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Superheroines (850)
Superheroines lend themselves to a wide variety of fetishes! A powerful, superstrong, man-crushing woman lends herself well to FEMDOM. If the superwoman is depowered and captured then, well what's better for BDSM then a superhot, spandex wearing chick wrapped in unbreakable cable. Of course superheroines and villainesses tend to tussle which is terrific for CATFIGHT fetishists! Of course, even if they're just standing and posing, looking at some hot, perfectly formed babe naked or almost naked is great in and of itself Similar sites include Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls with Guns.

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Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Goddess SeveraPay: 6'5 amazon dominatrix into lifting, wrestling, dom and more.
Gohwave: World Wrestling of FictionJP: Gohwave's homesite about women (skins,mods?) wrestling in the arcade game, "Smackdown vs Raw".
Gotham on Good 2D, color comic of Poison Ivy impregnating a huge breasted Batgirl with her tentacle plant.
Gotham Public WorksFree: A troupe of Batman fans who dress as Batman, Black Canary, Joker, Harley, Catwoman and others.
Gothic City HeroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful superheroines trapped, humiliated and ravished. Subjects include bondage, hypnosis, smothering, stripping, foot worship. tickling.
Great HeraMySpace Group: A place for Wonder Woman on MySpace.
Greg Horn's PhotosFlickr: Real top notch paintings of superheroes/heroines - a lot of focus on She-Hulk, Elektra, Ms Marvel and Emma Frost. G-Rated.. but sexy!
Grey ArchivesFree: Erotic superhero stories and artwork.
GrospectorJP: Some anime sketches of a pretty, skinny, teenage superheroine who fights and is often molested by monsters.
Gurlz with GunsFlickr: 3D pics and photos of superheroines and regular girls with guns and swords.
Guy Vasquez: PBasePBase: Very high quality art - mostly of superheroines under "Girls" and "Commissions". Supergirl, Wonder Woman, some bondage, some nudity.
GW StoriesFree: GW's stories - usually illustrated by Poser - about superheroines and normal girls involved in violent catfights and sometimes f/f forced sex.
Gytalf 2000Deviantart: 2D, mostly color art of superheroines getting KO'd by supervillains and supervillainesses. Lots of lift and carry.
HahahaaSuperWomenYah: A group dedicated to hillarious and ridiculous side of our beloved Superheroines. Includes hairpulling, tickling, punched, beaten, falling etc.
HardbodiesDeviantart: Fetish, latex, muscle girls, amazons and superheroines.
Harley-QuinnFree: Website dedicated to the animated Joker's hot, blonde, psychotic sidekick.
Harm Bengen's WebsiteFree: Art site including great pics of vampires, femdom, angels and superheroines.
Hawkgirl.netFree: A fansite for Justice Leaguer; Hawkgirl.
Heather Effect
PPV: Gorgeous 3D artwork of beautiful, extremely busty women kicking ass! From cold-blooded assassins, to bloodthirsty vampires, to super-heroines gone wrong; The Heather Effect has you covered!
Heather Heart - HitwomanPay: A superheroine with guns who shows those evildoing men who's boss!
Hell CatFree: Large Hell Cat website including pics, foes, awards, friends and links.
Helpless HeroesPay: Comics, pics and video clips of superheroines both defeated and victorious.
Hentai Roleplay WorldFlickr: Hardcore hentai art with some tentacle molestation and superheroine pics.
Hero MorphFree: G-Rated. Mostly photomanips of famous and original superhero characters.
Heroes ExposedFree: Online comedy comic involving superheroes and the odd, busty superheroine.
Heroes MagFree: Massive superhero fanfiction e-zine.
Heroic WorldFree: Superhero resource site.
Heroine Harassment Anzai Makoto Ryona henG.E-Hentai: 2D color anime comic of a female, student, superheroine who is defeated and ravished by a supervillain who employs powerful tentacles to subdue her.
Heroine UniverseCat: Some samples from PPVs and paysites especially focusing on Tomiko, Hollywood, Fayth and Kobe Lee. Includes tickling, superheroines, wrestling, bondage and especially pantyhose.
Heroine Wrestling
Pay: Videos of Superheroines and Villainesses Battling It Out! Includes some knock-outs.
Heroines of FumettiPics of superheroines, amazons, and girls in various forms of undress.
Heroines of FumettiPics of superheroines, amazons, and girls in various forms of undress.
Heroplay.comFree: G-Rated. Superhero role-playing games including the full PDF of the 80s Marvel Superhero RPG.
