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Transformation (84)
The Transformation fetish is all about people transforming into a variety of different things. This category covers all the things not covered by other transformation categories: these subjects include age regression/progression, body flattening/stretching, transformation into objects, bodily deformation, conjoined siblings etc. Other forms of transformation can be found under: hybrids, furries, body painting, masking, statues, amputees, gender change or vampires.

Dragons Satisfaction
Pay: High quality 2D art of scalies (reptilian furries) posing, having sex or in other erotic situations. (Not much info on site.)
Fetish Transformation
Pay: Amazing transformation website including women transformed into aliens, mannequins,snakes, kigurumi, magical seperation, hybrid animals, body painted!
Adult Stories OnlineFree: Dolcett, guro and snuff themed story and image collection. 200+ stories and 1000+ images!
Age RegressionYouTube: Group - All the age regression videos the owners can find on Youtube!
alt.transformation.storiesGoogle: A google group archive of the alt.transformation.stories newsgroup.
AnimatorDeviantart: Good anime art including transformations, hybrids and furries.
Aphrotronics Channel on Daily MotionDailyMotion: Channel - Hundreds of videos about hypnosis, mind control, spells and switching bodies.
Bell SandyDeviantart: Good quality fantasy sci-fi art - lots of transformation comics, centaurs, mermaids, aliens etc.
BerkheitDeviantart: Extremely good 2D fantasy female art. Themes include huge breasts, superheroines, girls with guns, hybrids, transformation.
Big Nasty 4 LifeDeviantart: Good anime-style 2D art including inflating girls, Sonic characters, superfat girls, furries, mostly people changed into all sorts of things including balloons, dolls, pooltoys, punching bags etc.
Bimbo BoutiquePay: Stories, blog and forum about gorgeous girls involved in breast expansion, femdom, cheerleaders, transformation, transgender, mind control, bondage and forced.
Burgos Appreciation SocietyYah: Tons of hot superheroine chicks including muscle girls, male superheroines changed into females, amazons, vampires, catfighting, girls with guns and tons of She-Hulk amalgams.
Cat to TigerVID: A cool video of a cat turning into a tiger.
ChibaJP: Anime art about scat, big bellies, forced sex, multiple breasts, lactation, hybrids, bondage - some really gross and disturbing stuff!
Crazy XXX 3D
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Includes hardcore sex, huge breasts, huge bellies, huge dicks, bondage, alien sex, robot sex, ghost sex - anything is possible!
Creative Sam: DeviantartDeviantart: Transformation artist with pics of centaurs, tigertaurs, plantgirl, nagas, mermaids - tons of transformations.
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art that follows a variety of transformation themes including werecreatures, huge breasts, huge muscles, superheroines, hybrids, vampires and inflation.
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Nice, 2D, transformation art including werecreatures, superheroines, huge breasts, elastic girls, hybrids.
DCM Studios OnlineFirst rate comics featuring heavily muscled women including growth, muscle growth, superheroines and some ENORMOUS breasts!
Doll's RealmBlog: A place full of news and information for people who love the idea of becoming a living doll. Wether its latex or plastic or even plushie.
DPRagan on DeviantartDeviantart: Anime sketches including catgirls, girls in spandex uniforms, mutant-monster girls, superheroines,
Dragons Satisfaction
Pay: High quality 2D art of scalies (reptilian furries) posing, having sex or in other erotic situations. (Not much info on site.)
Drakken PhotographyFree: Very alternative, gothic photography. Hot, gothic chicks sometimes portrayed (usually in latex) as vampires, ghouls, witches and corpses.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Dungeon of Female TFsYah: Girls undegoing tranformation - usually in a superheroine motif.
Erotic Mind Control HypnosisCat: Hypnosis pictures and stories plus the option of setting up a session with a crossdressing hypnosis mistress.
Fetish Tube VidzTube; Bondage and Fetish tube vidz
FTF10.comFree: Daily updated links for transformation, BE, FMG, superheroines, big breasts, growth and more!
Full Moon Gotham 1-4 on The girls of Gotham one by one change into lust-crazed were creatures.
Pay: Beautiful anime girls with enormous schlongs. Shemales with huge breasts and huge cocks screw young, pretty girls.
Gamera 1985Deviantart: Really good 2D art of anime girls as hybrids, limbless, vore, conjoined, mermaids - quite a variety!
Glockens' Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D transformation art including humans to inanimate objects, men to women, age regression and all sorts of other transformation.
Gloomy ToonJP: Good 2D anime art including bondage, monster sex, upskirts, schoolgirls, amputees, bloody forced sex, enemas, poop, body morph, shemales, conjoinees, amazons.
Gorgon ArtYah: Celebrate and explore the erotic nature of transmutation and freezing into inanimate human-forms and statuesque decor through creative art and fiction made from the ground up.
Grycat20's GalleryDeviantart: 3D art and animation of very busty girls - sometimes with enormous muscles. Some transformation, Breast Enlargement, Muscle Growth.
Hypnotic Myth TransformersYah: I have created this group so that others like me can help each other transform through hypnosis and other means.
Intentionally Caused Female Muscle GrowthFree: Fmg computer artwork. focus on realistic forced muscle growth. ICFMG focuses on the intentional transformation of women from normal to super-muscular. Putting innocent un-suspecting ladies in situations that will make their wardrobe useless.
Invisible SexYah: Group to explore your sexual fantasies about being invisible.
