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Vampires (186)
Vampires? Vampires are the perfect symbol of powerful, twisted, sexual energy! To begin with, isn't the vampiress dressed seductively in a cleavage baring nightgown the wind whipping through her long hair and nearly transparent clothing? Here is SEXUALITY mixed with the VIOLENCE of a horrible blooddrinker who is actually a CORPSE.

Absolute SuperheroesAVS: Huge repository of erotic superheroine art including amazons, girls with guns, Vampirella and some bondage.
AgateJP: Good 2D anime art including demon girls, amazons, nudity, witches and schoolgirls.
AxeboneMySpace: Really, high-quality comic art of busty fantasy girls including amazons, superheroines, vampires.
Bad Attitude InkDeviantart: High quality 2D art of muscle girls, superheroines, amazons, angels, vampires and big breasts. Excellent art!
Bdsm Hall Pictures
TGP: The hall of free bdsm and torture, bizarre photo galleries with tons of sadomasochism pics updated every day. only free fetish and kink bondage content. real amateur and prfessional bdsm torture pictures
Bdsm Pro Pictures
Tube: Free bdsm porn pictures collected from the whole internet in one huge bondage base with tons of free sex pics, bizarre photos updated every day
Bdsm Video TubeTube: BDSM Video Tube | BDSM Free Movies | Spanking Tube | Femdom Video Tube| Bondage Video Tube | Pissing Video
Bdsm Video Tube
Blog: BDSM Tube, Spanking video, Femdom video, Bondage video, Pissing video, Device Bondage,Divine Bitches,Everything Butt,Fucking Machines,Hogtied,Kink Live,Men In Pain,Pissing video,Public Disgrace,Sex and Submission,The Training Of O,The Upper Floor
Biffy, Vampire FuckerFree: A flash, sex game where you direct the vampire being screwed by Biffy. He eventually cums in blood.
Blood BoundFree: Online comic about a cute female vampire, a huge breasted vampire and a girl with horns and pointed ears.
Blood Rayne.netFree: Fansite for that gorgeous, sword-wielding, gun-toting, nazi-killing vampiress!
Blood Sucking Babes from BurbankVID: Clip of some vampire chicks, usually in bikinis, tearing up guys and eating them.
Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank - Clem gets the Axe!Vid: A scene from "Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" some bikini-clad beauties tear-up and devour some fat dude.
Bloodrayne2 casting (hot chicks)VID: YouTube - Several girls in bikinis audition for the role of "Bloodrayne".
Bloody Black Cat-StockDeviantart: Photos of a hot goth chick, lots of blood, bagging suffocation, angel wings, blasphemy, latex and encasement in plastic.
Bob LoveJP: Anime girls with kind of a goth/latex feel.
Brandy Femme FatalePay: A beautiful, raven-haired femme fatale whose many shoots include furs, latex, leather, vampires, guns, swords and bondage.
Brian RoodFree: Terrific "strong girl" air brush art including girls with guns, superheroines, amazons, vampires.
British Vampire Cleavage LoversMySpace: Group - BVCL is for all you people that love vampires! This is the group for you if love underworld or any other vampire movie. Who can say they didnt feel hard (or wet) when they watch these films!
Bubble Tit SuperheroinesPPV: Clips4Sale - Busty girls catfighting, dressing as superheroines, smothering, smoking, dominating, vampires and tickling.
Buffy Angel 2004Yah: A group for all of those Buffy and Angel fans.
Buffy Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction Page on Slayer/FaithFree: Fanfiction in the Buffy universe.
Burgos Appreciation SocietyYah: Tons of hot superheroine chicks including muscle girls, male superheroines changed into females, amazons, vampires, catfighting, girls with guns and tons of She-Hulk amalgams.
Busty Shin Ra SOLDIER on DeviantartDeviantart: Casual 2D art of women, demons, elves and giantesses with enormous breasts - some big muscle types too.
