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TransGender (260)
This category is a subset of Transformation and is specifically about men changing into women or women changing into men. This may include shemales, head swaps, crossdressing, captioned pics of girls complaining about how they used to be men etc.

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Literotica.comFree: Fairly huge story site including stories about bondage, erotic horror, mind control, nonconsensual, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, transsexuals etc.
Live Sex Cams
Cams: Online mature live nude sex web cam,livesex cam girls.
Locked in LaceFree: Premiere site for transgendered forced feminization, cross-dressing and sissification.
LunaSeeYah: Erotic transvestite art by Jeri Dennis.font color=00ff00>
LunaSee 1Yah: Erotic transvestite art by Jeri Dennis.font color=00ff00>
LunaSee 2Yah: Erotic transvestite art by Jeri Dennis.font color=00ff00>
Mags IncCat: Over 2000 books, novelettes, magazines, videos and audio cassettes assembled from all over the world of interest to crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, the transgendered, their friends, admirers and those of you who are just plain curious.
Manga TGYah: Shemale and transgendered manga comics.
Manga TG2Yah: Shemale and transgendered manga comics.
Manga TG3Yah: Shemale and transgendered manga comics.
Manga TG4Yah: More pics of TG anime characters.
Manga TG5Yah: More pics of TG anime characters.
MarchenJP: Organized galleries of anime girls... 1) pooping, 2) with dicks (shemales), 3) video game characters along with a miscellaneous gallery including a lot of hybrids.
Max 13 SteelYah: Videogame characters switching gender including a lot of furries.
Medical Fetish on Lite-erotica.comFree: Some stories from tagged with Medical Fetish.
Metamorphose.orgFree: Reviews and links for all sorts of transformation found in pop culture.
Micheline Anne Helene MontreuitFree: A TG person from Montreal.
Miss CirceDeviantart: Mostly gender and animal transformation including some hybrids, lots of centaurs and furries.
Mistress MarkisePPV: Clips4Sale - Latex, Leather, Penis Humiliation, Extreme Nurse Play, Boots, Trampling, TG, Pee, Spanking, CBT, Face Sitting, Femdom and more.
Misty CapsYah: Captioned pics of men changed into women.
MitsukiJP: Well drawn anime including lycra/spandex, shemales, huge breasts, extreme insertions, deformations. Warning: Some extreme content.
MiyabitsuzuruJP: Professional anime art including spandex, huge breasts, bondage, video game girls, bikinis, animal girls, girls with guns, tentacle attacks, she-males and forced sex.
Mpreg ArchivesFree: Archive of video clips from movies and TV where men are pregnant.
Mr Blue's TG Captions 1Free: Photos of beautiful women with captions indicating that these are men with new bodies. Beware of massive Tripod popups!
Multiple Passionate SiteJP: Various types of anime artwork including schoolgirl, bikinis, latex, (lots of Dirty Pair), huge breasts, bondage, insertions and shemales.
Muscle TG FantasyYah: Girls with huge breasts, muscles and penises.
Nikki 37921Flickr: Photos of a crossdresser who exposes his genitals.
NikovJP: Anime girls in erotic situations, with dicks, gang ravished and molested by monsters!
NikovJP: Anime girls in erotic situations, with dicks (shemales), gang ravished and molested by monsters!
Notty DrawingsYah: Some casual artwork of chicks with dicks.
Nursemaid ReturnsYah: Uniform fetish including nurses, maids and some crossdressing.
Nurunuru: Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Good 2D art of a few huge breasted shemales including a couple hybrids.
Okano PCJP: Naked, hardcore pics of anime girls and shemales.
Old Joe's Collection TGFree: Captioned TG stories by Old Joe.
OmututaiGallery 1: Anime girls in skimpy outfits, some nudity. Gallery 2: shemales (1/2 the pics), bondage and various types of hardcore action.
OnmyouinyouJP: Random, casual 2D anime art including video game girls, huge breasts, BJs, HJs, dick girls bondage.
Peach CubeJP: Busty anime girls - including a couple shemales.
Phone Sex RequestPay: ~ phone sex call back service 24/7!
Poison DoumeiJP: With only a couple exceptions this site is basically anime girls with penises.
Poor WishesYah: Captioned porn pics to look like TG transformation!
Process ForumFree: A forum about all sorts of transformation themes like AR / AP, Breast Expansion, Body Expansion, Growth, Shrinking, Transformation, TG and a lot of other stuff!
Purple BonusJP: Sweet anime girls with huge, enormous erections. Several girls become little more than tentacle, penis monsters including a long penis with a woman's head.
Rachel's HavenFree: A place where people can get together and share their transformation fantasies - mostly gender transformation.
Rachel's TG CapsYah: A group for male to female, female to female and female to male body swap. Magical, scientific and wished transformations may be done upon request.
Raiden Type 33JP: A few 2D anime pics of girls as demons and chicks with dicks.
Random ReduxHentai Foundry: Well drawn fantasy artwork including horror girls, girls with tails, tentacle sex, shemales, superheroines and a gender swapping comic.
RG10016JP: BDSM, erotica, extreme torture and shemale anime art.
Robo's WorldFree: A variety of transformation stories including gender, age and inactive object transformations.
Rubber Lisa's RealmYah: Rubber transvestism, a bit of restraint... a place for Rubber Lisa to show off after a hard day's rubbering.

RyougenJP: Large cache of art including shemales, huge breasts, superheroines, amazons, hybrids, monster sex and bondage.
