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Superheroines (853)
Superheroines lend themselves to a wide variety of fetishes! A powerful, superstrong, man-crushing woman lends herself well to FEMDOM. If the superwoman is depowered and captured then, well what's better for BDSM then a superhot, spandex wearing chick wrapped in unbreakable cable. Of course superheroines and villainesses tend to tussle which is terrific for CATFIGHT fetishists! Of course, even if they're just standing and posing, looking at some hot, perfectly formed babe naked or almost naked is great in and of itself Similar sites include Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls with Guns.

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Paragon VideosCat: DVDs of Girls and superheroines chloroformed, gagged and in bondage.
Phoenix, the First X-WomanFree: A resource for Phoenix, the hot, female telepath of the X-Men.
Photo ManipulationsFree: Some photomanips of models as superheroines - one X-Rated, gay-male photomanip.
Pink KryptoniteYah: For all gay/bi/lesbian comic fans.
Planet DarkOneDeviantart: Excellent 2D fantasy art including amazons, hybrids, superheroines, witches and girls with guns.
Planeta 3Free: A project for bringing the superheroine "Kinetics" (sometimes seen in FemForce) to life in animation. Some girls with guns.
Poison Ivy's GreenhouseFree: Poison Ivy fansite including fan fiction, galley and bio.
Poison Ivy's ParadiseYah: A fansite for the Batman villainess, Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy's RainforestFree: Pics, animated series, downloads, movies, gallery ... Here you will find all you want about Poison Ivy.
Pokkuti on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D fantasy art of furry and normal females as super strong women. Superheroines, girls busting out of clothes and more.
PorixJP: Short animations of enormously endowed women sometimes dressed as superheroines or robots.
Porn for the PeopleCat: Panfetish production company that includes Tyler from 'Coastal girl Tyler'. Fetishes include Monster Sex, BDSM, Superheroine, Femdom, Forced Sex, Robot, Asphyx, Carrying, Spanking and even a shooting fetish video.
Portohle's GalleryDeviantart: Gorgeous Superheroine 2D art including amazons, girls with guns, supergirl, powergirl and batgirl.
PowderskinJP: Girls in a variety of costumes including supeheroine, nurse, swimsuits, stewardess - includes some nudity and sex under XXX.
Power Girl 1427VID: YouTube - An amusing fan flick where Clark Kent asks Power Girl to take up a job and relax.
Power Girls WebJP: Color anime artwork of various superheroine looking girls - includes some amazons.
Power Ranger Girl with unhuman strengthVID: YouTube - She lifts a boy easily.
Powerbook125 on DeviantartDeviantart: Sexy superheroine art including huge breasts, tearing clothes, lactation, spanking, amazons, girls with guns etc.
Powergirl Fan ClubYah: Original and scanned Powergirl art.
Powergirl FanclubDeviantart: Group - Powergirl art fan group.
Powergirl Fanclub on DaviantartDeviantart: A group for the busty superheroine Powergirl.
Powergirl GalleryFree: Terrific Powergirl gallery and I especially like the first pic! BAZAAM!
Project: SuperwomanPPV: Independent - A creative video co-op, specializing in video shorts and special effects of our favorite heroines and "girl power" characters.
ProtonsaurusJP: Anime sites including lots of girls with guns, superheroines, busty beauties, hybrids, bondage etc.
PsylockeMySpace: A MySpace page for Psylocke - several good pics on sites.
Psylocke - Betsy BraddockFree: Site dedicated to sword-wielding X Girl, Psylocke
PulsetasticDeviantart: Good 2D art of fantasy girls. Includes superheroines, enormous breasts, breast growth, big bellies.
Rachel Steele Bound and GaggedPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheoines menaced, bound, hypnotized and sometimes ravished.
Rachel Steele Bound and GaggedPPV: Clips4Sale - The beautiful Rachel Steele's superheroine adventures often ending with her being bound and gagged.
Raffaele MarinettiDeviantart: Really nice comic style art mostly of girls in bondage - some superheroines.