Calandra StudioFree: Beautiful fantasy art including fairie, angels, demonesses, amazons, vampires, zombies, mermaids, witches, girls with guns and a whole lot more beautiful art!
Calandra StudioMySpace: Beautiful fantasy art including fairie, angels, demonesses, amazons, vampires, zombies, mermaids, witches, girls with guns and a whole lot more beautiful art!
Caped MoviesYah: Vidcaps and pics of caped women including amazons, vampires, martial artists, superheroes etc.
Chatgr on DeviantartDeviantart: Very high quality 2D female-fantasy art including superheroines, bikini girls, girls with guns, amazons, huge breasts, hybrids, vampires, demons.
Chozzy's Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Nice 2D fantasy art including angels, fairies, demons, witches, amazons.
Countess Bathoria's MessageboardFree: Topics include Necrophillia, Fetish/Kink, BDSM, Vampire Erotica, Rape, Erotic Stories, hermaphrodites, Interracial intercourse, and much much more.
Crazy XXX 3D
Pay: Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Includes hardcore sex, huge breasts, huge bellies, huge dicks, bondage, alien sex, robot sex, ghost sex - anything is possible!
Crimsonsea GalleryDeviantart: High quality, Non-Nude, 2D fantasy art. Subjects include superheroines, amazons, girls with guns, vampires.
CybroticaFree: Erotic art, erotic literature, artists Supplies, free downloads and erotic art galleries. Topics include bondage, monsters, cannibals, femdom, amazons and virtually everything else on this list
CycKath's GalleryDeviantart: Good 2D art that follows a variety of transformation themes including werecreatures, huge breasts, huge muscles, superheroines, hybrids, vampires and inflation.
Dark OneMySpace: Goth MySpacer with some nice vampire girl pics on site.
Dark Play
Pay: The site for real hardcore, goth, lesbian, BDSM erotica! Includes spanking, bondage and even some breathplay!
Dark Shadow's PhotosFlickr: A nice series of photos from "Liberty or Death Productions" including behind-the-scenes photos of a horror movie, vampires and some bondage.
David Leslie GrayMySpace: An artist whose subjects are usually very, large breasted girls. Topics include superheroines, girls with guns and vampiresses.
Deadly CurvesYah: Super hot actress and undead mistress of the night. Pics include vampires, girls with guns, superheroines, in a coffin and even a Friday the 13th style stabbing.
Death of the Vampire QueenYouTube: Pretty vampire queen taunts a vampire killer and seduces a bound woman until she is staked.
Demon SlayerFree: Online comic involving a team of vampire hunters and some pretty graphic violence - like a naked, female crucifixion.
Diana KnightYah: A fetish pin-up model who does a wide variety of high concept fantasy posing. Bondage, Catfight, Superheroine, Vampiress, Vampirella, Ninja, Dragonslayer, Warrioress etc!
Diana Knight
Gorgeous raven-haired fetish model who likes to play dress-up! She'll do foot fetish, smoking, bondage, bathing. She dresses up like a nurse, pin-up queen, warrior princess, cowgirl, vampiress, viking, blonde bombshell, policewoman and schoolgirl!
Digital Action Babes
Pay: The Ultimate XXX Collections of 3D Action Chicks! Fresh porn pictures added to the following galleries: 3D Action Babes, Sci-Fi Action Girls, Wet Fantasy ChiX, Nude Comics Heroines, Caribbean Pirate Babes.
Dorian ArtFree: World renowned fantasy artist with paintings of amazons, angels, mermaids, vampires, demons, girls bound, statues, monsters and a girl on a cross.
Dracula Female VampireVID: YouTube - Pretty female vampire bares her fangs at two different guys - the second baring is rerun in slow motion.
Dracula's CurseMySpace: Homepage for a vampire movie with some pretty hot vampire girls - lots of girls with guns!
