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Superheroines (850)
Superheroines lend themselves to a wide variety of fetishes! A powerful, superstrong, man-crushing woman lends herself well to FEMDOM. If the superwoman is depowered and captured then, well what's better for BDSM then a superhot, spandex wearing chick wrapped in unbreakable cable. Of course superheroines and villainesses tend to tussle which is terrific for CATFIGHT fetishists! Of course, even if they're just standing and posing, looking at some hot, perfectly formed babe naked or almost naked is great in and of itself Similar sites include Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls with Guns.

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Bound and Gagged GirlsPPV and Pay: Full length bondage/abduction videos including chloroform and superheroines.
Bound HeroinesFree: A place for artists to upload their "superheroines in peril" art.
Bound, gagged and fondledPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful girls (sometimes superheroines), often with large breasts tied up, gagged, blindfolded, chloro'd and knocked out.
Brian RoodFree: Terrific "strong girl" air brush art including girls with guns, superheroines, amazons, vampires.
Bright EmpireFree: Stories and photomanips taking place in the "Aurora Universe".
Bryan Hitch FansYah: Displaying the work of professional comic book artist; Bryan Hitch.
Bubble Tit AdventuresClips4Sale: Pretty, big-breasted, mature girl indulges in cock busting, balloons, superheroines and lapdancing.
Bubble Tit SuperheroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Busty girls catfighting, dressing as superheroines, smothering, smoking, dominating, vampires and tickling.
Buddy Paraiso on 3D anime style art of fantasy style girls - amazons, superheroines, ninja girls, armed guards etc.
Bug2's Comic PageFree: Scans from the Image comics: Gen 13, Witchblade, Darkness, Darkchylde, Ballistic, Avengelyne. Stryke Force and more.
Burgos Appreciation SocietyYah: Tons of hot superheroine chicks including muscle girls, male superheroines changed into females, amazons, vampires, catfighting, girls with guns and tons of She-Hulk amalgams.
Cali's POVPPV: Clips4Sale - Catfight queen Cali presents video clips of bondage, forced stripping, monster sex, strangling, turned to stone, stinky feet, superheroines, wet and messy, sleepy, stuck, catfight etc
Cammyfan.comFree: G-Rated. Cosplay and artwork involving that gorgeous (sometimes gun-toting) Street Fighter babe!
Canary CryFree: A Black Canary fan site with pics, costumes, merchandise and appearance information.
Canary NoirFree: G-Rated. Homepage for Birdwatching, a Birds of Prey fansite.
Cancuz and Scoundrel Muscle Woman ArtYah: Really high quality 2D art of girls with huge muscles, posing, as superheroines, as amazons, beating up men, muscle growth.
Candra on DeviantartDeviantart: Simply excellent 2D art of fantasy girls including anime characters, superheroines, female demons, succubi, hybrids, amazons, winged girls, girls with guns, carrying, furries, some carrying and mythological half females.
Caped MoviesYah: Vidcaps and pics of caped women including amazons, vampires, martial artists, superheroes etc.
Captured HeroinesPay: 3D pics of gorgeous superheroines getting ravaged, screwed by monsters and taken captive.
Captured SuperheroinesYah: Pics of superheroines captured, trapped and tied up.
Cartoon Heroine Perils PageFree: Cartoon characters in bondage and mummified.
Catfights on Deviantart.comDeviantart: A group dedicated to all sorts of catfights.
Catra freezes She-Ra in a block of iceVID: YouTube - Catra freezes She-Ra in a block of ice.
CatwomanFree: Homepage for the Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry.
Catwoman (The Diamond Exchange)VID: YouTube - A 20 min amateur movie about Catwoman including some nice combat scenes. 1 really nice combat scene with catwoman in a bikini.
Catwoman Halle BerryVID: YouTube - The beautiful Halle Berry playing the Spiderman version of Catwoman, fights a cardre of Jewel thieves.
Catwoman's HideoutGoogle: A place to discuss Catwoman as a comic book character - family oriented.
Catwoman's HideoutYah: G-Rated. Catwoman fanclub.
Catwoman's LairYah: Pics of (mostly) Julie Newmar as catwoman.