Random ReduxHentai Foundry: Well drawn fantasy artwork including horror girls, girls with tails, tentacle sex, shemales, superheroines and a gender swapping comic.
Rantz on DeviantartDeviantart: Really good 2D art of powerful women including superheroines, angels, girls with guns, amazons, vampires, large breasted girls etc.
Ray's SuperheroinesFree: High quality photomanips of models and actresses as superheroines.
Raziel Kanos' Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Beautiful 3D renders of female warriors and tough chicks including latex, girls with guns, Star Wars girls, amazons, vampires, bondage, fetish, elves, aliens.
Reading-Room.netFree: A place to read comicbooks.
RebeletteFree: Webhome of the sexy southern supergirl, Rebelette!
Red Spider 2008Deviantart: 2D erotic artwork including superheroines, femdom, bondage, spanking, amazons and girls with guns.
Reiq's GalleryDeviantart: Really good anime/comic style art including vgame girls, fighting girls, amazons, superheroines, catgirls, cowgirls, catfight, latex, huge breasts.. an amazing wealth of beautiful art!
Ripping FiendYah: Stories and a movie about giantesses and superheroines ripping out of their clothing.
Robin, Hottest Sidekick in HistoryYah: A fansite for Batman's boy-in-tights, Robin.
RocinateDeviantart: Very high quality artwork of superheroines, she-hulk, vampirella, wonder woman, powergirl, supergirl. G-Rated.
Rockhard's Fetish FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Video clips including the themes catfight, plushies, smothering, huge breasts, femdom, superheroines, footjobs, foot fetishes, hypnosis.
Rockhard's Fetish FantasiesPPV: Clips4Sale - Superheoines in XXX action including plushies, bondage, vibrators, catfights, hypnosis etc.
Rogue on FlickrFlickr: Tons of photos and scans of the X-Babe, Rogue. Mostly cosplay girls.
Rogue on MySpaceMySpace: A Rogue MySpace page.
Rogue Out Cold 2Yah: More pics of the sexy superheroine Rogue unconscious, defeated, and in peril.
Rogue OutcoldYah: For those who want to see Rogue of the X-Men unconscious.
Rogue, Rogue, RogueYah: Non-Nude, Rogue fanclub including covers, professional and amateur art.
Roirouge: DeviantartDeviantart: Very nice quality 2D art of all sorts hot girl subject matter including amazons, superheroines and hybrids.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Romita ManFree: G-Rated. A place to purchase or trade original comicbook artwork. Some nice Wonder Woman stuff.
RPlatt on DeviantArtDeviantArt: Excellent 2D, pinup art of fantasy girls including superheroines, video game girls and icons.
Rubber Dollies
Paysite: Goth and punk babes in tight, shiny latex outfits. Mysterious masks. Fetishistic fantasies. Latex catsuits. Supersexy, sometimes menacing goth girls posing or in bondage!
Ruby RocketMySpace: Gorgeous, redheaded girl who enjoys wearing superheroine costumes!
RyougenJP: Large cache of art including shemales, huge breasts, superheroines, amazons, hybrids, monster sex and bondage.
Sabers Sazuki HazimeJP: Anime art of girls as combatants, superheroines, henchwomen.
SainticonDeviantart: Very nice 2D art including girls with huge muscles, huge breasts, superheroines, hybrids, amazons.
Sam7Deviantart: Nice, professional artwork of big breasted girls as superheroines, girls with guns, Wonder Woman, Kim Possible, inflation, Vampirella.
SampleJP: Anime girls dressed in tiny, fancy tights or little bikinis.
SandworksJP: Pencil sketches of clothed superheroines, anime girls and videogame girls enhanced with lots of muscles.
Satsurou on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D, anime-style art mostly of inflation subjects including WG (weight gain), BE (breast expansion) and MG (muscle Growth). Also superheroines and giantesses.
SatyQ's GalleryDeviantart: Plenty of professional superheroine art. Some bondage. Some catfights.