Sadistic Toons.comAVS: AE-King. 6 seperate 3D pic sites all accessible through the same AVS: Robot Porn, Dickgirl Porn, Frankenstein Porn, Ponygirl Porn, Sado Toons and Tentacle Porn.
Sapphire's transgender fiction archive.Free: Stories, messageboard, etc about men changing into women.
Sex Change FantasyYah: Sexswapping fantasies!
Sex Changed Superhero Photomanips 2Yah: Photomanips of models looking like female counterparts of male superheroes.
Sex Changed SuperheroesYah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 2Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 3Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 4Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 5Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 6Yah: Pics of sex-changed superheroines, gender transformation or just hot pics of chicks dressed like well known superheroes.
Sex Changed Superheroes 7Yah: More pics of male superheroes as women.
Sexchanged Superhero PhotomanipsYah: Pics of girls photomaniped into female versions of male superheroes.
Sexy Head Swapping with NudityYah: Men's heads placed on the naked bodies of beautiful women.
She-Male Tushy
Pay: an exclusive Shemale Fetish site that has tons of exclusive shemales fucking and sucking men, women, other shemales, and Much More. Tons of exclusive movies and pictures, with constant updates.
Shemale Orgy
Pay: Sexy Shemales represent the third sex, and sex is all that's on a horny t-girl's mind! Shemale sluts have something extra. Bouncing tits, curvy hipsw and a big cock that stays hard and stiff!
Shimokata KouzouHentai Foundry: Good anime-style 2D art including hybrids, dickgirls, bondage, extreme insertions, huge breasts with very long nipples, huge bellies and huge muscles.
Short CutsJP: Bizarre and violent anime. Peeing, hardcore action, torture, bizarre body shaping, shemales, insertions, belly inflation, monster sex, bondage, huge-stretched vaginas, gangbangs etc.
Siren Tales ProductionsFree: Producers of sexy, sci-fi/action movies. Evil scientist babes, superheroines and kick ass chicks.
Sirensturm On DeviantartDeviantart: Many tg and weird manipulations with photoshop and poser
Siscom - Wayback MachineJP: Anime girls including forced sex, cum-soaked shemales, winged badgirls and conjoined amputees. There's a pretty disturbing theme of tiny, amputated women used as sex toys.
Sissy Dolly Anne's Training BlogFree: Chronicles the training of dolly anne as a submissive sissy girl.
SKBGGJP: Very nice art of enormous breasted anime girls getting molested by shemales or multiple young men.
SlungleJP: Anime art of chicks with dicks in spandex.
Some anime boys get a transgender teacher surpriseVID: YouTube - GTO and Strawberry Eggs merge with Van Halen and Aerosmith for some silly fun
SpankingFlickr: Spanking pics, male or female. Also, lots of (PVC?) raincoats and some TG.
Sparrow on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Anime girls attacked by tentacles, in bondage, laying eggs, huge breasts, furries, explosive lactation, forced sex, monster impregnation with huge bellies, women with huge cocks, gang sex.
Strange ChangesYah: Captioned pics of guys changing into girls.
Super-Pics 3Yah: Mostly photomanips of 40s style pulp magazines. Also art, photos and manips of superheroines and other girls in bondage, mind-control, peril, menaced by monsters and evil robots. Also transformation and body swapping.
Superstories.netFree: A collection of superheroine stories that may include straight sex, bondage, f/f, m/m, mind control, breast enlargement, monsters, pregnancy, forced sex, she-males, transformation, transgender.
T-Girl MaskingFlickr: Those who love to dress as a woman wearing a latex mask.
TakajinJP: Anime girls! Big breasts, Dominatrixes, Latex, Bondage, Uniforms, Chicks with Dicks.
Take a Walk on the Wildside!TG: A Canadian crossdressers club including online shopping and boutique.
Tara EmoryFree: Official website of a fetish, transexual pinup!
Team Shuffle OnlineJP: Superweird anime art including bbw, shemales, furries and some chicks with swords. These MORONS specifically refuse traffic from my site so I'm passing you through another site. Sorry about the 2nd click.
Tfcc: Transgender Fiction, Captions And Comics
Free: Reviews of transgender sites with erotic stories, captions, videos and photo stories.
Tftgar's Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D artist focused on transformation including human to animal, shrinking, transgender, mermaids, multiple breasts etc!
TG Body Swapping FantasiesYah: Pics and stories about female age progession fetish.
TG DreamgirlsYah: The TG art of Alexis and others.
TG ForumFree: A place to chat about transgendered issues.
TG Graphics and Fiction ArchiveFree: Women changing into men and vice versa. Includes comics, books, fiction and photomanips.
TG POVYah: An adult, TG captioned image club for photos from the female view. Body swapped, magically transformed, it's all about a photo through her eyes... Adult themes encouraged.
TG StoriesPay: Transgender fiction, transvestite and crossdressing stories about crossdressers, transvestites and transexuals!
TG Vip CaptionsYah: Captioned pics of beautiful women as if they had just been transformed from a man into a woman.
TG Vip Captions 3Yah: More captioned pics of beautiful women as if they had just been transformed from a man into a woman.
The CatalystFree: Movie about a man changing into a woman.
The Overstuffed BraFree: The definitive BE story archive. Includes aliens, giantess, hypnosis, sleepy regular/age/gender transformation.
The TGArtistDeviantart: Good 2D art of men surprised to suddenly be women.
Think PartonJP: Mostly 3D, some 2D art of big breasted women with copious pit hair and enormous dicks..
Three-D Shemales
Pay: 3D Shemales - collection of hot sex Shemales and Tranny. Here you can see an absolutely stunning Shemale Babes, their sweet faces, big tits asses and juicy cocks!
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