High King on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art of superheroines, aliens and regular girls getting screwed, ravished, gang banged, monster molested, giving BJs etc. Lots of large penises, sometimes 4 or more surrounding a single girl.
Hip ComixPay: Erotic comix of heroines in peril! 100% original!
HosedNHelpless PPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of girls and superheroines bound, sometimes by evil male abductors. Women are sometimes masked with hose or wearing hose.
Hot VampsYah: A woman who uses her looks to get what she wants! Femdom, Superheroines, Vampires, Amazons, Bondage.
Hotbodies LLC10 SuperherobabesYah: Photos of gorgeous actresses playing superheroines and heroines like Xena, Elektra, Lara Croft, Sue Storm, Marvel Girl, Storm etc.
Hotbodies LLC10 SuperherobabesYah: Photos of gorgeous actresses playing superheroines and heroines like Xena, Elektra, Lara Croft, Sue Storm, Marvel Girl, Storm etc.
HPL and Bad TasteJP: A variety of anime including bondage, monster sex, impossibly large breasts, superheroines, vicious mutilations and robots. There is kind of a drippy cumshot theme thoughout.
Hypno EroticaPPV: Clips4Sale - Erotic mind control scenes with only the hottest models - includes some superheroines.
I'm Power Girl Dammit!!!VID: YouTube - A hot Powergirl fights Bizarro Superman while chatting on the phone.
Ihcoyc Xpictoc D.G.Free: Art of heavily muscled women sometimes with swords, sometimes in bondage and even some pics of a character who looks like Wonder Woman.
Ikbarron's GalleryDeviantart: Really nice (G-Rated but sexy) 2D art of superheroines.
Imago StudiosPay: Fetish video producer whose videos can include bondage, chloroforming, carrying, femdom, rubber/latex, mummification, saran wrap, superheroines and tickling.
Innocent Succubus on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: High quality 2D art, a 3rd of which is superheroines.
Insane-Pencil on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Very nice photography with a penchant for heroically costumed cosplay girls!
International Catalog of SuperherosFree: G-Rated catalog of costumed superheros from around the world.
Intl Kichiku AgencyJP: A wide variety of Hentai including massive insertions, superheroine, bdsm, pumped-up tits, forced sex and monster sex.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Jaap van Deijk's Pulp art palaceFree: Truly gorgeous resouce of old pulp paperback covers including villainesses with guns, girls menaced by monsters, damsels being carried, Superheriones, chicks getting garroted, nazi bitches and helpless heroines tied up!
Jami Deadly: MySpaceFree: Vintage pinup/fetish model, Marilyn Monroe impersonator, burlesque dancer and horror host of her own TV Show "Deadly Cinema".
Japanese Cosplay
Pay: There is a whole lot of cosplay fun for everyone who likes pretty Japanese babes disguised as famous manga toon characters: Eureka 7, Sailormoon, Naruto and other fuckable famous chicks you have been dying to see in flesh!
Japanese Masked Superheroine #1VID: YouTube - A girl who looks like the Pink Power Ranger fights a variety of bad guys.
Japanese Otaku Super Heroines
PPV: Clips4Sale - Superheroines getting screwed in bondage, lesbians, strap ons, fighting, tortured, crosses, forced orgasms, robots and masturbation.
Jason 244555Deviantart: Excellent 2D art of well known fantasy females usually nude and holding a sword: including Psylocke, Vogue, Voodoo, Blodia, Red Monica, Junax, Samus, Tira, Sophitia, Ivy and Lara Croft.
Jean GreyYah: A site dedicated to the women of comicbooks and the fetishes we have with them.
Jennaknots on DeviantartDeviantArt: Good 2D art of bondage, superheroines and huge breasts.
Jennifer Garner 2003 DaredevilYah: Dedicated to alias star, Jennifer Garner. Some great pics of her as the Sai wielding Electra.
Jenny's Encasement and Latex DreamsPPV: Clips4Sale - German model who enjoys encasement and pantyhose. Clips incude Catwoman, strap-on, medical fetish.
Jenz Dollhouse
Pay: Wow! SUPERHOT, blonde-bombshell, Jenz roleplays all types of catfighting girls. From superheroines to cops to teenage vampire killers; Jenz vanquishes her sexy opponents.
Jerrie's VOE on
DeadlyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of femal vampires, witches and human girls fighting, wrestling and sometimes dying! Large butts, breasts and thighs collide with thin, long-legged beauties in battles to the death!
JLU Lady FightVID: YouTube - Great clips of animated, female, DC characters fighting each other. Mostly Black Canary.
