quicksand Story ArchiveFree: A story archive dealing with people stuck in quicksand.
Boggy Man-iaFree: Pics of real bogs and mudholes sometimes including pics of men sinking in them!
Bubba Gump Muddy Girls 4Yah: More personal pics of girls immersed in or stuck in mud.
Bubba Gump's Muddy GirlsYah: Pretty girls standing or playing in mud.
Bubba Gumps Muddy Girls 2Yah: More pretty girls standing or playing in mud.
Buried at the BeachYah: Women buried in the sand - mostly up to their necks.
Buried in SandYouTube: Videos of girls buried in sand.
Buried in the Beach SandsYah: Pics of people buried up to their necks, or completely buried in sand.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc
Call-Att Commercial - Woman Falls in QuicksandVID: YouTube - A gorgeous blonde falls into quicksand and sinks.
Car Stuck Girls.comPay: A site about beautiful women and their stuck cars. Girls sometimes push the cars, sometimes get deep into mud.
Cement LoverYah: A photo album with a pic of someone's feet in cement.
Chris and Hotrod's Quicksand Mud GroupYah: For those interested in playing and sinking in quicksand and mud.
Club MPVPay: Pics of girls wallowing, bathing or stuck in mud and quicksand.
Cobweb Fetish CentralYah: Girls wrapped up or stuck in webs. Spiders molesting or imperiling beautiful women.
Cocoa SoftJP: Japanese site about women wrapped in plastic, covered in paint, buried under mud etc.
Dark-NSFree: FTP style site where you will find anime girls changed or changing into statues; girls (stuck) in mud (barro); bodypainting as a statue or mannequin; cosplay including kigurumi, spandex, chicks with guns and chicks with swords; (more)
Deep QuicksandYah: Women sinking into and being swallowed up by quicksand.
Deep SinkingFree: A forum set up to post stories, ideas and pics of girls sinking in deep mud or quicksand.
Deep SinkingYah: Quicksand and deep mud fetish site. Girls trapped in mud pits.
Downunder in the JungleFree: Original artwork of women getting sucked into quicksand in the jungle.
EE Wetlook ProductionsCat: Production company specializing in fully-clothed women in mud or water.
Fakes of Females in QuicksandYah: Photomanips showing celebs and other hot chicks in quicksand!
Fat Sinking in QuicksandYah: Big, fat girls stuck and sinking in mud.
Femmes en Bottes CaoutchoucsYah: French site about women in raincoats, vinyl, latex, rubber boots and standing in mud.
Fire Bird Lady 2Free: Pics of women wrestling or wading in mud.
Forever CostumedFree: Original art of girls permanently stuck in animal costumes.
Freya's Sexual FantasiesFree: Transgender magic and sci-fi website containing hardcore captions and stories.
Fun in Mud in Wetsuits and QuicksandYah: For those that enjoy getting down and dirty in the mud, mudlarking, mudwrestling and quicksand.
Glued to her SeatWeb: Women glued to their chairs. Stories/pictures of many-a-woman glued to her chair.
Hypnosis Sleep ShowsPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexy woman placed under hypnosis wearing pantyhose made to orgasm under any suggestion You will learn how to place very sexy woman in deep hypnosis tance to wear pantyhose.
Intentionally Caused Female Muscle GrowthFree: Fmg computer artwork. focus on realistic forced muscle growth. ICFMG focuses on the intentional transformation of women from normal to super-muscular. Putting innocent un-suspecting ladies in situations that will make their wardrobe useless.
Janet's Sexy DressingYah: Janet dresses and undresses in a variety of ways including latex and deep in mud.
KAOL's Quicksand VideosCat: KAOL is offering some ten quicksand videos for sale.
Kris ForrestDeviantart: Art and photomanips of girls caught in quicksand.
Kris Glasgow - Second Life ProfileFree: SLP Profile of someone with a stuck/quicksand fetish - some nice pics onsite.
Kristine's PicsFree: Kristine poses in mud and sometimes deep in mud.
KritterfoxVCL: Casual art of furries in quicksand, having sex, in bondage and getting attacked by tentacles.
Mantis, The SwampErotic Peril Paysite: Original BDSM, stuck, vore and cannibal artwork by mantis.
Messy FunPay: Beautiful girls (most with long hair) in wet and messy erotica including performance art, mud wrestling and slapstick.
Mez Man's SiteFree: Mez Man's quicksand stories and photomanips.
Molly Coddles!Free: Message board with a copious amount of stuck stories!
Monster and BeautyWebarchive: JP - Anime girls getting slimed, tentacled and mostly devoured by monsters.
Mud and QuicksandYouTube: A group for those who enjoy mudwrestling, sinking in and playing around deep mud.

Mud LoverCat: Men in tight jeans deep in mud.