DrakainaVery high-quality, fantasy artwork including gorgeous depictions of amazons, angels, faeiries, muscle girls, vampires, damsels in danger and some goth. Must see!
Drakken PhotographyFree: Very alternative, gothic photography. Hot, gothic chicks sometimes portrayed (usually in latex) as vampires, ghouls, witches and corpses.

Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Enrico TeodoraniFree: Gorgeous blog involving cult comics, fumetti, superheroines, cowgirls, vampiresses and more!
Evil Women MoviesPPV: Online movies of beautiful, vicious, supernatural girls on murderous rampages. Vampiresses and a possesed chick take the lives of those around them.
Extreme Femdom: Bikini WarsYah: 2D art of women wrestling and femdom where you decide the fate of each victim. Includes vampires, shemales, smothering and some deaths.
Female Vampire 11VID: YouTube - A videoclip from "Dracula, Dead and Loving it" where two vampire girls attack a single victim. Lots of slow motion when they bare their fangs.
Female Vampire 18VID: From LWestenra. A pretty girl is changed into a vampire and then bites a busty, manacled girl on her breast.
Female Vampire 9VID: YouTube - A slow-motion study of Chase (Jessica Gower) and Krista (Jill Wagner) showing their fangs.
Female Vampire Video 1VID: YouTube - Sophie (Mia Kirschner) tries to bite her boyfriend, then asks Dracula to be her mentor.
Female Vampire Video 2VID: YouTube - From lwestenra. Sophie (Mia Kirschner) flashes her fangs for the first time. This clip is a study at 1/8th and 1/16th speeds.
Fetish World
Pay: Where female slaves find their destiny and Master rule with an iron hand! BDSM, Sadism, Torture, Punishment, spanking, stockings, leather, latex, vampires, peeing, fistings and insertions.
Flower CrownJP: Very high-quality, non-nude anime art including amazons, catgirls, demonesses, robots, tiny fairy girls, space armor, Sailor Moon, witches, spandex.
Girl sucks blood!VID: YouTube - Female vampire sucks blood.
Gothic Punk Vampire MesmerVid: YouTube - 3 hot (vampire?) chicks in lingerie hypnotize and control a poor man.
Gothic Sluts
Pay: Insatiable vampire lust! Blood, fangs, knives, gorgeous goth girls with a taste for violence! Full nudes of famous goth chicks - pale, gorgeous babes ready to slake your thirst for punk, necro chicks!
Harm Bengen's WebsiteFree: Art site including great pics of vampires, femdom, angels and superheroines.
Heather Effect
PPV: Gorgeous 3D artwork of beautiful, extremely busty women kicking ass! From cold-blooded assassins, to bloodthirsty vampires, to super-heroines gone wrong; The Heather Effect has you covered!
Holy BloodJP: A few non-nude, nice vampire anime pics.
Horror Sex
Paysite: Combining the worlds of classic horror and erotic sex! Monthly erotic sex with vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, girls with knives etc! Blood Sucking, Vampire sex nuns! Amber Michaels, Sylvia Saint, Jana Cova and many more top pornstars!
Horror Sex Vampire Gallery!
Hot Vampire GirlsFree: A few vampire girls usually posing with swords.
Hot VampsYah: A woman who uses her looks to get what she wants! Femdom, Superheroines, Vampires, Amazons, Bondage.
I Love Vampire GirlsVID: YouTube - A slideshow of vampire girl art.
Jack Off on 19 Y/O Allison PiercePPV: Clips4Sale - Gorgeous girls! Femdom, small penis humiliation, balloons, big breasts, foot fetish, stockings, showering, masturbation, lesbians, vampires, insertions, shaving, sybian etc.
Jarling-ArtDeviantart: Boris Vallejo style artwork including vampire girls, elves and amazons.
JDevil's Raw Footage ClipsPPV: Clips of f*ck and s*cks with a devilish bent.