Invisible Sex 4Yah: Explore sexual fantasies about being invisible. This is a yahoo group that covers the fantasy of being invisible and using the power to have your way with women or men.
JinkaikenJP: Extremely bizarre full body morph site. Difficult to navigate, what I did find were 7 breasted, floating, limbless girl. A girl with enormous sex organs and a girl morphed into a cannon with several breasts.
Kinky Ponygirl Photos And VideosPay: Kinky ponygirl photos and videos
KuroitsukiJP: Nice 2D art including amazons, monster girls, tentacles, witches, zombie girls, demon girls. lamias.
L20 MogueJP: High quality anime art with some pretty mild themes including lycra, large breasts, some superheroine types and even a repeating theme of a weightlifter guy as a variety of creatures.
Mannequin Fetish
Pay: Photo galleries of female mannequins dressed in their shiny finest.
MCPHYah: This group is for those interested in mind control, hypnosis, transformation, asfr, etc... as related to pantyhose, nylons, tights, and stockings.
Free: Statues, dolls, mannequins and other inanimate transformation. The digital magazine for ASFR Fans, comics, interactive games and other surprises.  Beautiful women turned to stone, gold, and plastic.
Miss CirceDeviantart: Mostly gender and animal transformation including some hybrids, lots of centaurs and furries.
MonkittyDeviantart: Very nice photomanips of women changed into werecreatures / hybrids.
Nightmare HeroFree: A group showcasing hetrosexual artwork featuring males and females as mythical creatures in pinups, couple poses, love scenes, and transformations. Features muscular and fitness type bodies.
Nodrah Adult Fetish And Sex ShopCat: Online adult fetish and sex shop - fetish sex toys, dungeon equipment, all things adult
Oblimo's Story WikiFree: Epic, erotic tales of kinky magic, humor, and mayhem about boy and his insatiable, superpowered, transforming goofriend who loves weird and sexy fetishes even more than he does!

Process ForumFree: A forum about all sorts of transformation themes like AR / AP, Breast Expansion, Body Expansion, Growth, Shrinking, Transformation, TG and a lot of other stuff!
Purple BonusJP: Sweet anime girls with huge, enormous erections. Several girls become little more than tentacle, penis monsters including a long penis with a woman's head.
Rachel's HavenFree: A place where people can get together and share their transformation fantasies - mostly gender transformation.
Red Hot Riding HoodFree: Poser female werewolf transformation animation, made with Poser 6, Photoshop, and Premiere Elements.
Sadistic Toons.comAVS: AE-King. 6 seperate 3D pic sites all accessible through the same AVS: Robot Porn, Dickgirl Porn, Frankenstein Porn, Ponygirl Porn, Sado Toons and Tentacle Porn.
Sensual PinkFree: Transformation stories and manips mostly of girls being changed into love dolls or mannequins.
She Hulk 27VID: YouTube - Jennifer transforms into She Hulk.
Short CutsJP: Bizarre and violent anime. Peeing, hardcore action, torture, bizarre body shaping, shemales, insertions, belly inflation, monster sex, bondage, huge-stretched vaginas, gangbangs etc.
Sirensturm On DeviantartDeviantart: Many tg and weird manipulations with photoshop and poser
Slime GirlJP: Vidcaps and illustrations of girls as amorphous, shapeshifting blobs.
Snowleopardtaur on DeviantArtDeviantArt: High quality 2D art of beautiful fantasy women. Topics include Massive muscles, huge breasts/butts, giantesses, superheroines, transformation
SpiralMySpace: Beautiful page dedicated to the six-armed, Marvel, supervillain; Spiral!
StellarFree: Adult superheroine comic of a mohawk wearing supergirl who bursts from her clothing as she grows in strength.
SuicideFree: Galleries of terrific fantasy artwork by Vallejo, Sorayama, Giger and Olivia. Valejo: Sex with evil things, amazons, angels, multi-armed girls, nagas, mermaids, catfights. Sorayama: Femdom, Girls with Guns, Sexy Robots, BDSM, Mermaid.
Superstories.netFree: A collection of superheroine stories that may include straight sex, bondage, f/f, m/m, mind control, breast enlargement, monsters, pregnancy, forced sex, she-males, transformation, transgender.
Swamp Slut on G.E-Hentai.orgG.e-hentai: Good 2D comic of a girl changed into a giant, large breasted rat.
TamaidoJP: Vicious anime! Women hacked-up, skinned, turned into furniture.
Tftgar's Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D artist focused on transformation including human to animal, shrinking, transgender, mermaids, multiple breasts etc!
The TurningVID: YouTube - An erotic short in which a young girl is turned into a vampire by another female vampire. She twists and writhes as she turns.
The TurningVID: Vimeo - A high def version of The Turning on Vimeo. A young girl is bitten by a vampiress and turned into a vampiress herself. She twists and writhes as she is turned.
TransforMansionFree: Messageboard dealing with nearly every form of transformation including AR, AP, WG, BE, MG, Inflation, Animal Morph, Growth/Shrinking!
Transformation BoardFree: Community, tranformation messageboard.
Venus R Becky's BlogBlog: A blog where becky in all her glory writes stories, ideas, inspiration, and other kinky stuff.
WereFur's ShadoFax's Werewolf packGoogle: Dedicated to all you Were Furrs to share your adult were furry art and transformation stories.