Mud Puddle VisualsCat: CDs and Videos of women rolling around in mud, stuck and slipping under quicksand.
MuddyFlickr: People covered in or sinking in mud.. Mud volleyball, mud baths, mud wrestling... you name it! Quicksand or deep mud? That too. (Not much content - no chicks.)
Muddy Boots and RainwearYah: Group for all men and women who like to get muddy in rubber boots and/or rainwear.
Muddy PeopleYah: People getting muddy or covered with wam.Either on cam or pictures, from the net,or from themselves, feel free too add to this group.
Muddy, Messy Wetsuits and LatexYah: Men and women, usually in wetsuits, covered in or trapped in mud.
Muddy, Messy Wetsuits and LatexYah: Men and women, usually in wetsuits, covered in or trapped in mud.
Mudman's WorldYah: Guys slathered with or buried in mud.
Mudman's WorldYah: Guys slathered with or buried in mud.
Ocean Girl Quicksand SceneVID: YouTube - Ocean girl gets herself deep in mud saving a young boy.
Ol Boggy's Quicksand PileFree: Stories involving quicksand, mud, clay, underwater activity, showering and messy food!
Pamela Rose's WorldYah: Women stuck and sinking in quicksand.
Perils of QuicksandYah: Tales of damsels encountering the perils of quicksand.
Plastered WomenYah: A club to share photos and stories of women being covered in plaster, cement, alginate, tar and feathers etc.
Posh OneFree: Art of human and hybrid girls stuck in various situations.
Preppy MarshmouseFree: A cute little rodent who finds herself caught in marshes, vines and snakes far too often.
QS FakesYah: Quicksand fakes and photomanips.
QS FurFree: QSfurs Cartoon Quicksand peril where furries and cartoon characters desperately try to escape from quicksand.
QuicksandYouTube: Group - Videos and forum about people getting stuck in quicksand.
Quicksand 4 MenYah: A group designed for men who want to play in mud and quicksand.
Quicksand 41VID: YouTube - A woman is saved from disappearing completely in a mud bog.
Quicksand 46VID: YouTube - Black and white video of a girl buried up to her head in sand and the man having a quicksand fantasy.
Quicksand and MudYah: For those interested in women struggling in quicksand and mud.
Quicksand DramaYah: Images from movies, TV, fan fiction and art featuring folks in quicksand or dealing with other melodramatic cliffhanger style perils.
Quicksand Movies.netFree: Your one stop source for quicksand in the media.
Quicksand PageFree: All sorts of quicksand reference including myths, facts, movies, TV, books, comics and much more.
Quicksand Photography of Duncan EdwardsFree: Some free pics of scantily clad ladies in deep mud and quicksand.
Quicksand Video FilesFree: A couple quicksand videos from cartoons.
Quicksand VisualsFree: High quality quicksand DVDs and Videos.
QuicksandsYah: All about women getting stuck in quicksand or mud!
Rockford Illinois Mud GroupYah: For those who enjoy sinking, wallowing and enjoying Adult fun in mud, quicksand, and have a mud Fetish in general.
Saturday Morning QuicksandFree: A site for movie and tv scripts, pilot episodes, short vignette scripts, short stories, and other stuff quicksand fetishists would like to see on TV.
SchlammtaucherFree: German site about men (usually in leather) hip deep in mud.
Sexy ToonageYah: Very nice art of superheroines, girls with guns, huge busted girls, amazons, bikini girls, bondage, domination, stuck etc.
Silent ZorahDeviantart: Lots of casual art of girls in quicksand.
Smoothskin WetsuitsYah: Women getting stuck and muddy in wetsuits.
Sticky Situations 2Yah: Group dedicated to people with the stuck fetish.
StiefelSggi's SchlammatlasFree: German messy, mud site with girls covered in mud, paint and other stuff.
Stormwinds' Women in Peril PageFree: A couple pics of women drowning in mud and the promise of more content somewhere.
Stuck GirlsFree: Damsels in Distress, stuck in mud, goop, quicksand and various other kinds of sticky entrapments.
Stuck WorldFree: A community for guys who have a fetish for seeing girls get their cars stuck and girls who like getting their cars stuck for guys.
Superheroines BRYah: Brazilian superheroine site promoting movies that include girls with guns, amazons, bikinis, vampires, monster love and quicksand.
SwampVID: YouTube - A girl in boots gets stuck in mud and then sinks fast.
Swampy PicsYah: Women stuck in swamps and mud - also pics of bogs and muddy places for photomanips.
The Envelopers 2aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
The Envelopers 3aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
The Envelopers 4aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
The Envelopers 5aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
The Envelopers 6aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
The Envelopers 7aYah: All about people, primarily women, enveloped, engulfed, covered or eaten by blobs, slime, latex or other types of materials.
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