Catwoman: TribeTribe: The feline fatale of DC comics.
CBT: Becca's Superheroine FantasiesPPV: Vidclips of Becca in bondage or female dominated as a superheroine, spy or even Hooter's girl.
CEB2's Erotic ArtYah: Superheroine art as drawn by CEB2 - often in peril.
Cerebrus Lives on DeviantartDeviantart: High quality 2D art of large breasted girls, latex, superheroines, video game girls, amazons, girls with guns and femdom.
Chatgr on DeviantartDeviantart: Very high quality 2D female-fantasy art including superheroines, bikini girls, girls with guns, amazons, huge breasts, hybrids, vampires, demons.
Chloe CreationsPay: Site owned and operated by mistress Chloe. Photoshoots involving femdom, giantess and bug crushing and swallowing.
Chup-at-CabraDeviantart: 3D pics of huge breasted girls in sci-fi, superhero, fantasy situations including monster sex - lots of girls with guns, amazons and aliens.
Climax ComicsFree: Homepage of the French 'Climax Comics' - G-Rated.
Close-Up ConceptsAVS: Close-Up Pass - Beautiful women in bondage. Videos, video store, streaming video & photo paysite. Some superheroine photosets.
Club 411Free: Nonnude superheroine photomanips.
Comic Art CommunityFree: eBay style auctions, messageboards, links and a gallery about comic book subjects.
Comic BlocFree: Comic book reviews, news interviews and a real nice forum.
Comic Book Bondage Cover of the DayFree: Over 1600 pics of comicbook covers where gorgeous girls, sometimes superheroines, are tied-up.
Comic Book Nerds are HotFree: Excellent, high quality art with lots of superheroines and girls with guns.
Comic Book Nerds are Hot on FacebookFacebook: Community - Excellent, high quality art with lots of superheroines and girls with guns.
Comic Cartoon Captives Correspondence GroupYah: Original and scanned art of comic book heroines in bondage.
Comic Catfight BaseYah: Comicbook catfights like Lady Death/Vampirella or Purgatori/Demonslayer.
Comic Hot GirlsDeviantart: Group - A group about hot chicks found in comic books including Power Girl, Rogue, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Supergirl and Zatanna.
Comic ScannersYah: Superheroines, body painting, bondage, guns, swords, catfighting, knock-outs, girl magicians.
Comic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi BabesYah: Superheroine and fantasy artwork.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Comicbook HottiesFree: G-Rated site featuring hotties from comic books and the models/actresses who portray them.
Comicbook StatuaryYah: Anime and comic girls frozen or turned into statues.
ComicCon 2006Flickr: Photos of people from ComicCon 2006 including some hot superheroines.
Comicgirls.netFree: G-Rated? Sketches, color images and wallpapers of comicbook girls.
Comics and Strips Adult BranchGoogle: Nice google group featuring art of various fantasy girls with an emphasis on hot looking superheroines.
Comics Worth ReadingFree: A fun blog reviewing current comic books.
Comix ChixYah: G-Rated? Hot superheroines from comics, TV and movies.
Cosmic SlayerJP: Japanese live superheroine site including a little catfighting and bondage.
Cosplay Anime
Pay: Hottest cosplay live action Japan anime video films. Fully downloaded video collection.Welcome to the new anime porn world!
Cosplay Fantatics on TumblrTumblr: Hot Cosplay girls!
Cosplay Fever Flickr: Cosplay Fever is the work of two photographers, Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby. A group with over 1,000 non-nude photos.
Cosplay Girls GroupFlickr: Gals dressing up as superheroines, game and anime characters. No nudes.
Cosplay Girls WorldFlickr: Group - A Brazilian run group about women in sexy, sci-fi/fantasy costumes including superheroines, elves, femtroopers etc.
Cosplay Porn Movies
Pay: Cosplay porn movies involving pretty asian girls dressed in costumes and uniforms in hardcore adult action.
Costumed and ClobberedYah: Superheroines killed in a wide variety of ways including disintegration, blasting, shooting etc. Mostly corpses.
Craig RousseauFree: G-Rated. Professional illustrator whose galleries include several attractive superheroines.
Crazy 4 ComicsYah: A nice selection of G-Rated superhero pics.