Jenz DollhousePaysite: Wow! SUPERHOT, blonde-bombshell, Jenz roleplays all types of catfighting girls. From superheroines to cops to teenage vampire killers; Jenz vanquishes her sexy opponents.
Jenz Dollhouse
Pay: Wow! SUPERHOT, blonde-bombshell, Jenz roleplays all types of catfighting girls. From superheroines to cops to teenage vampire killers; Jenz vanquishes her sexy opponents.
Jerrie's VOE on
DeadlyAmazons: Beautiful 3D art of femal vampires, witches and human girls fighting, wrestling and sometimes dying! Large butts, breasts and thighs collide with thin, long-legged beauties in battles to the death!
Jerrie46 on Tumblr
Tumblr: Beautiful/well written 2D and 3D comics of female muscle girls, catfights, vampires and spygirls! Fighting, treachery and drama abound as the beautiful and powerful women of Jerrie's comics wrestle for dominance!
Jester Press ComicsFree: A small press indy horror comic book company that has released a black and white vampire werewolf series simply titled NIGHT.
Jester Press Comics: MySpaceMySpace: A small press indy horror comic book company that has released a black and white vampire werewolf series simply titled NIGHT.
Kathryne on RenderoticaRenderotica: 3D art of huge breasted fantasy girls including girls rotated on spits, hanged, guilotined, female slaves, bondage, pony girls, bondage, monster sex, torture, vampirism, bondage sex, executions etc.
KoukeiDeviantart: Beautiful photographyy including a lot of horror/dark/eclectic photography including mannequin girls, amputees, bondage, vampires.
KuroitsukiJP: Nice 2D art including amazons, monster girls, tentacles, witches, zombie girls, demon girls. lamias.
Latex Smoking GothYah: For goths, vampires and fetishists.
Leanne James Alternative UK Model on FacebookFacebook: Public Figure - Alternative, tattooed model.
Love Female NeckBlog: WARNING: MASSIVE, POPUP ADVERTISING! Its about female necks like, neck kissing, strangling,asphyx
Lovegut's Dirty MindPPV: Clips4Sale - Where Superheroines, Vampires, Spacegirls, and evil all come together. Forced sex, monsters, bondage, knock-outs etc.
Masateru on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 2D fantasy art including some vampires, girls with swords, guns,
McGibs Deviantart GalleryDeviantart: Really high quality 2D art including some demonesses, Ferox, a female satyr. Really exquisite art!
MDV1Deviantart: Really good 2D fantasy art including bondage, superheroines, video game girls, demon girls.
Melantha Blackthorne: MySpaceMySpace: MySpace page for the gorgeous, busty blonde vampiress who claims to be a mortal actress known as Melantha Blackthorne.
Mexican-turkish Black Widow Succubus Phone And Virtual DommeTattooed exotic black widow phone and second life domme interested in draining your minds, wallets, and cocks!
Midnight LadiesJP: Anime art. Click on 18 then the 3rd, 4th, 5th and last menu items. Includes ninja girls, amazons, vampiresses (few), superheroines stabbed, shot or knocked-out, Also bondage, bodypiles, latex.
Mike Man on FacebookFaceBook: Page - Fetish, latex and rubber photography. Some vampires.
Mirage 5x5 on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good 2D digital art of buxom adventure heroines, sometimes in distress. Includes superheroines, girls with guns, amazons, comic book characters, vampirella.
MitoraJP: Large variety of anime art including amazons, vampires and lots of shiny fabric.
Mitru on RenderoticaRenderotica: Good fantasy 3D art with themes including bondage, amazons, girls with guns, vampires, sci-fi scenarios.
MJBivouac's GalleryDeviantart: Velma, Daphne, Veronica, Betty, Kim Possible and others naked, as vampires, superheroines etc.
Moments - Sensual Vampiric MomentsFlickr: Anything erotic that has to do with vampires and their sensual natures & anything considered morbidly eternal!
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