Scanner GirlsYah: Scanner films. Telepathic temptresses. Pyrokinetic Princesses. X-women. Mutant queens. Psychic femmes. Women with psi powers.
Scanty Clad HeroinesYah: Drawings of superheroines in and out of costume... well mostly in very, very brief costumes.
Scarlet WitchYah: Pics of the gorgeous redhead from the Avengers.
Scarlet Witch HomepageFree: G-Rated: Large resource about the hot, mutant superheroine.
Scarlet's SanctumFree: Scarlet Witch and others in bondage drawings, photomanips, 3D and stories.
Second FaceJP: Girls wearing huge masks and dressing up in costumes - including superheroines.
Seductive Studios PPVPPV: Videos4Sale - Video clips including belly punching, KOs, carrying, superheroines, bondage, forced orgasms, necro, neck breaks, arm wrestling, shootings etc.
Seductress FetishYouTube: A group for erotic female fetishes. Cigarette smoking (no cigars); lesbian; legs, nylons and heels; vore; bondage, strangling, chloroform, etc. fetishes are all fair game so long as they are quality videos that showcase a genuine female.
Selina DesireFree: Gorgeous redhead who enjoys dressing up in bikinis, latex, superheroine costumes and as an amazon.
Sensuous StripteasersPPV: Clips4Sale - Popular pornstars stripping - sometimes in superheroine attire including Nikki Nova, Stacy Burke, Barocca, Fawna, Brittany Andrews, Nici Sterling, Eve Ellis and so many more!
Sex Changed Superhero Photomanips 2Yah: Photomanips of models looking like female counterparts of male superheroes.
Sex Changed SuperheroesYah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 2Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 3Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 4Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 5Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 6Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 7Yah: More pics of male superheroes as women.
Sexchanged Superhero PhotomanipsYah: Pics of girls photomaniped into female versions of male superheroes.
Sexed Up SuperheroinesPay: Superheroine adventures! In the first installment a superheroine is mind controlled and forced to attack and then have sex with her friend.
Sexy Comic ArtistsYah: Scans of some of the hot, sexy comicbook art of today.
Sexy Comic Artists 2Yah: MORE Scans of some of today's hot, sexy comicbook art.
Sexy Girls with Incomparable StrengthYah: Photomanips of gorgeous girls lifting up enormous weights.
Sexy Spy GirlsPPV: Spy girls in action, winning and losing the fight. This website was created by and is intended for fans of Gun Girls, Action Girls, crime shows , horror movies, murder mystery theatre-parties and old detective magazines.
Sexy Supergirls on FlickrFlickr: Group - Posting of pics and illustrations of all your favorite sexy superheroines.
Sexy SuperheroinesFree: A blog about hot, sexy superheroines.
Sexy ToonageYah: Very nice art of superheroines, girls with guns, huge busted girls, amazons, bikini girls, bondage, domination, stuck etc.
ShadowcatMySpace: A MySpace page dedicated to Kitty Pride / Shadowcat of the X-Men.
Shadowcat: MySpaceMySpace: Really nice Shadowcat homage.
Shazam: Perils of Mary BatsonYah: Pics of Mary Marvel and other superheroines in bondage. No Nudity?
She Hulk - Black Ops ClipsYah: Some video clips of She Hulk transforming from or into Jenny.
She Hulk - Shadow Lurker's ClubYah: A She Hulk group showing off the green superheroine's muscles and transformations.
She Hulk 27VID: YouTube - Jennifer transforms into She Hulk.
She Hulk by Paul ChabotFree: Work by illustrator Paul Chabot including a huge She-Hulk gallery and some enormous breasted furries.
She Hulk themes, BurgosFree: Some She-Hulk desktop themes by Burkos.
She Hulk, Tales ofYah: Group with stories and photomanips focusing on the tranformation aspect of She Hulk.
She-Hulk Guide by ShadowlurkerArchive/Geocities: A site dedicated to She-Hulk with a focus on her transformation from Jenny. Clothes ripping.
She-Hulk MessageboardsFree: A messageboard about all things She-Hulk.
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