Crimson CrescentFree: Studio producing original fantasy art. Includes superheroines and girls with guns.
Crimson HawkPay: Original art, Poser pics and Photos of beautiful superheroines in combat or in peril.
Crimson HawkYah: Samples from about a gorgeous superheroine who often ends up losing her battles, helpless before the supervillain(ess).
Crimsonsea GalleryDeviantart: High quality, Non-Nude, 2D fantasy art. Subjects include superheroines, amazons, girls with guns, vampires.
Crosscutter's GalleryHentai-Foundry: Small 2D art gallery of cute anime girls with huge tits. Includes schoolgirls, lesbians and a superheroine pic.
Custom Forced Orgasm Videos - Seductive StudiosPPV: Clips4Sale - Custom fetish videos including Sleepy, Superheroines, Orgasms, Fetish, Bondage, Daphne, Arm Wrestling, Hiccups and Tickling.
Cyber CollectorPay: 3D and regular erotic art including robots, bondage, femdom, huge breasts, superheroines, medical fetish and probably a lot more!
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art that follows a variety of transformation themes including werecreatures, huge breasts, huge muscles, superheroines, hybrids, vampires and inflation.
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Nice, 2D, transformation art including werecreatures, superheroines, huge breasts, elastic girls, hybrids.
C_Armstead_20's PhotosFlickr: Several of nice photos of girls dressed up as superheroines. Supergirl, Wonder Woman!
DaisenJP: Good 2D anime art. Subjects include: superheroines, amazons, erotic situations.
Damsels in Disguise VideosWomen (usually superheroines) knocked out, tied up and their clothing stolen.
Damsels in DistressFree: Excellent artwork of beautiful comicbook girls getting attacked by snakes.
Danger Girl HomepageFree: Terrific Danger Girl site including cosplay photos, bios, the videogame and more.
Danger Girls 2000Free: Terrific Dangergirl resource site with plenty of pics of that pistol packing hottie - Abbey
Dangerbabe CentralPay: Photostories, 3D Pics and art of gorgeous amazons, girls with guns and superheroines getting defeated. Also, some chloroform, knock-outs, monster sex and vore.
Danielle Derek Superheroine Club!Yah: Daneille is 'DD GIRL' modern day SuperHeroine and Venus DeMilo. DD Girl and Dark Angel (Alexia Moore) are members of the SuperHeroine-Justice-League-Of-America.
DankwartHentai Foundry: Really nice 2D art mostly following lesbian; fingering, dildo or double dildo action. Lots of Superheroines and some bondage and centaurs/aliens.
Dante Rain on Hentai-Foundry.comHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of video game girls in some erotic distress!
Daring HeroinesPay: An adult comic site featuring original artwork of powerful superheroines getting defeated and ravished.
DarkWing-Zero's DarkScapeFree: Photos, art, CD-CGI all dealing with girls in latex/rubber/PVC. Some Superheroines.
Daubster's ArtificeFree: High quality photomanips changing playmates into superheroines - mostly Supergirl.
David Leslie GrayMySpace: An artist whose subjects are usually very, large breasted girls. Topics include superheroines, girls with guns and vampiresses.
Dawn and the Women of X-MenYah: Naked and scantily clad pics of superheroines.
DBoy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art using popular cartoon and superhero characters. Topics include catfight, femdom, erotic situations, shemales, monster sex, ravishing etc.
DC AnimatedYah: A DC comics animated site where you will be keep up to date on your favorite DC cartoon.
DC Comics CharactersYah: G-Rated. Pics and info mostly of JLA characters.
DC Comics UncensoredYah: Discuss your favorite DC Comics, writers, Artists, Superheroes, movies, cartoons, action figures, and anything you want without censorship!
DC HeroinesYah: Photos, photomanips and art of DC superheroines like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Black Canary and Hawkgirl.
DC Live Action UniverseYah: G-Rated: Discuss your favorite live action DC characters here: Batman, Superman, Catwoman, the Flash etc.
DC Teens WebringFree: A webring for anyone with a site featuring a teenage DC character.
DC2: New Adventures of the DC Heroes!Free: Fiction (G-Rated?) using DC superheroes including Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and Zatanna.
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