Joe AcevedoFree: G-Rated. Custom action figures, comic book heroines etc.
Joel Adams DSGFree: G-Rated. Joel Adams shows his work and provides advice for potential artists.
JSA HomeFree: G-Rated. Huge reference site on the Justice Society of America including Wonder Woman and Black Canary.
Judge Martin on PixivPixiv: Great 2D art about fantasy girls. Topics include catfighting, superheroines, girls with guns, girls with swords and huge breasts.
Juicy FlawlessFree: Fansite dedicated to kiwi actress lucy lawless.
Julius Zimmerman ArtFree: Gorgeous art by Julius Zimmerman including popular comicbook and cartoon characters posing nude, having sex or in bondage.
Justice Babes
Pay: 3D pics of Superheroines getting hot and horny! This includes very, well-designed comics, games - including a "Street Fighter" variant with Superbabes, puzzles and a very active messageboard.
Kaare AndrewsFree: A VERY talented comicbook artist - check out his 'Girls with Guns' and Superheroine art.
KamiyaJP: 3D pics of superheroines and amazons.
Kanji Ryona Tag on NiconicoNiconico: Videos with ryona (women in peril) content.
KarmagikHentai Foundry: Good 2D art of Superheroine / cartoon erotica including Rogue, Invisible Woman, Kim Possible, White Queen, Supergirl.
KatagiyaJP: A Japanese gallery of many catfight artists.
KazetanukiJP: Catfight Women pro-wrestling Female fight illustration gallery.
Kei DpmnJP: Quality anime art of huge breasts, latex, superheroines, wide hips.
Kelldar's CostumesFlickr: Thousands of pic of cute cosplayer, Kelldar at various conventions. Many "nothing" photos but her costumes are worth the dig. Superheroines, girls with guns and amazons!
Kid Kalig on Deviantart.comDeviantart: Beautiful 2D art including a lot of very beautiful superheroines.
Kiss in the Dark (2) JP: High quality anime art put into stories including tentacle attacks, girls changed into statues, bondage, girls with tentacles, superheroines, latex, bug-girls.
Kithos Superheroine ChroniclesPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips of superheroines in bondage or losing in catfights!
Kiyomi's Nightmare RoomJP: Beautiful anime girls doing hardcore, in bondage, in spandex outfits, stabbed, strangled, garroted, hanged, impaled, drowned, dismembered, vivisected and beheaded - pics are even arranged by cause of death! Lots of Sailor Moon under Doujin.
Knotty Guy SamplesFree: Some pretty hot pics including big breasted hotties in bondage, Superheroines in peril and even some forced sex.
KOCosplay on tumblrWeb: Hot cosplay photos on tumblr
KopantyhoseHome of the hottest women unconscious and spread eagle in pantyhose, spandex, or tights
Kuzu ShotHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of dick girls, video game girls, superheroines, demon sex, tentacles, huge breasts etc.
L20 MogueJP: High quality anime art with some pretty mild themes including lycra, large breasts, some superheroine types and even a repeating theme of a weightlifter guy as a variety of creatures.
Lady is Down GroupDeviantArt: Group about girls who are dead or knocked out.
Lady Tania on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 3D art of regular women and superheroines in peril.
Larafan's Gallery at DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D art of superheroines, sometimes in trouble and sometimes kicking ass.
Latex Acolyte's FavoritesDeviantart: A latex afficianado's favorites including LOTS of shiny clothes, superheroines, bondage, big breasts.
Laurie SteelePPV: Clips4sale - A hot, large breasted, female bodybuider who does clothes tearing, makes herself up as she-hulk, huge breasts, BE, MG, Breast Expansion, Muscle Expansion.
League Of Amazing WomenPPV: Clips4Sale - Beautiful superheroines in combat and in bondage.
Lenta's HeroesYah: A few casually drawn superheroines.
Lessruth on DeviantartDeviantart: High quality 2D art of fantasy girls including amazons, girls with guns, chloro, bondage, abduction, superheroines etc.
LG Art's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art of fantasy characters including superheroines, muscle girls, furries and big breasts.
Lil Guy StoriesFree: Stories about older ladies, superheroines, muscle women dominating younger men, and superheroes.
Lilguy Stories, And Commision ArtBlog: Write about strong powerfull women of all types. Its a place with drawing and stories of Busty women, amazons, and femdoms.
Lingster on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good transformation art including giantess, muscle growth, breast enlargement, superheroines,
Liquid BrushFree: Very nice sketches, painting and CG of superheroines, girls with guns and a whole Xena section.
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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List